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Wachusett Mountain

Race Results
Mar 13th, 2022
Special Dual NASTAR
Sunny and Perfect Snow!

Par Time

Results for Mar 13th, 2022 - Special Dual NASTAR

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Brandon AhkeeNeedham Heights, MAMale 12-13Orange36.1750.83 Silver 
Bob AmeroTownsend, MAMale 65-69Green31.9333.38 Silver 
 Amanda AmoryWorcester, MAFemale 60-64Orange39.3864.22 Bronze 
Basile BadeaWatertown, MAMale 10-11Green40.0467.25 Bronze 
Graham BinnickHarvard, MAMale 10-11Orange50.78111.76 S* - 
Samuel BurroughsWorcester, MAMale 8-9Green46.4794.11 - 
Alan ByfordStow, MAMale 55-59Orange34.8945.50 Bronze 
 Callum ByfordStow, MAMale 8-9Green29.7324.19 Platinum 
Felix CalziaMaynard, MAMale 8-9Orange53.91124.81 - 
Kevin CalziaMaynard, MAMale 40-44Green42.4977.49 T* - 
Matilda CalziaMaynard, MAMale 10-11Green1:01.94158.73 - 
Fin CampbellActon, MAMale 8-9Orange43.6982.19 Bronze 
Huange ChenMedford, MAFemale 30-34Green45.8191.35 S* - 
Minghao ChengJersey City, NJMale 21-29Green32.6436.34 Bronze 
Tailong ChengShrewsbury, MAMale 8-9Orange48.77103.38 S* Bronze 
Brad CoteChestnut Hill, MAMale 50-54Orange32.8436.95 Silver 
Haiden CoteChestnut Hill, MAFemale 12-13Green41.3172.56 - 
Reese CoteChestnut Hill, MAFemale 14-15Green36.7153.34 Bronze 
Micheal DesioMale 16-17Green28.4018.63 Gold 
Xuehui DingSomerville, MAMale 30-34Orange34.3043.04 Bronze 
Hailey DuanWellesley, MAFemale 12-13Green42.8178.82 - 
Elise EricksonBoxborough, MAFemale 10-11Orange40.0266.89 Bronze 
Erik FishLancaster, MAMale 16-17Green27.9416.71 Gold 
Declan FoleyPrinceton, MAMale 12-13Orange37.7257.30 Bronze 
Owen FoleyPrinceton, MAMale 10-11Green50.61111.40 S* - 
Joseph FournierCoventry, RIMale 12-13Green38.6561.45 Bronze 
 Benoit GebbieNorwood, MAMale 12-13Orange43.7582.44 - 
 Leah GebbieNorwood, MAFemale 10-11Orange44.2684.57 - 
John GigliaAshland, MAMale 18-20Orange27.5714.97 Gold 
Thomas GigliaMAMale 16-17Green29.4022.81 Silver 
Michael GroverWest Brookfield, MAMale 35-39Green36.9654.39 S* Bronze 
XIAO HANJersey City, NJMale 21-29Orange28.3518.22 Silver 
Peter HeNewton, MAMale 10-11Green32.9137.47 Gold 
Xiao HeCambridge, MAMale 21-29Orange43.2180.19 S* - 
Xiaowei HeNewton, MAMale 45-49Green34.8445.53 Bronze 
Xinru HeBrighton, MAMale 21-29Green59.10146.87 S* - 
Conor HigginsWestminster, MAMale 14-15Green44.7987.09 - 
Dave HigginsWestminster, MAMale 50-54Green38.3860.32 - 
Vedant Hota⁩Shrewsbury, MAMale 10-11Orange37.9258.13 Bronze 
 Anezka HovadDighton, MAFemale 10-11Green43.6482.29 - 
Lei JiangNewton, MAFemale 40-44Orange43.5381.53 - 
Edward JiaoWorcester, MAMale 16-17Orange28.3118.06 Gold 
Brian JosephBolton, MAMale 30-34Orange25.747.34 Platinum 
Erin KellyWorcester, MAFemale 12-13Green41.0371.39 - 
 Lise KolotaWestborough, MAFemale 65-69Green39.8866.58 Bronze 
Nate KopaczArlington, MAMale 10-11Green38.4660.65 Bronze 
 Evalina KourisFemale 12-13Orange39.1363.18 Bronze 
Cheng-Che LeeBoston, MAMale 21-29Orange38.0558.67 - 
Ruben LeeLexington, MAMale 12-13Orange43.7582.44 - 
Samantha LeeBrighton, MAFemale 12-13Orange38.7161.43 Bronze 
Yee LeungHASBROUCK HEIGHTS, NJMale 40-44Orange33.1538.24 S* Gold 
Alexandra LevinaActon, MAFemale 12-13Green39.6665.66 Bronze 
Anyee LiShrewsbury, MAFemale 16-17Orange28.9020.52 Gold 
Jiaheng LiMedford, MAMale 21-29Orange40.0366.93 S* - 
KAI LIBRIGHTON, MAMale 21-29Orange32.1934.24 Bronze 
Xueyang LinLowell, MAMale 30-34Orange34.7444.87 Bronze 
Hannah LindstromWayland, MAFemale 10-11Orange39.1663.30 Bronze 
Rong LiuMELROSE, MAMale 50-54Orange40.3068.06 - 
Yangming LiuLancaster, MAMale 16-17Green39.2363.87 S* Bronze 
Yangtao LiuWorcester, MAMale 21-29Green34.7945.32 - 
Noah LloydAshland, MAMale 10-11Orange42.9679.15 - 
Charlotte LuBrookline, MAFemale 1-5Orange57.29138.91 Bronze 
Chunnan LuMale 35-39Green34.8045.36 Bronze 
Isaac LuBrookline, MAMale 6-7Orange47.3597.46 Bronze 
Hanqing LuoEast Boston, MAMale 21-29Orange38.4060.13 S* Bronze 
Christopher MalenfantBrookline, MAMale 50-54Green35.2247.12 Bronze 
Grace MarshburnPearland, TXFemale 18-20Green43.4281.37 - 
Neve MartinBolton, MAFemale 16-17Green29.9224.98 Silver 
 Dita MayerBrookline, MAFemale 45-49Orange28.6819.60 Platinum 
Steven Mayer-MalenfantBrookline, MAMale 6-7Green43.0479.78 Silver 
Thomas Mayer-MalenfantBrookline, MAMale 6-7Orange41.8674.56 Silver 
Kylee-ann McAllisterPhillipston, MAFemale 12-13Orange52.30118.10 S* - 
Madox MeehanLEXINGTON, MAMale 10-11Orange56.46135.45 S* - 
Zhaoyuan MiaoEast Brunswick, NJMale 21-29Orange33.7540.74 S* Silver 
Rocco MiccicheConcord, MAMale 10-11Green45.3289.31 S* Bronze 
Neil NaikMale 10-11Green46.5794.53 S* Bronze 
Adrian Nelson-PerezWebster, MAMale 6-7Orange48.48102.17 Bronze 
Alan NordActon, MAMale 75-79Orange38.3760.01 Bronze 
Lex OpdenkelderLancaster, MAMale 12-13Green45.5190.10 - 
Owen OpdenkelderLancaster, MAMale 8-9Green43.0379.74 Bronze 
Tyler PaquinMedfield, MAMale 18-20Green29.3622.64 Silver 
Adam PayneGroveland, MAMale 16-17Green28.2417.96 Gold 
Erik PetersPaxton, MAMale 10-11Green42.6378.07 - 
Vlad PornealaActon, MAMale 8-9Green36.8453.88 Silver 
Owen PriceCambridge, MAMale 10-11Orange51.30113.93 S* - 
Mia PuglisiLeominster, MAFemale 14-15Green47.1496.91 - 
Ryan ReddyWeston, MAMale 10-11Orange48.16100.83 S* - 
Taylor RileyLancaster, MAFemale 16-17Orange28.8120.14 Gold 
Tommy RobinsonPrinceton, MAMale 16-17Orange28.9420.68 Silver 
Tom RokickiRutland, MAMale 21-29Green44.6086.30 S* - 
DELANEY SABOLLEOMINSTER, MAFemale 10-11Orange49.22105.25 S* - 
Lynn SayarathTempleton, MAFemale 40-44Orange36.3651.63 Bronze 
 Tai SayarathTempleton, MAMale 10-11Orange30.8228.52 Gold 
Isabelle ShailerBoxborough, MAFemale 8-9Green39.9967.04 Silver 
Weipeng ShaoLong Island City, NYMale 21-29Orange42.2075.98 S* - 
Avigail SharonNewton Center, MAFemale 16-17Orange29.2922.14 Gold 
Xuechan ShenSomerville, MAFemale 30-34Orange38.8361.93 Bronze 
ZHEN SHENFLUSHING, NYMale 35-39Orange33.8241.03 Bronze 
Matei SipoteanuMale 10-11Orange50.65111.22 - 
Olivia Skaff Shrewsbury, MAFemale 10-11Orange41.6873.81 Bronze 
Ben SoucyBoylston, MAMale 21-29Green35.7649.37 - 
Tucker SparksBolton, MAMale 8-9Green37.7457.64 Silver 
Jayla St. ClairFemale 8-9Orange49.57106.71 - 
Ruizhao SunBelmont, MAMale 10-11Orange31.8532.82 Gold 
Xuan tanQuincy, MAMale 30-34Green38.0959.11 S* Bronze 
Harrison TaylorLunenburg, MAMale 16-17Orange30.2025.94 Silver 
Logan TullaiCarmel, INMale 18-20Orange41.1871.73 - 
Jula UtzschneiderNorthborough, MAFemale 16-17Green30.0025.31 Silver 
Mina UtzschneiderNorthborough, MAFemale 16-17Orange29.1621.60 Gold 
Nicholas ValcourtWestford, MAMale 16-17Orange27.9916.72 Gold 
Olivia ValcourtWestford, MAFemale 16-17Orange28.9220.60 Gold 
Nikita Vertii-KantShrewsbury, MAFemale 10-11Orange33.3539.07 Gold 
Kexin wangChestnut Hill, MAFemale 16-17Green45.7591.10 S* - 
Luoxuan WangHolden, MAMale 10-11OrangeDSQ-  
Mackenzie WomerPaxton, MAFemale 6-7Orange51.56115.01 Bronze 
Dan WycoWorcester, MAMale 21-29Orange38.9562.43 S* Bronze 
Lily XuFemale 30-34Green36.2851.55 Bronze 
Hongyang YanBrighton, MAMale 21-29Orange29.6623.69 Silver 
Ying YangQuincy, MAFemale 21-29Orange47.0996.37 S* - 
Zayii YangNewton Highlands, MAMale 12-13Green43.3481.04 - 
Wanjun YeWakefield, MAFemale 30-34Orange36.3151.42 Bronze 
Xudei YuCambridge, MAFemale 21-29Orange47.5198.12 S* - 
Siqi YuanQuincy, MAMale 21-29Green44.3985.42 S* - 
Hanbing zhangNew Brunswick, NJMale 30-34Green27.1313.32 Gold 
Hao ZhangMilton, MAFemale 35-39Green45.5190.10 - 
Yuexi ZhangNORTH WALTHAM, MAFemale 30-34Green42.1075.86 S* Bronze 
Bowen ZhaoQuincy, MAMale 21-29Green39.9466.83 - 
Tianho ZhengWorcester, MAMale 18-20Orange40.1367.35 - 
Jingxiang ZhouBoston, MAMale 21-29Orange29.9024.69 Silver 
Jingxiang ZhouMale 21-29Green31.8533.04 ? 
Shuwei ZhuBoston, MAMale 18-20Orange45.0587.86 S* - 
Eliane ZongFranklin, MAFemale 10-11Orange38.0458.63 Silver 
Yujie ZongFranklin, MAMale 35-39Green36.8353.84 - 

S = Snowboard (-20)
T = Telemark (-13)