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Feb 18th, 2021
League Race Week 5
not provided

Series: Crystal Race League
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 4
Par Time

Results for Feb 18th, 2021 - League Race Week 5

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Jeff AikenTraverse City, MIMale 60-64Team TuckerGreen29.7021.87 Gold 
Melissa AlvaradoLudington, MIFemale 35-39Rise to the MiddleGreen35.1944.40 Silver 
Dave AndersonMale 65-69MacacasGreen40.1064.55 - 
Kermit AndersonHolland, MIMale 60-64Crossing The LineGreen26.8910.34 Platinum 
 Edie AylsworthCedar, MIFemale 45-49Great Northern HomesGreen28.1615.55 Platinum 
Scott BartlettCadillac, MIMale 65-69The Wild ThingsGreen30.6825.89 Gold 
Susan BatdorffBig Rapids, MIFemale 60-64Team TuckerGreen36.3549.16 Silver 
Susie BitemanInterlochen, MIFemale 40-44Last CallGreen31.9431.06 Gold 
Chad BlackTraverse City, MIMale 50-54InstigatersGreen27.2511.82 Platinum 
Steve BluhmThompsonville, MIMale 55-59I Was Told There Would Be CakeGreen32.5433.52 Silver 
Mark BondyTraverse City, MIMale 60-64MastergatersGreen31.6529.87 Silver 
Matthew BouschorTraverse City, MIMale 55-59InstigatersGreen28.1215.39 Platinum 
Carla BoydBear Lake, MIFemale 55-59MacacasGreen38.3657.41 Silver 
Heather ClarkTraverse City, MIFemale 60-64Team TuckerGreen36.4049.36 Silver 
Tracy ClarkRed River, NMFemale 50-54Team TuckerGreen38.4057.57 Bronze 
Michael CorcoranTraverse City, MIMale 60-64MacacasGreen30.7426.14 Gold 
 Dan CulpTraverse City, MIMale 50-54InstigatersGreen26.809.97 Platinum 
Morgan CulpTraverse City, MIFemale 21-29Down to the WireGreen27.1511.41 Platinum 
Fred DrachusMontague, MIMale 60-64MacacasGreen30.7726.26 Gold 
Sean DuperronHonor, MIMale 50-54Great Northern HomesGreen30.4925.11 Silver 
Joe ElliottTraverse C Ity, MIMale 60-64MacacasGreen27.4612.68 Platinum 
Katarina FentonTraverse City, MIFemale 21-29Crystal CubbiesGreen27.7613.91 Platinum 
Rick FinkMaple City, MIMale 60-64Team TuckerGreen29.1619.66 Gold 
 Chris FisherMaple City, MIMale 50-54Crossing The LineGreen26.147.26 Platinum 
Mark FisherMaple City, MIMale 65-69Crossing The LineGreen31.2928.40 Gold 
Peter FisherMale 35-39I Was Told There Would Be CakeGreen25.695.42 Platinum 
Melissa FrugeFemale 40-44I Was Told There Would Be CakeGreen37.0151.87 Bronze 
Brianna HoldenTraverse City, MIFemale 21-29MastergatersGreen28.7017.77 Gold 
Rex HoldenTraverse City, MIMale 55-59Down to the WireGreen27.2511.82 Platinum 
Denny HoxsieWilliamsburg, MIMale 70-74InstigatersOrange28.6624.83 Gold 
Kathy HubbardFreeland, MIFemale 50-54Down to the WireGreen30.6725.85 Gold 
David KarczewskiTraverse City, MIMale 60-64MacacasGreen28.2716.00 Platinum 
Jennifer KasbenFemale 40-44I Was Told There Would Be CakeGreen40.4065.78 Bronze 
John KasbenCedar, MIMale 40-44I Was Told There Would Be CakeGreen26.679.44 Platinum 
Justin KeillorMale 40-44MastergatersGreen34.5541.77 Bronze 
Noah KellyMale 21-29Crystal CubbiesGreen28.1715.59 Gold 
Steven KermodeMaple City, MIMale 65-69Crossing The LineGreen30.1223.59 Gold 
Luke KrolikowskiTraverse City, MIMale 30-34Crystal CubbiesGreen29.1119.45 Silver 
Sam LantzTraverse City, MIMale 40-44Crossing The LineGreen28.2115.76 Gold 
Mike LoberTraverse City, MIMale 50-54Crossing The LineGreen27.0611.04 Platinum 
William LukaskiewiczManistee, MIMale 50-54The Wild ThingsGreen35.3845.18 Bronze 
 Mike LummBeulah, MIMale 65-69Down to the WireGreen30.1223.59 Gold 
Matthew LutherMale 40-44The Wild ThingsGreen35.6146.12 Bronze 
Jared MacDonaldFrankfort, MIMale 40-44Great Northern HomesGreen28.2015.72 Gold 
Kari MacDonaldFrankfort, MIFemale 40-44Great Northern HomesGreen36.7450.76 Bronze 
Dan MadionTraverse City, MIMale 21-29Team TuckerGreen29.0919.37 Silver 
Stephanie MessederLudington, MIFemale 35-39Rise to the MiddleGreen37.7855.03 Bronze 
Derek MillerTraverse City, MIMale 40-44Down to the WireGreen30.6925.93 Silver 
Drew MillerLeland, MIMale 40-44Great Northern HomesGreen26.8310.09 Platinum 
Nick NiegerBenzonia, MIMale 35-39Great Northern HomesGreen28.4816.86 Gold 
 Tom NorthwayBeulah, MIMale 55-59InstigatersGreen26.639.27 Platinum 
 Michael NowakTraverse City, MIMale 60-64InstigatersGreen29.4520.85 Gold 
Randy OlsenFrankfort, MIMale 70-74Last CallGreen34.0439.68 Silver 
Mike OmohundroMale 21-29Rise to the MiddleGreen35.9247.39 - 
 Geoffrey PaineManistee, MIMale 60-64InstigatersGreen27.5913.21 Platinum 
Abby PasanskiFemale 18-20Crystal CubbiesGreen27.5112.88 Platinum 
 Sam PasinskiTraverse City, MIMale 40-44Great Northern HomesGreen28.5517.15 Gold 
 Scot PerryTraverse City, MIMale 60-64InstigatersGreen28.5217.03 Platinum 
Scott PerryTraverse City, MIMale 21-29Down to the WireGreen27.9814.81 Gold 
George PetritzBeulah, MIMale 70-74Crossing The LineGreen31.2428.19 Gold 
John PomervilleMale 55-59MastergatersGreen27.8514.28 Platinum 
Sara PrendergastFemale 30-34Rise to the MiddleGreen47.3994.46 S* - 
Katie ProvenzanoLudington, MIFemale 35-39Rise to the MiddleGreen35.3745.14 Silver 
Tony ProvenzanoLudington, MIMale 35-39Rise to the MiddleGreen37.0051.83 S* Silver 
Adam PutneyArcadia, MIMale 35-39Crystal CubbiesGreen28.6917.73 Gold 
Don RauMale 45-49MacacasGreen43.7579.52 S* - 
Christopher ReedTraverse City, MIMale 30-34The Wild ThingsGreen26.739.68 Platinum 
Zoey ReightleyFemale 21-29Crystal CubbiesGreen30.2624.17 Silver 
Cathy RosserFemale 40-44Crystal CubbiesGreen32.7534.39 Gold 
 Glen RuczynskiWilliamsburg, MIMale 40-44Down to the WireOrange26.4815.33 Gold 
Nathan SheldonMale 35-39Rise to the MiddleGreen34.3841.08 Bronze 
 Ron ShepardBeulah, MIMale 55-59I Was Told There Would Be CakeGreen26.8510.18 Platinum 
Scott SmithLudington, MIMale 45-49MastergatersGreen32.5833.69 Silver 
Rich SocksTraverse City, MIMale 45-49Last CallOrange31.4937.15 Bronze 
Brett StalmackTraverse City, MIMale 50-54Great Northern HomesGreen28.0114.94 Platinum 
Billy StricklandMale 40-44The Wild ThingsGreen30.4624.99 Silver 
 Kris SuttenCadillac, MIFemale 55-59The Wild ThingsGreen34.0239.60 Gold 
Daniel WendelsLake Ann, MIMale 60-64MacacasGreen34.8442.96 Silver 
Patti YearnSuttons Ba, MIFemale 55-59Crossing The LineGreen30.9627.04 Gold 
Fred YoleMale 50-54MastergatersGreen32.0531.51 Silver 

S = Snowboard (-20)