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Aspen Valley Ski Club

Jan 3rd, 2019
Roaring Fork Series AM
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Series: Roaring Fork Series
Scoring method: Use Place Points 100, 80, 60, 50...
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Teams of 6
Par Time

Results for Jan 3rd, 2019 - Roaring Fork Series AM

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Age & Gender

Shiloh AndrulaitisFemale 8-9U10 FemaleU10FYellowDSQ-  best

Sydney AndrulaitisFemale 10-11U12 FemaleU12FYellow38.3645.63 Silver best

Tessa AndrulaitisAspen, COFemale 12-13U14 FemaleU14FYellow33.6227.64 Gold best
Gemma BakerAspen, COFemale 12-13U14 FemaleU14FYellow33.7428.09 Gold best

Leila BakerShah Alam, SelaFemale 10-11U12 FemaleU12FYellow35.7335.65 Gold best

Nate BalkoSnowmass Village, COMale 12-13U14 MaleU14MYellow30.2714.92 Platinum best

Jacob BarrowMale 8-9U10 MaleU10MYellow49.7788.95 - best

Alika BassiAspen, COFemale 12-13U14 FemaleU14FYellow31.8821.03 Platinum best

Casey BlatzMale 10-11U12 MaleU12MYellow30.3315.15 Platinum best

Ethan BloomShort Hills, NJMale 12-13U14 MaleU14MYellow29.7012.76 Platinum best

Brody BrownsteinAspen, COMale 8-9U10 MaleU10MYellow48.0482.38 Bronze best
Shane BurkeCarbondale, COMale 6-7U10 MaleU10MYellow57.09116.74 - best
Liam CournoyerAspen, COMale 6-7U10 MaleU10MYellow49.0886.33 Bronze best
Shea CournoyerAspen, COMale 8-9U10 MaleU10MYellow40.4753.64 Silver best

Daisy CullwickAspen, COFemale 10-11U12 FemaleU12FYellow34.1729.73 Platinum best

Maia CullwickAspen, COFemale 12-13U14 FemaleU14FYellow35.8836.22 Silver best

Ronan CurranAspen, COMale 8-9U10 MaleU10MYellow36.9140.13 Gold best

Archer DavenportSnowmass, COMale 10-11U12 MaleU12MYellow32.2422.40 Platinum best
Ryder DaviesAspen, COMale 12-13U12 MaleU12MYellow33.6827.87 Gold best

Jake DownAspen, COMale 6-7U10 MaleU10MYellow49.9189.48 Bronze best

Brett EgglestonAspen, COMale 10-11U12 MaleU12MYellowDNF-  best

Isabelle EricksonAspen, COFemale 8-9U10 FemaleU10FYellow46.2575.59 Bronze best

Cornell ErnemannMale 6-7U10 MaleU10MYellow50.7092.48 Bronze best
Tillar ErnemannAspen, COMale 8-9U10 MaleU10MYellow37.3641.84 Gold best

Maia EttlingerAspen, COFemale 12-13U14 FemaleU14FYellow30.5616.02 Platinum best

Lucy FaulhaberAspen, COFemale 8-9U10 FemaleU10FYellow43.3464.54 Silver best

Arslan FinesilverAspen, COMale 8-9U10 MaleU10MYellow43.4364.88 Silver best

Ethan FlynnAspen, COMale 12-13U12 MaleU12MYellow36.4138.23 Silver best

Bananaelle FrancisShah Alam, SelaFemale 10-11U12 FemaleU12FYellow35.7235.61 Gold best

Ted FreedmanMale 8-9U10 MaleU10MYellow45.1171.26 Bronze best

Yale GiezselMale 10-11U12 MaleU12MYellow40.7554.71 Silver best

Luke HammBasalt, COMale 12-13U14 MaleU14MYellow29.4311.73 Platinum best

Harper HodgsonAspen, COFemale 12-13U14 FemaleU14FYellow34.3830.52 Gold best
Katherine HuttenhowerAspen, COFemale 12-13U14 FemaleU14FYellow44.3868.49 Bronze best

Fletcher HuttoAspen, COMale 10-11U12 MaleU12MYellow30.5015.79 Platinum best

Clare IrvinAspen, COFemale 12-13U14 FemaleU14FYellow31.4519.40 Platinum best
Annika JohanssonWestport, CTFemale 12-13U14 FemaleU14FYellow29.8313.25 Platinum best

Sawyer JohnsonAtherton, CAMale 12-13U14 MaleU14MYellow30.2314.77 Platinum best
JJ KellyAspen, COMale 12-13U14 MaleU14MYellow31.4219.29 Platinum best

Parker KendrickMale 10-11U12 MaleU12MYellow31.8120.77 Platinum best

Darienne KennyAvsc, COFemale 10-11U12 FemaleU12FYellow34.6131.40 Gold best

Henry KlumbAspen, COMale 8-9U10 MaleU10MYellow36.5938.91 Gold best
Cole KnappAspen, COMale 8-9U10 MaleU10MYellow35.3934.36 Platinum best

Wyatt KnappAspen, COMale 10-11U12 MaleU12MYellow29.0810.40 Platinum best

Rocksy KroegerSaint Louis, MOFemale 10-11U12 FemaleU12FYellow33.5227.26 Platinum best
Lauren LatousekFemale 10-11U12 FemaleU12FYellow37.5842.67 Gold best

Bode LentzAspen, COMale 8-9U10 MaleU10MYellow34.8132.16 Platinum best

Cody LewisAspen, COMale 10-11U12 MaleU12MYellow37.9143.93 Silver best

Max LewisMale 8-9U10 MaleU10MYellow37.7343.24 Gold best

Miko LewisDenver, COMale 10-11U12 MaleU12MYellow28.969.95 Platinum best
Vladislav LobodaAspen, COMale 10-11U12 MaleU12MYellow41.2956.76 Silver best

Caleah Lutz-sladdinAspen, COFemale 8-9U10 FemaleU10FYellow41.1556.23 Silver best

Mickey MaroltAspen, COMale 8-9U10 MaleU10MYellow41.9959.42 Silver best

William MaroltMale 10-11U12 MaleU12MYellow32.7724.41 Platinum best
Jasper McBrideAspen, COMale 10-11U12 MaleU12MYellow33.3626.65 Platinum best
Matthew McDermottGlenwood Springs, COMale 10-11U12 MaleU12MYellow32.1822.17 Platinum best

Molly McManusAspen, COFemale 12-13U14 FemaleU14FYellow33.4727.07 Gold best

Molly McPheeAspen, COFemale 6-7U10 FemaleU10FYellow46.4176.20 Silver best

Viggo MorganAspen, COMale 10-11U12 MaleU12MYellow30.3615.26 Platinum best

Mary MorseSnowmass Village, COFemale 10-11U12 FemaleU12FYellow36.9240.17 Gold best

Lexi MunroAspen, COFemale 12-13U14 FemaleU14FYellow32.5123.42 Platinum best

Teagan NewhardAspen, COFemale 10-11U12 FemaleU12FYellow37.3741.88 Gold best

Lyla OsborneAspen, COFemale 8-9U10 FemaleU10FYellow42.2960.55 Silver best

Tessa OsborneAspen, COFemale 10-11U12 FemaleU12FYellow35.2433.79 Gold best
Devon PhillipsAspen, COFemale 10-11U12 FemaleU12FYellow32.6123.80 Platinum best

Morgan PhillipsAspen, COFemale 12-13U14 FemaleU14FYellow31.6220.05 Platinum best
Abigail PlummerAspen, COFemale 12-13U14 FemaleU14FYellow33.8628.55 Gold best
Kathleen RaarupAspen, COFemale 12-13U14 FemaleU14FYellow32.2922.59 Platinum best

Tate RiceAspen, COMale 10-11U12 MaleU12MYellow37.1841.15 Gold best

Isla RichAspen, COFemale 8-9U10 FemaleU10FYellow45.7473.65 Bronze best

Marley RichAspen, COFemale 10-11U12 FemaleU12FYellow46.3976.12 Bronze best

Thomas RobinsonAspen, COMale 10-11U12 MaleU12MYellow33.5527.37 Gold best

Mykenzie RoyAspen, COFemale 10-11U12 FemaleU12FYellow39.7650.95 Silver best

Balthazar SachsAspen, COMale 6-7U10 MaleU10MYellow34.9432.65 Platinum best

Felix SachsAspen, COMale 10-11U12 MaleU12MYellow31.6220.05 Platinum best

Henry SalterMale 8-9U10 MaleU10MYellow38.9747.95 Gold best

Jaden SchilleAspen, COMale 10-11U12 MaleU12MYellow28.608.58 Platinum best
Andrew SherlockSnowmass Village, COMale 10-11U12 MaleU12MYellow33.6227.64 Gold best
Charlie SinclairSan Bruno, CaliMale 10-11U12 MaleU12MYellow33.3226.50 Platinum best

Chloe SmithAspen, COFemale 12-13U14 FemaleU14FYellow28.729.04 Platinum best

Gavin SmithAspen, COMale 10-11U12 MaleU12MYellow39.4549.77 Silver best

Nico SmithAspen, COMale 12-13U14 MaleU14MYellow31.5019.59 Platinum best

Lilly SnadonFemale 10-11U12 FemaleU12FYellow34.9432.65 Gold best

Josh StephenAspen, COMale 10-11U12 MaleU12MYellow32.2122.29 Platinum best

Clare StickneyAspen, COMale 8-9U10 MaleU10MYellow44.3068.19 Bronze best

James StokesAspen, COMale 10-11U12 MaleU12MYellow33.7828.25 Gold best

Jonathan ThorneAspen, COMale 8-9U10 MaleU10MYellow44.1267.50 Bronze best
Keller TudgeAspen, COMale 8-9U10 MaleU10MYellow38.7647.15 Gold best

Kahlen WhiteAspen, COFemale 12-13U14 FemaleU14FYellow30.7716.82 Platinum best