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Wachusett Mountain

Feb 8th, 2020
Sunny and 19 degrees

Par Time

Results for Feb 8th, 2020 - Daily NASTAR

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Isabella AcevedoHolliston, MAFemale 6-7Blue41.9368.73 Silver 
Pablo AcevedoHolliston, MAMale 8-9Blue35.9144.51 Gold 
 Amanda AmoryWorcester, MAFemale 55-59Blue36.8848.41 Silver 
Lydia AndersonBoylston, MAFemale 12-13Blue33.9836.74 Silver 
Rylan ArnoldLunenburg, MAFemale 12-13Blue36.5246.96 Silver 
Teagan ArnoldLunenburg, MAFemale 10-11Blue40.0060.97 Silver 
Anna BrittRutland, MAFemale 12-13Blue44.1877.79 - 
Debbie ButtsLittleton, MAFemale 65-69BlueDNF-  
Eric ChatelleHolden, MAMale 35-39Blue31.6227.24 Silver 
Hannah ChatelleHolden, MAFemale 8-9Blue46.0485.27 Bronze 
Lydia ChatelleHolden, MAFemale 6-7Blue46.5387.24 Silver 
Ian ChristiansonFoxborough, MAMale 45-49Blue39.6759.64 - 
Isabelle ColemanBerlin, MAFemale 12-13Blue35.6843.58 Silver 
Robbie CotterBoylston, MAMale 12-13Blue31.0424.91 Gold 
Ray DamienFitchburg, MAMale 40-44Blue29.2517.71 Gold 
Anna Del VecchioNeedham, MAFemale 12-13Blue46.8688.57 - 
Bodhi DemersArlington, MAMale 10-11Blue44.0377.18 - 
Jillian DionneLunenburg, MAFemale 8-9Blue41.3666.44 Silver 
Rachel DionneLunenburg, MAFemale 12-13Blue35.5142.90 Silver 
Isaac EnnisWorcester, MAMale 14-15Blue40.3462.33 - 
Ciara FallonMedford, MAFemale 10-11Blue43.8376.38 Bronze 
Justin FeldmanBoylston, MAMale 8-9Blue44.5979.44 Bronze 
Rob FletcherLincoln, RIMale 55-59Blue40.3562.37 - 
Barbara ForguesNorthborough, EnglFemale 12-13Blue31.7027.57 Gold 
Kyle ForrestWestminster, MAMale 8-9Blue44.0877.38 Bronze 
Emerson FosterHopkinton, MAFemale 12-13Blue48.3194.41 - 
John GallyConcord, MAMale 12-13Blue36.9248.57 Silver 
Maya GervitsLexington, MAFemale 12-13Blue33.6935.57 Gold 
Aidan GhidellaShewsbury, MAMale 12-13Blue30.7023.54 Gold 
David GiammatteoWestminster, MAMale 60-64BlueDNF-  
Max GlazerWilmington, MAMale 10-11Blue41.2165.84 Bronze 
Alex GonzalezPrinceton, MAMale 12-13Blue44.6179.52 - 
Cole GouletBoylston, MAMale 12-13Blue39.6059.36 Bronze 
Paige GouletBoylston, MAFemale 10-11Blue51.63107.77 - 
Richie GraingerMale 6-7Blue49.78100.32 Bronze 
Maria GrossMale 6-7Blue53.10113.68 - 
Cynthia GumbertWeston, MAFemale 50-54Blue33.9236.50 Gold 
Anezka HovadDighton, MAFemale 8-9Blue46.2085.92 Bronze 
Angela IlicActon, MAFemale 12-13Blue38.5154.97 Bronze 
Matthew IorioFoxboro, MAMale 35-39Blue29.5018.71 Silver 
Shaylin JuholaBrooklyn, CTFemale 16-17Blue47.0489.30 - 
Christian JulianoWellesley Hills, MAMale 6-7Blue45.5483.26 Bronze 
Dominic JulianoWellesley Hills, MAMale 8-9Blue40.4762.86 Silver 
Eugene KalashnikoffSeekonk, MAMale 40-44Blue39.5659.20 - 
Timmy KalasnikovsNorth Attleboro, MAMale 12-13Blue39.3258.23 Bronze 
William KelleherShrewsbury, MAMale 12-13Blue30.9724.63 Gold 
John KernochanMale 75-79Blue38.7756.02 Bronze 
Lucas KiaerWinchester, MAMale 8-9Blue37.4450.66 Gold 
 Sofia KiaerWinchestyer, MAFemale 6-7Blue44.4678.91 Silver 
 Lise KolotaWestborough, MAFemale 60-64Blue40.2461.93 Bronze 
Kavi Kumar-WarikooCambridge, MAMale 10-11Blue40.9964.95 Bronze 
Hayden LarsonMale 12-13Blue35.5042.86 Silver 
Maddox LeeMendon, MAMale 12-13Blue34.7039.64 Silver 
Owen LuddenHolden, MAMale 12-13Blue32.1729.46 Gold 
Hai MaShrewsbury, MAMale 6-7Blue46.0885.43 Bronze 
Mason MaggioMale 8-9Blue45.2882.21 Bronze 
Alana MarchettiLeominster, MAFemale 12-13Blue37.3450.26 Silver 
Mikayil MustafayevNewton, MAMale 10-11Blue48.3794.65 - 
Daniel Nelson-PerezWebster, MAMale 8-9Blue38.1153.36 Silver 
Chayse ParkerMale 10-11Blue37.5551.11 Silver 
Anoushka PhadnisLexington, MAFemale 12-13Blue42.8772.52 - 
Braden PhyfeCranston, RIMale 10-11Blue43.1173.48 Bronze 
Andy PollartFoxboro, MAMale 10-11Blue32.2829.90 Gold 
Chris PollartFoxboro, MAMale 45-49Blue35.7243.74 Bronze 
Audrey PontiffFemale 14-15Blue39.6959.72 Bronze 
Alec PopielArlington, MAMale 12-13Blue39.1657.59 Bronze 
Emerson PopielArlington, MAMale 12-13Blue35.5543.06 Silver 
Aarna PrasadSouth Easton, MAFemale 10-11Blue48.2894.29 - 
Ian QiuBelmont, MAMale 12-13Blue42.3470.38 - 
Dick RauhPrinceton, MAMale 65-69BlueDNF-  
Abigail ReidFemale 12-13Blue32.1029.18 Gold 
Grace RileyWest Kingston, RIFemale 12-13Blue39.3358.27 Bronze 
Gregg RodenhiserHaverill, MAMale 55-59Blue37.8652.35 Bronze 
Olivia RoseCumberland, RIFemale 8-9Blue39.3758.43 Silver 
J.L. RutledgeMedford, MAFemale 50-54Blue46.2185.96 - 
Chloe RydelekShrewsbury, MAFemale 12-13Blue36.0244.95 Silver 
Christian SargisMale 12-13Blue37.7551.91 Bronze 
Rick ScarpignatoTownsend, MAMale 65-69Blue34.3438.19 Silver 
Anay ShahLexington, MAMale 10-11Blue45.9084.71 - 
Lillian SmytheNewton Center, MAFemale 8-9Blue43.4474.81 Bronze 
Elise SteelePrinceton, MAFemale 8-9Blue44.5079.07 Bronze 
Michael SunDover, MAMale 8-9Blue51.77108.33 - 
Oren WaxmanWeston, MAMale 12-13Blue36.4746.76 Silver 
Shylah WomerWorcester, MAFemale 8-9Blue42.6471.59 Silver 
Tim WomerWorcester, MAMale 35-39Blue35.9544.67 Bronze 
Heidi XieActon, MAFemale 12-13Blue32.2329.70 Gold 
Alex ZhangWeston, MAMale 8-9Blue43.4074.65 Bronze 
Fan ZhangFemale 40-44Blue53.28114.41 - 
Logan ZmetraDudley, MAMale 8-9Blue38.3954.49 Silver 
 Sydney ZmetraDudley, MAFemale 12-13Blue30.7023.54 Platinum 
Daniel ZoranMale 8-9Blue39.4958.91 Silver