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(as of Friday, October 31, 2014)

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NameAge & Gender CategoryDivisionDisciplineState  Competing Resort
Nancy AbensFemale 70-74Gold NationalAlpine SkierCOWinter Park Resort
Geoffrey AcoliaMale 55-59SilverAlpine SkierNJBretton Woods
Emma AdamsFemale 16-17BronzeAlpine SkierTXPark City Mountain Resort
Adam AdkinsMale 30-34Platinum StateAlpine SkierMOHidden Valley Ski Area
Insha AfsarFemale 12-13Three Track SkierThree Track SkierCTOkemo Mountain
Claire AlexanderFemale 16-17Silver StateAlpine SkierTX
Anna AllsberryFemale 12-13SilverTelemarkerCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Paul AloiMale 65-69Gold NationalAlpine SkierCTOkemo Mountain
Hunter AmbrosenMale 8-9BronzeAlpine SkierMICrystal Mountain Resort
John AmbrosenMale 55-59Snowboard ResortSnowboarderMICrystal Mountain Resort
Kristy AmbrosenFemale 40-44GoldAlpine SkierMICrystal Mountain Resort
Jack AndersonMale 70-74Bronze NationalAlpine SkierIN
Don AndrewsAlpine SkierNY
EDWARD APPLEMale 65-69Gold StateAlpine SkierNC
Andrea ArmsFemale 60-64Platinum NationalAlpine SkierCO
Courtney AscaniFemale 21-29Silver StateSnowboarderNHCrotched Mountain
David AustinMale 45-49Gold NationalAlpine SkierPABear Creek
Bil AylorMale 65-69Bronze StateAlpine SkierNCCataloochee Ski Area
Jim BaggsMale 65-69PlatinumAlpine SkierUT
Ken BaileyMale 50-54PlatinumAlpine SkierMTSun Valley Ski Resort
Robert BairdMale 55-59Platinum StateAlpine SkierOH
Mateo BakkenMale 8-9Bronze StateAlpine SkierCOAspen Mountain
Emily BalduzziFemale 6-7Gold StateAlpine SkierNYLabrador Mountain
Sarah BalduzziFemale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierNYLabrador Mountain
Gene BalesMale 55-59Silver StateAlpine SkierCO
Tami BalesFemale 50-54Gold StateAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Aiden BannonMale 12-13Gold StateAlpine SkierNC
Cavan BannonMale 6-7Silver StateAlpine SkierNC
Timothy BannonMale 40-44Silver StateAlpine SkierNC
Gail BansakFemale 60-64Bronze NationalAlpine SkierCTSki Sundown
Thomas BansakMale 65-69Bronze NationalAlpine SkierCTSki Sundown
Sid BarnettMale 65-69PlatinumAlpine SkierCOAspen Highlands
Scott BarrMale 40-44Platinum StateAlpine SkierAZDurango Mountain Resort
Sven BarrMale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierAZDurango Mountain Resort
Alex BartzMale 16-17SilverAlpine SkierTXTaos Ski Valley
David BatesMale 8-9GoldAlpine SkierMAWachusett Mountain
Sara BauerFemale 50-54Platinum StateAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Tommy BavaroMale 6-7Platinum StateAlpine SkierIL
Kelly BeairstoFemale 50-54GoldAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Byron BeckMale 55-59Gold StateAlpine SkierSCCrescent Ski Council
Frank BeckerMale 12-13Telemark ResortTelemarkerCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Tanner BeckettMale 18-20Snowboard ResortSnowboarderNCCataloochee Ski Area
Ronnie BedfordFemale 8-9SilverAlpine SkierCOAspen Mountain
Carter BellMale 8-9Bronze StateAlpine SkierUTPark City Mountain Resort
Mathew BellMale 30-34Silver StateAlpine SkierUTPark City Mountain Resort
Janice BellingarFemale 60-64SilverAlpine SkierWASchweitzer Mtn. Resort
Owen BenisonMale 6-7SilverAlpine SkierCTOkemo Mountain
Malcolm BergMale 1-5Silver NationalAlpine SkierCOAspen Mountain
Nathan BergmannMale 35-39Snowboard ResortSnowboarderCOSki Cooper
Tom BerkeleyMale 70-74Silver NationalAlpine SkierMO
Noah BindasMale 8-9PlatinumAlpine SkierWIWinter Park Resort
James Cooper BlackMale 75-79PlatinumAlpine SkierAZWinter Park Resort
Maggie BlandingFemale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierMNTrollhaugen Ski Area
Nick BlandingMale 12-13GoldAlpine SkierMNTrollhaugen Ski Area
David BlaskeMale 50-54Bronze StateAlpine SkierARHidden Valley Ski Area
Casey BlatzMale 6-7SilverAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Ransom BleyerMale 14-15PlatinumAlpine SkierNMSun Valley Ski Resort
Lia BlockFemale 6-7Gold StateAlpine SkierUTPark City Mountain Resort
Ray BlytheMale 60-64Platinum StateAlpine SkierINTimber Ridge Ski Area
Hamish BodenMale 1-5Silver StateAlpine SkierILChestnut Mountain Resort
Millie Sno BodenFemale 6-7Platinum NationalAlpine SkierILChestnut Mountain Resort
Bob BognerMale 70-74PlatinumAlpine SkierCOAspen Mountain
Isabella BonnetFemale 8-9Gold StateAlpine SkierIAChestnut Mountain Resort
Jake BostonMale 6-7PlatinumAlpine SkierCO
Richard BostonMale 8-9Gold StateAlpine SkierCOWinter Park Resort
Henry BottandoMale 60-64Silver StateAlpine SkierIN
Bruce BowenMale 60-64GoldAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Andrew BowlesMale 8-9SilverAlpine SkierCODurango Mountain Resort
Anita BowlesFemale 50-54SilverAlpine SkierCODurango Mountain Resort
Annabelle BowlesFemale 12-13GoldAlpine SkierCODurango Mountain Resort
Nina BramsonAlpine SkierIL
Kylee BratschiFemale 8-9GoldAlpine SkierMIMt. Brighton Ski Area
Lance BravardMale 50-54Platinum StateAlpine SkierDCRoundtop Mountain Resort
Keegan BreithauptMale 1-5Snowboard ResortSnowboarderCOCopper Mountain Resort
Ryan BreithauptMale 12-13PlatinumAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Ashley BrennanFemale 6-7GoldAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Krissy BrianFemale 14-15SilverAlpine SkierUTPark City Mountain Resort
Mark BrianMale 55-59SilverAlpine SkierUTPark City Mountain Resort
Glenn BrooksMale 50-54Gold StateAlpine SkierNJ
Alyssa BrownFemale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierPAShawnee Mountain
Rebecca BrownFemale 40-44Bronze NationalAlpine SkierMOHidden Valley Ski Area
Valen BruiceMale 1-5Platinum NationalAlpine SkierCO
Katherine BrunkFemale 8-9Two Track SkierTwo Track SkierCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Matt BuhlerMale 35-39GoldAlpine SkierUTDeer Valley
Dick BulkeleyMale 75-79Gold StateAlpine SkierCO
Fynn BullockMale 8-9Snowboard ResortSnowboarderNCCopper Mountain Resort
Laura BurdickFemale 12-13SilverAlpine SkierWIMt. LaCrosse
Ada BurnsFemale 1-5SilverAlpine SkierMNAfton Alps
Emma Kate BurnsFemale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Karina BurnsFemale 8-9PlatinumAlpine SkierMNAfton Alps
Ryan BurrittMale 8-9Platinum NationalAlpine SkierCASteamboat Ski & Resort
Eleanor ButlerFemale 10-11Silver StateAlpine SkierPABlackjack Ski Resort
FOSTER BUTLERMale 55-59PlatinumAlpine SkierMIBoyne Mountain Resort
Heidi ButlerFemale 40-44Platinum NationalAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Kimberly CaesarFemale 50-54Silver NationalAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Cj CahalaMale 16-17Upper Extremity - BoUpper Extremity - BoWITyrol Basin
Ray CahillMale 55-59GoldAlpine SkierCOWinter Park Resort
Barry CampbellMale 50-54Platinum StateAlpine SkierNC
Barry CampbellMale 14-15Gold StateAlpine SkierNC
Ron CampbellMale 70-74Bronze StateAlpine SkierTXTaos Ski Valley
Julia CapuzziFemale 14-15Silver StateAlpine SkierPASeven Springs Mtn. Resort
Arne CarlsonMale 60-64Snowboard ResortSnowboarderCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Hunter CarlsonMale 14-15Platinum NationalAlpine SkierUTDeer Valley
Dan CarrollMale 45-49Silver StateAlpine SkierTN
Doug CarrollMale 55-59Silver StateAlpine SkierPA
Wes CarrollMale 12-13Silver StateAlpine SkierTN
Tom CaseyMale 70-74Bronze NationalAlpine SkierSCRoundtop Mountain Resort
Trevor CasperMale 45-49GoldAlpine SkierLASnowmass Ski Area
Kitka CeolaFemale 1-5GoldAlpine SkierMOSteamboat Ski & Resort
PAUL CHAPINMale 60-64Platinum NationalAlpine SkierMNWild Mountain
Anne ChaseFemale 14-15Gold StateAlpine SkierCODurango Mountain Resort
Calvin ChaseMale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierCODurango Mountain Resort
Ryan ChathamMale 12-13SilverAlpine SkierCOSki Cooper
Chong ChiuMale 60-64Bronze StateAlpine SkierCADeer Valley
Keanan ChiuMale 1-5BronzeAlpine SkierCADeer Valley
Kevin ChiuMale 6-7Platinum NationalAlpine SkierCADeer Valley
John ChuprinkoMale 55-59Platinum StateAlpine SkierOHOhio Valley Ski Council
WILLIAM CLANCYMale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierWI
Kyle ClapperMale 16-17Snowboard ResortSnowboarderNCCataloochee Ski Area
David ClarkMale 65-69Silver StateAlpine SkierILLittle Switzerland
Tucker CloseMale 8-9PlatinumAlpine SkierMIMarquette Mountain
Gary ClynckeMale 40-44Platinum StateAlpine SkierCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Sam ClynckeMale 12-13Gold NationalAlpine SkierCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Tess ClynckeFemale 8-9Platinum NationalAlpine SkierCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
David CohenMale 75-79Silver NationalAlpine SkierWASchweitzer Mtn. Resort
Eli CohenMale 6-7Platinum StateAlpine SkierCO
Tigist CohenFemale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierCO
Eric ColeMale 50-54PlatinumAlpine SkierMAMount Sunapee
Jeffrey ColeMale 45-49Telemark ResortTelemarkerCOAspen Highlands
Richard ColeMale 75-79Bronze NationalAlpine SkierMA
Richard ColeMale 75-79Snowboard ResortSnowboarderMAOkemo Mountain
Tom ColeMale 65-69BronzeAlpine SkierSDMount Kato
Jack ConnorsMale 60-64Gold StateAlpine SkierMABretton Woods
Robert CooneyMale 12-13SilverAlpine SkierTXTelluride Ski & Golf Resort
Chuck CoreyMale 60-64SilverAlpine SkierTN
Cari CornishFemale 40-44Platinum StateAlpine SkierMAWachusett Mountain
Wiley CorraMale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierCODurango Mountain Resort
Alex CosbyMale 12-13PlatinumAlpine SkierWIMt. LaCrosse
David CoulterMale 65-69Gold StateAlpine SkierMOHidden Valley Ski Area
Melinda CoulterFemale 30-34BronzeAlpine SkierMOHidden Valley Ski Area
Olivia CoulterFemale 1-5BronzeAlpine SkierMOHidden Valley Ski Area
Steven CoulterMale 35-39Gold StateAlpine SkierMOHidden Valley Ski Area
Michele CovingtonFemale 35-39Silver StateAlpine SkierPA
Denise CraneFemale 50-54Platinum StateAlpine SkierKYPerfect North Slopes
Ellie CulmanFemale 8-9GoldAlpine SkierNYAspen Mountain
Ed CumminsMale 70-74Silver NationalAlpine SkierIDSun Valley Ski Resort
Art CunningtonMale 55-59SilverAlpine SkierCADeer Valley
Jack DanielsMale 80-84GoldAlpine SkierORPark City Mountain Resort
Bjorn DavidsonMale 12-13PlatinumAlpine SkierVAWintergreen Resort
Janice DavisFemale 45-49Bronze StateAlpine SkierMIBittersweet Ski Area
Joanie DavisFemale 16-17GoldAlpine SkierMIBittersweet Ski Area
Tom DegroffMale 60-64GoldTelemarkerCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Matthew DeLearyMale 14-15SilverAlpine SkierNCSugar Mountain Resort
Susan Brooke DeLearyFemale 16-17BronzeAlpine SkierNCSugar Mountain Resort
Gene DepriestMale 50-54Silver NationalAlpine SkierMIBoyne Mountain Resort
Rob DexterMale 60-64Platinum StateAlpine SkierCTOkemo Mountain
Spencer DexterMale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierINBoyne Highlands
Casey DittmerMale 8-9BronzeAlpine SkierUTAspen Mountain
Joseph DivjakMale 75-79SilverAlpine SkierCADeer Valley
Victoria DoeringFemale 14-15Silver StateAlpine SkierMOHidden Valley Ski Area
john DohertyMale 55-59SilverAlpine SkierMIBoyne Mountain Resort
Nicholas DohrMale 8-9GoldAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Peter DohrMale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Michael DoneganMale 35-39PlatinumAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Noah DoneganMale 8-9SilverAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Bella DonofrioFemale 8-9Gold StateAlpine SkierOH
Griffin DonofrioMale 6-7Snowboard ResortAlpine SkierOHSeven Springs Mtn. Resort
James DooleyMale 90-94Silver NationalAlpine SkierTX
Connor DoranMale 8-9Platinum NationalAlpine SkierVAMassanutten Ski Resort
Logan DotyFemale 12-13Gold StateAlpine SkierMN
Laura DoughertyFemale 60-64Bronze NationalAlpine SkierNJShawnee Mountain
Jim DouglassMale 65-69Platinum StateAlpine SkierMNAfton Alps
Fred DrasnerMale 70-74Bronze NationalAlpine SkierCOAspen Mountain
Jonathan DreitleinMale 6-7Gold StateAlpine SkierCOTelluride Ski & Golf Resort
Katie DreitleinFemale 1-5Gold NationalAlpine SkierCOTelluride Ski & Golf Resort
Heather EdmandsFemale 30-34Bronze NationalAlpine SkierINSnowmass Ski Area
Jerald EdwardsMale 70-74GoldAlpine SkierCANubs Nob Ski Area
Kurt EidschunMale 21-29BronzeAlpine SkierNMTaos Ski Valley
George EisenlauMale 12-13Gold StateAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Benjamin EislerMale 12-13Gold StateAlpine SkierMDBryce Resort
Mark ElderMale 60-64Gold StateAlpine SkierNM
Danny ElkinsMale 21-29PlatinumAlpine SkierNJSteamboat Ski & Resort
SARAH ELLEFSONFemale 21-29Platinum NationalAlpine SkierMNTrollhaugen Ski Area
Drew EllisonMale 14-15Snowboard ResortSnowboarderMOHidden Valley Ski Area
Arthur EllwangerMale 70-74Gold StateAlpine SkierMI
Emma EmmoreyFemale 8-9Platinum NationalAlpine SkierMICrystal Mountain Resort
Jeremy emmoreyMale 35-39GoldAlpine SkierMICrystal Mountain Resort
Ali ErtlFemale 12-13Gold StateAlpine SkierIAChestnut Mountain Resort
Enrique EsparzaGoldAlpine SkierNM
Sandy FalckMale 65-69PlatinumAlpine SkierCOAspen Mountain
Kitridge FaragherMale 1-5SilverAlpine SkierCOTelluride Ski & Golf Resort
Jessica FeltonFemale 21-29PlatinumAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Caitlyn FendleyFemale 10-11Gold StateAlpine SkierVAMassanutten Ski Resort
Ed FenwickPlatinumAlpine SkierBCSun Valley Ski Resort
Cory FergusonMale 65-69Platinum StateAlpine SkierCOSong Mountain
Timothy FernanMale 50-54SilverAlpine SkierFLTelluride Ski & Golf Resort
Max FerstlMale 65-69Platinum StateAlpine SkierIL
George FesusMale 70-74Platinum StateAlpine SkierCO
David FetenMale 55-59Platinum NationalAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Jacob FieldsMale 8-9GoldAlpine SkierCASquaw Valley
LARRY FISHERMale 65-69PlatinumAlpine SkierCODurango Mountain Resort
Larry FisherMale 65-69TelemarkerTelemarkerCODurango Mountain Resort
Phillip FitzsimmonsMale 50-54Platinum StateAlpine SkierNJShawnee Mountain
Camden FlackMale 6-7Gold StateAlpine SkierIL
Carter FlackMale 18-20Platinum NationalAlpine SkierILChestnut Mountain Resort
Charles FlahertyMale 12-13PlatinumAlpine SkierOTHR
William FlahertyMale 8-9PlatinumAlpine SkierPR
Barbara FleckFemale 75-79Gold NationalAlpine SkierCO
Cu FleshmanFemale 16-17Bronze StateAlpine SkierSCCataloochee Ski Area
Alex FlynnMale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierILChestnut Mountain Resort
Morgan FlynnFemale 8-9Gold StateAlpine SkierILChestnut Mountain Resort
Caroline ForbesFemale 21-29GoldAlpine SkierUTDeer Valley
Bryce FosterMale 10-11Gold StateAlpine SkierID
Cathy FosterFemale 45-49SilverAlpine SkierIDSun Valley Ski Resort
Conrad FosterMale 8-9Gold StateAlpine SkierID
Jesse FosterMale 40-44Platinum StateAlpine SkierIDSun Valley Ski Resort
Andreas FoulkMale 18-20GoldAlpine SkierCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Lyta FoulkFemale 14-15Telemark ResortTelemarkerCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Bridget FoxFemale 21-29PlatinumAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Charlie FoxMale 60-64GoldAlpine SkierMNTrollhaugen Ski Area
James FoxMale 16-17GoldAlpine SkierMOHidden Valley Ski Area
Kali FranciscoFemale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierMIMt. Brighton Ski Area
Timothy FranciscoMale 45-49PlatinumTelemarkerMINubs Nob Ski Area
Celina FrenzFemale 6-7PlatinumAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Fabian FrenzMale 8-9PlatinumAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Marius FrenzMale 10-11GoldAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Matthias FrenzMale 50-54BronzeAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Jacob FriedmanMale 8-9PlatinumAlpine SkierCASquaw Valley
Bill FugeMale 65-69Gold NationalAlpine SkierNY
Katie GacekFemale 21-29PlatinumAlpine SkierMNWild Mountain
Sasha GallawayMale 8-9BronzeAlpine SkierWinter Park Resort
John GardnerMale 60-64Silver StateAlpine SkierNC
Holly GedertFemale 60-64Silver StateAlpine SkierMINubs Nob Ski Area
Richard GedertMale 70-74Platinum NationalAlpine SkierMINubs Nob Ski Area
James GeibMale 70-74Gold NationalAlpine SkierMICrystal Mountain Resort
Dwight GentzMale 60-64SilverAlpine SkierMIPine Knob Ski Resort
Nancy GfellerFemale 8-9SilverAlpine SkierCTSki Sundown
Gene GilliamMale 75-79Gold StateAlpine SkierTXSteamboat Ski & Resort
Jennifer GittzusFemale 35-39SilverAlpine SkierNHPats Peak
Winifred GlaserFemale 8-9Gold StateAlpine SkierCT
Josh GlassMale 40-44Gold NationalAlpine SkierMI
Richard GleasonMale 50-54Gold StateAlpine SkierCOWinter Park Resort
Dean GlosterMale 55-59Gold StateAlpine SkierCADeer Valley
Mark GlosterMale 50-54Gold StateAlpine SkierWADeer Valley
Leila GlucksteinFemale 10-11GoldAlpine SkierCA
Sonya GlucksteinFemale 12-13GoldAlpine SkierCA
Elena GoberFemale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierCODurango Mountain Resort
Joele GoldmanFemale 55-59GoldAlpine SkierAZDurango Mountain Resort
Al GonzalesMale 60-64Platinum NationalAlpine SkierMOCopper Mountain Resort
Kumiko GoodyFemale 80-84BronzeAlpine SkierCOSki Cooper
Will GordonMale 50-54SilverAlpine SkierFLTaos Ski Valley
James GottMale 8-9Gold StateAlpine SkierCAPark City Mountain Resort
Lael GottFemale 8-9Silver StateAlpine SkierCA
Jake GottloebMale 14-15BronzeAlpine SkierNC
Grace GradyFemale 8-9Gold StateAlpine SkierIDSchweitzer Mtn. Resort
Kaden GraperMale 6-7PlatinumAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Kylee GraperFemale 12-13SilverAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Amelia GreeneFemale 12-13Snowboard ResortSnowboarderCOCopper Mountain Resort
Amelia GreeneFemale 12-13Silver StateAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Kelly GreeneFemale 45-49Bronze NationalAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Olivia GreeneFemale 10-11Snowboard ResortSnowboarderCOCopper Mountain Resort
Brett GreenwaldMale 40-44Gold StateAlpine SkierFLDeer Valley
Lacie GreenwaldFemale 12-13Gold StateAlpine SkierFLDeer Valley
James GregoryMale 65-69SilverAlpine SkierCATeam Mountain High
Jake GrigorianMale 18-20Silver NationalAlpine SkierNC
Jon GrigorianMale 55-59Silver StateAlpine SkierNC
Aries GroggMale 45-49Snowboard ResortSnowboarderUTPark City Mountain Resort
Ashton GroggMale 12-13Snowboard ResortSnowboarderUTPark City Mountain Resort
Donald GrosserMale 40-44Platinum StateAlpine SkierNCSugar Mountain Resort
Joshua GrosserMale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierNCSugar Mountain Resort
Sarah GrosserFemale 6-7Gold StateAlpine SkierNCSugar Mountain Resort
Pat GrovesAlpine SkierOH
Ellyn GubrudFemale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Robert GuilbeauMale 65-69Bronze StateAlpine SkierTX
Andrew GUNTHERMale 6-7PlatinumAlpine SkierCOAspen Mountain
Linda GurganusFemale 50-54Silver StateAlpine SkierNJ
Michelle GurvitsFemale 16-17PlatinumAlpine SkierMACopper Mountain Resort
Aaron HaaseMale 35-39BronzeAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Aspen HaaseFemale 6-7Silver NationalAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
JACK HAMMMale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierKYPerfect North Slopes
LUKE HAMMMale 6-7Platinum NationalAlpine SkierKYPerfect North Slopes
DON HAMMERMale 75-79Gold NationalAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Cameron HancockMale 55-59Snowboard ResortSnowboarderCOSki Cooper
John HancockMale 70-74Gold NationalAlpine SkierMIMt. Brighton Ski Area
Scott HancockMale 35-39Gold StateAlpine SkierMOHidden Valley Ski Area
Dawn HarmonFemale 40-44GoldAlpine SkierNHMcIntyre Ski Area
Bill HarrisMale 70-74Platinum NationalAlpine SkierCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Laurie HarrisFemale 55-59Platinum StateAlpine SkierCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Addie Hart-StrebleFemale 12-13GoldAlpine SkierMNHyland Ski and Snowboard Area
Richard HartmanMale 70-74Silver NationalAlpine SkierFLSteamboat Ski & Resort
Sean HartnettMale 35-39BronzeAlpine SkierCTSki Sundown
Teresa HarveyFemale 50-54Bronze NationalAlpine SkierNY
Tom HarveyMale 60-64SilverAlpine SkierNYSwain Resort
Sigga HauksFemale 50-54Platinum StateAlpine SkierNY
George HayfieldMale 55-59BronzeAlpine SkierCOSki Cooper
John HearneMale 70-74SilverAlpine SkierCASun Valley Ski Resort
Conor HearyMale 6-7Gold StateAlpine SkierCO
William (Liam) HearyMale 8-9Silver StateAlpine SkierCO
Henry HeaydonMale 12-13PlatinumAlpine SkierCopper Mountain Resort
Phoebe HeaydonFemale 8-9PlatinumAlpine SkierSquaw Valley
Gerard HecklerMale 70-74SilverAlpine SkierNYOkemo Mountain
Corbett HefnerMale 40-44PlatinumAlpine SkierWIGranite Peak Ski Team
Lauren HefnerFemale 10-11Gold StateAlpine SkierWI
John HeimanMale 75-79Bronze NationalAlpine SkierMOWinter Park Resort
August HelenMale 6-7Platinum StateAlpine SkierUT
Elizabeth HeringFemale 35-39Three Track SkierThree Track SkierMICrystal Mountain Resort
Brenda HermanFemale 60-64Silver StateAlpine SkierTXDeer Valley
Lindsey HermanFemale 16-17SilverAlpine SkierAngel Fire Resort
Gus HerstikMale 75-79PlatinumAlpine SkierOTHRCopper Mountain Resort
Brogan HicksMale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierWI
Jaelyn HicksFemale 10-11Bronze StateAlpine SkierWICascade Mountain
Mary Jane HicksFemale 65-69BronzeAlpine SkierNMTelluride Ski & Golf Resort
Monique HicksFemale 30-34Gold StateAlpine SkierWI
Gregory HillMale 50-54Bronze StateAlpine SkierAZDurango Mountain Resort
Tyler HillMale 35-39Platinum NationalAlpine SkierWICascade Mountain
Emily HinchcliffeFemale 6-7GoldAlpine SkierVAOkemo Mountain
Katherine HinchcliffeFemale 8-9SilverAlpine SkierVA
Sarah HinchcliffeFemale 35-39BronzeAlpine SkierVAOkemo Mountain
Campbell HitchFemale 10-11GoldAlpine SkierMIBoyne Mountain Resort
Hudsen HitchMale 6-7Silver StateAlpine SkierMIBoyne Mountain Resort
Morgan HitchFemale 12-13GoldAlpine SkierMIBoyne Mountain Resort
Mark HoganMale 50-54Snowboard ResortSnowboarderCOSnowmass Ski Area
Grace HollandFemale 12-13SilverAlpine SkierVASugar Mountain Resort
Kate HollandFemale 14-15BronzeAlpine SkierVASugar Mountain Resort
Todd HolmesMale 55-59SilverAlpine SkierMINubs Nob Ski Area
Calvin HoodMale 12-13Snowboard ResortSnowboarderTNCataloochee Ski Area
Marla HoodFemale 45-49Silver StateAlpine SkierTNCrescent Ski Council
Kyan HopkeMale 6-7Platinum StateAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Tanner HopkinsMale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Tori HopkinsFemale 6-7SilverAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Susan HopperFemale 60-64Platinum StateAlpine SkierCOAspen Mountain
Andrea HorganFemale 10-11SilverAlpine SkierNJWindham Mountain
Marc HorganMale 8-9Silver StateAlpine SkierNJWindham Mountain
Corbin HorrocksMale 6-7SilverAlpine SkierCODurango Mountain Resort
Ian HorsellMale 6-7Platinum NationalAlpine SkierKYPaoli Peaks
Sophia HowardFemale 12-13SilverAlpine SkierNYSteamboat Ski & Resort
David HubingerMale 75-79Gold StateAlpine SkierINCopper Mountain Resort
Nick HudsonMale 65-69Platinum NationalAlpine SkierUTDeer Valley
Daniel HugueninMale 10-11Silver NationalAlpine SkierCA
Jack HugueninMale 12-13Silver StateAlpine SkierCA
Laurent HugueninMale 45-49Silver StateAlpine SkierCA
William HugueninMale 6-7Silver StateAlpine SkierCA
Stephanie HulmeFemale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierPAMontage Mountain Resorts
Braeden HuntMale 16-17Bronze StateAlpine SkierSDWelch Village Ski Area
Logan HuntMale 16-17Bronze NationalAlpine SkierSDWelch Village Ski Area
Michael HuntMale 45-49Bronze StateAlpine SkierSDWelch Village Ski Area
Kenneth IcenhourMale 60-64Bronze StateAlpine SkierNCCrescent Ski Council
Methodius IlcMale 70-74Gold StateAlpine SkierOH
Isabella IlchenkoFemale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierWILittle Switzerland
Bode ImmMale 8-9PlatinumAlpine SkierWIPark City Mountain Resort
Rupert IngramMale 1-5GoldAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Greg IovanMale 55-59SilverAlpine SkierCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Taro IovanMale 12-13GoldAlpine SkierCO
Wes JacksonMale 10-11Gold StateAlpine SkierCODurango Mountain Resort
Alexis JacobsonFemale 12-13Silver StateAlpine SkierMN
Bob JaegerMale 50-54PlatinumAlpine SkierIAChestnut Mountain Resort
Sam JaegerMale 16-17Platinum StateAlpine SkierIA
Evan JahnMale 8-9GoldAlpine SkierKYPaoli Peaks
Christine JenneFemale 60-64Platinum NationalAlpine SkierNYOkemo Mountain
Lars JensenMale 45-49SilverSnowboarderVABryce Resort
Carter JermanMale 6-7GoldAlpine SkierINPaoli Peaks
Jake JermanMale 8-9PlatinumAlpine SkierINPaoli Peaks
Carol JohnsonFemale 55-59BronzeAlpine SkierNMTaos Ski Valley
Cassidy JohnsonFemale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierWITyrol Basin
Holden JohnsonMale 10-11Gold StateAlpine SkierCAAspen Mountain
Jake JohnsonMale 14-15Bronze StateAlpine SkierNCCataloochee Ski Area
Jasper JohnsonFemale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierCAAspen Mountain
Matt JohnsonMale 35-39Platinum StateAlpine SkierCAAspen Mountain
Sawyer JohnsonMale 6-7Platinum StateAlpine SkierCAAspen Mountain
Jim JohnstonMale 70-74Silver StateAlpine SkierMI
Matias JohnstonMale 8-9PlatinumAlpine SkierCASquaw Valley
Dean JonesMale 60-64Silver StateAlpine SkierMOWinter Park Resort
Doris JonesFemale 80-84SilverAlpine SkierMO
Steven JonesMale 45-49Platinum StateAlpine SkierCO
Alex JonkerFemale 21-29Bronze StateAlpine SkierNCCrescent Ski Council
Caroline JonkerFemale 50-54Silver StateAlpine SkierNCCrescent Ski Council
Henk JonkerMale 50-54Silver NationalAlpine SkierNCCrescent Ski Council
Chantelle JordanFemale 40-44GoldTelemarkerCODurango Mountain Resort
Joseph JordanMale 50-54GoldTelemarkerCODurango Mountain Resort
Andrew JoyMale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierCO
Jacob JoyMale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierCO
Mason JoyMale 12-13Silver StateAlpine SkierKSSnow Creek Ski & Board Area
Suzanne JoynerFemale 60-64Bronze NationalAlpine SkierTX
Bob JuskusMale 65-69Gold NationalAlpine SkierMD
Brian KadisonMale 55-59SilverAlpine SkierUTDeer Valley
Shelley KadisonFemale 55-59Gold StateAlpine SkierUTDeer Valley
Jaiden KakosFemale 8-9Silver StateAlpine SkierPA
Zakery KakosMale 14-15PlatinumAlpine SkierPARoundtop Mountain Resort
John KaminMale 70-74Silver StateAlpine SkierNY
Ariana KanchugerFemale 10-11BronzeAlpine SkierOHMad River Mountain
Eva KanchugerFemale 8-9BronzeAlpine SkierOHMad River Mountain
Lucia KanchugerFemale 6-7BronzeAlpine SkierOHMad River Mountain
Robin KassAlpine SkierILWIJARA
Christian KayMale 8-9GoldAlpine SkierCODurango Mountain Resort
Nolan KayMale 10-11GoldAlpine SkierCODurango Mountain Resort
Steven KayeMale 60-64Silver StateAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Mike KeemMale 70-74SilverSnowboarderMINubs Nob Ski Area
Parker KelleyMale 12-13SilverAlpine SkierILChestnut Mountain Resort
Dakota KellyFemale 8-9BronzeAlpine SkierCATeam Mountain High
Hannah KellyFemale 14-15SilverAlpine SkierWIJARA
John KellyMale 40-44SilverAlpine SkierCATeam Mountain High
Matthew KellyMale 6-7GoldAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
James KemppainenMale 70-74SilverAlpine SkierMISteamboat Ski & Resort
Parker KendrickMale 6-7GoldAlpine SkierCOAspen Mountain
Julia KeswinFemale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierNY
Ju Young KimFemale 18-20Snowboard ResortSnowboarderNCCataloochee Ski Area
Ava KimcheFemale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierUTPark City Mountain Resort
Lillie KingFemale 8-9Platinum NationalAlpine SkierVAWintergreen Resort
Payton KlaerFemale 10-11Silver StateAlpine SkierIN
Sydney KlaerFemale 6-7Platinum NationalAlpine SkierIN
Stephen KlappenbachMale 60-64Gold StateAlpine SkierIDSchweitzer Mtn. Resort
Wendy KlappenbachFemale 45-49Gold StateAlpine SkierID
Hudson KlindworthMale 8-9Silver StateAlpine SkierCO
MacKenzie KlindworthFemale 1-5Gold StateAlpine SkierCO
Todd KlindworthMale 50-54Gold StateAlpine SkierCO
Mariusz KlusMale 40-44GoldAlpine SkierIL
Natalia KLUSFemale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierIL
Nicolette KlusFemale 14-15GoldAlpine SkierIL
Rob KnightMale 40-44Platinum NationalAlpine SkierMNWild Mountain
Cooper KnudsonMale 12-13SilverAlpine SkierMAMount Abram
Martin KolarMale 40-44SilverAlpine SkierMNMt. LaCrosse
Kevin KrausgrillMale 65-69Gold StateAlpine SkierCASteamboat Ski & Resort
Elise KreskeFemale 16-17Platinum NationalAlpine SkierMICrystal Mountain Resort
Kaelyn KroegerFemale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierMOHidden Valley Ski Area
Grace KrsulFemale 12-13Platinum StateAlpine SkierMIBoyne Highlands
Olena KucherFemale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierNY
Johannes KuhnMale 12-13GoldAlpine SkierMIMt. Brighton Ski Area
Kai-Uwe KuhnMale 50-54Silver StateAlpine SkierMIMt. Brighton Ski Area
Kirsten KuzFemale 8-9PlatinumAlpine SkierMISchuss Mountain
Mark KwiecienskiMale 55-59PlatinumAlpine SkierCOAspen Highlands
Kyle La CoutureMale 14-15GoldAlpine SkierCO
Colter LabordeMale 8-9GoldAlpine SkierCOTelluride Ski & Golf Resort
Andrew LacksonenMale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierOHMad River Mountain
Adeline LageFemale 8-9Gold StateAlpine SkierMOHidden Valley Ski Area
Karl LandlMale 75-79Platinum NationalAlpine SkierILLittle Switzerland
Andrew LangemakMale 10-11Silver StateAlpine SkierMD
Charlie LangemakMale 6-7Snowboard ResortSnowboarderMDSeven Springs Mtn. Resort
Eddie LangemakMale 12-13Silver StateAlpine SkierMD
Matthew LangemakMale 1-5BronzeAlpine SkierMDSeven Springs Mtn. Resort
Al LaroussiMale 30-34SilverAlpine SkierMDWISP Resort
Patrick LatchanaMale 1-5SilverAlpine SkierMIBoyne Highlands
Debbie LathramFemale 40-44GoldAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Kyleena LathramFemale 8-9PlatinumAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Samantha LathramFemale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
William LeavittMale 70-74Silver StateAlpine SkierINBittersweet Ski Area
Harry LesageMale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierCODurango Mountain Resort
Maddy LesageFemale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierCODurango Mountain Resort
Melanie LevinFemale 55-59Gold StateAlpine SkierKYOhio Valley Ski Council
Jackson LewerMale 10-11Intellectual DisabilIntellectual DisabilCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Jack LewisMale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierCO
Cajsa LindemerFemale 12-13Platinum StateAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Onie LindemerFemale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierMNTrollhaugen Ski Area
Matthew LingleMale 12-13Gold StateAlpine SkierMDWISP Resort
Sean LingleMale 8-9Bronze StateAlpine SkierMDWISP Resort
Brigitta LinzbichlerFemale 65-69PlatinumAlpine SkierMINubs Nob Ski Area
Helmut LinzbichlerMale 70-74GoldAlpine SkierMINubs Nob Ski Area
Tony LizotteMale 65-69Platinum StateAlpine SkierCO
Andrea LobdellFemale 40-44SilverAlpine SkierMIMt. Brighton Ski Area
Dan LoeffelmacherMale 45-49SilverAlpine SkierNDSpirit Mountain
Lexy LoewensteinMale 50-54GoldAlpine SkierCASnowmass Ski Area
Robert LoftinMale 80-84Gold NationalAlpine SkierSC
Karlo LoherMale 6-7Platinum NationalAlpine SkierNYToggenburg Mountain
Tyler LongMale 16-17Platinum StateAlpine SkierPARoundtop Mountain Resort
Carina LudwigFemale 16-17Platinum StateAlpine SkierIL
Stephen Ludwig SrMale 60-64Silver NationalAlpine SkierCTOkemo Mountain
Tommy LumpkinMale 60-64Snowboard ResortSnowboarderGACopper Mountain Resort
Andrew MachMale 65-69GoldAlpine SkierILLittle Switzerland
Philipp MaerschMale 75-79BronzeAlpine SkierTXPark City Mountain Resort
Ronald MagnusMale 65-69Mono SkiMono SkiCO
Herbert MaierleMale 75-79Gold StateAlpine SkierNY
Jackson MalaryMale 8-9GoldAlpine SkierCTSugarbush Resort
Finn MallinenMale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierWASchweitzer Mtn. Resort
Salvadore MaloneMale 8-9Telemark ResortTelemarkerCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Ted ManescuMale 80-84Gold StateAlpine SkierMDRoundtop Mountain Resort
Mike MapleMale 50-54PlatinumAlpine SkierCOAspen Highlands
Killian MarshMale 8-9SilverAlpine SkierMAWachusett Mountain
Joshua MarshakMale 12-13SilverAlpine SkierCTSki Sundown
KRIS MarshakMale 45-49PlatinumAlpine SkierCTMount Southington
Frankie MarstonFemale 8-9GoldAlpine SkierCO
Todd MartinMale 16-17BronzeAlpine SkierNCCataloochee Ski Area
Jakub MarusarzMale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Cecilia MassauaFemale 8-9Bronze StateAlpine SkierPABear Creek
Joseph MassauaMale 10-11SilverAlpine SkierPABear Creek
Tommy MassauaMale 6-7Bronze StateAlpine SkierPABear Creek
Ashley MatthewsFemale 10-11SilverAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Kelly MatthewsFemale 40-44SilverAlpine SkierCO
Mike MatthewsMale 40-44PlatinumAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Taylor MatthewsFemale 8-9PlatinumAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Wyatt MattsonMale 8-9Platinum NationalAlpine SkierILChestnut Mountain Resort
Jacob MaultMale 18-20Bronze StateAlpine SkierNC
Madeline MayfieldFemale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Scott MaynardMale 45-49Snowboard ResortSnowboarderVTSugarbush Resort
Lawrence MaytinMale 1-5Platinum NationalAlpine SkierCOAspen Mountain
Diane MazurekFemale 60-64Silver StateAlpine SkierPAShawnee Mountain
Joe MazurekMale 60-64Platinum StateAlpine SkierPABear Creek
Carol McCallFemale 70-74Silver NationalAlpine SkierNCCrescent Ski Council
Mark McCallMale 65-69Silver StateAlpine SkierNC
James McCarthyMale 21-29GoldAlpine SkierMICrystal Mountain Resort
Chuck McConnellMale 45-49SilverAlpine SkierOHPeekn Peak Resort
James McDanielMale 65-69Gold StateAlpine SkierTNSteamboat Ski & Resort
Sam McDermottMale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Brent McDonaldMale 21-29BronzeAlpine SkierCOSki Cooper
Larry McDonaldMale 55-59SilverAlpine SkierCOSki Cooper
Maddy McdonaldFemale 12-13Gold StateAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Karen McFarlaneFemale 65-69SilverAlpine SkierNYSugarbush Resort
Douglas McGeheeMale 45-49Bronze StateAlpine SkierMOHidden Valley Ski Area
Patrick McKinneyMale 45-49BronzeAlpine SkierMDRoundtop Mountain Resort
Sam McKinneyMale 14-15Platinum NationalAlpine SkierMNWelch Village Ski Area
Janet McKnightFemale 65-69Gold NationalAlpine SkierNYSong Mountain
DARRELL MCNABBMale 70-74Gold NationalAlpine SkierWASnowmass Ski Area
Jeff McNabbMale 40-44GoldAlpine SkierWA
Courtney MeckeFemale 10-11SilverAlpine SkierMIThe Homestead Resort
T. Hart MeckeMale 55-59GoldAlpine SkierMIThe Homestead Resort
Monica MeinzerFemale 65-69Silver NationalAlpine SkierCTOkemo Mountain
Richard MeinzerMale 70-74Gold StateAlpine SkierCTMount Southington
Mackenzie MeirowitzFemale 6-7Gold NationalAlpine SkierUTPark City Mountain Resort
Bill MeiseMale 75-79SilverAlpine SkierWITyrol Basin
Jesse MelendezMale 45-49GoldAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Shannon MercierFemale 45-49GoldAlpine SkierMIBoyne Mountain Resort
Tom MercierMale 45-49GoldAlpine SkierMIBoyne Mountain Resort
John MesserMale 70-74Platinum StateAlpine SkierMIPine Mountain Resort
STEVE MESSERMale 45-49PlatinumAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Emir MeyerMale 18-20BronzeAlpine SkierMAWachusett Mountain
Pamela MeyerFemale 50-54PlatinumAlpine SkierILWinter Park Resort
Alex MillerMale 50-54SilverAlpine SkierCO
Bryson MillerMale 8-9GoldAlpine SkierMIMt. Holly Ski Area
Dianna (Lady Di) MillerFemale 50-54Platinum StateAlpine SkierKYPerfect North Slopes
Ethan MillerMale 16-17GoldAlpine SkierCOWinter Park Resort
Mark (Maddog) MillerMale 50-54Platinum StateAlpine SkierKYPerfect North Slopes
Dan MillsMale 60-64SilverAlpine SkierNHCrotched Mountain
Emily MiresFemale 14-15Telemark ResortTelemarkerCOSki Cooper
Madaket MiresFemale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierCOSki Cooper
Isabel MoneyFemale 12-13GoldAlpine SkierMIMt. Brighton Ski Area
Steven MonroeMale 55-59Silver StateAlpine SkierFLSteamboat Ski & Resort
Sydney MonroeFemale 12-13Silver StateAlpine SkierFLSteamboat Ski & Resort
Royal MontyMale 70-74Bronze StateAlpine SkierNCSugar Mountain Resort
Connor MooreMale 14-15Snowboard ResortSnowboarderNCCataloochee Ski Area
Mason MoorhusenMale 12-13Gold StateAlpine SkierILWinter Park Resort
Corina Morano-EnderFemale 50-54Silver StateAlpine SkierNYTuxedo Ridge
Alex MoraruMale 14-15Gold StateAlpine SkierTXSnowmass Ski Area
Cristina MoraruFemale 12-13SilverAlpine SkierTXSnowmass Ski Area
Jackie MorganFemale 60-64Gold NationalAlpine SkierNJWinter Park Resort
Jake MorganMale 8-9PlatinumAlpine SkierCOAspen Mountain
Viggo MorganMale 6-7PlatinumAlpine SkierCOAspen Mountain
Tom MorrisMale 50-54BronzeSnowboarderCOAspen Mountain
Mary MorseFemale 1-5GoldAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Charles MossMale 55-59BronzeAlpine SkierNCCataloochee Ski Area
Jenna MuchowFemale 12-13PlatinumAlpine SkierILChestnut Mountain Resort
Erik MurerMale 14-15SilverAlpine SkierMOHidden Valley Ski Area
Monte MUSSELMANMale 6-7PlatinumAlpine SkierCOAspen Mountain
Michael MuthMale 45-49GoldAlpine SkierCACopper Mountain Resort
Bryce NatterMale 8-9Platinum NationalAlpine SkierMIMt. Brighton Ski Area
Camille NatterFemale 6-7Platinum NationalAlpine SkierMIMt. Brighton Ski Area
Kaylie NealFemale 6-7Snowboard ResortSnowboarderNCSugar Mountain Resort
Drew NeffMale 10-11Gold StateAlpine SkierUTPark City Mountain Resort
Sophie NeffFemale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierUTPark City Mountain Resort
Dave NelsonMale 55-59BronzeAlpine SkierMNWelch Village Ski Area
Ethan NelsonMale 10-11BronzeAlpine SkierNMTaos Ski Valley
Mary NelsonFemale 60-64Platinum StateAlpine SkierMNWinter Park Resort
Cameron NesbitFemale 14-15Gold StateAlpine SkierVAMassanutten Ski Resort
Noah NewmanMale 10-11GoldAlpine SkierUTLas Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort
Jackson NguyenMale 1-5PlatinumAlpine SkierCASquaw Valley
Ann Marie NicholasFemale 35-39SilverAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
James NidaMale 6-7GoldAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Lauren NidaFemale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Will NidaMale 8-9PlatinumAlpine SkierMNWelch Village Ski Area
Jim NoahMale 55-59Platinum StateAlpine SkierIN
Alec NolanMale 10-11Platinum NationalAlpine SkierINBittersweet Ski Area
Lynn NolenFemale 60-64BronzeAlpine SkierNMTaos Ski Valley
Michael NolenMale 55-59SilverAlpine SkierNMTaos Ski Valley
Larry NorthMale 60-64Platinum StateAlpine SkierCOWinter Park Resort
Lucas NorthMale 12-13GoldAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Dennis NovakMale 65-69Platinum NationalAlpine SkierWITyrol Basin
Joze NovakMale 55-59BronzeAlpine SkierOHWindham Mountain
Brian OconnellMale 45-49Silver StateAlpine SkierMDRoundtop Mountain Resort
Mikayla OconnorFemale 10-11GoldAlpine SkierMIPine Knob Ski Resort
Shannon OconnorFemale 12-13PlatinumAlpine SkierMNWelch Village Ski Area
Tom OconnorMale 50-54PlatinumAlpine SkierMIPine Knob Ski Resort
Marilyn OlenFemale 85-89SilverAlpine SkierCOTaos Ski Valley
David OlsterMale 45-49Platinum StateAlpine SkierMAWachusett Mountain
Linda OlsterFemale 50-54Platinum StateAlpine SkierMAWachusett Mountain
Tessa OsborneFemale 1-5Gold NationalAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Carson OswaldMale 10-11Bronze StateAlpine SkierNC
Harrison OswaldMale 10-11Gold StateAlpine SkierNCCataloochee Ski Area
John OswaldMale 40-44Platinum StateAlpine SkierNCCataloochee Ski Area
Riley OswaldFemale 8-9Bronze StateAlpine SkierNCCataloochee Ski Area
Charles OtteniMale 10-11Gold StateAlpine SkierVAMassanutten Ski Resort
Arild OttersenMale 45-49Platinum StateAlpine SkierCO
Connor OujiriMale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Graham OutlawMale 10-11GoldAlpine SkierCOWinter Park Resort
Jed OwenMale 50-54Gold StateAlpine SkierWIGranite Peak Ski Team
Sam PackerMale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierINPerfect North Slopes
William PackerMale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierINPerfect North Slopes
Ralph PajkaMale 60-64GoldAlpine SkierOHPeekn Peak Resort
Jared PalanMale 14-15PlatinumAlpine SkierILChestnut Mountain Resort
Camden PalmquistMale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierMN
Jevin PalmquistMale 6-7Platinum NationalAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Sophia PalmquistFemale 8-9Platinum NationalAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Trevor PalmquistMale 1-5Gold StateAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Auden PankoninMale 6-7Platinum StateAlpine SkierWIWelch Village Ski Area
Lily PapineauFemale 1-5Platinum NationalAlpine SkierOH
Isabel ParadaFemale 10-11Gold StateAlpine SkierUTPark City Mountain Resort
Mary ParchetaFemale 75-79Platinum NationalAlpine SkierMNWild Mountain
Gary PatrickMale 60-64Silver StateAlpine SkierTN
Terry PattenMale 60-64GoldAlpine SkierCOSki Cooper
Phillip PennellMale 18-20Snowboard ResortSnowboarderILHidden Valley Ski Area
Karen PerkinsFemale 65-69Platinum NationalAlpine SkierVABryce Resort
Phil PerkinsMale 65-69Platinum NationalAlpine SkierVABryce Resort
Leandre PestcoeFemale 12-13GoldAlpine SkierNYSteamboat Ski & Resort
Jenny PetermanFemale 55-59GoldAlpine SkierTXTaos Ski Valley
Ed PetersMale 55-59PlatinumAlpine SkierWIGranite Peak Ski Team
Jeremy PetersonMale 35-39PlatinumAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Ryan PettersonMale 35-39PlatinumAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Peter PfeiferMale 65-69GoldAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Alexa PfisterFemale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierINBittersweet Ski Area
Albert PierceMale 75-79PlatinumAlpine SkierNJ
Colleen PierreFemale 70-74Bronze NationalAlpine SkierMDRoundtop Mountain Resort
Stephen PlummerMale 60-64BronzeAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Missy PlunkettFemale 12-13BronzeAlpine SkierWIMt. LaCrosse
Samuel PoindexterMale 16-17Silver NationalAlpine SkierILSteamboat Ski & Resort
Daniel PollardMale 35-39SilverAlpine SkierNHPats Peak
Sarah PollardFemale 1-5BronzeAlpine SkierNHPats Peak
Holly PolopolosFemale 50-54SilverAlpine SkierMIBoyne Mountain Resort
Emma PoperFemale 8-9Telemark ResortTelemarkerCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Joshua PoperMale 40-44Telemark ResortTelemarkerCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Rebecca PoperFemale 8-9Telemark ResortTelemarkerCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Cary PopourMale 55-59Silver StateAlpine SkierNCCrescent Ski Council
Anika PrasadFemale 10-11BronzeAlpine SkierMAWachusett Mountain
Ainsley ProffitFemale 12-13PlatinumAlpine SkierMOHidden Valley Ski Area
Henry ProudMale 14-15GoldAlpine SkierPARoundtop Mountain Resort
Tripp PurselMale 1-5Platinum NationalAlpine SkierPA
Corinne RafuseFemale 10-11Bronze StateAlpine SkierMOSnow Creek Ski & Board Area
Morgan RappMale 21-29PlatinumAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
COLLEEN RASCHKEFemale 21-29GoldAlpine SkierMNSnowmass Ski Area
John T RedigerMale 70-74Platinum NationalAlpine SkierTX
Max ReederMale 8-9GoldAlpine SkierCOTelluride Ski & Golf Resort
Brady ReiswigMale 8-9Gold StateAlpine SkierMN
Lily ReitterFemale 1-5GoldAlpine SkierFLAspen Mountain
Zachary ReusMale 8-9SilverAlpine SkierMIBittersweet Ski Area
Steven"ICE" RheaultMale 60-64Platinum NationalAlpine SkierPARoundtop Mountain Resort
Christopher RichardMale 14-15BronzeAlpine SkierNC
Martin RiedelMale 16-17Gold StateAlpine SkierWI
Susan RiedelFemale 55-59GoldAlpine SkierWIWinter Park Resort
Dylan RinikerMale 6-7GoldAlpine SkierMNAfton Alps
Elise RinikerFemale 10-11SilverAlpine SkierMNAfton Alps
Lauren RinikerFemale 10-11GoldAlpine SkierMNAfton Alps
Tom RinikerMale 45-49PlatinumAlpine SkierMNAfton Alps
Wyatt RINIKERMale 8-9GoldAlpine SkierMNAfton Alps
Jennifer RobinsonFemale 40-44BronzeAlpine SkierKSSnow Creek Ski & Board Area
Stan RodmanMale 60-64Platinum NationalAlpine SkierUTDeer Valley
Thomas RomigMale 8-9SilverAlpine SkierPARoundtop Mountain Resort
FRANCESCA ROSEFemale 8-9GoldAlpine SkierNYAspen Mountain
Joshua RosenbergMale 8-9Platinum NationalAlpine SkierNJOkemo Mountain
Richard RosenbergMale 75-79Gold StateAlpine SkierCADeer Valley
Ian RothMale 14-15GoldAlpine SkierCODurango Mountain Resort
Isabel RountreeFemale 6-7GoldAlpine SkierNCWintergreen Resort
Nicola RountreeFemale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierNCWintergreen Resort
Chuck RoyMale 60-64PlatinumAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Rebecca RubinFemale 35-39GoldAlpine SkierCTMount Southington
Bob RudeMale 55-59GoldAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Zachary RuffelMale 8-9SilverAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Andrew RussoMale 16-17SilverAlpine SkierMIPine Knob Ski Resort
Andrzej RuzikowskiMale 75-79GoldAlpine SkierNJWindham Mountain
Adelaide RyersonFemale 6-7GoldTelemarkerCOSnowmass Ski Area
Edwin RyersonMale 6-7GoldTelemarkerCOSnowmass Ski Area
Moise SafraMale 8-9SilverAlpine SkierNYAspen Mountain
Yasha SaldiMale 16-17GoldAlpine SkierOR
Charlotte SandersFemale 40-44SilverAlpine SkierMICrystal Mountain Resort
Emma SandersFemale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierMA
Sally SandersFemale 50-54Bronze StateAlpine SkierMI
Sally SannFemale 55-59Gold StateAlpine SkierWIGunstock
Andrew SantamarinaMale 12-13Platinum StateAlpine SkierOHPerfect North Slopes
Carol SantosFemale 60-64Bronze StateAlpine SkierNCCrescent Ski Council
Phillippe SaumierMale 45-49Silver StateAlpine SkierFLSteamboat Ski & Resort
Ally SavagianFemale 10-11BronzeAlpine SkierCADeer Valley
William SawerMale 70-74Gold StateAlpine SkierCO
Jeanette SaylorFemale 55-59Platinum NationalAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Toby ScarpellaMale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierCODurango Mountain Resort
Sophie ScerbinFemale 8-9PlatinumAlpine SkierMASugarbush Resort
Mike SchermerMale 75-79Bronze NationalAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Steve SchlossMale 75-79Silver StateAlpine SkierNY
Judy SchmidtFemale 70-74Silver NationalAlpine SkierCO
Tim SchneiderMale 35-39Platinum StateAlpine SkierWIGranite Peak Ski Team
Steve SchoenMale 60-64SilverAlpine SkierNY
Miles SchwartzMale 14-15SilverAlpine SkierILWIJARA
Cameron SchwingMale 6-7BronzeAlpine SkierCASquaw Valley
Ian ScottMale 12-13GoldAlpine SkierWIMt. LaCrosse
Jeffrey ScottMale 55-59Silver StateAlpine SkierNHCrotched Mountain
Thomas SeabrookMale 45-49PlatinumAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Paul SebastianMale 55-59PlatinumAlpine SkierMIBittersweet Ski Area
Lev SeidmanAlpine SkierNY
Dean SellMale 55-59PlatinumAlpine SkierCODurango Mountain Resort
Teodor ShamahMale 1-5GoldAlpine SkierCASquaw Valley
Arianwen SharmanFemale 12-13Bronze StateAlpine SkierKSSnow Creek Ski & Board Area
Katerina SharmanFemale 6-7Silver StateAlpine SkierKSSnow Creek Ski & Board Area
Tara ShawFemale 21-29SilverAlpine SkierMAOkemo Mountain
Meredith SheatzleyFemale 14-15Silver StateAlpine SkierMIBoyne Highlands
Ainsley ShillingFemale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierMIMt. Brighton Ski Area
Tom Sr. ShimakMale 60-64BronzeAlpine SkierILChestnut Mountain Resort
Tommy ShimakMale 21-29PlatinumAlpine SkierILChestnut Mountain Resort
Owen ShlesingerMale 8-9Platinum NationalAlpine SkierCOAspen Mountain
Max ShriverMale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierMA
Annabel ShropshireFemale 12-13SilverAlpine SkierVAMassanutten Ski Resort
Matt SiegalMale 8-9PlatinumAlpine SkierRIDeer Valley
Charlie SieversMale 45-49PlatinumAlpine SkierMNMount Kato
Lindsey SieversFemale 14-15Platinum NationalAlpine SkierMNMount Kato
Rachel SieversFemale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierMNMount Kato
Alina SimonFemale 21-29Gold StateAlpine SkierSC
Brian SimonMale 6-7Bronze StateAlpine SkierSCCataloochee Ski Area
Kiara SimonFemale 1-5Bronze StateAlpine SkierSC
Nancy SimpsonFemale 55-59Platinum StateAlpine SkierWITrollhaugen Ski Area
Addison SingerFemale 8-9SilverAlpine SkierMD
Alanna SingerFemale 8-9SilverAlpine SkierMDBear Creek
Laura SjoblomFemale 40-44Platinum StateAlpine SkierCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Luka SmallsMale 1-5Platinum NationalAlpine SkierCOAspen Mountain
Cammie SmithFemale 10-11Gold StateAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Connor SmithMale 8-9Gold StateAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Douglas SmithMale 45-49Silver NationalAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Greg SmithMale 60-64Platinum StateAlpine SkierDESteamboat Ski & Resort
Jessica SmithFemale 10-11SilverAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Ryan SmithMale 21-29Silver NationalAlpine SkierDE
Tina SmonFemale 21-29GoldAlpine SkierNYWindham Mountain
Amanda SmytheFemale 6-7PlatinumAlpine SkierMNTrollhaugen Ski Area
Sean SmytheMale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierMNTrollhaugen Ski Area
Sienna SolomonsFemale 6-7SilverAlpine SkierCASquaw Valley
Arden SonnenbergFemale 50-54Snowboard ResortSnowboarderMAWachusett Mountain
Lucca Spicuzza-PesicekMale 10-11SilverAlpine SkierWILittle Switzerland
Griffin SpinneyMale 12-13Platinum StateAlpine SkierRIWachusett Mountain
Lat SpinneyMale 45-49Platinum StateAlpine SkierRIWachusett Mountain
MADDOX SPIRESMale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierNCSeven Springs Mtn. Resort
Andrei SpirideMale 12-13Gold StateAlpine SkierTXSnowmass Ski Area
Emma Rose StarnerFemale 8-9SilverAlpine SkierMICrystal Mountain Resort
Hope StatzFemale 8-9Gold StateAlpine SkierWI
Richard SteeleMale 70-74Platinum StateAlpine SkierMIBoyne Mountain Resort
Connor SteinhilberMale 18-20Gold NationalAlpine SkierOHPerfect North Slopes
Kiera SteinhilberFemale 6-7Silver NationalAlpine SkierOHPerfect North Slopes
George StellingMale 6-7Silver StateAlpine SkierWICascade Mountain
Luke StellingMale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierWICascade Mountain
Brad StephensMale 60-64GoldAlpine SkierTXSnowmass Ski Area
Ford StephensMale 8-9Bronze StateAlpine SkierTXSnowmass Ski Area
Jeffrey StephensMale 30-34SilverAlpine SkierTXSnowmass Ski Area
Rick StephensMale 50-54SilverAlpine SkierMOCopper Mountain Resort
Gavin SterkaMale 16-17BronzeAlpine SkierNCCataloochee Ski Area
Ela StevensonFemale 6-7GoldAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Scott StewartMale 55-59Bronze StateAlpine SkierUTPark City Mountain Resort
Holly StokelyFemale 16-17Bronze NationalAlpine SkierOHPerfect North Slopes
Nadia StoneFemale 10-11SilverAlpine SkierILChestnut Mountain Resort
Bob StorcMale 65-69BronzeAlpine SkierMICrystal Mountain Resort
Cam StrikeMale 18-20Platinum NationalAlpine SkierMN
Charles SullivanMale 6-7PlatinumAlpine SkierNHWaterville Valley
Sophia SullivanFemale 1-5Silver StateAlpine SkierNH
Claire SuperczynskiFemale 1-5Gold NationalAlpine SkierMDRoundtop Mountain Resort
Matthew SuperczynskiMale 35-39Silver StateAlpine SkierMD
Tyler SuperczynskiMale 6-7Platinum StateAlpine SkierMD
Blake SwitlickMale 1-5GoldAlpine SkierCASquaw Valley
Don SydzyikMale 50-54GoldAlpine SkierINPerfect North Slopes
Laurie SydzyikFemale 50-54Platinum StateAlpine SkierINPerfect North Slopes
Logan SydzyikMale 8-9SilverAlpine SkierINPerfect North Slopes
Ruby TamFemale 40-44Gold StateAlpine SkierMN
Thompson TateMale 80-84SilverAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Kyle TaulmanMale 12-13Mono SkiMono SkiCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Robert TaylorMale 40-44SilverAlpine SkierNCWintergreen Resort
Corneil TherrienFemale 70-74PlatinumAlpine SkierIDSun Valley Ski Resort
Kira ThomasFemale 6-7PlatinumAlpine SkierUTPark City Mountain Resort
Jack ThompsonMale 10-11BronzeAlpine SkierNMDurango Mountain Resort
Jenna ThompsonFemale 6-7Snowboard ResortSnowboarderPABear Creek
Paige ThompsonFemale 14-15Silver StateAlpine SkierNMDurango Mountain Resort
Stephen ThompsonMale 8-9Snowboard ResortSnowboarderPAShawnee Mountain
Brittney TimmonsFemale 12-13Platinum StateAlpine SkierVAMassanutten Ski Resort
Laura TodaroFemale 55-59PlatinumAlpine SkierLA
Niki ToomeyFemale 30-34GoldAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Carter TorrenceMale 14-15GoldAlpine SkierTXAngel Fire Resort
Charles TowerMale 70-74PlatinumAlpine SkierCOAspen Mountain
Samantha TrudeauFemale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierCOSquaw Valley
Cooper TullMale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierMO
Croix TurnerMale 16-17Platinum NationalAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Dalton TurnerMale 14-15Platinum StateAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Nicholas UnkovskoyMale 10-11Platinum NationalAlpine SkierCODurango Mountain Resort
Paige VanArsdaleFemale 14-15Two Track SkierTwo Track SkierCO
Jaan VehikMale 70-74GoldAlpine SkierAZCopper Mountain Resort
David WagmanMale 45-49Silver StateAlpine SkierNYWindham Mountain
Grant WagmanMale 16-17Platinum StateAlpine SkierNYWindham Mountain
Gary WagnerMale 65-69SilverAlpine SkierCATeam Mountain High
Richard WagnerMale 70-74Gold StateAlpine SkierMINubs Nob Ski Area
Danielle WaldbilligFemale 14-15Gold NationalAlpine SkierIA
Alan WalkerMale 55-59SilverAlpine SkierMIBittersweet Ski Area
Don WalkerMale 65-69BronzeAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Linda WalkupFemale 55-59Platinum NationalAlpine SkierTX
Marlin WalkupMale 14-15Platinum StateAlpine SkierTXSteamboat Ski & Resort
Mitchell WallMale 40-44PlatinumAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Tricia WallFemale 35-39Gold NationalAlpine SkierNCCrescent Ski Council
Steve WallaceMale 50-54PlatinumAlpine SkierCO
Jae WaltersMale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierWIMt. LaCrosse
Larry WaltersMale 70-74Gold NationalAlpine SkierMI
Mina WaltersFemale 14-15Gold StateAlpine SkierIAWIJARA
Parker WardMale 6-7BronzeAlpine SkierOHMad River Mountain
Shaine WardMale 40-44BronzeAlpine SkierOHMad River Mountain
Leah WareingFemale 6-7Platinum StateAlpine SkierNHGunstock
Isabelle WashburnFemale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierCODurango Mountain Resort
Jake WashburnMale 8-9BronzeAlpine SkierCODurango Mountain Resort
Annie WatsonFemale 12-13Gold StateAlpine SkierCODurango Mountain Resort
Ava WatsonFemale 10-11GoldAlpine SkierCODurango Mountain Resort
Gwyn WatsonFemale 12-13BronzeAlpine SkierMIMt. Brighton Ski Area
Paul WatsonMale 10-11Gold StateAlpine SkierCO
Morgan WattsFemale 12-13PlatinumAlpine SkierMIAlpine Valley Ski Area
Riley WattsFemale 10-11Gold StateAlpine SkierMIAlpine Valley Ski Area
Grace WelhouseFemale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierWIGranite Peak Ski Team
Laura WeningerFemale 45-49GoldAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
John WenningerMale 60-64Gold StateAlpine SkierPAMontage Mountain Resorts
Peter WepploMale 65-69Platinum StateAlpine SkierNJOkemo Mountain
Ralph WescottMale 55-59SilverAlpine SkierCTMount Southington
Brian WhiteMale 50-54GoldAlpine SkierOHSeven Springs Mtn. Resort
Dane WhiteMale 45-49BronzeSnowboarderSCCrescent Ski Council
Dallas WickeMale 70-74Silver StateAlpine SkierCASnowmass Ski Area
Kevin WicklessMale 40-44GoldAlpine SkierCTWachusett Mountain
Bob WienkeMale 80-84PlatinumAlpine SkierIDPark City Mountain Resort
Robert WilliamsMale 45-49BronzeAlpine SkierNC
Tori WilliamsFemale 14-15Platinum StateAlpine SkierKYPerfect North Slopes
Ralph WillsMale 65-69SilverAlpine SkierAZTelluride Ski & Golf Resort
Calder WilsonMale 10-11GoldAlpine SkierNYSki Sundown
Claire WilsonFemale 12-13SilverAlpine SkierNYSki Sundown
Orion WilsonMale 6-7SilverAlpine SkierWIWelch Village Ski Area
Roger WilsonMale 60-64Platinum StateAlpine SkierILCascade Mountain
Grace WinkelmannFemale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierWICascade Mountain
Julie WinkelmannFemale 30-34SilverAlpine SkierWICascade Mountain
Owen WinkelmannMale 6-7Gold StateAlpine SkierWICascade Mountain
Chris WirklerMale 50-54PlatinumAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Camryn WirthFemale 8-9GoldAlpine SkierWIWIJARA
David WirthMale 45-49SilverAlpine SkierWITyrol Basin
Gavin WirthMale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierWIWIJARA
Paige WirthFemale 14-15GoldAlpine SkierWIWIJARA
Tara WirtzFemale 40-44Silver StateAlpine SkierCADeer Valley
Luke WisniewskiMale 10-11GoldAlpine SkierMNAfton Alps
Anna WolfFemale 12-13Bronze NationalAlpine SkierILAspen Mountain
Jane WolosonFemale 50-54GoldAlpine SkierILChestnut Mountain Resort
Andrew WoodliefMale 12-13Snowboard ResortSnowboarderSCSugar Mountain Resort
Lilly WoodliefFemale 8-9Snowboard ResortSnowboarderSCSugar Mountain Resort
John WotheMale 70-74Silver NationalAlpine SkierWICascade Mountain
Eva YoungFemale 6-7Gold StateAlpine SkierNC
George YoungMale 10-11Silver StateAlpine SkierNC
Lydia YoungFemale 65-69Platinum StateAlpine SkierCOCopper Mountain Resort
Ariella ZagorskyFemale 10-11Gold StateAlpine SkierNYBretton Woods
Arthur ZagorskyMale 40-44Bronze StateAlpine SkierNYBretton Woods
Sabrina ZanierFemale 12-13BronzeAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Steve ZanierMale 50-54SilverAlpine SkierCO
Vinio ZanierMale 80-84GoldAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Patti ZehnerFemale 65-69GoldAlpine SkierCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Tom ZehnerMale 70-74Platinum NationalAlpine SkierCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Chloe ZhouFemale 1-5Silver NationalAlpine SkierNJWindham Mountain
Angelina ZimmermanFemale 6-7GoldAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Jay ZimmermanMale 6-7SilverAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area