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Pine Knob Ski Resort

Jan 8th, 2020
NBL Tuesday Pine Knob Week1
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Series: NBL Tuesday Pine Knob
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
By Group
Teams of 3
Par Time

Results for Jan 8th, 2020 - NBL Tuesday Pine Knob Week1

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender

Tim AdamsMale 45-49Gate Crashers1Yellow25.6853.86 S* Silver 

Meghan AllcornFemale 30-34Anita Beer8Yellow18.8212.76 Platinum 
Scott ArserMale 30-34Anita Beer8Yellow18.4710.67 Gold 
Stephan BasigkowMale 21-29Anita Beer8Blue18.736.72 Platinum 

Stephen BasigkowLake Orion, MIMale 21-29Half Fast Racing1Blue18.736.72 Platinum 

Alex BeckerMale 21-29Collusion8Blue20.6217.49 Silver 

Rob BentzMale 45-49Team Awesome3Yellow26.6659.74 - 

Kristen BerryFemale 50-54Hardknockers #14Blue31.6180.11 - 

Tony BettsTroy, MIMale 45-49DNF3Yellow28.0668.12 - 

Bob BinghamClarkston, MIMale 45-49Mostly Straight & late8Blue23.3032.76 Silver 
Ethan BlakleyVerona, WIMale 21-29Mostly Straight & late8Yellow19.0614.20 Gold 

Marty BleszkowskiMale 55-59Hardknockers #14Yellow22.6735.83 Silver 

Mike BlissTroy, MIMale 40-44Gate Crashers1Yellow22.5535.11 Bronze 
Brian BranchMale 55-59Team Heart Attack1Blue24.8941.82 Silver 

Heather BrennanWaterford, MIFemale 35-39Detroit Ski Team8Blue19.038.43 Platinum 

Andy BrownMale 40-44Fat Chicks5Yellow19.3515.94 Gold 

Julie BrownFemale 50-54Wyadinos3Yellow19.5917.38 Platinum 
Doug BrowneMale 60-64DNF3Yellow24.1044.40 Silver 

Spencer BurkeHuntington Woods, MIMale 45-49Real Zeal 12Blue24.3338.63 Bronze 

Steve BurnsMale 40-44Team Awesome3Yellow24.2245.12 Bronze 

Richard BurzynskiMale 60-64Beverly Chill Billies4Yellow29.3275.67 - 
Anne BushroeFemale 40-44The Jerrys4Blue29.0665.58 Bronze 
Kevin BushroeMale 45-49The Jerrys4Yellow27.1062.37 - 

Troy CasteelRoyal Oak, MIMale 40-4425 cents Mustache Rides8Blue19.6511.97 Platinum 
Scott CerunMale 40-44Real Zeal 28Yellow17.786.53 Platinum 

Carter ChapmanMale 21-29Original gate Busters5Blue34.1194.36 - 
Cale ColemanMale 45-49Original gate Busters5Blue30.5874.25 - 

Sarah CorcoranRoyal Oak, MIFemale 60-64Team Banzai4Blue29.4968.03 Bronze 

Ron CousineauMale 75-79Coconuts5Yellow26.0956.32 Bronze 

Jason CrabtreeRochester, MIMale 45-49DNF3Yellow22.9837.69 Bronze 

Jamie CrachiocaMale 45-49Fat Chicks5Blue23.3132.82 Silver 

Nick CronovichRochester, MIMale 21-29Collusion8Blue19.8813.28 Gold 

Andrew DawsonMale 35-39Keep Your Day job5Yellow31.7390.11 S* - 
Kurt DawsonOxford, MIMale 65-69Keep Your Day job5Blue25.3044.16 Silver 
Matt DawsonMale 35-39Keep Your Day job5Yellow30.3681.91 S* - 

Tom DeagostinoMale 60-64Postman Productions2Blue26.7152.19 Bronze 

Eric DouseMale 50-54Winter Associates3Blue23.8035.61 Silver 

Martin DziewitMale 55-596 Pack Wolf Pack4Blue23.9336.35 Silver 

Brad EmmettMale 45-49Hoppy Knobs8Yellow24.1744.82 Bronze 

Matt FarrelMale 40-44Gate Crashers1Blue21.1620.57 Silver 

Steve FerrariMale 55-59I`ll Give It A Go Again2Yellow20.1520.73 Gold 

Kristin FlemingFemale 30-34Keep Your Day job5Yellow22.9537.51 Silver 

Bob FooteGrand Blanc, MIMale 55-59Wyadinos3Yellow25.1450.63 Bronze 
Valerie FooteFemale 55-59Wyadinos3Yellow18.7012.04 Platinum 

Craig FrankensteinNew Baltimore, MIMale 45-49Detroit Ski Team8Yellow21.5729.24 Silver 

 Jason GaineyLake Orion, MIMale 40-44Motorboaters Right1Blue19.219.46 Platinum 

Matthew GasserWhite Lake, MIMale 50-54Real Zeal 28Yellow20.3521.93 Gold 

Pat GatesMale 55-59Team Heart Attack1Blue24.7240.85 Silver 

Matthew GlasserMale 50-54Real Zeal 12Yellow20.9525.52 Silver 
Mark GratschMale 55-59Postman Productions2Yellow22.8236.73 Silver 

 Rob GreeneClarkston, MIMale 40-4425 cents Mustache Rides8Yellow19.1514.74 Gold 

Scott GroningerFerndale, MIMale 50-54DNF3Yellow21.4828.70 Silver 

Thom HalseyClarkston, MIMale 55-59Detroit Ski Team8Yellow18.4710.67 Platinum 

Dan HanerMale 35-39Keep Your Day job5Blue33.1889.06 S* - 

Scott HarperRochester, MIMale 50-54I`ll Give It A Go Again2Blue19.149.06 Platinum 

Scott HerkesLake Orion, MIMale 40-4425 cents Mustache Rides8Blue19.259.69 Platinum 

Jeff HodgsonMale 60-64Original gate Busters5Blue32.1383.08 - 

Todd HoffmanWaterford, MIMale 45-49Winter Associates3Blue22.4728.03 Silver 
Jeff HolalyMale 35-39Wyadinos3Blue26.0248.26 - 
Lori HolalyGrand Blanc, MIFemale 30-34Wyadinos3Blue37.61114.30 - 

 Joel HolzknechtCommerce Township, MIMale 55-59Detroit Ski Team8Yellow17.414.31 Platinum 

David HuberClarkston, MIMale 60-646 Pack Wolf Pack4Yellow22.0131.88 Silver 

James HunterWaterford, MIMale 55-59Postman Productions2Yellow20.9925.76 Silver 

Craig IrelandMale 55-59Team Heart Attack1Yellow26.8660.93 - 

Ken JanczarekLAKE ORION, MIMale 40-44Waterford AF4Yellow18.9413.48 Gold 

Jeff JarcakMale 55-59Coconuts5Yellow26.0756.20 Bronze 

Ken JazczarekMale 40-44Real Zeal 28Yellow18.7412.28 Platinum 

Josh JeszkeMale 21-29Coconuts5Yellow22.3934.15 Bronze 

Jesse JezakCadillac, MichMale 21-29Two Planks Many Dranks2Yellow18.349.89 Gold 

Jennifer JurcakFemale 21-29Coconuts5Yellow20.8124.69 Silver 

Eric KaczorMale 45-49Team Awesome3Blue37.30112.54 - 

Megan KanthookFemale 21-29Two Planks Many Dranks2Blue30.6874.81 - 

Kevin KarlRochester, MIMale 55-59Winter Associates3Yellow19.9019.23 Gold 

Elizabeth KingRoyal Oak, MIFemale 21-29Collusion8Blue22.4627.98 Silver 

Jeff KingLake Orion, MIMale 45-49Fat Chicks5Blue19.7112.31 Platinum 
 Teresa KingWaterford, MIFemale 40-44Fat Chicks5Yellow20.2221.15 Platinum 

Bob KrefskiMale 70-74Hardknockers #14Yellow28.1868.84 - 

Philips KuntzmanMale 50-54I`ll Give It A Go Again2Yellow22.4534.51 Silver 

Greg LiedtkeMale 45-49Musketballs1Blue31.1077.21 - 

 Tom LiningAuburn Hills, MIMale 55-59Real Zeal 28Yellow20.3021.63 Gold 

Glenn LukasMale 60-64Beverly Chill Billies4Yellow1:32.42453.74 - 

Amy MacKensRochester, MIFemale 21-29Wax This1Yellow21.3928.16 Silver 

 Susie MackensRochester, MIFemale 55-59Collusion8Yellow19.9119.29 Platinum 

Mike MacYMale 40-44Waterford AF4Yellow21.1426.66 Silver 

Chris MarcusLake Orion, MIMale 45-49Musketballs1Yellow23.4940.74 Bronze 
Joshua MartensMale 40-44Gate Crashers1Blue20.2515.38 Gold 

David McDonnellMale 55-59Beverly Chill Billies4Blue26.6852.02 Bronze 

Scott McGillMale 45-49Musketballs1Yellow22.5735.23 Bronze 
Todd McKennaMale 50-54Musketballs1Yellow25.5953.33 Bronze 
Kevin McVayMale 55-59Team Heart Attack1Yellow29.0774.18 - 

Jeff MedinisMale 55-59Postman Productions2Yellow20.4322.41 Gold 
Dominic MoceriRochester, MIMale 21-29Succession2Yellow27.2463.21 - 
Frank MoceriMale 50-54Succession2Yellow24.7047.99 Bronze 
Mario MoceriRochester, MIMale 50-54Succession2Yellow21.2727.44 Silver 
Paul MoceriRochester, MIMale 21-29Succession2Blue23.5634.25 Bronze 

Daniel MooreWexford, PAMale 21-29Mostly Straight & late8Blue25.6446.10 - 

Jimmy MorseMale 35-39Keep Your Day job5Blue31.0376.81 S* - 

Greg MourMale 40-44Hoppy Knobs8Blue21.3321.54 Silver 
Jeff NieldMale 40-44Hoppy Knobs8Blue22.5228.32 Silver 

Axel NixBirmingham, MIMale 45-49Half Fast Racing1Yellow18.349.89 Platinum 

Keith NorlingClawson, MIMale 55-59Anita Beer8Blue20.0614.30 Platinum 

Ben OfferOxford, MIMale 35-39Team Banzai4Blue23.1932.14 Bronze 

Tom OfferOxford, MIMale 65-69White Powder Enthusiasts3Blue23.3733.16 Silver 

Emilio OlivarezMale 21-29Collusion8Yellow20.7324.21 Silver 

Emilio OlivarezRochester, MIMale 30-34Gnarwalls3Yellow20.9025.22 Silver 

Brad PaddisonMale 60-64No Name Yet2Yellow28.2068.96 - 

Craig ParsonMale 45-49DNF3Yellow27.7866.45 - 

John PerroneAndover, MAMale 21-29Two Planks Many Dranks2Blue22.7529.63 Bronze 
Kurt PetersMale 40-44Postman Productions2Yellow22.1232.53 Silver 

Jeffrey PhillipsMale 40-44Motorboaters Right1Blue22.3327.24 Silver 

Joe PhillipsMale 50-54DNF3Yellow33.52100.84 - 

Rodney PlouchaTroy, MIMale 40-44Motorboaters Right1Blue21.6823.53 Silver 

Brian PopelierClarkston, MIMale 35-39Detroit Ski Team8Blue18.002.56 Platinum 

Benny PopellierMale 35-39No Name Yet2Yellow17.122.58 Platinum 

Jon PoponeaMale 35-39Waterford AF4Blue22.5428.43 Silver 
Nick PoponeaMale 30-34Waterford AF4Yellow19.3716.06 Gold 

Steffen PosaMale 45-49White Powder Enthusiasts3Yellow26.2557.28 - 
Scott PykeMale 35-39White Powder Enthusiasts3Blue22.5328.38 Silver 

Matt RaukarKeego Harbor, MIMale 30-34Mostly Straight & late8Blue19.3410.20 Gold 
 Jack RiggsUtica, MIMale 45-49Detroit Ski Team8Blue18.294.22 Platinum 

Jamie RoellMale 40-44Coconuts5Blue24.5940.11 Bronze 
Ed SabolMale 40-44Hardknockers II5Blue31.9181.82 - 
John SabolMale 50-54Hardknockers II5Blue27.5456.92 - 

Margaret SchmaltzFemale 55-59Beverly Chill Billies4Blue33.6291.57 - 

Brian SchmittMale 45-49Winter Associates3Blue23.8635.95 Bronze 
Tony SchneiderClinton Township, MIMale 60-64White Powder Enthusiasts3Blue35.52102.39 - 

Dean SellerMale 55-59Real Zeal 12Yellow20.3922.17 Gold 

Dean SellersMale 55-59Real Zeal 28Blue20.7318.12 Gold 

Michael ShaferMale 45-49Musketballs1Blue27.1054.42 - 

Melissa SrockBloomfield Hills, MIFemale 45-49Coconuts5Yellow21.3828.10 Gold 
Jeff StalcupMale 50-54Hardknockers II5Yellow27.4864.65 - 

Jennifer StantonFemale 30-34No Name Yet2Yellow24.3746.02 Bronze 

Patrick StatenMale 40-44Team Awesome3Blue24.4839.49 Bronze 

Logan SteskoMale 21-29Real Zeal 28Blue18.253.99 Platinum 

 John StewartBloomfield Hills, MIMale 55-596 Pack Wolf Pack4Yellow20.6723.85 Gold 
David StoutMale 45-49The Jerrys4Blue20.7218.06 Gold 

David StuterMale 45-49Musketballs1Yellow25.4452.43 - 

Wade SullivanMale 50-54Hardknockers II5Blue25.9747.98 Bronze 

Sean ThomasMale 45-49The Jerrys4Yellow26.1056.38 - 

Matt TomaiMale 30-34Mostly Straight & late8Yellow21.8330.80 Bronze 

Frank TrovatoMale 45-49The Jerrys4Blue25.7446.67 Bronze 

Raymond TyszkaMale 40-44No Name Yet2Blue32.1182.96 - 

Boris UsztanMale 40-44Winter Associates3Blue21.6323.25 Silver 

Tom VanitallieMale 55-596 Pack Wolf Pack4Blue24.3138.52 Silver 

Keith VinceMale 50-54I`ll Give It A Go Again2Yellow22.2933.55 Silver 

Matt VotralMale 40-44Half Fast Racing1Blue21.0219.77 Silver 

Bill WatchMale 65-69Hardknockers #14Blue32.5285.30 - 

Zee WaxtechMale 55-59Wax This1Yellow17.535.03 Platinum 

John WiedemannClarkston, MIMale 55-596 Pack Wolf Pack4Blue27.5156.75 Bronze 

John WilliamsMale 60-64Original gate Busters5Blue35.20100.57 - 

Justin WilsonGowen, MIMale 30-34Collusion8Blue20.2915.61 Gold 

Lindsey WittinenMale 55-59Team Heart Attack1Blue29.4867.98 - 

Bob WozniakMale 55-596 Pack Wolf Pack4Yellow20.7724.45 Gold 

Ryan ZoelfnerMale 40-44Gate Crashers1Blue20.7118.01 Gold 

S = Snowboard (-20)