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Jan 10th, 2021
Daily NASTAR and Sun DEV team
Sunny & 30 degrees

Par Time

Results for Jan 10th, 2021 - Daily NASTAR and Sun DEV team

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
 Amanda AmoryWorcester, MAFemale 60-64Green00.00  
Lucas AndersonBoylston, MAMale 10-11Green32.6637.98 Gold 
Lydia AndersonBoylston, MAFemale 12-13Green29.3724.08 Gold 
ADDISON ARMBRUSTERMale 10-11Green00.00  
Adly AtanianPaxton, MAFemale 12-13Green40.8072.37 - 
Burke AubuchonWorcester, MAMale 10-11Green34.0643.90 Silver 
Lucy AubuchonPrinceton, MAFemale 8-9Green37.2957.54 Silver 
Mary BattersbyPutnam, CTFemale 10-11Green00.00  
Kim BentWorcester, MAFemale 50-54Green45.4992.18 S* - 
Richard BivinsGreen00.00  
Derek BlodgettSpencer, MAMale 21-29Green39.7467.89 - 
Jillian BradfordBoylston, MAFemale 12-13Green28.1118.76 Platinum 
Joel BradfordBoylston, MAMale 45-49Green28.2119.18 Gold 
William BradfordBoylston, MAMale 10-11Green30.3228.09 Gold 
Anna BrittRutland, MAFemale 14-15Green00.00  
Callum ByfordStow, MAMale 8-9Green00.00  
Fin CampbellActon, MAMale 8-9Green47.94102.53 - 
Ryan Cerniglia Mystic, CTMale 8-9Green39.0464.93 Silver 
Eric ChatelleHolden, MAFemale 10-11Green33.7142.42 Gold 
Siming ChenSherborn, MAFemale 12-13Green31.5933.46 Gold 
Claudia CohenGreen00.00  
Madeleine CohenNatick, MAFemale 12-13Green39.7167.77 Bronze 
 Garth ColemanSterling, MAMale 45-49Green28.2219.22 Gold 
Brooke CombsLeominster, MAFemale 12-13Green28.5120.45 Platinum 
Liam CunniffCharlton, MAMale 12-13Green40.4770.98 - 
Jillian DionneLunenburg, MAFemale 8-9Green00.00  
Rachel DionneLunenburg, MAFemale 12-13Green00.00  
Casey Eriksen01719, MAMale 10-11Green42.2278.37 - 
Elise Eriksen01719, MAFemale 8-9Green45.9894.25 Bronze 
Jake FaheyActon, MAMale 12-13Green32.6337.85 Silver 
Isabella FantoniWestminster, MAFemale 14-15Green00.00  
Jay FishmanGrafton, MAMale 60-64Green00.00  
Rob FletcherLincoln, RIMale 55-59Green36.3753.65 Bronze 
Phoebe ForguesShrewsbury, MAFemale 12-13Green29.0022.52 Platinum 
Will GallottiGreen00.00  
James GlazerWilmington, MAMale 6-7Green00.00  
Max GlazerWilmington, MAMale 10-11Green00.00  
Richie GrangerPrinceton, MAMale 6-7Green46.1895.10 Bronze 
 Cary GumbertWeston, MAMale 45-49Green28.6020.83 Silver 
Jerome HaberWeston, MAMale 70-74Green36.3953.74 D* Platinum 
Matthew HaighFitchburg, MAMale 12-13Green30.2027.59 Gold 
Connor HanlonGreen00.00  
Madeline HarrisMilton, MAFemale 6-7Green42.4679.38 Silver 
Chase HeppeRutland, MAMale 10-11Green33.5541.74 Gold 
Elizabeth HossackSomerville, MAFemale 12-13Green29.3824.12 Gold 
Vedant Hota⁩Shrewsbury, MAMale 10-11Green00.00  
Anezka HovadDighton, MAFemale 8-9Green00.00  
Safiya HuberNeedham, MAFemale 10-11Green00.00  
Alex Hurlbut LeskBoxborough, MAMale 8-9Green42.7280.48 Bronze 
Ari IoffeBrookline, MAMale 10-11Green00.00  
ELI IORIOFoxboro, MAMale 10-11Green00.00  
Carson JonesHarvard, MAMale 1-5Green00.00  
Lincoln JonesHarvard, MAMale 6-7Green00.00  
Lucy KaryanisWaban, MAFemale 10-11Green00.00  
Cameron KearchnerWestminster, MAMale 12-13Green37.1456.91 Bronze 
James KeefeNeedham, MAMale 12-13Green00.00  
Michael KimBrookline, MAMale 60-64Green34.4745.63 Silver 
Earl KishidaRockport, MAMale 70-74Green35.1548.50 Silver 
 Lise KolotaWestborough, MAFemale 65-69Green00.00  
Nate KopaczArlington, MAMale 10-11Green00.00  
Evalina KourisBoston, MAFemale 10-11Green00.00  
Jacob KOWALMANSFIELD, MAMale 12-13Green40.2570.05 - 
Julia KOWALMANSFIELD, MAFemale 10-11Green00.00  
Mackenzie KyciaSudbury, MAFemale 12-13Green30.8830.46 Gold 
Maddox LeeMendon, MAMale 12-13Green27.5716.48 Platinum 
Maya LenormandBurlington, MAFemale 12-13Green35.2849.05 Silver 
Danielle LevinNewton, MAFemale 6-7Green53.17124.63 Bronze 
Ofer LevinNewton, MAMale 10-11Green37.2957.54 Silver 
Hannah LindstromWayland, MAFemale 8-9Green54.92132.02 - 
Ivy LolaxSutton, MAFemale 10-11Green46.8497.89 - 
Owen LuddenHolden, MAMale 12-13Green27.8417.62 Platinum 
Cole MaddaloneHarvard, MAMale 12-13Green28.7121.29 Gold 
Grady MartinekNorthborough, MAMale 12-13Green31.4332.78 Gold 
Nathaniel McCullaghCambridge, MAMale 14-15Green37.9960.50 - 
Joshua MecumBoylston, MAMale 10-11Green44.7589.06 - 
Rocco MiccicheConcord, MAMale 10-11Green38.5963.03 Bronze 
Mikayil MustafayevNewton, MAMale 10-11Green00.00  
Adrian Nelson-PerezWebster, MAMale 6-7Green00.00  
Janet NittmannBoxborough, MAFemale 60-64Green36.1652.77 Silver 
Johann NittmannBoxborough, MAMale 65-69Green35.4549.77 Bronze 
Brett NogiGreen00.00  
John NormanBoston, MAMale 35-39Green31.5233.16 Bronze 
Sean ObraztsovSudbury, MAMale 12-13Green42.2078.28 - 
Hayden PietrosantoScituate, MAFemale 10-11Green40.8772.67 Bronze 
Anthony PietrovitoSterling, MAMale 10-11Green38.8364.05 Bronze 
Andy PollartFoxboro, MAMale 10-11Green00.00  
Amelia PowersSterling, MAFemale 10-11Green00.00  
Brandon PowersSterling, MAMale 8-9Green00.00  
Avyaya PrasadSouth Easton, MAFemale 6-7Green00.00  
Kamali ReddyCHARLESTOWN, MAFemale 10-11Green00.00  
Tejas ReddyCHARLESTOWN, MAMale 12-13Green00.00  
Izzy ReidLittleton, MAFemale 12-13Green28.1518.93 Platinum 
Grace RileyWest Kingston, RIFemale 14-15Green00.00  
Kate RobinsonPrinceton, MAFemale 12-13Green27.9318.00 Platinum 
Tommy RobinsonPrinceton, MAMale 14-15Green28.1719.01 Gold 
Alejandro Stefan Rojas PrattCambridge, MAMale 12-13Green35.8151.29 Bronze 
 Tom RyanWestminster, MAMale 60-64Green29.0622.77 Gold 
Dylan SanfordBedford, MAMale 40-44Green37.9760.41 S* Bronze 
Christian SargisCharlton, MAMale 12-13Green29.3824.12 Gold 
Rick ScarpignatoTownsend, MAMale 65-69Green00.00  
Saul SchwartzChelmsford, MAMale 12-13Green30.0526.95 Gold 
Isabelle ShailerBoxborough, MAFemale 8-9Green50.85114.83 - 
Aarika SinghShrewsbury, MAGreen00.00  
David SmithNorth Attleboro, MAMale 60-64Green32.4036.88 Silver 
Ruizhao SunBelmont, MAMale 10-11Green36.5354.33 Silver 
Harrison TaylorLunenburg, MAMale 12-13Green29.1122.98 Gold 
Floris TimmermanSouthborough, MAMale 6-7Green00.00  
Juliette TimmermanSouthborough, MAFemale 8-9Green00.00  
Ilan TurevskiyMale 10-11Green36.9956.27 ? 
Ilan TurevskiyBrookline, MAMale 10-11Green36.7855.39 Silver 
Mark TurevskiyBrookline, MAMale 8-9Green43.2182.55 Bronze 
Mihaill VasseArlingtonMale 10-11Green36.6955.01 Silver 
Nikita Vertii-KantShrewsbury, MAFemale 10-11Green35.4749.85 Silver 
Bob VickowskiGardner, MAMale 60-64Green00.00  
Rebekah Vinton-AndinoClinton, MAFemale 30-34Green31.4432.83 Silver 
Jackie VittiglioWinchester, MAFemale 10-11Green00.00  
Kavi WarikooGreen00.00  
Tyler WickBoston, MAMale 45-49Green30.7329.83 Silver 
Alexandra WoelkWinchester, MAFemale 12-13Green00.00  
Eloise WoelkWinchester, MAFemale 12-13Green00.00  
Amelie WohlfeldFemale 10-11Green37.4658.26 Silver 
Liudmila ZaizerskayaNewton, MAFemale 35-39Green36.1752.81 Bronze 
Nicky ZaragozaMale 14-15Green00.00  
Alan ZhangWeston, MAMale 10-11Green00.00  
Alex ZhangWeston, MAMale 10-11Green00.00  
Eric ZhangChestnut Hill, MAMale 12-13Green00.00  
Daniel ZoranWaban, MAMale 10-11Green37.7459.44 Bronze 
Nika ZoranWaban, MAFemale 6-7Green46.9698.39 Bronze 

S = Snowboard (-20)
D = Adaptive Alpine: Standing (-30)