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Race Results
Angel Fire Resort

Feb 1st, 2020
Angel Fire Race Series 4
not provided

Series: Angel Fire Series
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 4
Par Time

John Kircher
Results for Feb 1st, 2020 - Angel Fire Race Series 4

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Ray AndersonMale 30-34The 10-47sYellow40.9361.40 - 
Katie BlankFemale 21-29The MarketeersYellow1:05.59158.68 S* - 
Donald CastilloMale 30-34The Shwifty LifitiesYellow39.1654.42 - 
Santiago CastroMale 21-29Angel Fire Tree Removal - Tree PiratesYellow46.6483.91 S* - 
Eddie ChavezMale 40-44Winter Sport ShreadersYellow44.0173.54 S* - 
Sebastian CuadraAngel Fire, NMMale 21-29Team SoupYellow27.538.56 Platinum 
Charlie EpplerMale 10-11THE DELINQUENTSYellow49.9697.00 - 
HAWK FERENCZYALPINE, AZMale 55-59Living On The EdgeYellow36.5244.01 T* Silver 
Eric GraffanMale 35-39The LeftoversYellow40.2358.64 - 
Andrew GrineMale 21-29Winter Sport ShreadersYellow30.6520.86 Silver 
Damon HodgesAngel Fire, NMMale 21-29Team SoupYellow32.8529.53 Bronze 
Kari JaramilloFemale 40-44The MarketeersYellow38.6152.25 Bronze 
John KircherAngel Fire, NMMale 21-29Team SoupYellow26.614.93 Platinum 
Renee KuharskiFemale 60-64Angel Fire Tree Removal - Tree PiratesYellow45.3378.75 Bronze 
Alex LeBlancMale 21-29Winter Sport ShreadersYellow44.3774.96 T* - 
Stevie LundEagle Nest, NMFemale 30-34Team SoupYellow30.3019.48 Gold 
Cecilia MartinezAf, NMYellow31.7225.08 ? 
Luca MartinezAngel Fire, NMMale 14-15Living On The EdgeYellow31.0222.32 Gold 
Elke MayAngel Fire, NMFemale 21-29Team SoupYellow30.3919.83 Gold 
James McElroyMale 30-34The Shwifty LifitiesYellow37.7748.94 S* Silver 
Matt McPeckMale 30-34Mountain Home Care Of AF - SnowplowersYellow40.9361.40 S* Bronze 
A-a-ron MillumMale 21-29The 10-47sYellow45.0177.48 S* - 
Jen OrlowskiFemale 30-34The 10-47sYellow49.6995.94 S* - 
Corey OrndorffAngel Fire, NMFemale 21-29Winter Sport ShreadersYellow50.5599.33 - 
Ian PatchMale 21-29THE DELINQUENTSYellow42.2866.72 S* - 
Tom PrebensenRockwall, TXMale 60-64The LeftoversYellow30.4019.87 Gold 
Gunnar RobinsonMale 21-29The 10-47sYellow39.7156.59 - 
Sandy SandbornMale 55-59The LeftoversYellow31.1722.91 Gold 
Chris SchellMale 45-49The 10-47sYellow40.0858.04 - 
Cindy SchoepfleFemale 60-64Angel Fire Tree Removal - Tree PiratesYellow47.1285.80 - 
Davey The Duece SchoepfleMale 30-34Angel Fire Tree Removal - Tree PiratesYellow28.4212.07 Gold 
Gordon SchoepfleMclean, VAMale 65-69Mountain Home Care Of AF - SnowplowersYellow40.5759.98 Bronze 
Kate SchoepfleFemale 30-34Angel Fire Tree Removal - Tree PiratesYellow45.1778.12 - 
Brian SkotchdapoleMale 21-29Team SoupYellow38.4851.74 S* Bronze 
Scott SmithEnglewood, COMale 60-64Living On The EdgeYellow31.9826.10 Gold 
Jacob SteeleMale 21-29The Shwifty LifitiesYellow36.3343.26 Bronze 
CARL StewartTAOS, NMMale 50-54Living On The EdgeYellow27.9810.33 Platinum 
Chas StorrowMale 30-34THE DELINQUENTSYellow43.0569.76 T* - 
Adam StreeterMale 30-34Angel Fire Tree Removal - Tree PiratesYellow47.4687.15 S* - 
Logan SwickleyLos Alamos, NMMale 8-9Yellow33.6332.61 Platinum 
Olivia TafoyaAngel Fire, NMFemale 18-20Living On The EdgeYellow27.468.28 Platinum 
Barb TheisenFemale 60-64Mountain Home Care Of AF - SnowplowersYellow41.9565.42 Bronze 
Tom TheisenMale 60-64Mountain Home Care Of AF - SnowplowersYellow34.3735.53 Silver 
Kevin TroutMale 30-34THE DELINQUENTSYellow33.7533.08 Bronze 
Isiah TrujilloMale 30-34Mountain Home Care Of AF - SnowplowersYellow40.4259.38 - 
Martin VargasMale 21-29Winter Sport ShreadersYellow38.8753.27 - 

S = Snowboard (-20)
T = Telemark (-13)