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Boyne Highlands

Feb 13th, 2020
Boyne Highlands Race League 2020 Race #5
not provided

Series: Boyne Highlands Race League 2020
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
By Group
Teams of 5
Par Time

John Medicine (Suit)
John Medicine (Suit)
Results for Feb 13th, 2020 - Boyne Highlands Race League 2020 Race #5

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender

Frank BehanAlanson, MIMale 35-39Rental Rat Racing (R3)GoldBlue28.4830.46 S* Platinum 

Ray BlytheElkhart, INMale 65-69Skifahren Fur DickPlatinumBlue24.3411.50 Platinum 

James BoelterPellston, MIMale 21-29Rental Rat Racing (R3)BronzeBlue32.6949.75 S* Bronze 

Ashley BoilardPetoskey, MIFemale 35-39Quicker Than LiquorGoldBlue26.7822.68 Gold 

Brad BoilardMale 55-59Quicker Than LiquorPlatinumYellow23.269.30 Platinum 

Brent BoilardHarbor Springs, MichMale 30-34Quicker Than LiquorGoldBlue23.698.52 Platinum 

Scott BoopCharlevoix, MIMale 45-49We`re Here For The BeerBronzeBlue28.5430.74 Silver 

Adam CallowayAlanson, MIMale 21-29LumberjacksGoldYellow28.3833.36 S* Gold 
Pauli CharpentierMaple City, MIMale 55-59Quicker Than LiquorGoldBlue25.4316.49 Gold 

Dan E ClearyPetoskey, MIMale 45-49Quicker Than LiquorPlatinumYellow23.7211.47 Platinum 

David De YoeHarbor Springs, MichMale 70-74On The EdgeBronzeBlue32.6049.34 Silver 

Bill DevaultJackson, MIMale 65-69Rental Rat Racing (R3)SilverBlue28.9832.75 Silver 

Jacob EllisMale 21-29On The EdgeBronzeBlue28.4330.23 Bronze 

Charity FuhrmanHarbor Springs, MIFemale 50-54LumberjacksGoldBlue26.7622.58 Platinum 

Tom FuhrmanHarbor Springs, MIMale 45-49LumberjacksPlatinumYellow23.8612.12 Platinum 

 Holly GedertLevering, MIFemale 65-69Golden HirschSilverBlue31.6945.17 Gold 

 Richard GedertLevering, MIMale 75-79Golden HirschGoldYellow25.9121.76 Platinum 
Josh GlassCharlevoix, MIMale 45-49We`re Here For The BeerGoldYellow23.9312.45 Platinum 

Seth GoblePetoskey, MIMale 30-34Rental Rat Racing (R3)SilverBlue27.5826.34 Silver 

TJ GrahamSaginaw, MIMale 21-29Quicker Than LiquorPlatinumBlue23.065.63 Platinum 

Michael HallMale 45-49Skifahren Fur DickGoldBlue29.3634.49 S* Gold 
John HerzogBoyne City, MIMale 55-59We`re Here For The BeerGoldBlue25.7117.77 Gold 

Matt HerzogCharlevoix, MIMale 55-59We`re Here For The BeerSilverBlue28.2729.50 Silver 

James HillHarbor Springs, MIMale 75-79LumberjacksPlatinumBlue25.6417.45 Platinum 

Lindsey HueyHarbor Springs, MichFemale 35-39Rental Rat Racing (R3)SilverBlue27.8027.35 Gold 

Patrick HueyLevering, MIMale 30-34Rental Rat Racing (R3)GoldYellow24.0613.06 Gold 

Mike KeemCharlevoix, MIMale 75-79Golden HirschBronzeBlue36.4166.79 S* Silver 

Lorna KilbornHarbor Springs, MIFemale 30-34Golden HirschSilverBlue30.1738.20 Silver 

Brad KlingerCharlevoix, MIMale 18-20We`re Here For The BeerGoldBlue23.266.55 Platinum 

Todd KlingerCharlevoix, MIMale 50-54We`re Here For The BeerBronzeYellow29.0836.65 Silver 

Pam KochHarbor Springs, MIFemale 60-64Golden HirschSilverYellow32.7653.95 Silver 

Tom KochHarbor Springs, MIMale 65-69Golden HirschPlatinumBlue24.0910.35 Platinum 
Ed LindquistPetoskey, MIMale 65-69Golden HirschPlatinumBlue24.9114.11 Platinum 
Alan McCutcheonBoyne City, MIMale 60-64Skifahren Fur DickPlatinumBlue24.6212.78 Platinum 
David McVickerHarbor Springs, MIMale 60-64Skifahren Fur DickPlatinumYellow23.369.77 Platinum 

Susan MillerFemale 50-54On The EdgeGoldBlue26.9723.55 Platinum 
Kevin MooreAlanson, MIMale 60-64LumberjacksGoldBlue26.4721.26 Gold 
Steve NiezgodaPetoskey, MIMale 35-39Rental Rat Racing (R3)GoldBlue24.3911.73 Gold 
Mark NovakHarbor Springs, MIMale 45-49Rental Rat Racing (R3)GoldYellow31.5448.21 S* Silver 
Peter O'RourkeHarbor Springs, MIMale 85-89Golden HirschGoldYellow30.9945.63 Gold 

Robby OrtliebRoyal Oak, MIMale 21-29Golden HirschSilverBlue25.6717.59 Silver 
Casey PowersPetoskey, MichMale 50-54On The EdgeSilverBlue32.4048.42 S* Silver 
Jennifer PowersPetoskey, MIFemale 45-49On The EdgeSilverBlue37.4371.46 S* Silver 

 Eric RasmussenHarbor Springs, MIMale 55-59LumberjacksPlatinumYellow22.967.89 Platinum 

Juan RhoadesMarquette, MIMale 35-39All About ApresGoldYellow24.1513.49 Gold 
Lyndsay RhoadesRochester, MIFemale 35-39All About ApresGoldBlue27.3525.29 Gold 
Kathleen RuneyVanderbilt, MIFemale 65-69On The EdgeGoldBlue28.9332.52 Platinum 

Trevor SabsookCharlevoix, MIMale 50-54We`re Here For The BeerBronzeYellow33.4257.05 - 

Tom SandisonCharlevoix, MIMale 55-59We`re Here For The BeerGoldBlue25.3316.03 Gold 

Mark SantoroMale 45-49On The EdgeSilverYellow25.4319.50 Gold 

Pam SarichFemale 55-59Quicker Than LiquorPlatinumBlue26.0519.33 Platinum 

Ron SchrockMale 50-54On The EdgeBronzeBlue31.8245.76 Bronze 

Tony SendlhoferMale 60-64Quicker Than LiquorPlatinumBlue23.467.47 Platinum 
Keri SimonisPetoskey, MIFemale 45-49LumberjacksPlatinumYellow25.4719.69 Platinum 
Eric SmithPetoskey, MIMale 55-59LumberjacksPlatinumBlue23.487.56 Platinum 

Greg SomersMale 40-44All About ApresGoldYellow24.8016.54 Gold 

Melissa SomersFemale 35-39All About ApresBronzeBlue31.3343.52 Silver 

Fred SteffenHarper Woods, MIMale 65-69Quicker Than LiquorSilverBlue27.9528.03 Gold 
Stephen SteffesPetoskey, MIMale 45-49All About ApresSilverBlue27.9728.13 Silver 
Jeffrey SummersAlanson, MIMale 55-59LumberjacksSilverBlue26.6722.17 Gold 

Allen TalcottCross Village, MIMale 55-59Skifahren Fur DickPlatinumYellow22.174.18 Platinum 

Mike TramontiniPetoskey, MIMale 40-44LumberjacksGoldYellow23.6811.28 Platinum 

Bill TullochPlymouth, MIMale 65-69On The EdgeSilverBlue27.8127.39 Gold 

 Richard WagnerHarbor Springs, MIMale 80-84Skifahren Fur DickPlatinumBlue26.4921.35 Platinum 

Aaron WeisbergerMale 30-34All About ApresBronzeBlue27.3125.10 Silver 
Amy WeisbergerFemale 30-34All About ApresBronzeBlue33.0551.40 Bronze 

Mike WilliamsMale 45-49Skifahren Fur DickSilverBlue29.6335.73 S* Gold 

Kristin WrenHarbor Springs, MIFemale 35-39All About ApresBronzeBlue30.0937.84 Silver 

Richard WrenHarbor Springs, MIMale 35-39All About ApresSilverYellow25.4919.78 Silver 

S = Snowboard (-20)