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Race Results
Wachusett Mountain

Jan 9th, 2020
Thursday Night League - Week 1
Clear and cold

Series: Wachusett Night League
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 4 including at least 1 Female
Par Time

Jerome guerard
Jerome guerard
Results for Jan 9th, 2020 - Thursday Night League - Week 1

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Fred Adams Franklin, MAMale 65-69Greenside UpYellow30.2026.89 Gold 
Matthew AvenGroton, CTMale 30-34EBAC No-Sub-stituteBlue28.2119.69 Silver 
Pat BachantProvidence, RIMale 35-39#fullsendYellow24.271.97 Platinum 
 Rachel BatemanLeominster, MAFemale 21-29#fullsendBlue25.407.76 Platinum 
Sam BatemanLeominster, MAMale 21-29#fullsendYellow24.392.48 Platinum 
Curt BjorkmanWestminster, MAMale 50-54Hi Neighbor 3Blue25.498.15 Platinum 
Michael BohanHarvard, MAMale 70-74Alpine Dogs RaceYellow37.3156.76 Bronze 
Christian BradyLeominster, MAMale 50-54Sled DogsBlue31.3132.84 Silver 
Kevin BrosnanBelmont, MAMale 50-54ThrobulatorsYellow34.9846.97 Bronze 
 Franz BurkeNeedham, MAMale 55-59Greenside UpBlue27.4616.50 Gold 
Newell BurkeWorcester, MAMale 60-64Bark BitersYellow27.9117.27 Platinum 
Gregory ButterworthWaterford, CTMale 21-29EBAC E-ForwardsBlue39.0365.59 S* - 
James CampPrinceton, MAMale 60-64The StumpsBlue30.5829.74 Silver 
Susan ChampagneClinton, MAFemale 40-44Alpine Dogs RaceYellow39.4265.63 Bronze 
Shay CollinsAndover, MAFemale 35-39#fullsendBlue26.5212.52 Platinum 
Dave CostelloConcord, MAMale 60-64Haddad Auto DetailYellow30.2727.18 Gold 
Christine CreanMillford, MAFemale 60-64Sled DogsYellow35.0547.27 Silver 
Dave Crowley Princeton, MAMale 30-34Just CuzBlue26.1811.07 Gold 
Julie CrowleyPrinceton, MAFemale 60-64Bi - PolarYellow30.1326.60 Platinum 
Nicholas CrowleyProvidence, RIMale 21-29EBAC No-Sub-stituteBlue30.5929.78 Bronze 
Dan CunniffHopkinton, MAMale 55-59Slippery SlopeBlue31.6634.32 Silver 
Ray DamienFitchburg, MAMale 40-44On The EdgeYellow27.2914.66 Gold 
Kateri DeMartinoGardner, MAFemale 40-44Racer YetiBlue32.9139.63 Silver 
Gregory DigeronimoGardner, MAMale 30-34Racer YetiYellow27.0413.61 Gold 
Dana DorsettWorcester, MAMale 60-64ThrobulatorsBlue28.6621.60 Gold 
Mike DriscollMilton, MAMale 21-29Greenside UpYellow29.3023.11 Silver 
Sean DyerBaltic, CTMale 30-34EBAC E-ForwardsYellow31.8433.78 Bronze 
Alexandra FearnNew London, CTFemale 21-29EBAC No-Sub-stituteBlue30.5129.44 Silver 
Dan FordBolton, MAMale 55-59Outta BoundsBlue25.729.12 Platinum 
Kathy FranciniConcord, MAFemale 50-54Booze ControlYellow28.8121.05 Platinum 
Michelle FraschBerlin, MAFemale 18-20On The EdgeYellow27.5015.55 Gold 
Eric FreitagLeominster, MAMale 40-44Hi NeighborBlue25.478.06 Platinum 
Dylan GarabedianNorwich, CTMale 30-34EBAC E-ForwardsYellow43.3682.18 S* - 
James GeorgesNew London, CTMale 21-29EBAC E-ForwardsBlue56.91141.45 S* - 
Ben GetchellPrinceton, MAMale 60-64Twisted Sister CruzersBlue38.5463.51 S* Silver 
Ben Ryan GetchellPrinceton, MAMale 30-34Twisted Sister CruzersYellow28.1818.40 Silver 
Jeff GouldOakham, MAMale 45-49Thermo Fisher ScientificYellow25.838.53 Platinum 
Matt GrangerPrinceton, MAMale 35-39#fullsendBlue25.407.76 Platinum 
Julie GrenierWestminster, MAFemale 60-64Slippery SlopeYellow32.7037.39 Gold 
Eileen GriffinLeominster, MAFemale 60-64Sled DogsBlue32.6338.44 Gold 
Chris GrimmBolton, MAMale 35-39AcceleratiBlue29.3024.31 Silver 
Douglas GroutMale 35-39Outta BoundsBlue25.809.46 Platinum 
Jerome GuerardSterling, MAMale 45-49Hi NeighborYellow24.964.87 Platinum 
Wayne HaddadWorcester, MAMale 60-64Haddad Auto DetailBlue29.6825.92 T* Platinum 
David HancockChelmsford, MAMale 60-64Bark BitersBlue26.3211.67 Platinum 
Jeff HardimanUxbridge, MAMale 50-54Sled DogsYellow27.7116.43 Gold 
Mike HartnettWellesley, MAMale 50-54Planks of FuryBlue26.4012.01 Platinum 
Leif HasselquistSterling, MAMale 55-59Waxed and LoadedBlue28.3120.11 Gold 
Charlotte HatcherLancaster, MAMale 18-20Bark BitersBlue27.3916.21 Gold 
Emily HatcherStow, MAFemale 50-54Waxed and LoadedYellow28.4319.45 Platinum 
Jessica HaugsjaaFramingham, MAFemale 40-44AcceleratiYellow28.7420.76 Platinum 
Paul HaugsjaaActon, MAMale 75-79Waxed and LoadedBlue31.6934.45 Gold 
Rob HayDudley, MAMale 60-64ThrobulatorsYellow30.1226.55 Gold 
Nancy HealeyFitchburg, MAFemale 60-64Foster-Healey.comYellow28.8821.34 Platinum 
Rick HealeyFitchburg, MAMale 60-64Foster-Healey.comBlue26.4612.26 Platinum 
Taylor HealeyFitchburg, MAMale 30-34Foster-Healey.comBlue24.955.85 Platinum 
Frank HubaczNorth Brookfield, MAMale 65-69Sled DogsYellow34.7646.05 Silver 
Shahen HudaBelmont, MAMale 30-34The StumpsBlue25.347.51 Platinum 
Emily HudsonWestminster, MAFemale 30-34Alpine Dogs RaceBlue31.4533.43 Silver 
Jennifer HughesWellesley, MAFemale 60-64Haddad Auto DetailBlue38.1962.03 Bronze 
Don JonesAshland, MAMale 55-59On The EdgeBlue27.5416.84 Gold 
James KraussMale 50-54Hi Neighbor 3Yellow28.6720.46 Gold 
Jens KueterNorthborough, MAMale 50-54AcceleratiYellow27.4115.17 Gold 
Ben KulasConcord, MAMale 40-44ThrobulatorsYellow26.3610.76 Platinum 
Alexandra LehnesWesterly, RIFemale 21-29EBAC No-Sub-stituteBlue34.0044.25 Bronze 
Karen LemaireNeedham, MAFemale 50-54Planks of FuryYellow31.7133.24 Gold 
Frank LennoxUxbridge, MAMale 55-59Slippery SlopeYellow26.7612.44 Platinum 
Ryan LoganLeominster, MAMale 30-34Thermo Fisher ScientificYellow25.015.08 Platinum 
Gabriel LuongoGroton, CTMale 30-34EBAC E-ForwardsYellow29.0622.10 Silver 
Tom MacKie Concord, MAMale 60-64Haddad Auto DetailYellow29.9525.84 Gold 
Chris MagliozziClinton, MAMale 60-64Outta BoundsBlue27.3916.21 Platinum 
Rob MarchettiAshland, MAMale 40-44Booze ControlYellow27.6015.97 Gold 
Peter MarstonNorthboro, MAMale 45-49Bi - PolarBlue24.674.67 Platinum 
Gary McAlisterFranklin, MAMale 60-64Greenside UpYellow30.3927.69 Gold 
Rick McCowanPrinceton, MAMale 60-64Hi Neighbor 3Blue28.9322.74 Gold 
Mark McKennaWellesley, MAMale 55-59Planks of FuryYellow27.8917.18 Gold 
Harris McWadeGroton, MAFemale 60-64The StumpsYellow31.5032.35 Gold 
Hal MelansonPrinceton, MAMale 60-64Foster-Healey.comYellow27.2414.45 Platinum 
Scott MelleckerPrinceton, MAMale 60-64Bi - PolarYellow29.8625.46 T* Platinum 
Eric MillerGroton, CTMale 21-29EBAC No-Sub-stituteYellow27.9517.44 Silver 
Gail MillerMaynard, MAFemale 55-59AcceleratiYellow37.2156.34 Silver 
Dave MoranSterling, MAMale 55-59Hi Neighbor 2Yellow27.5315.67 Platinum 
Michael MorrisonSouthborough, MAMale 65-69Bark BitersBlue28.4120.53 Gold 
Katie NaultMedford, MAFemale 30-34Bi - PolarYellow31.0130.29 Silver 
Emma NormanMystic, CTFemale 21-29EBAC E-ForwardsBlue49.68110.78 S* - 
David OconnorCumberland, RIMale 55-59The StumpsYellow32.7437.56 Silver 
Kim OconnorCumberland, RIFemale 50-54The StumpsYellow36.8554.83 Silver 
Kate ParhialaAshby, MAFemale 35-39Foster-Healey.comBlue26.8814.04 Platinum 
Christine PellitierFitchburg, MAFemale 35-39Booze ControlYellow29.3623.36 Gold 
Tim PellitierLeominster, MAMale 35-39Booze ControlBlue26.0510.52 Platinum 
Craig PerryWinchendon, MAMale 45-49Thermo Fisher ScientificYellow25.426.81 Platinum 
Sarah PlainWorcester, MAFemale 21-29Waxed and LoadedBlue25.799.42 Platinum 
Dick RauhPrinceton, MAMale 65-69Hi Neighbor 3Blue30.2028.13 Gold 
Lisbet RauhPrinceton, MAFemale 35-39Hi NeighborYellow27.0513.66 Platinum 
Ed ReitzMale 55-59Hi Neighbor 2Yellow31.3931.89 Silver 
Will RichmondHopkinton, MAMale 45-49Waxed and LoadedYellow26.4911.30 Platinum 
Damien RiddleLeominster, MAMale 45-49On The EdgeBlue26.2311.29 Platinum 
Red RiderPrinceton, MAFemale 60-64Bi - PolarYellow29.0021.85 Platinum 
Dana RileyLancaster, MAFemale 45-49Waxed and LoadedYellow28.6720.46 Platinum 
Don RoseberryWest Boylston, MAMale 70-74Sled DogsBlue33.1840.77 Silver 
 Tom RyanWestminster, MAMale 60-64On The EdgeBlue27.6317.23 Platinum 
Amy SalvadoreWestminster, MAFemale 45-49Thermo Fisher ScientificYellow30.8029.41 Gold 
Mathew SanchezSanta Ana, CAMale 18-20Bark BitersYellow36.9455.21 - 
Rick ScarpignatoTownsend, MAMale 65-69Booze ControlYellow27.8316.93 Platinum 
Jon ScavoneWorcester, MAMale 30-34Racer YetiBlue39.4867.50 S* - 
Rebekah ScharfeNew York, NYFemale 21-29Racer YetiYellow28.3919.29 Gold 
Joe SenackeribFranklin, MAMale 55-59Alpine Dogs RaceBlue29.5925.54 Silver 
Susan ShipmanPrinceton, MAFemale 70-74The StumpsYellow38.6062.18 Silver 
Parke SicklerNewburyport, MAMale 55-59Outta BoundsBlue27.1115.02 Platinum 
Bryn SmithBellingham, MAMale 55-59Slippery SlopeBlue27.5716.97 Gold 
Cathy SmithPrinceton, MAFemale 60-64Hi Neighbor 2Blue29.9627.11 Platinum 
Mike SmithMaynard, MAMale 50-54AcceleratiBlue26.7713.58 Platinum 
Stephanie SmithWestminster, MAFemale 50-54Thermo Fisher ScientificYellow31.6633.03 Gold 
Taylor SmithWestborough, MAMale 21-29Hi Neighbor 2Yellow25.728.07 Platinum 
Chris StimpsonPrinceton, MAMale 21-29Just CuzYellow28.0117.69 Silver 
John StimpsonPrinceton, MAMale 55-59Bi - PolarBlue26.7313.41 Platinum 
Jeff SulkinWest Newton, MAMale 55-59Planks of FuryYellow32.1635.13 Silver 
Lisa SulkinFemale 50-54Planks of FuryBlue32.3037.04 Gold 
Bill TapplyMason, NHMale 40-44Booze ControlYellow27.7016.39 Gold 
Justin TealSignal Mountain, TNMale 21-29Racer YetiYellow27.4715.42 Gold 
Jeffrey TingleHarvard, MAMale 60-64ThrobulatorsYellow35.7450.17 Bronze 
Erin TooheyPrinceton, MAFemale 21-29Twisted Sister CruzersYellow29.1322.39 Silver 
Gary TownsendAuburn, MAMale 60-64Bark BitersBlue28.4120.53 Gold 
Erin VantuylFitchburg, MAFemale 40-44Hi NeighborYellow29.1222.35 Gold 
Aj VentetuoloFiskdale, MAMale 35-39Outta BoundsBlue29.0023.04 Silver 
Joe VerriMarlborough, MAMale 50-54Hi NeighborYellow25.677.86 Platinum 
DAN VINTONShrewsbury, MAMale 65-69Hi Neighbor 2Yellow29.1122.31 Gold 
Rebekah Vinton-AndinoClinton, MAFemale 21-29Greenside UpBlue31.6734.37 Silver 
Danielle Vinton-velezHolden, MAFemale 30-34Hi Neighbor 2Blue28.6321.47 Gold 
Stig WashburnWestminster, MAMale 65-69Hi Neighbor 3Yellow29.8325.34 Gold 

S = Snowboard (-20)
T = Telemark (-13)