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Feb 5th, 2019
Pats Peak Corporate Race Tuesday Week 5
not provided

Series: Pats Peak Corporate Tuesday
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 5
Par Time

John Spooner (suit)
John Spooner (suit)
Results for Feb 5th, 2019 - Pats Peak Corporate Race Tuesday Week 5

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Andrew AngioneGoffstown, NHSG BlackBlue35.2719.40 Silver 
Bobby ArnoldBow, NHYukon JacksBlue41.2939.78 Silver 
Hans BakerConcord, NHYUPBlue36.3723.12 Silver 
Scott BillingsManchester, NHSG BlackYellow33.6813.25 Platinum 
Kathleen BoltonBedford, NHThe Speeding DeansBlue36.5623.76 Silver 
Paul BusbyAtkinson, NHYukon JacksBlue36.0422.00 Silver 
Emily CarriggWeare, NHThe Speeding DeansBlue1:20.51172.55 S* - 
Kevin CarrollStrafford, NHNocturnal Ski MissionsBlue37.6727.52 Silver 
Kelly CiardelliMilford, NHHanging OnYellow47.6960.36 Bronze 
Ian ClarkGoffstown, NHYukon JacksBlue36.1822.48 Silver 
Mark ClarkGoffstown, NHYukon JacksBlue39.9835.34 Silver 
Perry CraverGilford, NHDeans Of SpeedBlue32.409.68 Gold 
Tom DemaraisAmherst, NHTuckin TylersYellow46.4156.05 Bronze 
Ryan DesmaraisAmherst, NHTuckin TylersYellow39.6633.36 Bronze 
Dale DewispelaereNew London, NHBamboo CrashersYellow37.0624.61 Gold 
Rob DienerWeare, NHAllegbro MicroboardersYellow49.5366.54 S* Bronze 
Kiley DonohueDerry, NHGate JammersYellow51.5773.40 - 
Matthew FentrossManchester, NHTuckin TylersYellow44.4749.53 - 
Ian FergusonKeene, NHSG RedYellow46.9557.87 Bronze 
Thomas FilipKeene, NHSG RedBlue35.9221.60 Silver 
Jason FillionAmherst, NHAvalanche BreakdownBlue45.0952.64 - 
Austen FurnessHenniker, NHBamboo CrashersBlue34.9918.45 Silver 
Shawn GiltzSG BlueYellow35.3618.90 Gold 
Jay GoodellBamboo CrashersYellow32.378.84 Platinum 
Greg GormanManchester, NHYukon JacksBlue32.9811.65 Gold 
Jamie GranthamSalem, NHFSGYellow33.5912.95 Gold 
James GrussingManchester, NHSG BlueYellow37.6426.56 Silver 
Billy HalberstadtSomersworth, NHFSGYellow31.957.43 Platinum 
Keith HanatowKeene, NHSG RedYellow36.0021.05 Silver 
Parker HanselKeene, NHSG BlackYellow38.5429.59 Gold 
Michael HaynesManchester, NHDeans Of SpeedYellow37.9827.71 Silver 
Drew HefflefingerNashua, NHTuckin TylersYellow35.2418.49 Silver 
Bob HillMarlborough, NHFSGYellow31.134.67 Platinum 
Joseph HollinsSalem, NHAllegbro MicroboardersYellow49.4966.41 S* Bronze 
Marc HopkinsManchester, NHThe Speeding DeansBlue41.3539.98 T* Silver 
Tim HorganManchester, NHTuckin TylersBlue44.2449.76 - 
Jason InnerfieldAvalanche BreakdownBlue31.155.45 Platinum 
Jerry InnerfieldWeare, NHAvalanche BreakdownYellow36.0621.25 Gold 
Dennis KeonHenniker, NHNocturnal Ski MissionsYellow33.4512.47 Platinum 
David LacosteKeene, NHSG BlueYellow41.9641.09 Silver 
Steve LarmonKeene, NHSG BlueYellow35.3818.96 Platinum 
Elisabeth LarsonAmherst, NHIndividualBlue39.0632.23 Gold 
Matthew LarsonAmherst, NHHanging OnYellow36.0121.08 Silver 
Greg LernerAmherst, MAThe Speeding DeansYellow32.8910.59 Gold 
Michael LorenzoNew Boston, NHSG BlackYellow37.8827.37 Silver 
Justin MannWarner, NHNocturnal Ski MissionsYellow33.1211.37 Platinum 
Kyle McDonaldSudbury, MAYUPBlue34.0615.30 Gold 
 Dan MillsNashua, NHGate JammersBlue41.4340.25 Silver 
Robert MittelholzerGoffstown, NHLegal LimitYellow41.7240.28 Bronze 
Satoshi NakaamotoAllegbro MicroboardersYellow1:01.33106.22 - 
Mike NorrisManchester, NHDeans Of SpeedYellow36.9224.14 Gold 
Janet OgdenNHSG RedYellow43.8647.48 Silver 
Edward PearsallManchester, NHDeans Of SpeedBlue36.8824.85 Silver 
Kate PotenzaHanging OnYellow37.7727.00 Gold 
Mike PowersBedford, NHGate JammersBlue44.6651.18 S* Silver 
David RandChester, NHYUPYellow44.3349.06 Bronze 
Justin RedenteConcord, NHYUPYellow31.726.66 Platinum 
Jacqueline RheaultBow, NHNocturnal Ski MissionsYellow40.2635.37 Gold 
Wes RobichaudSandown, NHYUPBlue37.5126.98 Silver 
Larry RodmanBedford, NHNocturnal Ski MissionsBlue34.2415.91 Gold 
Joshua SapersNatick , MADeans Of SpeedBlue32.188.94 Platinum 
Ryan SerellFranconia, NHDeans Of SpeedBlue30.553.42 Platinum 
Pike SeveranceBedford, NHYUPYellow41.4339.31 Bronze 
Stephen SeversonHanover, NHFSGBlue34.0415.23 Platinum 
Ashley SheehanConcord, NHHanging OnBlue42.1742.76 Silver 
Greg SheehanConcord, NHHanging OnBlue42.3443.33 Bronze 
Timoth SitorusManchester, NHAllegbro MicroboardersYellowDSQ- S*  
Arvid SkogsholmMerrimack, NHBamboo CrashersYellow39.4932.78 Silver 
Gordon SmithBedford, NHTuckin TylersYellow36.6123.10 Gold 
Jeremy SmithConcord, NHTuckin TylersBlue39.1632.57 Silver 
Mark SousaAmherst, NHGate JammersYellow41.6740.11 D* Silver 
Chip SouthgateKeene, NHSG BlueBlue37.2726.17 Gold 
John SpoonerWeirs Beach, NHYukon JacksBlue31.727.38 Platinum 
Michael St JeanGoffstown, NHFSGYellow35.4219.10 Silver 
Jordan St. PierreWilton, NHGate JammersBlue57.6094.99 S* - 
Craig StockwellKeene, NHSG BlueBlue37.7427.76 Gold 
Jake StrattonHenniker, NHFSGBlue32.8711.27 Platinum 
Timothy SullivanDover, NHHanging OnYellow42.0141.26 Bronze 
James WhitakerAuburn, NHBamboo CrashersYellow36.8423.87 Gold 

S = Snowboard (-20)
T = Telemark (-13)
D = Adaptive Alpine: Standing (-30)