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Mar 30th, 2019
Spring...sunny, showers and awesome!
Epic Promise Race day!

Par Time

Results for Mar 30th, 2019 - Daily NASTAR

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Lindsay ArthursEpicYellow18.2124.90 Platinum 
Jeffrey BakerPittsburgh, PAEpicBlue20.3136.58 Bronze 
Brad BarrettPark City, UTBlue31.95114.86 F* - 
Kira BerkmanPark City, UTBlue25.1168.86 Silver 
Rachel BigatelPARK CITY, UTYellow18.4026.20 Silver 
Jonathan BrainPark City, UTYellow16.7915.16 Platinum 
Kaia BricksonPark City, UTRowmarkYellow17.7922.02 Platinum 
Duncan BurnsPark City, UTEpicYellow16.4512.83 Platinum 
Elise BushKamas, UTYellow19.1531.34 Silver 
Collin CampbellPark City, UTBlue18.3323.27 Gold 
Andrea CarboneNORWALK, CTBlue20.5438.13 Silver 
Ella CarlsonPark City, UTYellow22.5554.66 Silver 
jason CarrierWakefield, MAYellow20.7442.25 Bronze 
Christopher CarterPark City, UTEpicBlue19.8533.49 Silver 
Morgan CarterPark City, UTBlue18.8927.03 Gold 
Sarah CarterDover, MAEpicBlue21.7946.54 Silver 
Tim CarterBlue21.2242.70 Bronze 
 Anabelle ClarkPark City, UTBlue22.5451.58 Gold 
Bill CopanWilliamsburg, VABlueDNF-  
Brooke CopingaSalt Lake City, UTRowmarkYellow19.6534.77 Gold 
Brynn CopingaSalt Lake City, UTRowmarkYellow22.1151.65 Gold 
Sean CroninEpicYellow16.3512.14 Platinum 
Beth CummingsPark City, UTYellow20.9443.62 Silver 
Courtney CummingsPark City, UTYellow22.7155.76 Silver 
Scott CummmingsPark City, UTBlue23.5158.10 - 
Henry CunninghamSandy, UTRowmarkYellow17.7321.60 Gold 
Will DamicoSalt Lake City, UTRowmarkBlue19.4430.73 Gold 
Andrei DanPark City, UTRowmarkYellow15.727.82 Platinum 
Max de CarvalhoPark City, UTYellow20.1638.27 Silver 
Charlie De CarvlhoPark City, UTBlue20.8039.88 Gold 
Megan DingmanPark City, UTRowmarkYellow16.9916.53 Gold 
Elle DonohueChicago, ILEpicYellow22.1151.65 Silver 
Michael DonohueEpicYellow19.0630.73 Silver 
Eric Dooley-feldmanSalt Lake City, UTRowmarkYellow17.0617.01 Silver 
Richard DouglasEden, UTRowmarkYellow17.0416.87 Gold 
Leonard EllisNew York, NYYellow20.6341.50 Bronze 
Natasha EllisNew York, NYYellow21.9850.75 Silver 
Erika EndlichPark City, UTBlue31.41111.23 Bronze 
Vaughn FeatherstoneSouth Jordan, UTBlue23.2956.62 F* Gold 
Leo FinkPark City, UTYellow22.9157.13 Silver 
Merrick FlygarePleasant View, UTYellow17.2818.52 Silver 
Kitty FriedmanPark City, UTYellow17.7121.47 Platinum 
Molly FriedmanPark City, UTRowmarkBlue17.7819.57 Platinum 
Peter FriedmanWeatogue, CTRowmarkBlue21.0141.29 Bronze 
Dalin GreenwellPark City, UTYellow30.17106.93 F* - 
Michael GrossniklausPark City, UTYellow16.9816.46 Platinum 
Cj HaerterPark City, UTYellow26.2479.97 F* Bronze 
Andrew HanrahanSalt Lake City, UTRowmarkYellow17.7721.88 Platinum 
Chris HanrahanSalt Lake City, UTRowmarkYellow16.7214.68 Gold 
Megan HanrahanSalt Lake City, UTRowmarkBlue19.2529.46 Gold 
Cathy HealdLookout Mountain, GABlue30.01101.82 - 
Lucy HealdLookout Mountain, GAYellow29.45101.99 - 
Paul HeronPark City, UTEpicBlue18.5024.41 Silver 
Penny HietalaNorthfield, MNRowmarkYellow18.0323.66 Gold 
Dean HijjawiHolladay, UTRowmarkYellow19.2532.03 Gold 
Hannah HijjawiHolladay, UTRowmarkYellow19.7435.39 Platinum 
Layla HijjawiSalt Lake City, UTRowmarkBlue18.3523.40 Gold 
Sophia HijjawiHolladay, UTRowmarkBlue18.9627.51 Gold 
Jack HoffmanEden Prairie, MNRowmarkBlue17.8319.91 Platinum 
Siena HoganPark City, UTYellow20.6841.84 Gold 
Alejandro HostarPark City, UTYellow16.0910.36 Gold 
Morgan JacquinPark City, UTRowmarkBlue18.4023.74 Platinum 
Ava JenningsHeber City, UTBlue46.30211.37 F* - 
Andrew KrejciPark City, UTBlue24.4564.43 Gold 
Peter KrejciPark City, UTYellow23.5661.59 Silver 
Connor KristensenPark City, UTBlue21.8346.81 Platinum 
Aj LangfordPark City, UTBlue18.4323.94 Gold 
Clyde LarsenSalt Lake City, UTRowmarkBlue21.9647.68 Gold 
Kendra LarsonPacifica, CARowmarkBlue21.8346.81 Silver 
Tobias LarsonSalt Lake City, UTRowmarkYellow18.2825.38 Silver 
Joseph LennonPark City, UTRowmarkYellow17.6120.78 Platinum 
Abbie LernerPark City, UTYellow21.5848.01 Gold 
Carter LouchheimPark City, UTRowmarkYellow15.939.26 Platinum 
Odin LundstamHeber City, UTBlue19.6031.81 Silver 
Caroline McKechniePark City, UTYellow20.3539.57 Silver 
Eiton MilaniChicago, ILBlue23.0354.88 Bronze 
Kaysche MilesYellow31.64117.01 F* - 
Ainsley MooreSalt Lake City, UTRowmarkYellow22.1451.85 Silver 
Jameson MooreSalt Lake City, UTRowmarkYellow20.1738.34 Gold 
Mikelle MooreSalt Lake City, UTRowmarkYellow26.5482.03 - 
Heber MorseSandy, UTBlue30.11102.49 K* Silver 
Ellie NicholsPark City, UTRowmarkBlue17.5217.82 Gold 
Lillian NicolPark City, UTBlue21.1842.43 Gold 
Carl NobleSalt Lake City, UTRowmarkBlue17.1015.00 Gold 
Caroline NolanPark City, UTBlue24.4164.16 Bronze 
Lucy NolanPark City, UTRowmarkYellow18.3425.79 Gold 
Darshan PaniSandy, UTRowmarkYellow19.8536.15 Gold 
Mitchell PosinLas Vegas, NVBlue21.3043.24 Silver 
Erik PostnieksPark City, UTRowmarkBlue21.7146.00 S* Silver 
Lukas PostnieksPark City, UTRowmarkYellow17.5420.30 Platinum 
Marissa PriceSouth Ogden, UTYellow18.4826.75 Platinum 
Troy PriceSouth Ogden, UTRowmarkYellow16.4312.69 Platinum 
Frances ReaganSalt Lake City, UTRowmarkYellow19.2431.96 Silver 
Griffen RogersSammamish, WABlue17.6818.90 Platinum 
Wylie RothwellPark City, UTBlue22.2449.56 Gold 
Anthony SaundersAuburn, MAEpicBlue23.2256.15 Bronze 
Boston ScottSouth Jordan, UTYellow27.8691.08 - 
Easton ScottSouth Jordan, UTBlue23.8560.39 Silver 
Carter SearsPark City, UTYellow17.4819.89 Gold 
Brady ShermanSalt Lake City, UTYellow16.7414.81 Gold 
Xavier ShermanPark City, UTBlue21.1242.03 Gold 
Nicolas SibleyPark City, UTBlue18.3323.27 Gold 
Julianna SignorPark City, UTBlue20.8240.01 Bronze 
Kent SpittlerHeber City, UTEpicYellow21.7849.38 Bronze 
James SteelePark City, UTBlue20.2736.31 Gold 
Jim SteeleBig Sky, MTYellow20.4840.47 Silver 
EMMA STEPHENSPARK CITY, UTBlue17.9020.38 Silver 
Meg StonePark City, UTYellow18.8229.08 Silver 
James StonerPark City, UTBlue24.4464.36 Silver 
Johathon TannenbaumBlue20.3736.99 Bronze 
Aydin TasevacYellow17.6020.71 Silver 
Jamie ThomasPark City, UTEpicYellow16.0510.08 Platinum 
Kathleen ThomasPark City, UTEpicYellow18.3225.65 Platinum 
Niklas TogninaSalt Lake City, UTRowmarkYellow20.1838.41 Gold 
Will WalshPark City, UTYellow17.7521.74 Gold 
James WarnePhoenix, AZEpicYellow16.6113.92 Gold 
Morgan WarnerPark City, UTBlue31.60112.51 F* - 
Pfeiffer WestPark City, UTYellow25.0872.02 Gold 
Sean Patrick WhitakerPark City, UTBlue18.0721.52 Gold 
Dane WhiteSullivans Island, SCEpicBlue36.40144.79 S* - 
Chloe WhitneyBlue20.2235.98 Platinum 
Kevin WilliamsPark City, UTRowmarkYellow19.3332.58 Silver 
Wyatt WilliamsPark City, UTRowmarkBlue19.2029.12 Platinum 
Boji WongPark City, UTYellow26.5582.10 - 
Eliana WongWalnut, CABlue25.0568.46 Silver 
Timothy WongWalnut, CAYellow17.7421.67 Platinum 
Kiley YeakelWashington, DCEpicBlue20.9140.62 Bronze 
William YoungtokHolladay, UTRowmarkYellow18.7428.53 Platinum 
Jack ZippNew York, NYRowmarkYellow17.5420.30 Platinum 

F = Adaptive Alpine: Cognitive Disability (-35)
K = Adaptive Snowboard: Cognitive Disability (-75)
S = Snowboard (-20)