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The Ski Challenge

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Jan 5th, 2022
BHWEDP Ski Challenge Week 1 - 2022
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Results for Jan 5th, 2022 - BHWEDP Ski Challenge Week 1 - 2022

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
JASON ACKERFarmington, MNMale 45-49The Naski BoyzThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.1411.70 Platinum 
Matt AlexanderWayzata, MNMale 50-54DTwSPThe Ski ChallengeOrange19.0717.43 Gold 
Eric AndersonEden Prairie, MNMale 45-49The Sitting DucksThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.4826.11 Silver 
Reed AndersonLakeville, MNMale 60-64Gate BashersThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.5414.47 Platinum 
Joseph BakerSt Paul, MNMale 35-39Ski CriminalsThe Ski ChallengeOrange23.4444.33 Bronze 
Bob BlackEden Prairie, MNMale 55-59Gate BashersThe Ski ChallengeGreen21.4425.60 Silver 
Tj BoehlandSt Louis Park, MNMale 30-34Gate BashersThe Ski ChallengeGreen20.0117.22 Silver 
MATTHEW CHAFEEMinneapolis, MNMale 55-59The Sitting DucksThe Ski ChallengeGreen20.7821.73 Gold 
Stew CrosbySt Louis Park, MNMale 50-54Harkin BanksThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.3512.99 Platinum 
Dave DochertyCoral Gables, FLMale 50-54The Naski BoyzThe Ski ChallengeGreen23.7238.96 Bronze 
Kieran DownsSt Louis Park, MNMale 21-29Safety CommitteeThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.0110.90 Gold 
KIM EMERYLakeville, MNFemale 40-44JestersThe Ski ChallengeGreen23.7939.37 Silver 
Mike EppCoon Rapids, MNMale 40-44Gate BashersThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.2913.01 Gold 
 Abbey EversonSavage, MNFemale 21-29Safety CommitteeThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.297.15 Platinum 
 Luke EversonSavage, MNMale 21-29Ole DominationThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.502.52 Platinum 
Chris FreemanSt Paul, MNMale 50-54The Sitting DucksThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.3213.18 Platinum 
Brian GarshelisExcelsior, MNMale 35-39Ski CriminalsThe Ski ChallengeGreen20.4419.74 Silver 
TIM GERLACHApple Valley, MNMale 50-54JestersThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.679.37 Platinum 
Mike GuggenbergerEagan, MNMale 55-59JestersThe Ski ChallengeGreen21.7627.48 Silver 
 TROY GUSTAFSONEagan, MNMale 55-59Team MongooseThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.9410.95 Platinum 
Will GustafsonMinneapolis, MNMale 21-29DTwSPGreen20.7921.79 Silver 
Dave HaeckelVictoria, MNMale 50-54JestersThe Ski ChallengeOrange19.0217.12 Gold 
Alex HarrisMinneapolis, MNMale 21-29Safety CommitteeThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.452.23 Platinum 
Jeff HelsethMale 30-34Soul SkiersThe Ski ChallengeGreen26.2653.84 - 
Jim HelsethPlymouth, MNMale 60-64Soul SkiersThe Ski ChallengeOrange24.9153.39 Bronze 
 Derek HennekensSavage, MNMale 40-44The Naski BoyzThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.9816.87 Gold 
Ben HinkeMinneapolis, MNMale 21-29Safety CommitteeThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.5414.47 Gold 
Jeff HorstmannBrooklyn Park, MNMale 45-49DTwSPThe Ski ChallengeOrange21.9535.16 Bronze 
Kevin HubertyBloomington, MNMale 21-29NorskisThe Ski ChallengeOrange24.3349.82 - 
TIM HUFNAGLEPrior Lake, MNMale 55-59Gate BashersThe Ski ChallengeOrange19.5120.14 Gold 
BARRY JAEGERBloomington, MNMale 65-69Team MongooseThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.7715.58 Platinum 
Tim KalinowskiApple Valley, MNMale 30-34The Naski BoyzThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.678.81 Platinum 
KEITH KLETTEagan, MNMale 50-54Team MongooseThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.0023.15 Silver 
Spencer KnackEdina, MNMale 21-29Safety CommitteeThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.422.05 Platinum 
 Andrew LarsonMale 40-44JestersThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.1311.64 Platinum 
Tucker LarsonEdina, MNMale 21-29The Other GuysThe Ski ChallengeGreen24.9346.05 - 
Dan LenmarkLakeville, MNMale 40-44Harkin BanksThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.6427.09 Silver 
Jane MagyarSt Paul, MNFemale 21-29The Other GuysThe Ski ChallengeOrange51.81219.03 - 
KATE MALONEMinneapolis, MNFemale 40-44Soul SkiersThe Ski ChallengeGreen21.0723.43 Gold 
STEVE MCCARTHYLino Lakes, MNMale 55-59Team MongooseThe Ski ChallengeGreen21.2224.31 Gold 
John McElligottMinneapolis, MNMale 35-39Ski CriminalsThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.5114.29 Gold 
Charlie McGlynnMinneapolis, MNMale 35-39Harkin BanksThe Ski ChallengeOrange19.5420.32 Silver 
Jeff MelbyBloomington, MNMale 60-64Ski CriminalsThe Ski ChallengeGreen22.0028.88 Gold 
Rich MickschlMaple Plain, MNMale 65-69The Naski BoyzThe Ski ChallengeGreen20.2118.39 Platinum 
Brandon MoustafaMinnetonka, MNMale 30-34The Naski BoyzThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.1712.30 Gold 
Archy OlsonSpring Park, MNMale 21-29The Other GuysThe Ski ChallengeGreen22.3030.64 Bronze 
GREGG PASCHKESavage, MNMale 60-64Team MongooseThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.5926.79 Gold 
Rebecca PetersonMinneapolis, MNFemale 45-49DTwSPThe Ski ChallengeGreen25.6450.21 Silver 
Tyler PierceBurnsville, MNMale 30-34Gate BashersThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.095.23 Platinum 
Griffin PontiusMinneapolis, MNMale 21-29The Other GuysThe Ski ChallengeGreen25.6650.32 S* Bronze 
Quinn PontiusEdina, MNMale 21-29The Other GuysThe Ski ChallengeGreen23.4837.55 S* Silver 
Matt PrettnerEden Prairie, MNMale 45-49The Naski BoyzThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.527.88 Platinum 
Marshall QuistExcelsior, MNMale 21-29Ole DominationThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.834.45 Platinum 
MIKE QUISTMinnetonka, MNMale 55-59Ski CriminalsThe Ski ChallengeGreen20.4819.98 Gold 
Sarah RandolphWayzata, MNFemale 50-54Harkin BanksThe Ski ChallengeGreen21.5426.19 Gold 
Jonah RitterMinneapolis, MNMale 45-49Ski CriminalsThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.649.20 Platinum 
Brad RonhovdeEagan, MNMale 60-64JestersThe SKi ChallengeOrange19.0717.43 Platinum 
 Bob RudePrior Lake, MNMale 65-69Team MongooseThe Ski ChallengeOrange21.3231.28 Gold 
Dj SachsPrior Lake, MNMale 40-44NorskisThe Ski ChallengeGreen23.0434.97 Bronze 
Paul SchlosserApple Valley, MNMale 40-44Ski CriminalsThe Ski ChallengeGreen20.0717.57 Gold 
Zach SlavieroWhite Bear Lake, MNMale 21-29Ole DominationThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.814.34 Platinum 
Skye SonnegaNerstrand, MNFemale 21-29Ole DominationThe Ski ChallengeGreen20.1417.98 Gold 
Ashley StormLakeville, MNFemale 30-34Gate BashersThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.2412.71 Platinum 
Ian TaylorMinneapolis, MNMale 21-29Safety CommitteeThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.623.22 Platinum 
ANNA TRENARYExcelsior, MNFemale 21-29Ole DominationThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.5114.29 Platinum 
JOHN URBANLakeville, MNMale 50-54JestersThe SKi ChallengeGreen18.619.02 Platinum 
Jakob UrnesMinneapolis, MNMale 21-29The Other GuysThe Ski ChallengeOrange23.0341.81 Bronze 
Jodi VucinovichIndependence, MNFemale 40-44DTwSPThe Ski ChallengeOrange25.8258.99 Bronze 
Greg WagnerPlymouth, MNMale 55-59Soul SkiersThe Ski ChallengeGreen21.4725.78 Silver 
 Dave WalkerMale 50-54The Naski BoyzThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.3313.24 Platinum 
 Mitchell WallLakeville, MNMale 45-49The Naski BoyzThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.135.48 Platinum 
Kati WirkkulaSt Louis Park, MNFemale 30-34Soul SkiersThe Ski ChallengeGreen23.4837.55 Silver 
 John WrightEdina, MNMale 60-64JestersThe Ski ChallengeOrange19.0717.43 Platinum 

S = Snowboard (-20)