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Jan 12th, 2021
tstue wk 1-21
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Howard Blanding
Howard Blanding
Results for Jan 12th, 2021 - tstue wk 1-21

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Tim AdamsMale 60-64TroubleQuest Ski RacingGreen27.9038.81 Silver 
Bodie AndersonScandia, MNMale 10-11 Little TrollsQuest Ski RacingGreen25.4126.42 Platinum 
Doug AndersonScandia, MNMale 50-54Here For The BeerQuest Ski RacingGreen23.8118.46 Gold 
Sofi AndersonFemale 10-11 Little TrollsQuest Ski RacingGreen28.3641.09 Gold 
Greg AnklanCenter City, MNMale 55-59LeftoversQuest Ski RacingGreen24.2620.70 Gold 
Nancy AnklanCenter City, MNFemale 50-54More TroubleQuest Ski RacingOrange28.1745.36 Silver 
Ben AudetteMale 16-17Galactic EmpireQuest Ski RacingGreen22.2010.45 Platinum 
Jack AystaOsceola, WIMale 18-20More TroubleQuest Ski RacingOrange22.9718.52 Silver 
 Howard BlandingSomerset, WIMale 60-64LeftoversQuest Ski RacingGreen22.5312.09 Platinum 
Gary BrunsMale 50-54LeftoversQuest Ski RacingGreen22.2510.70 Platinum 
Hayden CarrollMale 14-15Galactic EmpireQuest Ski RacingGreen31.4856.62 Bronze 
Jonah CarrollMale 16-17Galactic EmpireQuest Ski RacingOrange22.6016.62 Gold 
Justin CarrollAndover, MNMale 40-44Fighting HellfishQuest Ski RacingGreen38.9493.73 - 
Amber ClarkHudson, WIFemale 35-39That`s What Ski SaidQuest Ski RacingOrange23.9923.79 Gold 
Dan ClarkHudson, WIMale 30-34That`s What Ski SaidQuest Ski RacingGreen25.0924.83 Silver 
Joe DalmanChamplin, MNMale 55-59Rad RacingQuest Ski RacingGreen22.9614.23 Platinum 
Ed DroppsBlaine, MNMale 40-44Fighting HellfishQuest Ski RacingOrange22.0213.62 Gold 
 Mark EumurianOakdale, MNMale 65-69LeftoversQuest Ski RacingGreen23.2815.82 Platinum 
Alec FinnAndover, MNMale 21-29Fighting HellfishQuest Ski RacingGreen21.506.97 Platinum 
Mark FiskSaint Croix Falls, WIMale 45-49Rad RacingQuest Ski RacingGreen21.929.05 Platinum 
Dan FranzwaAnoka, MNMale 40-44Fighting HellfishQuest Ski RacingOrange22.4816.00 Gold 
Michele FrederickFemale 30-34TroubleQuest Ski RacingGreen28.0639.60 Silver 
Jeff FredericksonMale 60-64TroubleQuest Ski RacingGreen26.5331.99 Silver 
Kara GamelinRoseville, MNFemale 21-29LeftoversQuest Ski RacingGreen22.7813.33 Platinum 
Kevin GamelinForest Lake, MNMale 30-34LeftoversQuest Ski RacingGreen21.778.31 Platinum 
Eli GermanMinneapolis, MNMale 18-20LeftoversQuest Ski RacingGreen23.7518.16 Silver 
Larry GermanMinneapolis, MNMale 45-49LeftoversQuest Ski RacingOrange24.7327.61 Silver 
Paul GoffCircle Pines, MNMale 60-64Here For The BeerQuest Ski RacingGreen29.1645.07 Silver 
Becca HinkleMinneapolis, MNFemale 35-39Rad RacingQuest Ski RacingGreen24.3321.04 Gold 
Dwight HolcombZimmerman, MNMale 65-69Rad RacingQuest Ski RacingGreen22.6312.59 Platinum 
Bryson HonerbrinkMale 8-9 Little TrollsQuest Ski RacingOrange36.6088.85 - 
Don HonerbrinkWyoming, MNMale 35-39Here For The BeerQuest Ski RacingGreen23.6717.76 Gold 
Emily HonerbrinkDuluth, MNFemale 35-39Here For The BeerQuest Ski RacingGreen22.6912.89 Platinum 
Jason JohnsonBlaine, MNMale 45-49Here For The BeerQuest Ski RacingOrange23.3620.54 Silver 
Brian KalinaBlaine, MNMale 45-49Fighting HellfishQuest Ski RacingOrange20.535.93 Platinum 
David KalinaNew Brighton, MNMale 70-74Fighting HellfishQuest Ski RacingGreen24.8823.78 Platinum 
Lucy KalinaBlaine, MNFemale 16-17Galactic EmpireQuest Ski RacingOrange23.3320.38 Gold 
Jim KoskiTaylors Falls, MNMale 55-59Rad RacingQuest Ski RacingGreen22.6312.59 Platinum 
 Chris LafayetteForest Lake, MNMale 40-44Here For The BeerQuest Ski RacingOrange23.0919.14 Silver 
Ethan LafayetteForest Lake, MNMale 10-11 Little TrollsQuest Ski RacingOrange25.8433.33 Gold 
Ryan LeeOsceola, WIMale 35-39That`s What Ski SaidQuest Ski RacingOrange21.6311.61 Gold 
Nick LeonardElk River, MNMale 21-29LeftoversQuest Ski RacingGreen22.079.80 Gold 
Larry MeixnerSaint Paul, MNMale 60-64TroubleQuest Ski RacingGreen26.0229.45 Silver 
Chris MeyerMale 40-44That`s What Ski SaidQuest Ski RacingOrange20.777.17 Platinum 
Jim MurraySaint Paul, MNMale 55-59LeftoversQuest Ski RacingGreen22.3711.29 Platinum 
Matthew ParkMale 21-29That`s What Ski SaidQuest Ski RacingGreen21.818.51 Platinum 
Gary PhlegerMinneapolis, MNMale 50-54Rad RacingQuest Ski RacingOrange21.5511.20 Platinum 
Joshua PhlegerBrooklyn Park, MNMale 21-29Rad RacingQuest Ski RacingOrange20.817.38 Platinum 
Dan PinewskiAnoka, MNMale 65-69Rad RacingQuest Ski RacingOrange23.0218.78 Platinum 
Ryan ReedShafer, MNMale 35-39That`s What Ski SaidQuest Ski RacingOrange20.807.33 Platinum 
Chris ReinardyAndover, MNMale 45-49Fighting HellfishQuest Ski RacingGreen22.8313.58 Platinum 
Jack ReinardyAndover, MNMale 16-17Galactic EmpireQuest Ski RacingGreen22.2210.55 Platinum 
Jim ReineckHudson, WIMale 50-54Here For The BeerQuest Ski RacingOrange26.8238.39 Bronze 
Conrad RivardHudson, WIMale 60-64TroubleQuest Ski RacingGreen23.7017.91 Platinum 
Chad SandersMale 45-49Fighting HellfishQuest Ski RacingOrange25.8233.23 Silver 
Kyle SandersAndover, MNMale 16-17Galactic EmpireQuest Ski RacingOrange22.6016.62 Gold 
Brandon SchroederMale 16-17Galactic EmpireQuest Ski RacingGreen21.597.41 Platinum 
Dave SchroederAndover, MNMale 45-49Fighting HellfishQuest Ski RacingOrange22.0613.83 Platinum 
Elyse SchroederAndover, MNFemale 14-15Galactic EmpireQuest Ski RacingGreen25.2625.67 Gold 
Emily SchroederAndover, MNFemale 18-20Galactic EmpireQuest Ski RacingOrange22.4115.63 Gold 
Erin SchultzHudson, WIFemale 30-34That`s What Ski SaidQuest Ski RacingOrange22.8317.80 Gold 
Shane SchultzHudson, WIMale 30-34That`s What Ski SaidQuest Ski RacingGreen21.919.00 Platinum 
 Arkady ShemyakinMinneapolis, MNMale 60-64TroubleQuest Ski RacingOrange26.5336.89 Silver 
Ward SimonStillwater, MNMale 65-69TroubleQuest Ski RacingGreen27.0134.38 Silver 
Ryan StrantzOsceola, WIMale 35-39That`s What Ski SaidQuest Ski RacingGreen23.4716.77 Gold 
Brian TurnerAndover, MNMale 35-39Fighting HellfishQuest Ski RacingGreen23.3015.92 Gold 
ERIC YOSTRamsey, MNMale 45-49Rad RacingQuest Ski RacingOrange20.495.73 Platinum 
Sarah YostScandia, MNFemale 30-34Rad RacingQuest Ski RacingOrange22.4816.00 Gold