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Apr 5th, 2021
National Championship Slalom-Juniors
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Series: National Championships Slalom
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 6
Par Time

Paula Moltzan
Paula Moltzan
Results for Apr 5th, 2021 - National Championship Slalom-Juniors

(sorted by age & gender category - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
ADAIRA KENNYOld Lyme, CTFemale 1-5--Orange59.20132.61 Bronze 
Ellie FullerSnowmass Village, COFemale 1-5--Orange1:04.39153.01 Bronze 
Parker JonesBasalt, COFemale 6-7--Orange39.7456.15 Platinum 
 Isabelle TaylorBig Sky, MTFemale 6-7--Orange40.7059.92 Platinum 
Jhoni FreudenbergerFemale 6-7--Orange41.3762.55 Platinum 
Mariella Pitt MillerFemale 6-7Snowmass Ski AreaOrange48.1089.00 Silver 
Callie KennedyHarbor Springs, MIFemale 6-7--Orange53.47110.10 Bronze 
Brittany FreudenbergerHamilton, INFemale 8-9--Orange32.4727.58 Platinum 
Chloe Collins Aspen, COFemale 8-9--Orange34.0733.87 Platinum 
Sofia CarlsonAspen, COFemale 8-9--Orange38.8252.53 Gold 
Kendall ErwinFemale 8-9--Orange39.4254.89 Gold 
Vivian HansBoone, NCFemale 8-9--Orange42.3066.21 Silver 
Tess BergomOfallon, ILFemale 8-9--Orange43.6371.43 Silver 
Piper PetersonAspen, COFemale 8-9--Orange44.1873.60 Silver 
Marin WhitmerDenville, NJFemale 8-9Orange1:03.68150.22 - 
 Lauren LeffelBrighton, MIFemale 10-11--Orange32.1326.25 Platinum 
 Payton WedekemperBrighton, MIFemale 10-11--Orange33.1530.26 Platinum 
Caleah Lutz-sladdinAspen, COFemale 10-11--Orange34.7436.50 Gold 
 Aubrie CarsonFemale 10-11Orange35.6940.24 Gold 
 Isabelle RatcliffPagosa Springs, COFemale 10-11--Orange36.0741.73 Gold 
Paige HollingerJohnson City, TNFemale 10-11--Orange42.1165.46 Silver 
Pearce LembitzFemale 10-11--Orange42.8168.21 Bronze 
Lucy TuddenhamAspen, COFemale 10-11--Orange43.9972.85 Bronze 
 Shelby HensleyHendersonville, NCFemale 10-11--Orange45.3178.04 Bronze 
Kilee BlakelyFemale 12-13--Orange32.0325.85 Platinum 
Anchi HallHilliard, OHFemale 12-13--Orange32.3427.07 Platinum 
Claire HydockNokesville, VAFemale 12-13--Orange34.4535.36 Gold 
 Elise CarsonFemale 12-13--Orange34.5935.91 Gold 
Isabel BergomO Fallon, ILFemale 12-13--Orange35.1438.07 Gold 
Mykenzie RoyAspen, COFemale 12-13--Orange35.5139.53 Silver 
Lily Jane FloresFemale 12-13--Orange36.2642.48 Silver 
Emmie HollingerJohnson CIty, TNFemale 12-13--Orange38.6551.87 Silver 
Michelle WalkerMountain View, CAFemale 12-13--Orange43.2169.78 Bronze 
Audrey FleckSpring City, PAFemale 12-13--Orange45.0176.86 Bronze 
Gloria CheckleyMiddlebury, INFemale 12-13--Orange45.1377.33 Bronze 
Lauren ParedesStowe, VTFemale 14-15--Orange30.8921.38 Gold 
Sierra WightMammoth Lakes, CAFemale 14-15--Orange31.2822.91 Gold 
Natalie CheckleyMiddlebury, INFemale 14-15--Orange32.1626.37 Gold 
Sarah GrosserApex, NCFemale 14-15--Orange33.1030.06 Gold 
Reese DejongHuntersville, NCFemale 14-15--Orange34.2634.62 Silver 
Lily RogersHickory, NCFemale 14-15--Orange34.6436.11 Silver 
Megan MorrisOgden, UTFemale 16-17--Orange31.0421.96 Gold 
Micaela FeltlWake Forest, NCFemale 16-17--Orange31.0722.08 Gold 
Breya BergomO Fallon, ILFemale 16-17--Orange32.5527.90 Silver 
Abigail CheckleyMiddlebury, INFemale 16-17--Orange33.0930.02 Silver 
Laurel WightMammoth Lakes, CAFemale 16-17--Orange33.3931.20 Silver 
Madison BirnleyChester Springs, PAFemale 16-17--Orange38.4851.20 Bronze 
Sarah McLellanHigh Point, NCFemale 18-20--Orange32.6828.41 Silver 
Jack KofoidChicago, ILMale 1-5--Green48.0587.77 Gold 
 Bryson EvansPaw Paw, MIMale 6-7--Green33.9432.63 Platinum 
Alexander DwyerHouston, TXMale 6-7--Green38.5150.49 Platinum 
Addison BlottNew York City, NYMale 6-7Green44.6974.64 Gold 
Derrett ErwinUnion Mills, INMale 6-7--Green51.0399.41 Bronze 
 Patrick HurleyAspen, COMale 8-9--Green34.1133.29 Platinum 
 Drake MastersGeorgetown, COMale 8-9--Green34.2033.65 Platinum 
Shane BurkeCarbondale, COMale 8-9--Green37.8547.91 Gold 
 Alec JohnsonManistee, MIMale 8-9Green38.4550.25 Gold 
Devon BrougherMale 8-9--Green42.2064.91 Silver 
Graham EydenbergAspen, COMale 8-9--Green43.0968.39 Silver 
Luke HaksethMale 8-9--Green43.6670.61 Silver 
Julian TuddenhamAspen, COMale 8-9--Green43.6870.69 Silver 
John DoblerNew York, NYMale 8-9--Green44.9875.77 Silver 
 Leopold FreidheimAspen, COMale 8-9--Green1:02.77145.29 - 
Cameron BlatzMale 10-11--Green29.2714.38 Platinum 
Jacob PianaltoWinchester, VAMale 10-11--Green34.1833.57 Gold 
Daniel McLoughlinLittleton, COMale 10-11--Green34.5935.17 Gold 
Ronan CurranAspen, COMale 10-11--Green35.2437.71 Gold 
Bryson DejongHuntersville, NCMale 10-11--Green36.8443.96 Silver 
AJ LembitzSuperior, COMale 10-11--Green41.2161.04 Bronze 
Noah JohnsonMounds View, MNMale 10-11Green41.7363.07 Bronze 
Cole DeylingBeaverdam, UTMale 10-11--Green44.3873.43 Bronze 
Levi RogersHickory, NCMale 10-11--Green45.4477.57 Bronze 
 Alexander FreidheimAspen, COMale 10-11--Green48.5689.76 - 
Paul KlonowskiBerlin, CTMale 10-11--Green51.80102.42 - 
Preston WhitmerDenville, NJMale 10-11--Green51.85102.62 - 
Dorian Lasry RondinaAspen, COMale 12-13GreenDSQ-  
Casey BlatzMale 12-13--Green28.8112.58 Platinum 
 Kelly ShawWorthington, OHMale 12-13--Green31.1921.88 Gold 
Nolan KennedyHarbor Springs, MIMale 12-13--Green32.3526.42 Gold 
Hendrix OppenheimMale 12-13--Green32.5027.00 Gold 
Thomas HydockNokesville, VAMale 12-13--Green37.8147.75 Bronze 
Gavin HardyMarysville, OHMale 12-13--Green40.3357.60 Bronze 
Nathan SchieldHastings, MNMale 12-13--Green41.6662.80 Bronze 
Five HackettMarysville, OHMale 12-13--Green44.6374.40 - 
Mark BlakelyGreensboro, NCMale 14-15--Green28.8912.90 Platinum 
 Logan StagnerMale 14-15--Green31.5423.25 Gold 
Noah HaksethMale 14-15--Green37.4846.46 Bronze 
Jacob SchieldMale 14-15--Green49.0891.79 - 
Gavin HammitBayfield, COMale 14-15--Green54.92114.62 S* - 
Joshua GrosserApex, NCMale 16-17--Green29.0313.44 Gold 
Stefan GrabowskiMale 16-17--Green32.7127.82 Silver 

S = Snowboard (-20)