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Nubs Nob Ski Area

Feb 2nd, 2019
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The Par Times have been recalculated due to negative handicaps

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Results for Feb 2nd, 2019 - Daily NASTAR

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Rori AndersonFarmington, MIMale 16-17Yellow21.787.72 Platinum 
Lizzie BassettHarbor Springs, MIFemale 10-11Blue27.3534.46 Gold 
Ray BlytheElkhart, INMale 65-69Blue22.4210.23 Platinum 
Emma BorgulaOakland, MIFemale 12-13Blue24.7421.63 Platinum 
Luke BorgulaOakland, MIMale 12-13Blue24.5920.89 Platinum 
Drew BowmanHarbor Springs, MIFemale 8-9Yellow28.4440.65 Gold 
Mckenzie BowmanPetoskey, MIFemale 10-11Blue25.0323.06 Platinum 
Allison BrainerdMale 6-7Blue34.9671.88 Silver 
Chaz BrainerdHarbor Springs, MIMale 10-11Blue28.0537.91 Gold 
Keeler BrainerdHarbor Springs, MIFemale 8-9Blue32.0757.67 Silver 
Anna CarronGrosse Pointe, MIFemale 14-15Blue27.6635.99 Silver 
Gretchen CarronGrosse Pointe, MIFemale 40-44Yellow25.9328.24 Gold 
Lauren CarronGrosse Pointe, MIFemale 12-13Yellow29.0243.52 Silver 
Therese CarronGrosse Pointe, MIFemale 6-7Yellow38.2389.07 Bronze 
 Easton ChapmanMale 8-9Blue28.4339.77 Gold 
Julia ClarkeHarbor Springs, MIFemale 10-11Yellow28.3440.16 Gold 
Trevor ClarkeHarbor Springs, MIMale 12-13Blue25.6626.16 Gold 
Walter DawsonHarbor Springs, MIMale 10-11Yellow30.8852.72 Silver 
Deacon DewindtPetoskey, MIMale 1-5Blue36.7680.73 Gold 
Evyrli FordHarbor Springs, MIFemale 8-9Blue30.5650.25 Gold 
Calen GalbraithWaterford, MIMale 8-9Yellow27.2134.57 Platinum 
Gavin GalbraithPetoskey, MIMale 10-11Blue24.1918.93 Platinum 
Mick GalbraithWaterford, MIMale 12-13Blue25.6726.20 Gold 
Holly GedertLevering, MIFemale 65-69Blue27.7936.63 Gold 
 Richard GedertLevering, MIMale 75-79Blue23.7216.62 Platinum 
Makayla GilletteHarbor Springs, MIFemale 16-17Yellow24.3820.57 Gold 
Robbie GilletteHarbor Springs, MIMale 14-15Blue23.8217.11 Gold 
Allison GoelzPetoskey, MIFemale 12-13Blue24.8021.93 Platinum 
Briana GoldsmithHarbor Springs, MIFemale 14-15Yellow22.9413.45 Platinum 
Joseph HamiltonMale 60-64Yellow26.1529.33 D* Platinum 
Will HilbornTroy, MIMale 14-15Yellow26.4030.56 Silver 
Greg HoffmanIndian River, MIMale 55-59Blue26.8832.15 Silver 
 Todd HolmesGalesburg, MIMale 60-64Blue24.7221.53 Gold 
Sharon HubbardHarbor Springs, MIFemale 60-64Yellow26.3030.07 Platinum 
Sully HusbandElk Rapids, MIMale 16-17Yellow22.5911.72 Gold 
Michael IversonPetoskey, MIMale 14-15Yellow23.5716.57 Gold 
 Mac JacobHarbor Springs, MIMale 60-64Yellow23.5316.37 Platinum 
 Chad JohnsonHarbor Springs, MIMale 30-34Blue22.078.51 Platinum 
Christopher KeiswetterPetoskey, MIMale 8-9Blue29.5145.08 Gold 
 Frannie KelbelHarbor Springs, MIFemale 16-17Yellow22.6011.77 Platinum 
Ethan KelsoHarbor Springs, MIMale 12-13Blue24.2719.32 Platinum 
Reagan KelsoHarbor Springs, MIFemale 8-9Blue26.3329.45 Platinum 
Wade KelsoHarbor Springs, MIMale 45-49Yellow23.9018.20 Gold 
Natalie KesterGrand Rapids, MIFemale 14-15Yellow24.1819.58 Gold 
Elizabeth KingRoyal Oak, MIFemale 21-29Blue25.0923.35 Silver 
Adelaide KolkaCharlevoix, MIFemale 12-13Blue26.0428.02 Gold 
Josie KolkaCharlevoix, MIFemale 10-11Yellow27.6136.55 Gold 
Eero LaansooBloomfield Hills, MIMale 40-44Blue22.309.64 Platinum 
Erik LaansooBloomfield Hills, MIMale 12-13Blue24.6621.24 Gold 
Annika LampenEast Grand Rapids, MIFemale 16-17Yellow23.2214.84 Platinum 
Henry LarsonBloomfield Hills, MIMale 8-9Blue31.0652.70 Silver 
Lisa LasalaBloomfield Hills, MIFemale 45-49Blue30.4849.85 Silver 
Mia LawsonBrighton, MIFemale 40-44Blue36.5679.74 - 
Thomas LobkovichMale 55-59Blue32.2758.65 Bronze 
Clara MaillouxPetoskey, MIFemale 12-13Yellow26.1729.43 Gold 
Conner MaillouxPetoskey, MIMale 16-17Yellow24.2219.78 Gold 
Elise MarkhamCheboygan, MIFemale 10-11Blue28.0938.10 Gold 
Milo Marshall-rashidPetoskey, MIMale 6-7Blue30.8451.62 Gold 
Dominic MazzolaOkemos, MIMale 8-9Blue34.3969.08 Bronze 
Atalya MillerSpring Lake, MIFemale 8-9Blue28.9442.28 Gold 
Keri MillerAlanson, MIFemale 40-44Blue24.6421.14 Platinum 
Lilly MillerEast Lansing, MIFemale 6-7Yellow36.6081.01 Silver 
Quaid MillerSpring Lake, MIMale 6-7Yellow35.4975.52 Silver 
Rylan MillerAlason, MIMale 10-11Blue29.1743.41 Silver 
Saunder MillerAlanson, MIMale 14-15Yellow28.0138.53 Silver 
Dan MullerPetoskey, MIMale 50-54Yellow24.8322.80 Gold 
Peter O'RourkeHarbor Springs, MIMale 85-89Blue27.3134.27 Platinum 
Paige OdohertyBloomfield Hills, MIMale 10-11Yellow31.1654.10 Silver 
Tommy OdohertyBloomfield Hills, MIMale 10-11Blue29.2243.66 Silver 
Brooke PanozzoBloomfield Hills, MIFemale 10-11Blue27.3834.61 Gold 
Hudson PanozzoBloomfield Hills, MIMale 6-7Blue31.4754.72 Gold 
John PanozzoMIMale 35-39Yellow28.7742.28 Bronze 
Mike PanozzoBloomfield Hills, MIMale 40-44Blue24.6120.99 Silver 
Asher PaulTraverse City, MIMale 12-13Yellow23.6316.86 Platinum 
Myles PeiferOntatio, ONMale 55-59Blue25.9127.38 Silver 
Shannon PeiferLasalle, ONFemale 21-29Blue25.6326.01 Silver 
Logan PerryHarbor Springs, MIMale 14-15Yellow23.2014.74 Platinum 
Zachary PohrerAnn Arbor, MIMale 40-44Blue25.3024.39 Silver 
Hunter PostHowell, MIMale 12-13Yellow22.7712.61 Platinum 
Jeff RamsayHarbor Springs, MIMale 12-13Blue25.0923.35 Gold 
PC RanneyMale 70-74Yellow24.8222.75 Platinum 
Stefi ReskevicsHarbor Springs, MIFemale 10-11Yellow28.2939.91 Gold 
Genevieve RodhamHarbor Springs, MIFemale 10-11Blue27.8036.68 Gold 
Juniper RodhamHarbor Springs, MIFemale 10-11Yellow26.4630.86 Platinum 
Brynn RowellHarbor Springs, MIFemale 16-17Yellow22.9013.25 Platinum 
Jace RowellKalkaska, MIMale 10-11Yellow23.0914.19 Platinum 
Elizabeth SaundersWilliamsburg, MIFemale 16-17Yellow22.7012.27 Platinum 
Rhiana SavoieCanton, MIFemale 8-9Yellow25.2424.83 Platinum 
Boden SchultzHarbor Springs, MIMale 1-5Yellow38.5290.50 Silver 
Turner SchultzMale 6-7Blue31.1052.90 Gold 
William SheplerHarbor Springs, MIMale 8-9Blue29.3644.35 Gold 
Ava SomersPetoskey, MIFemale 8-9Yellow30.0948.81 Gold 
 Stan StockGaylord, MIMale 60-64Blue22.4510.37 Platinum 
Geoff StreitTraverse City, MIMale 35-39Blue36.9881.81 - 
Crystal ThomasTraverse City, MIFemale 35-39Blue30.5250.05 Bronze 
Kaia ThompsonHarbor Springs, MIFemale 12-13Yellow26.9433.23 Gold 
Ethan UlewiczKingston, MIMale 14-15Yellow23.2414.94 Platinum 
Daniel VaughanSouth Lyon, MIMale 16-17Yellow21.405.84 Platinum 
Carter WalkerdinePetoskey, MIMale 10-11Yellow25.3625.42 Platinum 
Hadley WeimerFemale 8-9Blue35.3073.55 Bronze 
Cassidy WhitenerAlanson, MIFemale 12-13Blue24.4320.11 Platinum 
Cole WhitenerPetoskey, MIMale 8-9Yellow27.8137.54 Gold 
Justin WilsonGowen, MIMale 21-29Yellow23.5516.47 Silver 
Kyle WilsonGowen, MIMale 21-29Yellow27.5236.10 S* Silver 

D = Adaptive Alpine: Standing (-30)
S = Snowboard (-20)