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Mar 31st, 2019
Daily NASTAR 2
sunny and clear

Par Time

Results for Mar 31st, 2019 - Daily NASTAR 2

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Austin AtenPark City, UTYellow16.6922.36 Gold 
Nick BalanPark City, UTYellow15.7815.69 Gold 
Grace BerghornDuluth, MNBlue22.6362.57 Gold 
Lily BerkmanPark City, UTBlue19.9843.53 Gold 
Aidan BizircaPark City, UTYellow23.3571.19 Bronze 
Jackson BledsoePark City, UTYellow20.2848.68 Platinum 
Joey BledsoePark City, UTBlue19.3338.86 Bronze 
Isabella BobrowskyPeoa, UTBlue22.8964.44 Bronze 
Daphne BoteroPark City, UTYellow20.4950.22 Silver 
Mary BowdenHouston, TXBlue22.7363.29 Bronze 
Thomas BowdenHouston, TXBlue24.7077.44 Bronze 
William BowdenPark City, UTYellow25.9290.03 Silver 
Devrin Carlson-smithPark City, UTBlue18.9135.85 Bronze 
Nico Carlson-smithPark City, UTYellow18.9739.08 Gold 
 Anabelle ClarkPark City, UTBlue20.3946.48 Gold 
Aven CobblePark City, UTBlue20.8049.43 Platinum 
Quinn CobblePark City, UTYellow27.1498.97 Silver 
Mike CrassGaston, ORYellow17.0825.22 Silver 
Charlie De CarvlhoPark City, UTBlue19.4339.58 Gold 
Hank DonnellyPark City, UTBlue20.1744.90 Gold 
Tess DonnellyPark City, UTBlue21.2452.59 Silver 
Stevie FederPark City, UTYellow20.0146.70 Silver 
Coby FikePark City, UTYellow25.4086.22 Silver 
Holland FikePark City, UTBlue24.7177.51 Silver 
Lea GlassPark City, UTBlueDNF-  
Sydney GlassPark City, UTBlue31.32125.00 - 
Adley GramannPark City, UTBlue19.3138.72 Platinum 
Lance GramannPark City, UTBlue18.6033.62 Silver 
Paul GruberSalt Lake City, UTYellow17.5828.89 T* Gold 
Cj HaerterPark City, UTYellow26.8496.77 F* - 
Sarah HartungSalt Lake City, UTBlue31.80128.45 - 
Adrian HembreeRichmond, TXYellow23.1970.01 S* - 
Christian HermosilloStafford, TXBlue25.4082.47 S* - 
Cadence HilderbrandPark City, UTBlue17.3424.57 Gold 
Rick HodgeWindham, NYBlue16.8821.26 Gold 
Amy HoytPark City, UTYellow16.9724.41 Silver 
Diego Ize CedilloPark City, UTYellow17.7830.35 Gold 
Paulina Ize CedilloPark City, UTYellow20.0647.07 Gold 
Diego Ize LudlowPark City, UTBlue19.7141.59 Bronze 
Morgan JangerMarina Del Rey, CAYellow20.3849.41 - 
Feren JohnsonPark City, UTYellow19.4842.82 Gold 
Odin JohnsonPark City, UTYellow29.93119.43 - 
Madison KaisermanPark City, UTBlue17.3624.71 Gold 
Adam KarrLaguna Hills, CABlue17.1923.49 Silver 
Bronson KarrLaguna Hills, CABlue29.07108.84 Silver 
Hayden KarrLaguna Hills, CAYellow18.4935.56 Gold 
Logan KarrLaguna Hills, CAYellow22.7366.64 Silver 
Makenna KarrLaguna Hills, CAYellow25.5987.61 Silver 
Rich KellyRichmond, TXBlue24.9979.53 S* - 
Claire KlattPark City, UTBlueDSQ-  
James KowalskiHeber City, UTBlue27.1595.04 - 
Lincoln LarsonPark City, UTBlue20.7549.07 Silver 
Wyatt ListerPark City, UTBlue17.5826.29 Gold 
Aaron LordRandolph, UTBlue17.3324.50 Silver 
Keller McCoyPark City, UTYellow17.9831.82 Gold 
Peter McCoySandy, UTBlue19.3839.22 Bronze 
Reid McCurdyPark City, UTBlue19.4539.73 Gold 
Jack McFawnPark City, UTBlue20.5447.56 Platinum 
Jake MetzgerPark City, UTBlue19.7641.95 Gold 
Wes MetzgerPark City, UTBlue24.9979.53 Silver 
Elizabeth MillerPark City, UTBlue19.8942.89 Gold 
William MillerPark City, UTYellow20.4850.15 - 
Callie MorganPark City, UTBlueDSQ-  
John NicolPark City, UTYellow19.7144.50 Gold 
Lillian NicolPark City, UTBlue19.8942.89 Gold 
Ryder NicolasPark City, UTBlue28.25102.95 Silver 
Evie OlesenSalt Lake City, UTYellow19.2240.91 Gold 
Jeff OlesenSalt Lake City, UTBlue20.6148.06 Bronze 
Colin PadgettPark City, UTYellow19.3041.50 Bronze 
Winston PapangkornSalt Lake City, UTBlue26.6791.59 - 
Audrey PaskinsPark City, UTYellow37.74176.69 - 
Leonardo PenuelaHouston, TXYellow26.2492.38 S* - 
Kris PotaskyKamas, UTYellow18.8538.20 Gold 
Noah RogersKamas, UTYellow21.7959.75 Bronze 
Sierra ScanlanPark City, UTBlue16.6519.61 Platinum 
Kylie ShobePark City, UTBlue20.5947.92 Gold 
Nolan SmahaPark City, UTYellow42.95214.88 - 
Kelton SmitHeber City, UTBlue19.0536.85 Bronze 
Claudia SmithKamas, UTYellow26.4794.06 Silver 
Douglas SmithKamas, UTBlue18.9035.78 Gold 
Harrison SmithPark City, UTYellow21.2555.79 Gold 
Nicholas SmithKamas, UTBlue16.7920.62 Silver 
Axel SolanderBlue19.8842.82 Gold 
Meg StonePark City, UTBlue17.4125.07 Silver 
Kate StonerPark City, UTBlue19.0837.07 Gold 
Simone StraderPark City, UTYellow17.3427.13 Gold 
Colton SwearingenPark City, UTYellow15.4613.34 Gold 
Jim SydneySugar Land, TXBlue24.2874.43 S* - 
Christine TirannoPark City, UTBlue25.0079.60 - 
Donovan TolyPark City, UTYellow23.7774.27 Silver 
Brocton UmsteadPark City, UTYellow21.6758.87 Bronze 
Rob UmsteadArroyo Seco, NMBlue16.2716.88 Gold 
Olivia VallieresPark City, UTBlue30.43118.61 Bronze 
Zachary VallieresPark City, UTYellow19.4042.23 Platinum 
Andrew WentzPark City, UTBlue20.1544.76 Gold 
Sydney WentzPark City, UTYellow22.1062.02 Silver 
Pfeiffer WestPark City, UTBlue24.3975.22 Gold 
Dane WhiteSullivans Island, SCBlue32.27131.82 S* - 
Chloe WhitneyYellow19.1040.03 Platinum 
Finn WhitneyPark City, UTYellow18.7837.68 Gold 
Boji WongPark City, UTBlue21.2952.95 Bronze 
Eliana WongWalnut, CABlue21.3653.45 Gold 
Timothy WongWalnut, CAYellow17.2926.76 Platinum 
William YoungtokHolladay, UTYellow18.9839.15 Gold 

T = Telemark (-13)
F = Adaptive Alpine: Cognitive Disability (-35)
S = Snowboard (-20)