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Bristol Mountain

Jan 8th, 2020
Wednesday Night
not provided

Series: Rohrbachs Challenge Cup
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 4
Par Time

Results for Jan 8th, 2020 - Wednesday Night

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Dave AntonFarmington, NYMale 45-49Team 3Yellow32.3647.49 Bronze 
Barbara BallNaples, NYFemale 55-59Team 9Yellow25.4616.04 Platinum 
Tyler BallNaples, NYMale 21-29Team 9Yellow24.3010.76 Gold 
Pat BeaumontVictor, NYFemale 60-64Team 9Yellow30.1537.42 Gold 
Dan BlaziackFairport, NYMale 30-34Team 3Yellow27.7626.53 Silver 
James BurgerCanandaigua, NYMale 60-64Team 2Yellow26.3920.28 Gold 
Peter CareyPenfield, NYMale 60-64Team 8Yellow29.9336.42 Silver 
Pamela Cooper-VinceRochester, NYFemale 65-69Team 6Yellow39.3579.35 Bronze 
Peter Del ColRochester, NYMale 21-29Team 3Yellow22.261.46 Platinum 
Alan DeweyAlfred Station, NYMale 50-54Team 8Yellow28.7531.04 Silver 
Kenneth ElkoCanandaigua, NYMale 60-64Team 10Yellow27.4825.25 Gold 
Jennifer FrazerFemale 45-49Team 5Yellow27.2224.07 Gold 
Kent FrielMendon, NYMale 45-49Team 4Yellow23.878.80 Platinum 
 Bill FugeCanandaigua, NYMale 70-74Team 7Yellow27.7826.62 Gold 
Magan FullerCanandaigua, NYFemale 30-34Team 7Yellow27.5625.62 Gold 
Ryan FullerCanandaigua, NYMale 35-39Team 3Yellow24.6012.12 Gold 
Steven FullerMale 30-34Team 7Yellow22.472.42 Platinum 
Ethan GardnerVictor, NYMale 21-29Team 8Yellow28.0327.76 Silver 
Troy GoldiePittsford, NYMale 45-49Team 4Yellow26.3320.01 Silver 
Zack HallatCanandaigua, NYMale 21-29Team 8Yellow28.0627.89 Silver 
Allen HarterCanandaigua, NYMale 65-69Team 7Yellow31.0141.34 Silver 
Krister HarterCanandaigua, NYFemale 35-39Team 7Yellow28.0827.99 Gold 
Sigga HauksdottirCONESUS, NYFemale 55-59Team 10Yellow26.0418.69 Platinum 
 Tiffany HilbertWebster, NYFemale 50-54Team 2Yellow25.0113.99 Platinum 
Kevin HoggBristol, NYMale 65-69Team 5Yellow48.59121.47 S* - 
Gregory JohnstonRochester, NYMale 70-74Team 2Yellow30.4738.88 Silver 
Carl LloydFairport, NYMale 70-74Team 2Yellow29.4334.14 Gold 
 Alexander MacurWebster, NYMale 55-59Team 8Yellow34.6457.89 Bronze 
Robb MannHoneoye, NYMale 50-54Yellow26.3820.24 Gold 
Kevin O'DonoghueAvon, NYMale 60-64Team 1Yellow25.1214.49 Platinum 
Mike OBrienWebster, NYMale 55-59Team 3Yellow32.2747.08 Bronze 
 Gae OrsiniMendon, NYFemale 50-54Team 1Yellow23.898.89 Platinum 
Jared OsborneNaples, NYMale 40-44Team 1Yellow31.9545.62 Bronze 
Peter OsborneNaples, NYMale 70-74Team 1Yellow28.5029.90 Gold 
Richard ParchallBloomfield, NYMale 50-54Yellow34.5757.57 - 
Timothy PataneRochester, NYMale 55-59Team 4Yellow27.7226.34 Silver 
Monika RatnikCanandaigua, NYFemale 40-44Team 3Yellow28.8731.59 Gold 
Holly RickardWebster, NYFemale 40-44Team 4Yellow31.5143.62 Silver 
David RittenhouseHammondsport, NYMale 65-69Team 8Yellow32.4147.72 Silver 
Thomas RoganBLOOMFIELD, NYMale 50-54Team 4Yellow24.5211.76 Platinum 
Stephen RosenbloomROCHESTER, NYMale 55-59Yellow25.5816.59 Gold 
Bruce D RoweRochester, NYMale 55-59Team 2Yellow24.9813.86 Platinum 
Greg SarkisHoneoye Falls, NYMale 55-59Team 1Yellow22.723.56 Platinum 
John SchantzRochester, NYMale 55-59Team 2Yellow23.446.84 Platinum 
Tom SchlaeferCanandaigua, NYMale 55-59Team 5Yellow32.0846.22 S* Silver 
David SchlosserFarmington, NYMale 50-54Team 7Yellow28.3929.40 Silver 
Eric SertleRochester, NYMale 50-54Yellow23.225.83 Platinum 
Steve SladePenfield, NYMale 60-64Team 5Yellow26.4220.42 Gold 
Cody SoperCanandaigua, NYMale 21-29Team 9Yellow24.5011.67 Gold 
Murphy SwainVictor, NYMale 21-29Team 9Yellow23.687.93 Platinum 
 Lynn ThomasPittsford, NYFemale 45-49Team 10Yellow24.7212.67 Platinum 
Andy ThompsonPittsford, NYMale 55-59Team 6Yellow25.3615.59 Platinum 
John VyverbergRochester, NYMale 65-69Team 9Yellow26.5320.92 Gold 
Calvin WallaceCanandaigua, NYMale 70-74Team 1Yellow35.8263.26 Bronze 
David WalshRochester, NYMale 65-69Team 6Yellow31.2942.62 Silver 
Mark WolcottPittsford, NYMale 55-59Team 4Yellow24.4611.49 Platinum 

S = Snowboard (-20)