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Welcome to our new and improved site. Here, you can interact with other racers on the forum, post your own photos and stories, and read the latest news on racing, skiing, resorts, family activities, and gear. Log in to join the conversation.

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You might have noticed that our site has changed. We've added a new and improved forum, a photo section where you can share your own photos, and ski tips, travel ideas, and more to keep your racing improving. To be a part of the community you'll need to register and create an account. We encourage all NASTAR members to use their NASTAR Registration Number and password when they create their NASTAR community log in to simplify their experience.

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Within 24 hours* of your Nature Valley NASTAR race, your results will be posted to your Race Record at If you are racing at a resort that offers Live-Timing your results will posted there immediately. If you're a Nature Valley NASTAR member your race results will automatically be added to your existing Race Record. If you are racing for the first time, a Race Record will be created for you when your results are posted.
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* Following each race, it is the resort's responsibility to post their complete and accurate race results to in a timely manner and download the latest database updates. We encourage resorts to do this within 24 hours of each race, however, as you may imagine this isn't always the case. We encourage you to contact the resort prior to contacting NASTAR as they can give you more specifics about their race results.