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Cataloochee Ski Area

Feb 12th, 2020
High School Week 7
45 and Rainy
Alley Cat

Par Time

Results for Feb 12th, 2020 - High School Week 7

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Ruth BalsonHendersonville, NCFemale 16-17Yellow18.6548.37 Bronze 
Judith BensonHendersonville, NCFemale 14-15Yellow16.5131.34 Silver 
Lottie BensonHendersonville, NCFemale 18-20Yellow15.7725.46 Silver 
Minnie BensonHendersonville, NCFemale 18-20Yellow17.5939.94 Bronze 
Boldrick BlakeneyFemale 18-20Yellow21.9374.46 - 
Caleb BoothBlack Mountain, NCMale 16-17Yellow17.1636.52 Bronze 
Justus BorchardtArden, NCMale 16-17Yellow20.5463.40 S* Bronze 
Thomas BoulwareYellow29.70136.28 ? 
Christopher BrancheETOWAH, NCMale 18-20Yellow14.5415.67 Gold 
Mark BrantSwannanoa, NCMale 45-49Yellow17.3137.71 Bronze 
Logan BrunkMale 14-15Yellow15.9326.73 Gold 
Kaleb BurksArden, NCMale 14-15Yellow20.8065.47 - 
Scott BurnsYellow27.76120.84 ? 
Ethan CainFletcher, NCMale 16-17Yellow17.7641.29 Bronze 
Sarah CainFletcher, NCFemale 12-13Yellow22.2376.85 - 
Asa CobbFairview, NCMale 14-15Yellow19.1452.27 Bronze 
Holden CobbFairview, NCMale 16-17Yellow16.9634.92 Bronze 
Aidan ColeAsheville, NCMale 16-17Yellow14.4114.64 Gold 
Gil CooperArden, NCMale 14-15Yellow16.0928.00 Silver 
Trent CooperArden, NCMale 18-20Yellow16.4831.11 Bronze 
Camp DeJongAsheville, NCMale 14-15Yellow15.2121.00 Gold 
Scarlet DeweyAsheville, NCFemale 14-15YellowDSQ-  
Timothy DodsonAsheville, NCMale 16-17Yellow23.1984.49 S* - 
Wesley DodsonAsheville, NCMale 14-15Yellow18.5847.81 Bronze 
Nolan DunlapAsheville, NCMale 14-15Yellow29.56135.16 - 
Townes EllumFairview, NCMale 16-17Yellow16.2429.20 Silver 
Liam EvansAsheville, NCMale 16-17Yellow25.60103.66 S* - 
Jasper GeorgeAsheville, NCMale 16-17Yellow21.0967.78 S* Bronze 
Caroline GoforthASHEVILLE, NCFemale 14-15Yellow22.6680.27 - 
Noah GrahamArden, NCMale 14-15Yellow16.5031.26 Silver 
Sam GriffithMale 16-17Yellow15.0419.65 Gold 
Ashley JarrettFairview, NCFemale 14-15Yellow18.9550.76 Bronze 
Grace JarrettFairview, NCFemale 16-17Yellow23.5287.11 - 
Isabella JarrettFairview, NCFemale 10-11Yellow22.7681.07 Bronze 
Andrew JensenAsheville, NCMale 12-13Yellow19.2553.14 Bronze 
Brooke JensenAsheville, NCFemale 16-17Yellow21.5371.28 - 
Kevin JonesCandler, NCMale 14-15Yellow16.5031.26 Silver 
Elliott KernsAsheville, NCFemale 16-17Yellow17.5339.46 Bronze 
Gillian KernsAsheville, NCFemale 14-15Yellow21.9874.86 - 
Julian KotoreMale 14-15Yellow16.6232.22 Silver 
Henry LeyMale 16-17Yellow15.7725.46 Silver 
Benjamin MacdonaldHendersonville, NCMale 10-11Yellow21.0067.06 Bronze 
Jacob MacdonaldHendersonville, NCMale 8-9Yellow21.4670.72 Bronze 
Rachel MacdonaldHendersonville, NCFemale 16-17Yellow15.1420.45 Gold 
Rebekah MacdonaldHendersonville, NCFemale 12-13Yellow17.5439.54 Silver 
Sarah MacdonaldHendersonville, NCFemale 14-15Yellow16.0527.68 Gold 
Emma MarshallArden, NCFemale 14-15Yellow22.3177.49 - 
Tucker MarshallArden, NCMale 18-20Yellow17.4238.58 Bronze 
Max MasielloArden, NCMale 16-17Yellow21.8073.43 S* - 
Jack McCloyArden, NCMale 16-17Yellow14.5615.83 Gold 
Weston McGrathArden, NCMale 16-17Yellow16.3930.39 Silver 
Matthew McKenzieHorse Shoe, NCMale 14-15Yellow21.3870.09 S* Bronze 
Willa McLellanBlack Mtn, NCFemale 14-15Yellow22.2376.85 - 
Ava McLintonYellow18.4346.62 ? 
Emerson MeadowsFairview, NCMale 16-17Yellow15.3021.72 Silver 
Chapin MohneyAsheville, NCMale 14-15Yellow20.2360.94 S* Silver 
Camden MooreAsheville, NCMale 14-15Yellow16.0827.92 Silver 
Lilith MuellerAsheville, NCFemale 16-17Yellow15.1420.45 Gold 
Luke NesbittAsheville, NCMale 12-13YellowDSQ-  
Mary Grace NesbittAsheville, NCFemale 14-15Yellow22.4478.52 - 
Ellie OlupAsheville, NCFemale 14-15Yellow22.5179.08 S* Bronze 
Eva PenaYellow17.7741.37 ? 
Collin PresslyAsheville, NCMale 14-15Yellow19.1252.11 Bronze 
Michael RogersMale 18-20Yellow16.9434.77 Bronze 
Conner RoweArden, NCMale 14-15Yellow21.8874.07 S* Bronze 
Connor SillsFairview, NCMale 14-15Yellow16.8534.05 Silver 
Alden SingerAshevi, NCMale 14-15Yellow25.81105.33 - 
Grayson SmithWeaverville, NCMale 16-17Yellow18.0143.28 Bronze 
Andrew TashieAsheville, NCMale 14-15Yellow15.5823.95 Gold 
Dana TiptonHendersonville, NCFemale 14-15Yellow19.4454.65 Bronze 
Jorge TubillaAsheville, NCMale 16-17Yellow17.4238.58 Bronze 
Bennett VanceMale 14-15Yellow18.7248.93 S* Silver 
John WehnerMale 16-17Yellow20.6464.20 - 
Dominique WilliamsMale 16-17Yellow18.3045.58 Bronze 
Kesin ZimmermanFairview, NCMale 16-17Yellow14.6116.23 Gold 

S = Snowboard (-20)