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Feb 2nd, 2019
Sunny and Blue Skies

Par Time

Results for Feb 2nd, 2019 - Daily NASTAR

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Age & Gender
Kelly ConnorsLeominster, MABlue29.0212.31 Platinum best
      Blue29.0712.50 Platinum 
John DayMedfield, MABlue29.6114.59 Gold best
      Blue29.7815.25 Gold 
 Cary GumbertWeston, MABlue29.8815.63 Gold best
      Blue30.0116.14 Gold 
Karl DoaneSpencer, MABlue30.3717.53 Silver best
Eric ChatelleHolden, MABlue30.5518.23 Silver best
Karl DoaneSpencer, MABlue30.6618.65 Silver 
Dave LieblichBlue30.7018.81 Gold best
Eric ChatelleHolden, MABlue30.7218.89 Silver 
      Blue30.7719.08 Silver 
      Blue30.9719.85 Silver 
Dave LieblichBlue31.0320.09 Gold 
Cary GumbertWeston, MABlue31.2220.82 Silver 
Eric ChatelleHolden, MABlue31.3421.28 Silver 
      Blue31.3621.36 Silver 
      Blue31.3621.36 Silver 
Bob VickowskiGardner, MABlue31.3921.48 Gold best
      Blue31.5922.25 Gold 
Eric ChatelleHolden, MABlue31.7322.79 Silver 
 Bob O'DonnellBoston, MABlue31.7422.83 Platinum best
      Blue32.1724.50 Gold 
Bob VickowskiGardner, MABlue32.3425.15 Silver 
Jeff SturgesMARLBOROUGH, MABlue32.4225.46 Gold best
Bob O'DonnellBoston, MABlue32.5125.81 Gold 
      Blue32.5325.89 Gold 
Jeff SturgesMARLBOROUGH, MABlue33.3328.99 Gold 
      Blue33.3729.14 Gold 
Abby BryantMedway, MABlue33.4229.33 Silver best
      Blue33.4829.57 Silver 
      Blue33.4929.61 Silver 
Jeff SturgesMARLBOROUGH, MABlue33.5329.76 Gold 
Rick ScarpignatoTownsend, MABlue33.5329.76 Gold best
      Blue33.5629.88 Gold 
Abby BryantMedway, MABlue33.5929.99 Silver 
Rick ScarpignatoTownsend, MABlue33.8931.15 Gold 
Nate LordNatick, MABlue33.9731.46 Gold best
Abby BryantMedway, MABlue33.9831.50 Silver 
Rick ScarpignatoTownsend, MABlue34.0231.66 Gold 
Barbara ForguesNorthborough, EnglBlue34.0931.93 Gold best
Andy PollartFoxboro, MABlue34.1432.12 Platinum best
Maude NeeleyWatertown, MABlue34.3532.93 Silver best
Cynthia GumbertWeston, MABlue34.4133.17 Gold best
Delaney RemingtonConcord, MABlue34.4433.28 Gold best
Nate LordNatick, MABlue34.6133.94 Gold 
Sandy GennaOakham, MABlue34.6334.02 Silver best
Nicky ZaragozaBlue34.7034.29 Gold best
Andy PollartFoxboro, MABlue34.7134.33 Platinum 
Cynthia GumbertWeston, MABlue34.7134.33 Gold 
Hailey LaroseHolden, MABlue34.7534.48 Gold best
Cynthia GumbertWeston, MABlue34.9135.10 Gold 
Maude NeeleyWatertown, MABlue34.9135.10 Silver 
      Blue34.9335.18 Silver 
 Sydney ZmetraDudley, MABlue35.0035.45 Gold best
Andy PollartFoxboro, MABlue35.3736.88 Gold 
Nate LordNatick, MABlue35.4237.07 Silver 
Nicky ZaragozaBlue35.5437.54 Silver 
Robert CotterBlue35.6838.08 Silver best
Maya GervitsLexington, MABlue35.7038.16 Silver best
 Alisa KhomiakovaBlue35.8138.58 Silver best
Nicky ZaragozaBlue35.8338.66 Silver 
Maude NeeleyWatertown, MABlue35.9138.97 Silver 
Andy PollartFoxboro, MABlue36.0539.51 Gold 
Meghan ArnoldLunenburg, MABlue36.1539.90 Silver best
Dylan JamesHolden, MABlue36.1639.94 Gold best
Ethan MoranCambridge, MABlue36.2440.25 Gold best
Yuli Zuker-jewhurstBrookline, MABlue36.3040.48 Gold best
Thomas CooneyRutland, MABlue36.3340.60 Silver best
Robert CotterBlue36.3740.75 Silver 
Rachel DionneLunenburg, MABlue36.5041.25 Gold best
Micah DawsonEast Greenwich, RIBlue36.6141.68 Gold best
Melinda BryantMedway, MABlue36.6441.80 Silver best
Nicky ZaragozaBlue36.6641.87 Silver 
Meghan ArnoldLunenburg, MABlue36.6641.87 Silver 
Juniper FlintConcord, MABlue36.7342.14 Gold best
      Blue36.7542.22 Gold 
Dylan JamesHolden, MABlue36.8442.57 Gold 
Fraser McBethAthol, MABlue36.8542.61 Silver best
Melinda BryantMedway, MABlue36.8642.65 Silver 
Yuli Zuker-jewhurstBrookline, MABlue36.9142.84 Gold 
Hailey LaroseHolden, MABlue36.9342.92 Silver 
Rylan ArnoldLunenburg, MABlue36.9743.07 Gold best
 Amanda AmoryWorcester, MABlue37.0543.38 Silver best
Fraser McBethAthol, MABlue37.0643.42 Silver 
Ethan MoranCambridge, MABlue37.0943.54 Silver 
Fraser McBethAthol, MABlue37.1043.58 Silver 
Elise KennedyRutland, MABlue37.1243.65 Silver best
Robert CotterBlue37.1443.73 Silver 
Ethan MoranCambridge, MABlue37.1543.77 Silver 
Yuli Zuker-jewhurstBrookline, MABlue37.1943.92 Gold 
      Blue37.3044.35 Gold 
Tyler MayallBlue37.3544.54 Gold best
 Lise KolotaWestborough, MABlue37.3844.66 Silver best
Eli IorioFoxboro, MABlue37.4444.89 Silver best
Melinda BryantMedway, MABlue37.5245.20 Silver 
Dan MaguireWoonsocket, RIBlue37.7245.98 Silver best
Eli IorioFoxboro, MABlue37.7446.05 Silver 
Micah DawsonEast Greenwich, RIBlue37.7546.09 Gold 
William KelleherShrewsbury, MABlue37.7646.13 Silver best
Olivia GallagherMedfield, MABlue37.7846.21 Silver best
Amanda AmoryWorcester, MABlue37.7946.25 Silver 
 Tai SayarathTempleton, MABlue37.8046.28 Gold best
Max IorioFoxboro, MABlue37.8446.44 Silver best
Hazel raylesBrookline, MABlue37.8446.44 Silver best
Max IorioFoxboro, MABlue37.8546.48 Silver 
Rachel DionneLunenburg, MABlue37.8546.48 Silver 
Melinda BryantMedway, MABlue37.9146.71 Silver 
Thomas CooneyRutland, MABlue37.9146.71 Silver 
Robert CotterBlue37.9746.94 Silver 
Hazel raylesBrookline, MABlue37.9746.94 Silver 
Fraser McBethAthol, MABlue37.9846.98 Silver 
Olivia GallagherMedfield, MABlue38.0547.25 Silver 
Thomas CooneyRutland, MABlue38.0847.37 Silver 
Max IorioFoxboro, MABlue38.0947.41 Silver 
Melinda BryantMedway, MABlue38.0947.41 Silver 
Daniel Nelson-PerezWebster, MABlue38.1147.48 Platinum best
Eric ZhangChestnut Hill, MABlue38.1147.48 Silver best
Hazel raylesBrookline, MABlue38.1347.56 Silver 
Edward ForerWarwick, RIBlue38.1447.60 Bronze best
Eli IorioFoxboro, MABlue38.1547.64 Silver 
Tyler MayallBlue38.1647.68 Silver 
Rylan ArnoldLunenburg, MABlue38.1647.68 Silver 
Ryan KutyloWinchester, MABlue38.1747.72 Silver best
Edward ForerWarwick, RIBlue38.1947.79 Bronze 
Dan MaguireWoonsocket, RIBlue38.2447.99 Silver 
Daniel Nelson-PerezWebster, MABlue38.2548.03 Platinum 
      Blue38.2548.03 Platinum 
Mia FreundBlue38.2848.14 Silver best
Tai SayarathTempleton, MABlue38.2948.18 Gold 
Geoffrey NippinsWeymouth, MABlue38.3148.26 Platinum best
Samarth ShahLexington, MABlue38.3648.45 Silver best
Hazel raylesBrookline, MABlue38.3948.57 Silver 
Tyler MayallBlue38.4048.61 Silver 
Allison Maccalous Franklin, MABlue38.4448.76 Silver best
Hillary DayMedfield, MABlue38.4748.88 Silver best
Thomas CooneyRutland, MABlue38.4848.92 Silver 
Annie CundariWestminster, MABlue38.5349.11 Silver best
Dan MaguireWoonsocket, RIBlue38.5549.19 Silver 
Allison Maccalous Franklin, MABlue38.6449.54 Silver 
Ryan PergolaShrewsbury, MABlue38.6849.69 Silver best
Annie CundariWestminster, MABlue38.7249.85 Silver 
Jasper PrideHarvard, MABlue38.7449.92 Gold best
Daniel Nelson-PerezWebster, MABlue38.7650.00 Gold 
Samarth ShahLexington, MABlue38.8450.31 Silver 
Alisa KhomiakovaBlue38.8650.39 Bronze 
Eli IorioFoxboro, MABlue38.8750.43 Silver 
Rob FletcherLincoln, RIBlue38.8850.46 Bronze best
Samarth ShahLexington, MABlue38.9550.74 Silver 
Edward ForerWarwick, RIBlue38.9650.77 - 
Allison Maccalous Franklin, MABlue39.1051.32 Silver 
Tian MaShrewsbury, MABlue39.1251.39 Silver best
Elise KennedyRutland, MABlue39.1551.51 Silver 
Alana MarchettiLeominster, MABlue39.1651.55 Silver best
Helena LepreConcord, MABlue39.1851.63 Bronze best
Edward ForerWarwick, RIBlue39.2651.93 - 
Hillary DayMedfield, MABlue39.2852.01 Silver 
Annie CundariWestminster, MABlue39.4252.55 Silver 
Elise KennedyRutland, MABlue39.4252.55 Silver 
Ryan PergolaShrewsbury, MABlue39.4252.55 Silver 
Ryan KutyloWinchester, MABlue39.4852.79 Silver 
Elise KennedyRutland, MABlue39.5553.06 Bronze 
Allison Maccalous Franklin, MABlue39.7653.87 Bronze 
Charlotte MayallBELMONT, MABlue39.7753.91 Silver best
      Blue39.8254.10 Silver 
Alana MarchettiLeominster, MABlue39.9454.57 Silver 
Charlotte GalatiActon, MABlue40.0054.80 Bronze best
Justin MaykelWorcester, MABlue40.0054.80 Bronze best
Samarth ShahLexington, MABlue40.0154.84 Bronze 
Lise KolotaWestborough, MABlue40.0755.07 Silver 
Alana MarchettiLeominster, MABlue40.0855.11 Silver 
Eric ZhangChestnut Hill, MABlue40.1155.22 Silver 
Helena LepreConcord, MABlue40.1755.46 Bronze 
Charlotte MayallBELMONT, MABlue40.1955.53 Silver 
Tyler MayallBlue40.2455.73 Silver 
Rob FletcherLincoln, RIBlue40.2755.84 Bronze 
Katrina GigliaAshland, MABlue40.3055.96 Silver best
Rob FletcherLincoln, RIBlue40.3556.15 Bronze 
Helena LepreConcord, MABlue40.3656.19 Bronze 
Charlotte GalatiActon, MABlue40.3856.27 Bronze 
      Blue40.4056.35 Bronze 
Debbie ButtsLittleton, MABlue40.4156.39 Silver best
Anay ShahLexington, MABlue40.4956.70 Silver best
Charlotte MayallBELMONT, MABlue40.5456.89 Silver 
William KelleherShrewsbury, MABlue40.5456.89 Bronze 
Lise KolotaWestborough, MABlue40.5757.00 Silver 
Helena LepreConcord, MABlue40.5857.04 - 
Danielle ReidBedford, MABlue40.5857.04 Bronze best
      Blue40.6257.20 Bronze 
William KelleherShrewsbury, MABlue40.7557.70 Bronze 
Debbie ButtsLittleton, MABlue40.8858.20 Silver 
Charlotte GalatiActon, MABlue40.9058.28 Bronze 
Danielle ReidBedford, MABlue40.9258.36 Bronze 
Justin MaykelWorcester, MABlue40.9358.40 Bronze 
Chloe SparksBolton, MABlue40.9458.44 Silver best
Danielle ReidBedford, MABlue40.9458.44 Bronze 
Ian QiuBelmont, MABlue41.0158.71 Bronze best
Alana MarchettiLeominster, MABlue41.0558.86 Silver 
Anna BrittRutland, MABlue41.0959.02 Bronze best
William KelleherShrewsbury, MABlue41.0959.02 Bronze 
Lindsey GrosbergSudbury, MABlue41.1959.40 Silver best
Ryan KutyloWinchester, MABlue41.2559.64 Bronze 
Logan LoisellePrinceton, MABlue41.3660.06 Silver best
Ian QiuBelmont, MABlue41.5460.76 Bronze 
Anna BrittRutland, MABlue41.7861.69 Bronze 
Helena LepreConcord, MABlue41.8561.96 - 
Justin MaykelWorcester, MABlue41.9062.15 Bronze 
Anay ShahLexington, MABlue42.0762.81 Bronze 
Teagan ArnoldLunenburg, MABlue42.0962.89 Silver best
Emily FrawleyWaban, MABlue42.1363.04 Bronze best
Justin MaykelWorcester, MABlue42.1863.24 Bronze 
Philip ChamianBelmont, MABlue42.2263.39 Bronze best
      Blue42.2463.47 Bronze 
Olivia RoseCumberland, RIBlue42.3263.78 Silver best
Anna BrittRutland, MABlue42.5164.51 Bronze 
Jillian DionneLunenburg, MABlue42.6565.05 Gold best
Anna BrittRutland, MABlue42.7165.29 Bronze 
Teagan ArnoldLunenburg, MABlue42.9266.10 Silver 
Debbie ButtsLittleton, MABlue42.9966.37 Bronze 
Helena LepreConcord, MABlue43.1867.11 - 
Emily FrawleyWaban, MABlue43.2767.45 Bronze 
Teagan ArnoldLunenburg, MABlue43.2967.53 Silver 
Emma ChatelleHolden, MABlue43.3667.80 Silver best
      Blue43.4268.03 Silver 
      Blue43.4968.30 Silver 
Danika SnyderWestminster, MABlue43.5768.61 Silver best
Olivia RoseCumberland, RIBlue43.7269.20 Silver 
Helena LepreConcord, MABlue43.8369.62 - 
Sazie WrentmoreWayland, MABlue43.9970.24 Bronze best
Olivia RoseCumberland, RIBlue44.1270.74 Silver 
Logan ZmetraDudley, MABlue44.5672.45 Silver best
Dominic JulianoWellesley Hills, MABlue44.5672.45 Silver best
Jillian DionneLunenburg, MABlue44.5972.56 Silver 
Sazie WrentmoreWayland, MABlue44.6772.87 Bronze 
Dominic JulianoWellesley Hills, MABlue44.7773.26 Silver 
Grace SicilianoWinchester, MABlue44.7873.30 Bronze best
Olivia RoseCumberland, RIBlue44.9373.88 Bronze 
Ruizhao SunRumford Center, MEBlue45.6376.59 Bronze best
Chase HeppeRutland, MABlue45.7677.09 Bronze best
Dominic JulianoWellesley Hills, MABlue45.7877.17 Silver 
Katie ParryHolden, MABlue46.0578.21 Bronze best
Jillian DionneLunenburg, MABlue46.1178.44 Silver 
Vivien LichtensteinMedfield, MABlue46.4879.88 Bronze best
Jason HuangNewton, MABlue46.8381.23 Bronze best
Grace SicilianoWinchester, MABlue46.9681.73 Bronze 
Jason HuangNewton, MABlue47.2082.66 Bronze 
Jackie VittiglioWinchester, MABlue47.3783.32 Bronze best
Sophie WaltherNeedham, MABlue47.5984.17 Silver best
Jackie VittiglioWinchester, MABlue47.6884.52 Bronze 
      Blue47.6984.56 Bronze 
Jason HuangNewton, MABlue48.0685.99 - 
Grace SicilianoWinchester, MABlue48.2086.53 Bronze 
Jason HuangNewton, MABlue48.9089.24 - 
Grady ArnoldLunenburg, MABlue49.0789.90 Bronze best
Michael SunDover, MABlue49.1290.09 Bronze best
      Blue49.6191.99 Bronze 
Nate LordNatick, MABlue49.7292.41 - 
Helena LepreConcord, MABlue49.7592.53 - 
Hai MaShrewsbury, MABlue49.8893.03 Bronze best
Michael SunDover, MABlue50.3194.70 Bronze 
Grady ArnoldLunenburg, MABlue51.3198.57 Bronze 
Eric ZhangChestnut Hill, MABlueDNF-  
Alisa KhomiakovaBlueDNF-  
Rylan ArnoldLunenburg, MABlueDNF-  
Maya GervitsLexington, MABlueDNF-  
Philip ChamianBelmont, MABlueDNF-  
Sandy GennaOakham, MABlueDNF-