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Park City Mountain Resort

Mar 30th, 2019
Spring...sunny, showers and awesome!
Epic Promise Race day!

Par Time

Results for Mar 30th, 2019 - Daily NASTAR

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Lindsay ArthursFemale 18-20EpicYellow18.2124.90 F* Platinum 
Jeffrey BakerPittsburgh, PAMale 35-39EpicBlue20.3136.58 Bronze 
Brad BarrettPark City, UTMale 45-49Blue31.95114.86 F* - 
Kira BerkmanPark City, UTFemale 6-7Blue25.1168.86 Silver 
Rachel BigatelPARK CITY, UTFemale 18-20Yellow18.4026.20 Silver 
Jonathan BrainPark City, UTMale 12-13Yellow16.7915.16 Platinum 
Kaia BricksonPark City, UTFemale 12-13RowmarkYellow17.7922.02 Platinum 
Duncan BurnsPark City, UTMale 45-49EpicYellow16.4512.83 Platinum 
Elise BushKamas, UTFemale 18-20Yellow19.1531.34 Silver 
Collin CampbellPark City, UTMale 12-13Blue18.3323.27 Gold 
Andrea CarboneNORWALK, CTFemale 30-34Blue20.5438.13 Silver 
Ella CarlsonPark City, UTFemale 8-9Yellow22.5554.66 Silver 
jason CarrierWakefield, MAMale 21-29Yellow20.7442.25 Bronze 
Christopher CarterPark City, UTMale 50-54EpicBlue19.8533.49 Silver 
Morgan CarterPark City, UTFemale 12-13Blue18.8927.03 Gold 
Sarah CarterDover, MAFemale 35-39EpicBlue21.7946.54 Silver 
Tim CarterMale 16-17Blue21.2242.70 Bronze 
 Anabelle ClarkPark City, UTFemale 8-9Blue22.5451.58 Gold 
Bill CopanWilliamsburg, VAMale 60-64BlueDNF-  
Brooke CopingaSalt Lake City, UTFemale 10-11RowmarkYellow19.6534.77 Gold 
Brynn CopingaSalt Lake City, UTFemale 8-9RowmarkYellow22.1151.65 Gold 
Sean CroninPark City, UTMale 40-44EpicYellow16.3512.14 Platinum 
Beth CummingsPark City, UTFemale 45-49Yellow20.9443.62 Silver 
Courtney CummingsPark City, UTFemale 8-9Yellow22.7155.76 Silver 
Scott CummmingsPark City, UTMale 45-49Blue23.5158.10 - 
Henry CunninghamSandy, UTMale 12-13RowmarkYellow17.7321.60 Gold 
Will DamicoSalt Lake City, UTMale 12-13RowmarkBlue19.4430.73 Gold 
Andrei DanPark City, UTMale 16-17RowmarkYellow15.727.82 Platinum 
Max de CarvalhoPark City, UTMale 14-15Yellow20.1638.27 Silver 
Charlie De CarvlhoPark City, UTMale 10-11Blue20.8039.88 Gold 
Megan DingmanPark City, UTFemale 21-29RowmarkYellow16.9916.53 Gold 
Elle DonohueChicago, ILFemale 12-13EpicYellow22.1151.65 Silver 
Michael DonohueMale 50-54EpicYellow19.0630.73 Silver 
Eric Dooley-feldmanSalt Lake City, UTMale 30-34RowmarkYellow17.0617.01 Silver 
Richard DouglasEden, UTMale 40-44RowmarkYellow17.0416.87 Gold 
Leonard EllisNew York, NYMale 50-54Yellow20.6341.50 Bronze 
Natasha EllisNew York, NYFemale 12-13Yellow21.9850.75 Silver 
Erika EndlichPark City, UTFemale 6-7Blue31.41111.23 Bronze 
Vaughn FeatherstonePark City, UTMale 12-13Blue23.2956.62 F* Gold 
Leo FinkPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow22.9157.13 Silver 
Merrick FlygarePleasant View, UTMale 21-29Yellow17.2818.52 Silver 
Kitty FriedmanPark City, UTFemale 45-49Yellow17.7121.47 Platinum 
Molly FriedmanPark City, UTFemale 12-13RowmarkBlue17.7819.57 Platinum 
Peter FriedmanWeatogue, CTMale 45-49RowmarkBlue21.0141.29 Bronze 
Dalin GreenwellPark City, UTMale 14-15Yellow30.17106.93 F* - 
Michael GrossniklausPark City, UTMale 12-13Yellow16.9816.46 Platinum 
Cj HaerterPark City, UTMale 14-15Yellow26.2479.97 F* Bronze 
Andrew HanrahanSalt Lake City, UTMale 8-9RowmarkYellow17.7721.88 Platinum 
Chris HanrahanSalt Lake City, UTMale 45-49RowmarkYellow16.7214.68 Gold 
Megan HanrahanSalt Lake City, UTFemale 45-49RowmarkBlue19.2529.46 Gold 
Cathy HealdLookout Mountain, GAFemale 8-9Blue30.01101.82 - 
Lucy HealdLookout Mountain, GAFemale 8-9Yellow29.45101.99 - 
Paul HeronPark City, UTMale 50-54EpicBlue18.5024.41 Silver 
Penny HietalaNorthfield, MNFemale 35-39RowmarkYellow18.0323.66 Gold 
Dean HijjawiHolladay, UTMale 12-13RowmarkYellow19.2532.03 Gold 
Hannah HijjawiHolladay, UTFemale 8-9RowmarkYellow19.7435.39 Platinum 
Layla HijjawiSalt Lake City, UTFemale 14-15RowmarkBlue18.3523.40 Gold 
Sophia HijjawiHolladay, UTMale 10-11RowmarkBlue18.9627.51 Gold 
Jack HoffmanEden Prairie, MNMale 10-11RowmarkBlue17.8319.91 Platinum 
Siena HoganPark City, UTFemale 8-9Yellow20.6841.84 Gold 
Alejandro HostarPark City, UTMale 30-34Yellow16.0910.36 Gold 
Morgan JacquinPark City, UTFemale 12-13RowmarkBlue18.4023.74 Platinum 
Ava JenningsHeber City, UTFemale 16-17Blue46.30211.37 F* - 
Andrew KrejciPark City, UTMale 1-5Blue24.4564.43 Gold 
Peter KrejciPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow23.5661.59 Silver 
Connor KristensenPark City, UTMale 40-44Blue21.8346.81 F* Platinum 
Aj LangfordPark City, UTFemale 30-34Blue18.4323.94 Gold 
Clyde LarsenSalt Lake City, UTMale 8-9RowmarkBlue21.9647.68 Gold 
Kendra LarsonPacifica, CAFemale 10-11RowmarkBlue21.8346.81 Silver 
Tobias LarsonSalt Lake City, UTMale 45-49RowmarkYellow18.2825.38 Silver 
Joseph LennonPark City, UTMale 10-11RowmarkYellow17.6120.78 Platinum 
Abbie LernerPark City, UTFemale 8-9Yellow21.5848.01 Gold 
Carter LouchheimPark City, UTMale 16-17RowmarkYellow15.939.26 Platinum 
Odin LundstamHeber City, UTMale 14-15Blue19.6031.81 Silver 
Caroline McKechniePark City, UTFemale 21-29Yellow20.3539.57 Silver 
Eiton MilaniChicago, ILMale 12-13Blue23.0354.88 Bronze 
Kaysche MilesFemale 18-20Yellow31.64117.01 F* - 
Ainsley MooreSalt Lake City, UTFemale 12-13RowmarkYellow22.1451.85 Silver 
Jameson MooreSalt Lake City, UTMale 8-9RowmarkYellow20.1738.34 Gold 
Mikelle MooreSalt Lake City, UTFemale 45-49RowmarkYellow26.5482.03 - 
Heber MorseSandy, UTMale 21-29Blue30.11102.49 K* Silver 
Ellie NicholsPark City, UTFemale 16-17RowmarkBlue17.5217.82 Gold 
Lillian NicolPark City, UTFemale 8-9Blue21.1842.43 Gold 
Carl NobleSalt Lake City, UTMale 21-29RowmarkBlue17.1015.00 Gold 
Caroline NolanPark City, UTFemale 12-13Blue24.4164.16 Bronze 
Lucy NolanPark City, UTFemale 12-13RowmarkYellow18.3425.79 Gold 
Darshan PaniSandy, UTMale 10-11RowmarkYellow19.8536.15 Gold 
Mitchell PosinLas Vegas, NVMale 60-64Blue21.3043.24 Silver 
Erik PostnieksPark City, UTMale 50-54RowmarkBlue21.7146.00 S* Silver 
Lukas PostnieksPark City, UTMale 10-11RowmarkYellow17.5420.30 Platinum 
Marissa PriceSouth Ogden, UTFemale 10-11Yellow18.4826.75 Platinum 
Troy PriceSouth Ogden, UTMale 40-44RowmarkYellow16.4312.69 Platinum 
Frances ReaganSalt Lake City, UTMale 45-49RowmarkYellow19.2431.96 Silver 
Griffen RogersSammamish, WAMale 12-13Blue17.6818.90 Platinum 
Wylie RothwellPark City, UTFemale 8-9Blue22.2449.56 Gold 
Anthony SaundersAuburn, MAMale 70-74EpicBlue23.2256.15 Bronze 
Boston ScottSouth Jordan, UTMale 10-11Yellow27.8691.08 - 
Easton ScottSouth Jordan, UTMale 8-9Blue23.8560.39 Silver 
Carter SearsPark City, UTMale 14-15Yellow17.4819.89 Gold 
Brady ShermanSalt Lake City, UTMale 40-44Yellow16.7414.81 Gold 
Xavier ShermanPark City, UTFemale 8-9Blue21.1242.03 Gold 
Nicolas SibleyPark City, UTMale 12-13Blue18.3323.27 Gold 
Julianna SignorPark City, UTFemale 18-20Blue20.8240.01 Bronze 
Kent SpittlerHeber City, UTMale 60-64EpicYellow21.7849.38 Bronze 
James SteelePark City, UTMale 8-9Blue20.2736.31 Gold 
Jim SteeleBig Sky, MTMale 60-64Yellow20.4840.47 Silver 
EMMA STEPHENSPARK CITY, UTMale 21-29Blue17.9020.38 Silver 
Meg StonePark City, UTMale 55-59Yellow18.8229.08 Silver 
James StonerPark City, UTMale 6-7Blue24.4464.36 Silver 
Johathon TannenbaumMale 21-29Blue20.3736.99 Bronze 
Aydin TasevacMale 21-29Yellow17.6020.71 Silver 
Jamie ThomasPark City, UTMale 55-59EpicYellow16.0510.08 Platinum 
Kathleen ThomasPark City, UTFemale 55-59EpicYellow18.3225.65 Platinum 
Niklas TogninaSalt Lake City, UTMale 8-9RowmarkYellow20.1838.41 Gold 
Will WalshPark City, UTMale 12-13Yellow17.7521.74 Gold 
James WarnePhoenix, AZMale 21-29EpicYellow16.6113.92 Gold 
Morgan WarnerPark City, UTMale 21-29Blue31.60112.51 F* - 
Pfeiffer WestPark City, UTMale 1-5Yellow25.0872.02 Gold 
Sean Patrick WhitakerPark City, UTMale 12-13Blue18.0721.52 Gold 
Dane WhiteSullivans Island, SCMale 50-54EpicBlue36.40144.79 S* - 
Chloe WhitneyFemale 6-7Blue20.2235.98 Platinum 
Kevin WilliamsPark City, UTMale 40-44RowmarkYellow19.3332.58 Silver 
Wyatt WilliamsPark City, UTMale 8-9RowmarkBlue19.2029.12 Platinum 
Boji WongPark City, UTFemale 40-44Yellow26.5582.10 - 
Eliana WongWalnut, CAFemale 8-9Blue25.0568.46 Silver 
Timothy WongWalnut, CAMale 10-11Yellow17.7421.67 Platinum 
Kiley YeakelWashington, DCFemale 21-29EpicBlue20.9140.62 Bronze 
William YoungtokHolladay, UTMale 8-9RowmarkYellow18.7428.53 Platinum 
Jack ZippNew York, NYMale 12-13RowmarkYellow17.5420.30 Platinum 

F = Adaptive Alpine: Cognitive Disability (-35)
K = Adaptive Snowboard: Cognitive Disability (-75)
S = Snowboard (-20)