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Mar 14th, 2021
Hunter Competitions Team Race
Snowing on and off

Series: Hunter Competitions Team Race
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
By Group
Teams of 30
Par Time

Results for Mar 14th, 2021 - Hunter Competitions Team Race

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender

Cameron AlexanderLarchmont, NYMale 12-13U14Green27.4822.13 Gold 
Henry AlexanderLarchmont, NYMale 10-11U10Green31.4839.91 Gold 
Brynn AnthonyBedford, NYFemale 12-13U14Orange28.4218.66 Platinum 
Cooper AnthonyBedford, NYMale 10-11U12Orange30.8128.64 Gold 
Grace AnthonyBedford, NYFemale 8-9U10Orange39.5064.93 Silver 
Jacopo Baiocchi Di SilvestrNew York, NYMale 12-13U14Orange26.9912.69 Platinum 
Sofia BartoliHoboken, NJFemale 10-11U12Green34.4653.16 Silver 
Coel BaylesTannersville, NYMale 10-11U10Green31.6440.62 Gold 
Luna BaylesMighty Mights Female 6-7DevoOrange45.9191.69 Bronze 
Penelope BaylesTannersville, NYFemale 8-9U10Orange35.0946.51 Gold 
Bryce BeynonHOLMDEL, NJMale 10-11U12Green31.4939.96 Gold 
Madoc BeynonHolmdel, NJMale 12-13U14Green27.5522.44 Gold 
Amadeo BondeDemarest, NJMale 12-13U12Orange29.9024.84 Gold 
Katelyn ChantemsinJr. DevelopmentFemale 8-9DevoOrange41.1671.86 Silver 
Olivia CzochDix Hills, NYFemale 12-13U14Green25.1511.78 Platinum 
James DelegianisRockville Centre, NYMale 12-13U14Green25.1011.56 Platinum 
Luke DelegianisRockville Centre, NYMale 10-11U12Green30.4535.33 Gold 
Noah DockeryLarchmontMale 12-13U14Green30.1734.09 Gold 
Rohan DockeryForest HillsMale 8-9DevoOrange49.54106.85 - 
Alex DudjakVictory Mills, NYMale 8-9U10Orange33.5540.08 Gold 
Griffin EgoziNew YorkMale 10-11U10Green31.2138.71 Gold 
Maximiliaan EngelenMamaroneck, NYMale 12-13U14Green25.1811.91 Platinum 
Sebastiaan EngelenMale 8-9U10Orange36.6152.86 Silver 
Konrad GilbertNew York, NYMale 12-13U14Green26.4217.42 Platinum 
Oliva GilbertFemale 12-13U14Green29.0629.16 Gold 
Astrid GillFemale 8-9U10Orange36.2751.44 Gold 
Hunter GillNew York, NYMale 10-11U10Orange33.4139.50 Gold 
Kiki GillMighty Mights Female 6-7DevoOrange41.4573.07 Silver 
Mathias GoldsamtLarchmont, NYMale 10-11U12Orange33.0838.12 Gold 
Olivia GoreNew York, NYFemale 12-13U12Orange32.5035.70 Gold 
 Neel GuptaNew York, NYMale 10-11U12Green32.5044.44 Silver 
 Ravi GuptaMale 8-9U10Orange38.2759.79 Silver 
Alexis HeinsFemale 12-13U14Green25.4112.93 Platinum 
Maxx HuangHartsdale, NYMale 12-13U14Green30.6836.36 Silver 
Alyssa HughesFemale 8-9U10Orange32.7836.87 Platinum 
Joslyn HughesCloster, NJFemale 10-11U12Green28.7427.73 Platinum 
Toren HyerMale 6-7DevoOrange39.8266.26 Silver 
Ryan IsolaSeaford, NYMale 12-13U14Green26.9019.56 Platinum 
Alice JohnsonJr. DevelopmentFemale 8-9DevoOrange37.0454.66 Silver 
Avery KashmanTannersville, NYFemale 8-9DevoOrange36.7953.61 Gold 
Benjamin KoernigHighlands, NJMale 10-11U12Orange33.4739.75 Gold 
Leo KoernigHighlands, NJMale 12-13U14Green27.0220.09 Platinum 
Lilli KoernigHighlands, NJFemale 10-11U12Orange36.8153.70 Silver 
Alex KolevStamford, CTMale 8-9U10Orange36.6252.90 Silver 
Emma KrizekNew York, NYFemale 8-9U10Orange38.5160.79 Silver 
Liv KunzerNEW YORK, NYFemale 10-11DevoOrange31.9133.24 Gold 
Katelyn LeeForest Hills, NYFemale 6-7DevoOrange33.7240.79 Platinum 
Tony LongGreat Neck, NYMale 10-11U12Green30.4135.16 Gold 
Alex LuHartsdale, NYMale 8-9U10Orange40.0567.22 Bronze 
Annika MaclarySaugerties, NYFemale 10-11U12Green33.3148.04 Silver 
Teagan MahoneyTannersville, NYFemale 10-11U12Green33.7550.00 Silver 
Kitter MartinFemale 8-9U10Orange35.5448.39 Gold 
Piper MartinFemale 6-7U10Orange39.2663.92 Gold 
Fraser McGrawBrooklyn, NYMale 10-11U12Green29.0228.98 Gold 
Heath McGrawBrooklyn, NYMale 10-11U12Green27.7923.51 Platinum 
Martin MihaylovScarsdale, NYMale 10-11U10Green29.1229.42 Gold 
Hayley MuiBayside, NYFemale 8-9DevoOrange49.58107.01 - 
Bernard MuszynskiEast Jewett, NYMale 12-13U14Green28.5326.80 Gold 
Carla MuszynskiEast Jewett, NYFemale 8-9U10Orange35.1546.76 Gold 
Joseph NastasiJersey City, NJMale 12-13U14Orange29.1621.75 Gold 
Nathan NastasiJersey City, NJMale 12-13U14Orange29.8824.76 Gold 
Willow NastasiHoboken, NJFemale 10-11U12Orange35.4748.10 Silver 
Maxim NehybkaMale 10-11U12Green31.1738.53 Gold 
Dominique NolteLanesvilleFemale 8-9DevoOrange42.6678.12 Bronze 
SASHA ORRRIDGEWOOD, NYFemale 10-11U12Orange34.6644.72 Gold 
Emmie PaillatNew York, NYFemale 10-11U12Green30.0533.56 Gold 
Marius PaillatNew York, NYMale 8-9U10Orange34.8445.47 Gold 
Anika PatelEdgewater, NJFemale 12-13U14Green26.6018.22 Platinum 
Shlok PatelEdgewater, NJMale 14-15U14Green27.3121.38 Gold 
Gregory PovetkoBrooklyn, NYMale 10-11U12Orange31.9533.40 Gold 
Arya RajmohanHoboken, NJMale 10-11U12Green31.1738.53 Gold 
Finn RielyWatchung, NJMale 10-11U12Green31.7341.02 Gold 
Sonia RodriguezNYFemale 10-11U12Green30.8136.93 Gold 
Zuzana RodriguezBronx, NYFemale 12-13U14Green27.2621.16 Platinum 
Alexander RoseGREENWICH, CTMale 8-9U10Orange39.9766.89 Silver 
Lila RosenbergNew York, NYFemale 10-11U12Green31.2238.76 Gold 
Annabelle SamuelsenJersey City, NJFemale 10-11U12Orange28.4618.83 Platinum 
June SamuelsenJersey City, NJFemale 8-9U10Orange33.9641.80 Gold 
Oliva SamuelsenFemale 12-13U14Green25.9315.24 Platinum 
Owen SamuelsenJersey City, NJMale 8-9U10Orange30.9429.19 Platinum 
Kylie SamuelsonNYFemale 14-15Orange34.5944.43 Silver 
William SchneiderHunter, NYMale 12-13U14Orange31.0329.56 Gold 
Beckett SmithMale 8-9DevoOrange43.4881.54 Bronze 
Juniper SmithFemale 6-7DevoOrange40.7470.10 Silver 
Alex StoicescuVerona, NJMale 10-11U12Green29.5631.38 Gold 
Giulia StoicescuVerona, NJFemale 12-13U14Orange28.0016.91 Platinum 
Anna Theilgaard-BadgerBrooklyn, NYFemale 12-13U14Orange31.3530.90 Gold 
Camilla Theilgaard-BadgerBrooklyn, NYFemale 10-11U12Orange31.4731.40 Gold 
Simon VenikoGreen27.8523.78 ? 
Isabel WangU14Green33.4448.62 ? 
Sophie WangU14Orange38.8062.00 ? 
Isa WashburneNew York, NYFemale 12-13U14Orange30.8628.85 Gold 
Alexa WestDevoOrange46.6594.78 ? 
Max YangNew York, NYMale 8-9U10Orange34.8045.30 Gold 
Sofia YangNEW YORK, NYFemale 12-13U14Green26.6718.53 Platinum 
Blaise YunMale 6-7DevoOrange42.4077.04 Silver