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Jan 6th, 2021
Ski Challenge BHWEDD Wk 1 2021- PRACTICE
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Par Time

Skylar Sheppard (suit)
Chris Ohland (suit)
Results for Jan 6th, 2021 - Ski Challenge BHWEDD Wk 1 2021- PRACTICE

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Dan AkinsMinneapolis, MNMale 60-64Guys & DollsThe Ski ChallengeOrange21.3323.58 Gold 
 Sara BauerHam Lake, MNFemale 55-59Guys & DollsThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.8720.92 Platinum 
Jeff BoehlerWayzata, MNMale 55-59Grand FinaleThe Ski ChallengeOrange23.8538.18 Silver 
Liz BoydRiver Falls, WIFemale 30-34Piste OffThe Ski ChallengeOrange21.3523.70 Gold 
Wayne BrommelsiekChaska, MNMale 70-74Masked SkiersThe Ski ChallengeOrange22.3229.32 Gold 
Jared BuckleyMale 16-17Shake and BakeThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.6715.84 Gold 
Stephan BurgesonSt Paul, MNMale 55-59The Karma TerrainThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.959.79 Platinum 
Ken BurnsCannon Falls, MNMale 65-69Masked SkiersThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.7420.16 Gold 
Tim ClearyChaska, MNMale 60-6460 DA NU 40The Ski ChallengeOrange19.4212.51 Platinum 
Bill DambergExcelsior, MNMale 60-64Buck NakedThe Ski ChallengeGreen22.1830.62 Silver 
MARK DELGEHAUSENChamplin, MNMale 60-64Piste OffThe Ski ChallengeOrange19.2911.76 Platinum 
Nicholas DickelWayzata, MNMale 40-44The Karma TerrainThe Ski ChallengeOrange19.4412.63 Platinum 
Skip DickelMedina, MNMale 75-79The Karma TerrainThe Ski ChallengeGreen22.5032.51 Gold 
MARK DUVALLWhite Bear Lake, MNMale 55-59Guys & DollsThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.3113.72 Platinum 
 Barb EversonSavage, MNFemale 55-59The Karma TerrainThe Ski ChallengeOrange21.8526.59 Platinum 
 Dave EversonSavage, MNMale 50-54The Birds of PreyThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.257.48 Platinum 
Stuart FagreliusSt. Paul, MNMale 70-74Masked SkiersThe Ski ChallengeGreen25.1348.00 Silver 
Jessica FeltonMinneapolis, MNFemale 30-34Buck NakedThe Ski ChallengeOrange19.9615.64 Platinum 
Tom FletcherMaple Grove, MNMale 60-64Liquid IceThe Ski ChallengeGreen21.4526.33 Gold 
Bob FlynnEden Prairie, MNMale 65-69The Karma TerrainThe Ski ChallengeGreen21.2625.21 Gold 
Charlie FoxShorewood, MNMale 65-69Grand FinaleThe Ski ChallengeGreen22.0129.62 Gold 
Doug FranzenSaint Paul, MNMale 65-69Masked SkiersThe Ski ChallengeOrange27.9261.76 Bronze 
LILLA GIDLOWWayzata, MNFemale 80-84Liquid IceThe Ski ChallengeGreen23.9941.28 Platinum 
Bill GilletInver Grove, MNMale 60-64Masked SkiersThe Ski ChallengeGreen25.0347.41 Bronze 
Jack GleasonST LOUIS PARK, MNMale 65-69The Karma TerrainThe Ski ChallengeOrange21.1022.25 Gold 
Milla GrinEagan, MNFemale 70-74Liquid IceThe Ski ChallengeOrange25.7749.30 Gold 
DAVE GULBRANSONOakdale, MNMale 55-59Buck NakedThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.8921.03 Gold 
Emily GustafsonBelle Plaine, MNFemale 14-15Shake and BakeThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.9711.72 Platinum 
Anne HartmanCarver, MNFemale 55-59Liquid IceThe Ski ChallengeGreen23.4638.16 Gold 
Terry HartmanMayer, MNMale 55-59Liquid IceThe Ski ChallengeOrange23.5236.27 Silver 
KIM HEENIEVictoria, MNFemale 55-59Piste OffThe Ski ChallengeGreen24.3743.52 Silver 
KAREN HEINRICHWayzata, MNFemale 40-44The Karma TerrainThe Ski ChallengeOrange21.3323.58 Gold 
 Bob HeinschPrescott, WIMale 45-49The Karma TerrainThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.879.33 Platinum 
Dana HenryPlymouth, MNMale 45-49Buck NakedThe Ski ChallengeOrange19.2811.70 Platinum 
 Don HoyeBayport, MNMale 45-4960 DA NU 40The Ski ChallengeOrange19.5113.04 Platinum 
Ron HoytBloomington, MNMale 80-84Liquid IceThe Ski ChallengeOrange23.1934.36 Gold 
Isabella KeatingLong Lake, MNFemale 70-74Guys & DollsThe Ski ChallengeOrange23.7937.83 Platinum 
DAN KILDUFFMendota Hghts, MNMale 70-74Piste OffThe Ski ChallengeGreen20.7121.97 Platinum 
Terry LutzEdina, MNMale 60-6460 DA NU 40The Ski ChallengeOrange18.949.73 Platinum 
Alice MaddenMinnetonka, MNFemale 55-59The Karma TerrainThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.9017.20 Platinum 
 Scott MalmstenEden Prairie, MNMale 60-64Guys & DollsThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.748.57 Platinum 
Annabel McCannSavage, MNFemale 12-13Shake and BakeThe Ski ChallengeGreen20.4920.67 Platinum 
JOHN MYAYALittle Canada, MNMale 55-59Buck NakedThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.7816.49 Gold 
Tom MylanLong Lake, MNMale 70-74Piste OffThe Ski ChallengeGreen26.3955.42 Bronze 
Jim NelsonExcelsior, MNMale 60-64Guys & DollsThe Ski ChallengeOrange19.8515.01 Platinum 
CRAIG NORDBYPrior Lake, MNMale 70-74Guys & DollsThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.1916.98 Platinum 
Mike O'connorRoseville, MNMale 65-69Masked SkiersThe Ski ChallengeGreen20.1318.55 Platinum 
CHRISTOPHER OHLANDBloomington, MNMale 35-39The Birds of PreyThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.106.60 Platinum 
Alexander PapanikolaouLakeville, MNMale 16-17Shake and BakeThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.327.89 Platinum 
 Robert PikeBloomington, MNMale 85-89Grand FinaleThe Ski ChallengeGreen27.5962.49 Platinum 
Caden ProulxWoodbury, MNMale 14-15Shake and BakeThe Ski ChallengeOrange21.9227.00 Silver 
Winfried RaabeSt Paul, MNMale 75-79Masked SkiersThe Ski ChallengeGreen21.6827.68 Gold 
Cindy RebertusJordan, MNFemale 65-69Liquid IceThe Ski ChallengeGreen30.6080.21 Bronze 
ROB REBERTUSJordan, MNMale 65-69Liquid IceThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.8717.02 Platinum 
MICHAEL REGETPlymouth, MNMale 60-64Grand FinaleThe Ski ChallengeGreen21.2925.38 Gold 
Jon RichterTonka Bay, MNMale 60-64The Birds of PreyThe Ski ChallengeOrange19.6013.56 Platinum 
Tom RinikerAfton, MNMale 55-5960 DA NU 40The Ski ChallengeGreen18.6810.01 Platinum 
 Andrey RyvlinPlymouth, MNMale 60-6460 DA NU 40The Ski ChallengeOrange18.839.10 Platinum 
 JON SCHNEIDERMinneapolis, MNMale 65-69Grand FinaleThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.2217.15 Platinum 
Tiffani SchoenbergerAndover, MNFemale 40-44Guys & DollsThe Ski ChallengeOrange21.3623.75 Gold 
 JETT SHEPPARDPark City, UTMale 14-15Shake and BakeThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.939.68 Platinum 
 SKYLAR SHEPPARDPark City, UTFemale 14-15Shake and BakeThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.609.54 Platinum 
Scott ShieldsBloomington, MNMale 70-74Grand FinaleThe Ski ChallengeOrange23.5536.44 Silver 
 Steve SmolikSaint Paul, MNMale 60-64Grand FinaleThe Ski ChallengeGreen21.0824.15 Gold 
JULI STOCKBERGERMinneapolis, MNFemale 60-64Guys & DollsThe Ski ChallengeOrange21.8626.65 Platinum 
Dan StrehlowBurnsville, MNMale 65-69The Birds of PreyThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.1916.98 Platinum 
Elliot SwissMaple Grove, MNMale 55-59Grand FinaleThe Ski ChallengeGreen22.9435.10 Silver 
Ruby TamSt Louis Park, MNFemale 50-54Liquid IceThe Ski ChallengeOrange22.5730.76 Gold 
Bob TengdinEdina, MNMale 90-94Liquid IceThe Ski ChallengeOrange26.7454.92 Gold 
Rick TrenaryMinnetrista, MNMale 55-59The Birds of PreyThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.1412.72 Platinum 
BOB WHITEVictoria, MNMale 70-74Piste OffThe Ski ChallengeGreen22.3231.45 Gold 
Justin WhiteCorcoran, MNMale 45-49Buck NakedThe Ski ChallengeOrange21.7526.01 Silver 
STU WICKLUNDGreenfield, MNMale 55-5960 DA NU 40The Ski ChallengeOrange19.3712.22 Platinum 
ANDREA WOJAHNRosemount, MNFemale 50-54Piste OffThe Ski ChallengeGreen20.9723.50 Platinum 
Austen WojahnMale 16-17Piste OffThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.9221.21 Silver