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Ski Shawnee Mountain

Jan 11th, 2020
Daily NASTAR first race of season
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Results for Jan 11th, 2020 - Daily NASTAR first race of season

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Lelia AbbasOradell, NJFemale 14-15Yellow35.0034.62 Silver 
Zaynab AbbasOradell, NJFemale 12-13Yellow34.4332.42 Gold 
Amelie AlexandreBrooklyn, NYFemale 8-9Yellow53.13104.35 - 
Andre AndersEast Stroudsburg, PAMale 16-17Yellow28.328.92 Platinum 
Philip ArmstrongNorth Brunswick, NJMale 10-11Yellow50.4193.88 - 
Robert ArmstrongNorth Brunswick, NJMale 12-13Yellow36.9141.96 Silver 
Nathan AverboukhLivingston, NJMale 10-11Yellow38.2447.08 Silver 
 Wolfgang BauerBernardsville, NJMale 80-84Yellow36.1439.00 Gold 
Frances BehayloMaplewood, NJFemale 12-13Yellow34.1131.19 Gold 
Grace BoothEast Stroudsburg, PAFemale 14-15Yellow34.2231.62 Silver 
Abby BrownLong Valley, NJFemale 16-17Yellow32.8726.42 Silver 
Mckayla BrownLong Valley, NJFemale 12-13Yellow35.6537.12 Silver 
Harrison BurgessLanding, NJMale 12-13Yellow31.9622.92 Gold 
Sarah BushtaEast Stroudsburg, PAFemale 14-15Yellow37.7945.35 Silver 
Juliana ByankLong Valley, NJFemale 8-9Yellow43.0365.50 Silver 
Victoria ByankLong Valley, NJFemale 10-11Yellow32.1723.73 Platinum 
Juliet CassidyNeshanic Station, NJFemale 12-13Yellow36.0638.69 Silver 
Amelia ChenBrooklyn, NYFemale 10-11Yellow45.8376.27 Bronze 
Cassandra CoadBushkill, PAFemale 10-11Yellow29.7414.38 Platinum 
Johnny CoadBushkill, PAMale 14-15Yellow28.6810.31 Platinum 
Peter ComiskiNewtown, PAMale 55-59Yellow31.3220.46 Gold 
Robbin ComiskiNewtown, PAFemale 60-64Yellow37.5544.42 Silver 
Doreen ConnellyEaston, PAFemale 50-54Yellow37.3043.46 Silver 
Amelia DelaneyMadison, NJFemale 6-7Yellow56.56117.54 Bronze 
Avery DelaneyMadison, NJFemale 10-11Yellow39.9653.69 Silver 
Ryan DelaneyMadison, NJMale 12-13Yellow37.9646.00 Silver 
Joey DemaioEast Stroudsburg, PAMale 6-7Yellow38.0246.23 Platinum 
Loenzo DemaioEast Stroudsburg, PAMale 12-13Yellow37.8845.69 Silver 
Henery Disanti WagnerPrinceton Junction, NJMale 8-9Yellow52.37101.42 - 
Brook FesqMadison, NJFemale 12-13Yellow36.8941.88 Silver 
Raelyn FinckeFemale 12-13Yellow37.8045.38 Silver 
Ashley FirestoneHaworth, NJFemale 10-11Yellow1:06.36155.23 - 
Ivy FirestoneHaworth, NJFemale 8-9Yellow52.89103.42 - 
 Phillip FitzsimmonsRockaway, NJMale 55-59Yellow32.2123.88 Gold 
seiji galperinEast Stroudsburg, PAMale 8-9Yellow41.3258.92 Silver 
Dylan GladsteinHaworth, NJMale 1-5Yellow1:37.57275.27 - 
Paige GladsteinTeaneck, NJFemale 8-9Yellow58.21123.88 - 
Jp GoldererMedia, PAMale 8-9Yellow43.6367.81 Bronze 
Matt HainWayne, NJMale 55-59Yellow30.9318.96 Gold 
Cole HamonDuxbury, MAMale 16-17Yellow34.4532.50 Silver 
Jeff HamonRidgewood, NJMale 45-49Yellow31.9222.77 Silver 
Read HamonRidgewood, NJMale 12-13Yellow38.3547.50 Silver 
Aaron HoldenRidgewood, NJMale 10-11Yellow51.9899.92 - 
Gavin IradiParsippany, NJMale 14-15Yellow38.0146.19 Bronze 
Vanessa IradiParsippany, NJFemale 16-17Yellow35.9538.27 Bronze 
Eli JablonskiRidgewood, NJMale 14-15Yellow38.9849.92 Bronze 
Nathnaiel JablonskiKearny, NJMale 12-13Yellow34.4032.31 Gold 
Laura JamesEast Stroudsburg, PAFemale 16-17Yellow30.0115.42 Platinum 
Ashley JanaitisNewtown, PAFemale 6-7Yellow1:13.48182.62 - 
Giui JongHackensack, NJMale 55-59Yellow28.6210.08 Platinum 
Luke KertznerNew York, NYMale 6-7Yellow46.7979.96 Silver 
Rohail Ketan-galaEdison, NJMale 12-13Yellow42.0961.88 Bronze 
Benjamin KrulerMilford, PAMale 10-11Yellow32.8826.46 Platinum 
Victor KrulerMilford, PAMale 8-9Yellow38.7549.04 Gold 
Sofia KulynychSaylorsburg, PAFemale 12-13Yellow34.6433.23 Gold 
Aleena KumandenBrooklyn, NYFemale 14-15Yellow46.8680.23 - 
Shreyas KuntamukkalaMonroe Township, NJMale 12-13Yellow33.4928.81 Gold 
Kaitlyn LaffertyAstoria, NYFemale 12-13Yellow32.3424.38 Gold 
Wilson LarkIrvington, NYMale 12-13Yellow37.8945.73 Silver 
Daniel LeavyNew York, NYMale 8-9Yellow58.53125.12 - 
Isabella LeavyNew York, NYFemale 12-13Yellow59.13127.42 - 
Maggie Mae LeavyNew York, NYFemale 6-7Yellow57.45120.96 Bronze 
Marie LeviFair Lawn, NJFemale 10-11Yellow55.94115.15 - 
Sean MaScarsdale, NYMale 8-9Yellow1:47.72314.31 - 
Isabel MarokoMontclair, NJFemale 10-11Yellow46.2377.81 Bronze 
Richard MarokoMontclair, NJMale 45-49Yellow37.5344.35 Bronze 
Catherine MarussichSparta, NJFemale 12-13Yellow38.0446.31 Silver 
Paul McDonaldFlemington, NJMale 60-64Yellow30.0015.38 Platinum 
COLE MelilloYonkers, NYMale 12-13Yellow47.4182.35 - 
Robert MilwiczHopewell, NJMale 45-49Yellow32.7525.96 Silver 
Charlie MorrisFurlong, PAFemale 8-9Yellow45.0773.35 Bronze 
Chloe MorrisFurlong, PAFemale 10-11Yellow39.9053.46 Silver 
Romir MukherjeeNew York, NYMale 10-11Yellow50.5494.38 - 
Leyna OlsonMount Vernon, NYFemale 12-13Yellow37.3543.65 Silver 
Aiden ParkEnglewood Cliffs, NJMale 6-7Yellow56.97119.12 - 
Matthew ParryRingoes, NJMale 16-17Yellow30.8918.81 Gold 
Gavin PeregrinBushkill, PAMale 16-17Yellow35.0734.88 Bronze 
George PhalenSomerset, NJMale 70-74Yellow33.2327.81 Gold 
Arjun PuskuruScotch Plains, NJMale 8-9Yellow1:02.75141.35 - 
Dylan Raymundo-NealSummit, NJMale 10-11Yellow35.6036.92 Gold 
Thornton Stewart-fraserEast Stroudsburg, PAFemale 8-9Yellow45.1873.77 Bronze 
Brooks TahanCranford, NJFemale 8-9Yellow1:02.75141.35 - 
Alica TaranFair Lawn, NJFemale 12-13Yellow56.05115.58 - 
Sophie TaranFair Lawn, NJFemale 8-9Yellow1:03.21143.12 - 
Brook ThompsonBronxville, NYFemale 12-13Yellow40.8357.04 Bronze 
Raymond ThompsonBronxville, NYMale 12-13Yellow33.4128.50 Gold 
Michael ToftNew York, NYMale 6-7Yellow43.4066.92 Silver 
Sophia TolkachevaMoorestown, NJFemale 12-13Yellow32.3924.58 Gold 
Angus VandersluisEast Stroudsburg, PAMale 16-17Yellow32.3124.27 Silver 
Finlay VandersluisEast Stroudsburg, PAMale 14-15Yellow30.1616.00 Gold 
Keegan VandersluisEast Stroudsburg, PAMale 10-11Yellow35.1335.12 Gold 
Maddox VandersluisEast Stroudsburg, PAMale 6-7Yellow49.8691.77 Bronze 
Alex VeymanEast Stroudsburg, PAMale 12-13Yellow34.9634.46 Gold 
Eliot VishnevskyLivingston, NJMale 12-13Yellow40.1254.31 Bronze 
Ethan VolkovBrooklyn, NYMale 12-13Yellow1:02.49140.35 - 
Jason WangBasking Ridge, NJMale 8-9Yellow1:12.89180.35 - 
Maurice YounesSchnecksville, PAMale 10-11Yellow47.5582.88 -