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Apr 4th, 2022
National Championship Slalom Adult
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Bridger Gile
Bridger Gile
Results for Apr 4th, 2022 - National Championship Slalom Adult

(sorted by age & gender category - best handicap only)
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Age & Gender
Brooke WildenradtGarden Grove, CAFemale 21-29 Green35.5349.47 Bronze 
 Lauren JacksonCarbondale, COFemale 30-34 Green45.0089.31 - 
Angelena PalmaioliSAN TAN VALLEY, AZFemale 35-39 Green44.6887.97 - 
 Catherine ComptonNashville, TNFemale 35-39 Green49.18106.90 - 
Erica CyrConcord, MAFemale 35-39Green50.74113.46 - 
Brooke CaseyIsle Of Palms, SCFemale 35-39 Green56.28136.77 - 
Carly RebeizAspen, COFemale 40-44 Green30.7029.15 Gold 
Jennifer RossFemale 40-44 Green32.4736.60 Gold 
Cali SaenzPark City, UTFemale 40-44 Green42.8880.40 - 
Marisol WhiteFemale 40-44 Green43.5183.05 - 
Amanda HansBoone, NCFemale 40-44 Green50.11110.81 - 
 Kari HoytHurley, NYFemale 45-49 Green35.4449.10 Silver 
 Beth ForbesCoopersburg, PAFemale 45-49 Green41.0572.70 Bronze 
Paula ZimbreanNew Haven, CTFemale 45-49 Green41.4874.51 Bronze 
Jaime SuperczynskiSykesville, MDFemale 45-49 Green52.06119.02 - 
Kellie CarlsonAspen, COFemale 50-54 Green34.0043.04 Gold 
 Dawn HarmonFemale 50-54 Green53.55125.28 S* - 
Monica HealeyBeverly, MAFemale 55-59 Green32.4236.39 Gold 
Theresa ClarkFemale 55-59 Green43.2081.74 Bronze 
Donna NarasSnowmass Village, COFemale 55-59 Green43.6983.80 Bronze 
Dale RoseBoulder, COFemale 55-59 Green45.4091.00 - 
 Pamela MeyerFemale 60-64 Green36.5553.77 Gold 
Terri ForrestTruckee, CAFemale 60-64 Green37.4557.55 Silver 
 Nancy OwenWausau, WIFemale 60-64 Green41.1272.99 Bronze 
Marion AldrichFletcher, NCFemale 60-64 Green52.88122.47 - 
Keri FitzpatrickFemale 60-64 Green54.42128.94 - 
 Annie BlackSnowmass Village, COFemale 65-69 Green32.7637.82 Platinum 
Teri NelsonPark City, UTFemale 65-69 Green32.7637.82 Platinum 
Carla bouthillierPlacerville, COFemale 75-79 Green41.1573.12 Gold 
Robert RolandFletcher, NCMale 21-29 Green34.3344.43 Bronze 
Tain Leonard-PeckVineyard Haven, MAMale 21-29 Green40.8972.02 - 
Zach WhitePARK CITY, UTMale 35-39 Green35.4449.10 Bronze 
Mark DeaverRidley Park, PAMale 35-39 Green41.8576.06 - 
Patrick Hurley JrAspen, COMale 40-44 Green34.6945.94 Bronze 
Kevin HensleyHendersonville, NCMale 40-44 Green39.1364.62 - 
 Jeremy JohnsonMounds View, MNMale 45-49 Green30.6228.82 Silver 
 Shane BorzaLas Vegas, NVMale 45-49 Green35.6750.06 Bronze 
 Marc BreuersAspen, COMale 50-54 Green31.2331.38 Silver 
Chris PannellBozeman, MTMale 50-54 Green31.6533.15 Silver 
Timothy WightMammoth Lakes, CAMale 50-54Green33.4440.68 Silver 
 Johnny WalkerSnowmass, COMale 50-54 Green33.8442.36 Silver 
Jeff McNabbSeattle, WAMale 50-54 Green35.5049.35 Bronze 
 Alex SteinhilberLiberty Township, OHMale 50-54 Green36.1752.17 Bronze 
 Jerome LeisherMount Wolf, PAMale 50-54Green38.9263.74 - 
Lee IrvingNewark, DEMale 50-54 Green44.5687.46 - 
 James HarmonMale 50-54 Green51.72117.59 S* - 
Lars JensenFalls Church, VAMale 55-59 Green31.5532.73 Silver 
 William VosbeckHelena, MTMale 55-59 Green33.3140.13 Silver 
 Lance BravardOAK CREEK, COMale 55-59 Green34.2744.17 Silver 
Jason ClaycombDenver, COMale 55-59 Green35.0947.62 Bronze 
 Brian OconnellEllicott City, MDMale 55-59 Green35.4148.97 Bronze 
KRIS MarshakGuilford, CTMale 55-59 Green37.6558.39 Bronze 
 Patrick McKinneyNew Market, MDMale 55-59 Green39.2164.96 Bronze 
Steven EvangelistCharlotte, NCMale 55-59Green43.8484.43 - 
Brian FlorenskiBoyne Falls, MIMale 55-59 Green47.4599.62 - 
 Chris WirklerCarbondale, COMale 60-64 Orange30.2825.80 Gold 
Jamie KleinCarbondale, COMale 60-64 Orange30.3526.09 Gold 
Robert BettmanBoyne Falls, MIMale 60-64 Orange30.4126.34 Gold 
Bobby RolandAsheville, NCMale 60-64 Orange31.1929.58 Gold 
 Paul BushnellKalamazoo, MIMale 60-64 Orange32.3434.36 Silver 
ROBERT PERRYBROOKFIELD, WIMale 60-64 Orange32.4534.82 Silver 
FOSTER BUTLERCANTON, MIMale 60-64 Orange32.5035.02 Silver 
 Mark RotchsteinLittleton, COMale 60-64Orange33.8740.71 Silver 
 Steven MonroeAve Maria, FLMale 60-64 Orange34.2442.25 Silver 
Phil RuschmeyerDenver, COMale 60-64 Orange34.2942.46 Silver 
 Jed OwenWausau, WIMale 60-64 Orange35.3646.90 Silver 
Bill CouttsMountain Green, UTMale 60-64 Orange36.2650.64 Bronze 
 Dean GlosterBerkeley, CAMale 60-64 Orange37.3755.26 Bronze 
Mark GlosterRedmond, WAMale 60-64 Orange37.8757.33 Bronze 
 Tom BuderEtna, WYMale 60-64 Orange37.9557.67 Bronze 
Todd BauerleDeLand, FLMale 60-64 Orange38.8061.20 Bronze 
Alan LembitzMale 60-64 Orange41.0270.42 T* Bronze 
 Charles YoungCary, NCMale 60-64 Orange41.4372.12 - 
 Lou HorwitzMale 60-64 Orange42.2975.70 - 
Tom MorrisMontrose, COMale 60-64 Orange43.1879.39 - 
Victor SiegelAspen, COMale 60-64Orange44.6185.33 - 
Paul BurrowsEagan, MNMale 65-69 OrangeDNF-  
David McVickerHarbor Springs, MIMale 65-69 Orange29.6323.10 Gold 
Jim NoahAvon, INMale 65-69 Orange30.4726.59 Gold 
Don ShafferChapel Hill, NCMale 65-69 Orange32.0132.99 Gold 
 John ChuprinkoCenterburg, OHMale 65-69 Orange33.2938.30 Silver 
Tim MillsAspen, COMale 65-69 Orange34.7244.25 Silver 
Steve SchoenMiddle Island, NYMale 65-69 Orange36.2250.48 Bronze 
 Chris DunlapDallas, TXMale 65-69 Orange36.8753.18 Bronze 
Bruce BowenBasalt, COMale 65-69 Orange40.5368.38 Bronze 
 Dave MillsVancouver, WAMale 65-69 Orange41.1170.79 - 
Paul BegovacFlagstaff, AZMale 65-69 Orange41.9674.32 - 
Jeff HandwerkCarbondale, COMale 70-74 Orange34.9245.08 Silver 
Al GonzalesBelton, MOMale 70-74 Orange37.4355.50 Silver 
JL GregoryParker, COMale 70-74 Orange37.6556.42 Bronze 
Terry PattenMarble, COMale 70-74 Orange37.7856.96 Bronze 
Tom KennedyAspen, COMale 70-74 Orange38.4259.62 Bronze 
 Charles BockhornSalina, KSMale 70-74 Orange38.6160.41 Bronze 
Mike SpenceLouisville, KYMale 70-74 Orange39.5664.35 Bronze 
 Stephen Ludwig SrEast Haven, CTMale 70-74 Orange42.2375.45 Bronze 
David MackownPlacerville, COMale 75-79 Orange31.6531.49 Platinum 
 Patrick MooreLudlow, VTMale 75-79 Orange38.4059.53 Silver 
Tom CaseyMount Pleasant, SCMale 75-79 Orange48.61101.95 - 
 JC BLACKMale 80-84 Orange34.6443.91 Platinum 
 Andrew BavettaTruckee, CAMale 80-84 Orange42.0474.66 Silver 
John HeimanSt Louis, MOMale 80-84 Orange52.50118.11 - 
Richard ColeBoston, MAMale 85-89 Orange52.15116.66 Bronze 

S = Snowboard (-20)
T = Telemark (-13)