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Where to Race (2019/20 Season)
Competitors are encouraged to contact the resort to confirm race dates and times as races may be cancelled due to inclement weather and/or at the resort's discretion.

ColoradoMissouriSouth Carolina
IowaNorth CarolinaVirginia
IdahoNew HampshireVermont
IllinoisNew MexicoWisconsin
IndianaNevadaWest Virginia
MassachusettsNew YorkWyoming

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Par Time*
Race Trail
California530.559.4130 Feb 1 & 2 Tahoe League Racers Only 24.54 Kangaroo 
California209-753-2301 Sat & Sun (weather permitting): 11:30AM-2:30PM 19.75 NASTAR 
California530.559.4130 Jan 10 & 11 Tahoe League Racers Only  20.00  
California530-452-7188 Thursdays-Sundays 23.12 Eagle Pass 
California530-426-9000 Feb 29 & March 1 Tahoe League Racers Only 23.00 Race Arena 
Colorado970-925-1220 Special Events only 21.96 Nugget 
Colorado970-925-1220 Daily: 11:00AM-3:00PM 18.81 Silver Dip Swing 
Colorado970-925-2720 Roaring Fork Series 40.00  
Colorado970-968-2318 Daily 10:30-3:00 16.00 Copperopolis 
Colorado970-749-8233 Weekends 13.52 Paradise Race Arena 
Colorado970-923-0560 Wed-Sun: 11A-2P 20.69 Blue Grouse 
Colorado970-871-5387 Mon-Fri 10am-1pm Sat-Sun 10am-3pm 16.95 Bashor 
Colorado970-728-7530 Daily: 10:00AM-3:00PM 20.34 NASTAR 
Connecticut860-628-0954 Every Monday & Tuesday Night 18.50 Thunderbolt 
Connecticut860-379-7669 Free Sunday Afternoon and Thursday nights 20.33 Gunbarrel 
Iowa563-556-6676 Public racing most Saturdays 23.34 Snow Devil 
Idaho208-332-5100 Wed: 5PM-8PM-Starting 2/06/20-3/13/20 18.25 Lower Ridge 
Idaho208.255.3081 10AM-2PM 18.36 Midway 
Idaho208-622-6356 11:30am-1:00pm most Tuesday, Friday & Saturday 17.14 Lower Warm Springs 
Illinois800-397-1320 Sat, Sun & Holidays: 1PM; Wed: 6PM; From 1/03-2/20 21.50 Black Hawk 
Indiana812-723-4696 Saturdays & Sundays: January and February 19.50 Oak Trail 
Indiana812-537-3754 Thursdays & Sundays 14.43 Intermission 
Massachusetts978-464-2300 Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun: 11AM-1PM 26.00 Challenger 
Maine207-647-8444 Weekly - check website for details 21.85 Main Slope 
Michigan248-887-2180 Sat & Sun: 1PM-3PM-Alternating with both SL and GS 23.25 Everest 
Michigan906-932-4838 Every Weekend and most holiday days 14.28 Caribou 
Michigan906-229-5181 X5 Saturdays and Sundays: 12PM & 1PM 22.11 Sundance 
Michigan269-694-2032 Race League Only 20.32 Sumac 
Michigan231-526-3000 Saturday & Sunday: 1PM-3PM 23.59 NASTAR 
Michigan231-549-6056 12PM-3PM Saturday and Sunday 26.00 North Boyne 
Michigan231-378-2000 Wed-Sun: 1PM-3PM 20.66 Cheers To Lou 
Michigan810-245-2300 For rfid Testing Only   
Michigan906-225-1155 Weekends 19.15 Snowfield 
Michigan810-229-9581 Saturdays & Sundays: 1PM-4PM 13.5 NASTAR 
Michigan248-634-3249 Sat & Sun: 1PM-3PM 16.10 Canyon 
Michigan800-SKI-NUBS Weekends & Holidays: 12:30PM-2PM 21.29 Birch Run 
Michigan989-732-5181 Sat 1:00pm Sun 11:00am Christmas Week 1:00pm 17.65 Mclouths 
Michigan248-625-0800 x4 Saturday & Sunday: 1:00PM 17.50 Shaboom 
Michigan231-533-3000 Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: 1PM-3PM 16.74 Good Knight 
Michigan269-694-9449 Sat & Sun 11:30PM-1:30PM 17.20 Oak & Lumber Jack 
Michigan888-873-3867 Saturdays & Holidays: 1PM, Sundays: 12PM 19.52 Loafer 
Minnesota651-436-5245 Check Website  19.37  
Minnesota952-2556707 Check Website 16.56 Milk Run 
Minnesota800-688-7669 The Ski Challenge Finals Only 23.26 Innsbruck 
Minnesota Check Website for details   
Minnesota507-625-3363 Check website for schedule 19.52 Wolf Ridge 
Minnesota651-258-4567 Fridays: 7PM 19.06 Dan's Dive & Lookout 
Minnesota952-894-9220 Ski Challenge race leagues only   
Missouri636-938-5373 Sat & Sun: 1PM-3PM / Wed: Race League 6PM-9PM 18.23 Eureka 
Missouri816-640-2006 Thurs: 6:30P-8:30P, Sun: 10:30A-12:30 PM 19.75 Six Shooter 
Montana406-995-5743 Thursday-Sunday 20.10 Ambush 
Montana406-993-2126 Saturdays: Starting 12/22 to end of season  Family Tree 
North Carolina800-438-2093 Sunday public NASTAR & Thursday Race League 25.50 Robbin's Run 
North Carolina828-926-0285  Saturday: 11AM-2PM (1/05-2/23 - Non-Holidays) 17.20 Alley Cat 
North Carolina828-898-4521 Weekends: 12PM 29.44 Oma's Meadow 
New Hampshire603-278-3320 Check website for schedule 22.56 Bretton's Wood 
New Hampshire603-356-5544 Check website for schedule 23.17 The Alley 
New Hampshire603-588-3668 Adult Race League: Wed & Thurs nights 23.00 Meteor 
New Hampshire603-293-4341 Weekends & Holidays 23.63 Ramrod Race Trail 
New Hampshire603-622-6159 Check Website  17.72 Race Trail 
New Hampshire603-763-3500 Jan 25 26 Feb 1 9 15 17 18 23 29 Mar 1 7 8 14 15  21.22 Eggbeater 
New Hampshire603-428-7653 Sat, Sun & Holidays: 11AM-3PM 18.52 Downdraft 
New Hampshire603-875-3100 Check website for schedule 23.00 Various Race Hills 
New Hampshire603-236-8311 Wed, Fri, and Weekends 19.35 Lower Utter Abandon 
New Mexico575-377-4372 Tentatively Friday and Saturday nights-some days 18.56 Exhibition 
Nevada702-385-2754 Every Sunday 25.00 The Strip 
Nevada775-323-5125 Check website   
New York585-374-6000 Weekends & Holidays; Tues-AM & Wed-PM-League Races 23.25 Morning Star 
New York716-287-3223 Mon: 6PM-10PM; Weekends: 1:30PM-3:30PM 31.77 Marzipan 
New York607-835-6300 Sat & Sun: 10:30AM-1:30PM 19.20 Cristy's Run 
New York518-263-4223 Mon & Fri: 10AM; Sat & Sun: after events until 2PM 19.25 Lower Broadway 
New York607-842-6205 Sunday: 11AM-2PM 27.36 NASTAR 
New York716-355-4141 Sat & Sun: 10AM-4PM 21.62 Race Arena 
New York315-696-5711 Sun: 10:30-1:30; Teams: Thur: 7PM, Sat: 10:30 24.34 Chopsticks Crossover 
New York914-334-3236 Fridays: 4PM-6PM; various weekends & school breaks 22.12 Wheels Run 
New York315-683-5842 Tuesday Nights and Saturdays 24.53 Doc's Run/North Main 
New York800-754-9463 Check Website 23.90 Lower Wheelchair 
Ohio937-599-1015 Wednesday: 7PM and Sunday: 12PM-2PM 23.20 Regulator 
Ohio Saturdays & Sundays: check website for details   
Oregon541-822-3799 1/10, 1/17, 2/7, 2/21, 3/20, 4/3 18.71 Three Creeks 
Oregon315-247-9434 Check Website 26.00 Various Trails 
Pennsylvania610-641-1319 Tues & Wed: 6:45PM-8:45PM & Sun: 9:30AM-11:30AM 26.50 Timberline 
Pennsylvania814-239-1006 Saturdays and Sundays: 12:30PM-4PM 18.32 Upper 66 
Pennsylvania570-969-7669 Check website for schedule 23.75 Switch 
Pennsylvania814-352-7777 Fri, Sat, Sun & Holiday Mon: 10:30AM-2:30PM 20.76 Sunset Slope 
Pennsylvania717-432-9631 Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays 22.96 Exhibition 
Pennsylvania570-421-7231 Sat & Sun: 10AM-2PM 23.06 Upper Tomahawk 
South Carolina   See Council Web Site 
Utah435-677-2035 Weekends & Holidays: 11AM-3PM 21.60 Lower Engens/Race Hill 
Utah435-940-7230 Daily: 10AM- 3PM (weather permitting) 18.25 Race Course 
Utah435-647-5427 Daily; check website for course hours 17.49 Blanche 
Utah888-437-5488 Fri Sat Sun + Holidays 22.25 Showboat 
Virginia540-856-2121 Daily X-Mas to New Years, Weekends and holiday Mon 24.23 Bootlegger 
Virginia540-271-1291 Race League Wed: 5:30P; MSST Training Sat/Sun: 12P 21.16 Diamond Jim 
Virginia434-325-8282 Sat & Sun: 12PM-2PM  Eagle Swoop 
Vermont Special Events Only   
Vermont802-228-1483 Fr-Sun & Holiday weeks: 10AM-2PM 22.25 Bull Run 
Vermont802-583-6818 Fri-Sun & Holidays: 11AM-3PM 23.25 Racer's Edge 
Wisconsin608-742-5588 Weekends 20.73 Ptarmigan 
Wisconsin(608) 493-2255 Sat & Sun  24.10 Cyclops 
Wisconsin715-845-2846 Check website for schedule 20.25 Exhibition 
Wisconsin262-297-9621 Sunday: 10:30AM-12:30PM 19.50 Big Deal 
Wisconsin715-779-3227 Sundays: 1:30PM (12/20-end of March) 27.10 Port Way 
Wisconsin608-788-0044 Scheduled Weekends 17.28 Whitehouse 
Wisconsin715-755-2955 Sat: 11AM-2PM; Sun: 10:30AM-1:30PM 17.50 Nissebakken 
Wisconsin608-437-4135 Sat: 1:30PM, Sun: 10:30AM, plus league racing 17.62 Bump Buster 
Wisconsin847-652-7282 Check website for schedule  Various trails 
Wisconsin262-862-2301 Saturdays and Sundays 1:30PM 17.25 Competition 
West Virginia304-243-4049 Check website for schedule 15.00 Oglebay 
Wyoming307-739-2630 Check Website 20.77 Werner 
Australia+61 6459 4100 Wed-Sun: Check website for details 15.25 Chute 5 

* Par Time indicated is an average only.