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(as of Saturday, February 28, 2015)

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NameAge & Gender CategoryDivisionDisciplineState  Competing Resort
Amelia AbbettFemale 8-9Gold StateAlpine SkierINCrystal Mountain Resort
Kim AbbettFemale 40-44Gold StateAlpine SkierINCrystal Mountain Resort
Lilian AbbettFemale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierINCrystal Mountain Resort
Mark AbbettMale 40-44Gold StateAlpine SkierINCrystal Mountain Resort
Oliver AbbettMale 1-5Silver NationalAlpine SkierINCrystal Mountain Resort
Scarlet AbbettFemale 6-7Gold StateAlpine SkierINCrystal Mountain Resort
MARKUS ABENDROTHMale 21-29SilverAlpine SkierWIGranite Peak Ski Team
Donna Abner-sparkmanFemale 60-64SnowbikeAlpine SkierCODurango Mountain Resort
Geoffrey AcoliaMale 60-64Silver StateAlpine SkierNJ
Michael AdamsMale 60-64PlatinumAlpine SkierUTDeer Valley
Adam AdkinsMale 30-34Platinum StateAlpine SkierMOHidden Valley Ski Area
Gabriel AndrewsMale 8-9Gold StateAlpine SkierILSteamboat Ski & Resort
Duke AngierMale 60-64GoldAlpine SkierNCCataloochee Ski Area
Andrea ArmsFemale 65-69Platinum NationalAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Ben AvasonMale 12-13Silver StateAlpine SkierNCSugar Mountain Resort
Byron AvasonMale 14-15Snowboard ResortSnowboarderNCSugar Mountain Resort
Josh Batiste-SertnerMale 14-15Platinum NationalAlpine SkierUTDeer Valley
Brian BedfordMale 30-34SilverAlpine SkierMICrystal Mountain Resort
Steve BedfordMale 60-64Snowboard ResortSnowboarderMIMt. Brighton Ski Area
Ethan BeedeMale 6-7Snowboard ResortSnowboarderPABear Creek Mountain Resort
Janice BellingarFemale 60-64SilverAlpine SkierWASchweitzer Mtn. Resort
Austin BenisonMale 10-11SilverAlpine SkierCTOkemo Mountain
Owen BenisonMale 6-7Gold StateAlpine SkierCTOkemo Mountain
Abigayle BergFemale 16-17PlatinumAlpine SkierMNWelch Village Ski Area
Harrison BergerMale 10-11Gold StateAlpine SkierNY
Tom BerkeleyMale 70-74Silver NationalAlpine SkierMOHidden Valley Ski Area
Chris BernsMale 55-59Two Track SkierTwo Track SkierPABear Creek Mountain Resort
James Cooper BlackMale 75-79PlatinumAlpine SkierAZWinter Park Resort
Brad BlumenauerMale 30-34Silver StateAlpine SkierMDRoundtop Mountain Resort
Hillary BondFemale 35-39Snowboard ResortSnowboarderCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Chris BostonMale 45-49SilverAlpine SkierCOWinter Park Resort
Jake BostonMale 6-7Platinum StateAlpine SkierCOWinter Park Resort
Richard BostonMale 8-9GoldAlpine SkierCOWinter Park Resort
Bruce BowenMale 60-64Silver StateAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Bruce BowenMale 60-64BronzeSnowboarderCOSnowmass Ski Area
Bree BrandrethFemale 1-5GoldAlpine SkierCASquaw Valley
Kylee BratschiFemale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierMIMt. Brighton Ski Area
Lance BravardMale 50-54Gold StateAlpine SkierDCRoundtop Mountain Resort
Dick BrooksMale 75-79Silver StateAlpine SkierTX
Martha BruecknerFemale 50-54Platinum StateAlpine SkierCT
Valen BruiceMale 6-7Platinum StateAlpine SkierCO
Zane BrustMale 14-15PlatinumAlpine SkierMIPark City Mountain Resort
Matt BuhlerMale 35-39Silver StateAlpine SkierUTBrian Head Resort
Lee ByingtonMale 12-13Gold StateAlpine SkierTNBeech Mountain Resort
Ray CahillMale 55-59GoldAlpine SkierCOWinter Park Resort
Holland CapperMale 80-84Gold NationalAlpine SkierMICrystal Mountain Resort
Carter CarrioMale 14-15BronzeAlpine SkierMABretton Woods
Quinton CarrioMale 10-11BronzeAlpine SkierMABretton Woods
Candice CarrollFemale 6-7BronzeAlpine SkierCABear Valley Mountain
Tom CaseyMale 70-74Silver NationalAlpine SkierSC
Rowan ChetnerFemale 10-11Gold NationalAlpine SkierONAspen Mountain
Margaret CiaccioFemale 18-20SilverAlpine SkierRIBristol Mountain
Gary ClynckeMale 40-44Platinum StateAlpine SkierCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Sam ClynckeMale 12-13Platinum NationalAlpine SkierCO
Tess ClynckeFemale 10-11Platinum NationalAlpine SkierCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Tony CocchiaMale 45-49Telemark ResortTelemarkerUTBrian Head Resort
Audrey CochiaFemale 10-11Silver StateAlpine SkierUTBrian Head Resort
David N CohenAlpine SkierWASchweitzer Mtn. Resort
Richard ColeMale 80-84Bronze NationalAlpine SkierMA
Richard ColeMale 80-84Snowboard ResortSnowboarderMAOkemo Mountain
Richard Conforti, Jr.Male 50-54SilverAlpine SkierMIMt. Holly Ski Area
David ConnerMale 75-79Silver NationalAlpine SkierTN
Chuck CoreyMale 60-64BronzeAlpine SkierTNCrescent Ski Council
Trent CorleyMale 10-11BronzeAlpine SkierTXWISP Resort
David CoulterMale 65-69Gold StateAlpine SkierMO
Elle CulmanFemale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierNYAspen Mountain
Ed CumminsMale 70-74Bronze NationalAlpine SkierIDSun Valley Ski Resort
Harrison DahlMale 10-11GoldAlpine SkierCTSnowmass Ski Area
Sam DelsordoMale 65-69GoldAlpine SkierPASteamboat Ski & Resort
Connor DercachMale 6-7Snowboard ResortSnowboarderINBoyne Highlands
Lisa DercachFemale 35-39SnowboardSnowboarderINBittersweet Ski Area
Daniel DeutschMale 45-49BronzeAlpine SkierFLDeer Valley
Rob DexterMale 60-64Platinum NationalAlpine SkierCTOkemo Mountain
Spencer DexterMale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierINBoyne Highlands
Casey DittmerMale 8-9Gold NationalAlpine SkierUT
Jason DittmerMale 40-44Platinum StateAlpine SkierUT
Jesse DittmerBronzeAlpine SkierUTPark City Mountain Resort
Victoria DoeringFemale 14-15Gold StateAlpine SkierMOHidden Valley Ski Area
Bella DonofrioFemale 10-11SilverAlpine SkierOHSeven Springs Mtn. Resort
Griffin DonofrioMale 8-9SnowboarderOH
DavidPaul DoyleMale 45-49GoldAlpine SkierORTelluride Ski & Golf Resort
Emma EmmoreyFemale 8-9Platinum NationalAlpine SkierMICrystal Mountain Resort
Jeremy emmoreyMale 40-44Platinum NationalAlpine SkierMICrystal Mountain Resort
Sandy FalckMale 65-69Gold NationalAlpine SkierCOAspen Mountain
Eliot FelskeMale 12-13Platinum NationalAlpine SkierWI
Michael FelskeMale 60-64Platinum StateAlpine SkierWI
Cory FergusonMale 65-69Platinum StateAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
George FesusMale 70-74Platinum StateAlpine SkierCO
Camden FlackMale 8-9Gold StateAlpine SkierILChestnut Mountain Resort
Erik FlandersMale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierGASugar Mountain Resort
Jimmy FlourMale 45-49Platinum StateAlpine SkierWA
Bryce FosterMale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierIDSun Valley Ski Resort
Conrad FosterMale 8-9Gold NationalAlpine SkierIDSun Valley Ski Resort
Jack FranchinoMale 12-13Gold StateAlpine SkierMI
Brittany FreudenbergerFemale 1-5SilverAlpine SkierINBoyne Highlands
Bill FugeMale 65-69Platinum StateAlpine SkierNY
Bradyn GallowayMale 6-7PlatinumAlpine SkierMIMt. Brighton Ski Area
John GardnerMale 65-69Silver StateAlpine SkierNCCrescent Ski Council
Lange GasparMale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierMD
Julian GershonMale 60-64SilverAlpine SkierAspen Mountain
Jim GilchristMale 75-79Silver StateAlpine SkierWA
Jennifer GittzusFemale 35-39BronzeAlpine SkierNHPats Peak
Richard GleasonMale 55-59Gold StateAlpine SkierCO
Stefan GlennMale 60-64Alpine SkierCABear Valley Mountain
Caley GoforthFemale 6-7PlatinumAlpine SkierCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Grace GradyFemale 10-11Gold StateAlpine SkierIDSchweitzer Mtn. Resort
Kelly GreeneFemale 45-49Bronze StateAlpine SkierCOWinter Park Resort
Olivia GreeneFemale 10-11Snowboard ResortSnowboarderCOWinter Park Resort
Ireland GrossFemale 12-13Gold StateAlpine SkierWITyrol Basin
Melia GustavsonFemale 6-7SilverAlpine SkierCASquaw Valley
Jessi HackettAlpine SkierCO
Chase HarrMale 16-17Silver NationalAlpine SkierKYPerfect North Slopes
John HearneMale 70-74SilverAlpine SkierCABear Valley Mountain
John HeimanMale 75-79Bronze NationalAlpine SkierMOHidden Valley Ski Area
Ryan HerrmannMale 40-44GoldAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Mary Jane HicksFemale 65-69SilverAlpine SkierNMTelluride Ski & Golf Resort
Kim HimmelbergFemale 40-44Silver NationalAlpine SkierCASteamboat Ski & Resort
Emily HinchcliffeFemale 6-7Bronze NationalAlpine SkierVA
Katherine HinchcliffeFemale 10-11SilverAlpine SkierVABryce Resort
Sarah HinchcliffeFemale 35-39Silver StateAlpine SkierVA
Marla HoodFemale 45-49Silver StateAlpine SkierTNCrescent Ski Council
Susan HopperFemale 60-64Platinum NationalAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Lou HorwitzMale 55-59Gold StateAlpine SkierTXSnowmass Ski Area
Gwen HromadkaFemale 6-7Bronze StateAlpine SkierMOHidden Valley Ski Area
Lillie HromadkaFemale 10-11BronzeAlpine SkierMOHidden Valley Ski Area
Daniel HugueninMale 12-13Silver StateAlpine SkierCASnowmass Ski Area
Jack HugueninMale 14-15Silver StateAlpine SkierCASnowmass Ski Area
Laurent HugueninMale 45-49Silver StateAlpine SkierCASnowmass Ski Area
William HugueninMale 8-9Gold StateAlpine SkierCASnowmass Ski Area
Kenneth IcenhourMale 60-64Bronze StateAlpine SkierNCCrescent Ski Council
Isabella IlchenkoFemale 12-13PlatinumAlpine SkierWICascade Mountain
Andrew InglisMale 55-59Silver StateAlpine SkierTXSteamboat Ski & Resort
Christopher InglisMale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierTXSteamboat Ski & Resort
Grace InglisFemale 14-15Silver StateAlpine SkierTXSteamboat Ski & Resort
Nicholas InglisMale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierTXSteamboat Ski & Resort
Rupert IngramMale 6-7Silver StateAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Bob JaegerMale 50-54GoldAlpine SkierIA
Sam JaegerMale 18-20Platinum NationalAlpine SkierIA
Robert JensikAlpine SkierOHPeekn Peak Resort
Holden JohnsonMale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierCAAspen Mountain
Jasper JohnsonFemale 8-9Platinum NationalAlpine SkierCA
Matt JohnsonMale 35-39Platinum StateAlpine SkierCAAspen Mountain
Ryan JohnsonFemale 30-34Silver StateAlpine SkierNC
Sawyer JohnsonMale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierCAAspen Mountain
Mason JoyMale 14-15Bronze StateAlpine SkierKS
Bob JuskusMale 65-69Gold StateAlpine SkierMDRoundtop Mountain Resort
Sally KeighleyFemale 50-54SilverAlpine SkierNJShawnee Mountain
Dakota KellyFemale 10-11GoldAlpine SkierCASquaw Valley
Jack KellyMale 8-9GoldAlpine SkierCASquaw Valley
John KellyMale 40-44SilverAlpine SkierCASquaw Valley
Daniel KeswinMale 10-11Alpine SkierAspen Mountain
Julia KeswinFemale 10-11Platinum NationalAlpine SkierNYAspen Mountain
Ken KimmerleMale 60-64Gold StateAlpine SkierVT
Lillie KingFemale 10-11Gold NationalAlpine SkierVAWintergreen Resort
Payton KlaerFemale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierIN
Sydney KlaerFemale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierIN
Kevin KrausgrillMale 65-69Silver NationalAlpine SkierCASteamboat Ski & Resort
Kirsten KuzFemale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierMISchuss Mountain
Andrew LacksonenMale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierOHMad River Mountain
Karl LandlMale 75-79PlatinumAlpine SkierILLittle Switzerland
Greg LaneMale 65-69Gold StateAlpine SkierNYBristol Mountain
Jeffrey LeBedaMale 45-49Bronze StateAlpine SkierILCascade Mountain
Melanie LevinFemale 55-59BronzeAlpine SkierKYDeer Valley
Matthew LingleMale 12-13Platinum StateAlpine SkierMDWISP Resort
Sean LingleMale 10-11SilverAlpine SkierMDWISP Resort
Denver LinkMale 16-17Platinum StateAlpine SkierIA
Brigitta LinzbichlerFemale 65-69PlatinumAlpine SkierMINubs Nob Ski Area
Helmut LinzbichlerMale 70-74GoldAlpine SkierMINubs Nob Ski Area
Emma LloydFemale 14-15Gold NationalAlpine SkierMICaberfae Peaks Resorts
DAVID LOEFFELMACHERMale 45-49SilverAlpine SkierMNAfton Alps
Robert LoftinMale 80-84Gold NationalAlpine SkierSCSteamboat Ski & Resort
Stephen Ludwig SrMale 65-69SilverAlpine SkierCTSki Sundown
John MacKMale 80-84Platinum NationalAlpine SkierWILittle Switzerland
Herbert MaierleMale 75-79GoldAlpine SkierNYWindham Mountain
Janet MalderleFemale 60-64Silver NationalAlpine SkierOHPerfect North Slopes
Werner MalderleMale 70-74Gold NationalAlpine SkierOHPerfect North Slopes
Frankie MarstonFemale 8-9PlatinumAlpine SkierCOWinter Park Resort
Lola MarstonFemale 6-7GoldAlpine SkierCOWinter Park Resort
Cecilia MassauaFemale 10-11BronzeAlpine SkierPABear Creek Mountain Resort
Joseph MassauaMale 12-13SilverAlpine SkierPABear Creek Mountain Resort
Tommy MassauaMale 6-7BronzeAlpine SkierPABear Creek Mountain Resort
Lawrence MaytinMale 6-7Platinum NationalAlpine SkierCOAspen Mountain
Patrick McKinneyMale 45-49Silver StateAlpine SkierMDRoundtop Mountain Resort
Austin McMahanMale 6-7BronzeAlpine SkierIDSun Valley Ski Resort
Kenny McPheeMale 8-9Gold StateAlpine SkierCOAspen Mountain
Bill MeiseMale 75-79Gold StateAlpine SkierWI
Tyler MeltonMale 21-29Silver StateAlpine SkierNC
Rolf MeyerMale 55-59Platinum StateAlpine SkierCTOkemo Mountain
Isabella MilitelloFemale 8-9PlatinumAlpine SkierMIMt. Brighton Ski Area
Abigail MillerFemale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierPARoundtop Mountain Resort
Ethan MillerMale 18-20GoldAlpine SkierCOAspen Mountain
Jackson MillerMale 6-7Platinum StateAlpine SkierPARoundtop Mountain Resort
Emily MiresFemale 14-15TelemarkerTelemarkerCOSki Cooper
Madaket MiresFemale 12-13PlatinumAlpine SkierCOSki Cooper
Alexis MissoffeMale 6-7SilverAlpine SkierCASquaw Valley
Rebecca ModdernoFemale 10-11BronzeAlpine SkierMABretton Woods
Steven MonroeMale 55-59GoldAlpine SkierFLSteamboat Ski & Resort
Katie MooneyFemale 50-54Snowboard ResortSnowboarderMIMt. Brighton Ski Area
Tom MorrisMale 55-59Snowboard ResortSnowboarderCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Eamon MulvihillMale 12-13Gold StateAlpine SkierOHMad River Mountain
Jon NielsenMale 65-69GoldAlpine SkierIN
Leta NielsenFemale 60-64BronzeAlpine SkierINBoyne Highlands
Jim NoahMale 55-59Platinum StateAlpine SkierINPerfect North Slopes
DAN OBERMale 21-29GoldAlpine SkierMNBuck Hill Ski Area
Brendan OConnorMale 8-9Silver StateAlpine SkierNCSugar Mountain Resort
Art OstaszewskiMale 50-54SilverAlpine SkierMIMt. Brighton Ski Area
Logan OstermannMale 12-13GoldAlpine SkierMOHidden Valley Ski Area
Carson OswaldMale 12-13Gold StateAlpine SkierNCCrescent Ski Council
Harrison OswaldMale 12-13Gold NationalAlpine SkierNCCrescent Ski Council
John OswaldMale 45-49Platinum StateAlpine SkierNCCrescent Ski Council
Riley OswaldFemale 10-11Bronze StateAlpine SkierNCCrescent Ski Council
Jed OwenMale 50-54GoldAlpine SkierWIIndianhead Mtn. Resort
Lily PapineauFemale 6-7Platinum NationalAlpine SkierOHMt. Brighton Ski Area
Lauren ParedesFemale 8-9SilverAlpine SkierCTSki Sundown
Gary PatrickMale 65-69Silver StateAlpine SkierTNAspen Mountain
Phillip PennellMale 18-20Snowboard ResortSnowboarderILHidden Valley Ski Area
Ed PetersMale 55-59Gold NationalAlpine SkierWIGranite Peak Ski Team
Alexa PfisterFemale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierIN
Sarah PollardFemale 1-5BronzeAlpine SkierNHPats Peak
Cary PopourMale 55-59Gold StateAlpine SkierNC
Anika PrasadFemale 10-11BronzeAlpine SkierMAWachusett Mountain
Kelly ReaganMale 50-54Gold StateAlpine SkierMIBoyne Highlands
Tyler ReisdorfMale 21-29Platinum StateAlpine SkierNHRagged Mountain
Lily ReitterFemale 1-5Platinum NationalAlpine SkierFLAspen Mountain
Steven(ICE) RheaultMale 60-64Platinum NationalAlpine SkierPARoundtop Mountain Resort
Christopher RichardMale 14-15Gold StateAlpine SkierNCCataloochee Ski Area
Karl RiebelingMale 50-54Silver StateAlpine SkierWA
Dylan RinikerMale 6-7Gold NationalAlpine SkierMN
Elise RinikerFemale 12-13Gold StateAlpine SkierMNAfton Alps
Lauren RinikerFemale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierMNAfton Alps
Tom RinikerMale 45-49PlatinumAlpine SkierMNAfton Alps
Wyatt RINIKERMale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierMNAfton Alps
Stan RodmanMale 60-64Platinum StateAlpine SkierUT
FRANCESCA ROSEFemale 10-11GoldAlpine SkierNYAspen Mountain
Morgan RoseFemale 8-9Bronze StateAlpine SkierCTSki Sundown
Elizabeth RountreeFemale 45-49BronzeAlpine SkierNCAspen Mountain
Isabel RountreeFemale 8-9GoldAlpine SkierNCAspen Mountain
Nicola RountreeFemale 12-13PlatinumAlpine SkierNCAspen Mountain
Terry RutlinMale 50-54Bronze StateAlpine SkierWIIndianhead Mtn. Resort
Yasha SaldiMale 16-17GoldAlpine SkierOR
Joe SantallaMale 50-54SilverAlpine SkierCA
Carol SantosFemale 65-69Bronze NationalAlpine SkierNCCrescent Ski Council
ANDREW SASSANIMale 45-49GoldAlpine SkierCADeer Valley
Peyton SchnecklothFemale 14-15Platinum StateAlpine SkierIAChestnut Mountain Resort
Ian ScottMale 14-15Gold StateAlpine SkierWIMt. LaCrosse
Jay SeifertMale 50-54BronzeAlpine SkierNCCrescent Ski Council
Tom Sr. ShimakMale 60-64BronzeAlpine SkierILChestnut Mountain Resort
Sophia ShinglesFemale 8-9Silver StateAlpine SkierMIMt. Brighton Ski Area
Owen ShlesingerMale 10-11Platinum StateAlpine SkierCOAspen Mountain
Max ShriverMale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierMAWachusett Mountain
Charlie SieversMale 50-54Platinum StateAlpine SkierMNMount Kato
Lindsey SieversFemale 14-15PlatinumAlpine SkierMNMount Kato
Rachel SieversFemale 12-13PlatinumAlpine SkierMNMount Kato
Wendy SimkinsFemale 50-54Gold StateAlpine SkierUT
Nancy SimpsonFemale 55-59Platinum NationalAlpine SkierWITrollhaugen Ski Area
Amanda SmytheFemale 8-9PlatinumAlpine SkierMNTrollhaugen Ski Area
Sean SmytheMale 12-13GoldAlpine SkierMNTrollhaugen Ski Area
Jake SolomonsMale 1-5GoldAlpine SkierCASquaw Valley
Sienna SolomonsFemale 6-7BronzeAlpine SkierCASquaw Valley
Mike SparkmanSnowbikeSnowbikeCO
Sophie SpeckmannFemale 8-9GoldAlpine SkierNCSugar Mountain Resort
MADDOX SPIRESMale 10-11Platinum NationalAlpine SkierNCSugar Mountain Resort
Addison SplinterFemale 1-5Gold StateAlpine SkierIASki Sundown
Brayden SplinterMale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierIASki Sundown
Keeley SplinterFemale 12-13Platinum StateAlpine SkierIASki Sundown
Hope StatzFemale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierWI
Tom ThomasMale 70-74Platinum NationalAlpine SkierUTDeer Valley
Todd ThornMale 50-54PlatinumAlpine SkierWICascade Mountain
Allison TidwellFemale 10-11Silver StateAlpine SkierCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Nolan TidwellMale 8-9Silver StateAlpine SkierCOSteamboat Ski & Resort
Honor UlvelingFemale 70-74SilverAlpine SkierCOWinter Park Resort
Erik UrbaniakMale 8-9GoldAlpine SkierPABear Creek Mountain Resort
Luke UrbaniakMale 12-13SilverAlpine SkierPABear Creek Mountain Resort
Richard WagnerMale 75-79Gold StateAlpine SkierMINubs Nob Ski Area
Alan WalkerMale 55-59Silver StateAlpine SkierOHMad River Mountain
Paul WallaceMale 21-29BronzeAlpine SkierMAWachusett Mountain
Deborah WalsonFemale 50-54Gold StateAlpine SkierCO
Alex WangMale 21-29Bronze StateAlpine SkierNCCrescent Ski Council
Eryn WarrenFemale 8-9Gold StateAlpine SkierCADeer Valley
Kylee WarrenFemale 6-7BronzeAlpine SkierCADeer Valley
Brian WatkinsMale 50-54Silver StateAlpine SkierNV
Johnathan WatsonMale 10-11GoldAlpine SkierMICrystal Mountain Resort
Michael WatsonMale 50-54Gold StateAlpine SkierMICrystal Mountain Resort
Onahlea WatsonFemale 8-9Platinum StateAlpine SkierMICrystal Mountain Resort
Craig WeidnerMale 65-69PlatinumAlpine SkierMICaberfae Peaks Resorts
Peter WepploMale 70-74Platinum StateAlpine SkierNJOkemo Mountain
Gabrielle WheelerFemale 12-13Gold NationalAlpine SkierNCCrescent Ski Council
Dallas WickeMale 70-74Silver StateAlpine SkierCASnowmass Ski Area
Kevin WicklessMale 40-44Gold StateAlpine SkierCTWachusett Mountain
Braden WilliamsMale 12-13GoldAlpine SkierCOWinter Park Resort
Mikaela WilliamsFemale 8-9Gold NationalAlpine SkierMIMt. Brighton Ski Area
Dawson WillisMale 12-13Silver StateAlpine SkierTNBeech Mountain Resort
Calder WilsonMale 10-11PlatinumAlpine SkierNYSki Sundown
Claire WilsonFemale 12-13GoldAlpine SkierNYSki Sundown
Chris WirklerMale 50-54PlatinumAlpine SkierCOAspen Mountain
Agnieszka WojcikFemale 30-34Silver StateAlpine SkierIL
Cara WoodFemale 10-11Silver StateAlpine SkierOHSeven Springs Mtn. Resort
Casey WoodMale 14-15Bronze NationalAlpine SkierOHSeven Springs Mtn. Resort
Tom WoodruffMale 70-74Bronze NationalAlpine SkierFL
John WotheMale 70-74Silver StateAlpine SkierWICascade Mountain
Sabrina ZanierFemale 12-13Silver StateAlpine SkierCO
Vinio ZanierMale 80-84Gold NationalAlpine SkierCOSnowmass Ski Area
Zachary ZanoniMale 6-7Silver StateAlpine SkierWI