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2020 Nationals Family Team Race Competitors
(as of Sunday, August 9, 2020)

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BibNameAge & Gender CategoryDisciplineHometown  Family Team
Patrick MooreMale 70-74Alpine SkierLudlow VT3 Generations
Kadence BuhlerFemale 14-15SnowboarderCedar City UTAgent Mikes
Matt BuhlerMale 40-44Alpine SkierCedar City UTAgent Mikes
ALexander CampianMale 8-9Alpine SkierSt Louis MOCAMPIAN
Katherine CampianFemale 6-7Alpine SkierSt Louis MOCAMPIAN
Christof EigelbergerMale 45-49Alpine SkierWoody Creek COFlying Unicorn
Antonio AmeerAlpine SkierLandenberg PAfour generations
Dominic AmeerSnowboarderLandenberg PAfour generations
Alan MosserMale 55-59Alpine SkierMartinez CAfour generations
Richard MosserMale 90-94Alpine SkierMohnton PAfour generations
Robin PflegerAlpine SkierMOHNTON PAfour generations
Jessica WhiteAlpine SkierLandenberg PAfour generations
Jennifer GittzusFemale 40-44Alpine SkierHENNIKER NHHenniker Huskies
Daniel PollardMale 45-49Alpine SkierHenniker NHHenniker Huskies
Gage PollardMale 6-7Alpine SkierHenniker NHHenniker Huskies
Sarah PollardFemale 10-11Alpine SkierHENNIKER NHHenniker Huskies
Evan NadelMale 16-17Alpine SkierBerwyn PARacers in pink
Jordan NadelMale 50-54Alpine SkierBerwyn PARacers in Pink
Aksel SchuldesMale 12-13Alpine SkierPlatteville WITeam Nuts
Christine StorlieFemale 50-54Alpine SkierPlatteville WITeam Nuts
Donna Abner-sparkmanFemale 65-69SnowbikeDurango COTeam Snowbike
Mike SparkmanMale 60-64SnowbikeDurango COTeam Snowbike
Drake MastersMale 6-7Alpine SkierGeorgetown COTrench Meisters
Dustin MastersMale 35-39Alpine SkierGeorgetown COTrench Meisters
Sofia CarlsonFemale 6-7Alpine SkierAspen COUnicorn Sisters
Amanda HansFemale 40-44Alpine SkierBoone NCVivi and the Slowpokes
Vivian HansFemale 8-9Alpine SkierBoone NCVivi and the Slowpokes
William HansMale 40-44Alpine SkierMooresville NCVivi and the Slowpokes
Dash WilliamsMale 8-9Alpine SkierBloomfield Hills MIWilliams Crew
Jeff WilliamsMale 55-59Alpine SkierBloomfield Hills MIWilliams Crew
Jordan WilliamsFemale 10-11Alpine SkierPark City UTWilliams Crew
Rylan WilliamsMale 6-7Alpine SkierBloomfield Hills MIWilliams Crew