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Jan 30th, 2019
Pats Peak Corporate Wednesday Week 5
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Series: Pats Peak Corporate Wednesday
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 5
Par Time

Jake Stratton
Jake Stratton
Results for Jan 30th, 2019 - Pats Peak Corporate Wednesday Week 5

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Age & Gender
Paul Adams Hillsborough, NHEnergy Controls Team 1Blue41.1825.78 Silver best
      Yellow40.8825.98 Silver 
Bill AndrewsNew London, NHThe Other OnesBlue37.9816.00 Gold 
     Yellow37.5715.78 Platinum best
Gary AtchleyHenniker, NHStranger Still VBlue41.5126.79 Silver best
Tom AudessaDunbarton, NHEnergy Controls Team 1Blue51.3656.87 - 
     Yellow47.0945.12 - best
Nathan BaileyBedford, NHEnergy Controls Team 2Blue42.8230.79 Silver 
     Yellow41.5428.01 Silver best
Stephen BaoshaBedford, NHDickens CiderBlue40.1422.60 Gold best
      Yellow40.4924.78 Gold 
Jonathan BarrettGeorges Mills, NHRugerYellow38.7819.51 Silver 
     Blue38.4017.29 Gold best
Adam BatesWarner, NHMichie MisfitsBlue41.9528.13 Silver 
     Yellow40.9626.22 Silver best
Benjamin BealDublin, NHRugerBlue40.5323.79 Silver best
      Yellow42.4930.94 Silver 
Taran BeebeHenniker, NHStranger Still IVYellow41.3827.52 Silver best
Matt BlanchardContoocook, NHBlind AmbitionBlue40.7024.31 Gold best
      Yellow42.9332.30 Silver 
Nic BlaneySuncook, NHPlaying Hookie 2Yellow45.3239.66 S* Silver best
      Blue47.1343.95 S* Silver 
Elizabeth BoisWestbrook, MEStranger Still VBlue46.0440.62 Bronze best
      Yellow47.1645.33 Bronze 
Celeste BouchardNeither Here or ThereBlue43.9434.21 Gold best
      Yellow47.2645.64 Silver 
Kevin CassidyConcord, NHHowell-BungersBlue47.5845.33 Bronze best
Doug ColeBradford, NHMichie MisfitsYellow37.8516.64 Gold best
      Blue39.7821.50 Silver 
James CommerfordWarner, NHHowell-BungersBlue41.2025.84 Silver best
      Yellow41.9629.31 Bronze 
Joshua CoombsBow, NHMach 0.1Blue37.9715.97 Gold best
      Yellow37.8116.52 Gold 
Eric CrainichNewbury, NHBlind AmbitionYellow38.9520.03 Gold best
      Blue39.6821.20 Gold 
Scott DanielsConcord, NHOld School InvestmentsBlue40.9325.02 Silver best
      Yellow41.6428.32 Silver 
Tom DaskalHooksett, NHStranger Still VBlue41.4126.48 Silver best
      Yellow41.6428.32 Silver 
James DegnanConcord, NHMach 0.1Yellow35.328.84 Platinum best
      Blue35.719.07 Platinum 
John DegnanNew London, NHMach 0.1Yellow52.2360.96 Bronze 
     Blue52.6060.66 Bronze best
Ken DesjardinsManchester, NHDickens CiderBlue44.6536.38 Bronze best
Drew DrummondNew London, NHThe Other OnesYellowDNF-  
     Blue33.863.42 Platinum best
Graham DuckNew Boston, NHEnergy Controls Team 2Blue47.3644.65 Bronze 
     Yellow45.9641.63 Bronze best
Peter ElechkoGoffstown, NHPlaying Hookie 2Blue42.0928.56 Silver best
      Yellow42.4330.76 Silver 
Ryan ElliotHenniker, NHMichie MisfitsBlue39.4920.62 Silver 
     Yellow38.8419.69 Gold best
Vince EugeneBedford, NHEnergy Controls Team 2Yellow46.5743.51 Bronze best
      Blue49.0049.66 Bronze 
Matt FergusonHollis, NHThe Other OnesBlue33.391.99 Platinum 
     Yellow32.851.23 Platinum best
Wesley FletcherGreenville, NHNeither Here or ThereYellow38.2317.81 F* Platinum best
      Blue40.1122.51 F* Platinum 
Greg FlewellingNashua, NHJoey JammersBlue45.8339.98 Silver best
      Yellow46.9644.71 Bronze 
Chris GarlandGnar Gnar Death CookieYellow41.3927.55 Silver best
      Blue43.2932.22 Bronze 
Guy GarofaloWest Hartford, CTGrassrootsBlue42.6630.30 Gold best
Jason GeorgeHowell-BungersYellow1:07.22107.15 S* - best
Douglas GilesHopkinton, NHStranger Still IVBlue47.9646.49 Bronze best
Stephen GrahamWindham, NHEnergy Controls Team 1Yellow42.9032.20 Bronze best
      Blue44.0134.42 Bronze 
Ryan HaleyHenniker, NHPlaying HookieYellow46.8944.50 Bronze best
      Blue1:11.73119.12 - 
Benjamin HawkinsCornish, NHRugerYellow42.6131.31 Bronze 
     Blue35.608.74 Platinum best
Peter HoglundNew London, NHGrassrootsBlue46.5042.03 Silver best
Jeffrey HoltCONCORD, NHMach 0.1Blue46.3841.66 T* Silver best
      Yellow47.1045.15 T* Bronze 
Dick HoranManchester, NHJoey JammersYellow47.8947.58 Bronze best
      Blue50.5154.28 Bronze 
Jack IacopinoNewbury, NHBlind AmbitionYellow39.0420.31 Gold best
William JonesHopkinton, NHOld School InvestmentsYellow48.7650.26 Bronze best
Pete LauridsenNew London, NHGrassrootsYellow38.7619.45 Platinum best
      Blue40.6924.28 Gold 
Scott LetzelterBedford, NHDickens CiderYellow37.8416.61 Gold best
Larry Linden JRConcord, NHOld School InvestmentsYellow43.3633.62 Silver 
     Blue43.3132.28 Silver best
Melissa LombardAntrim, NHMach 0.1Blue45.9540.35 Silver 
     Yellow45.2439.41 Silver best
Jon LubyBedford, NHDickens CiderBlue46.0640.68 Bronze best
      Yellow47.0044.84 Bronze 
Andrew LuceConcord, NHOld School InvestmentsBlueDNF-  
     Yellow42.0229.49 Silver best
Scott MacIntyreMerrimack, NHDickens CiderYellow41.5928.17 Silver 
     Blue40.7024.31 Silver best
Josh ManningChocorua, NHGnar Gnar Death CookieBlue50.7154.89 - 
     Yellow47.1245.21 Bronze best
Matt ManningSandown, NHGnar Gnar Death CookieYellow38.8219.63 Silver best
Jason MichieHenniker, NHMichie MisfitsBlue42.8931.00 Silver best
Jack MiddletonKeene, NHJoey JammersYellow39.0120.22 Gold best
Damon MorinDunbarton, NHEnergy Controls Team 2Yellow49.0751.22 - 
     Blue45.2738.27 Bronze best
Jay MullinsHopkinton, NHOld School InvestmentsYellow38.1617.60 Gold best
      Blue38.8618.69 Gold 
 Fred MyhaverManchester, NHStranger Still IVYellowDNF-  best
Andrew NobleBedford, NHDickens CiderYellowDSQ-  
     Blue47.1944.14 Bronze best
Erica NotiniHenniker, NHStranger Still VYellow53.7365.58 - best
      Blue55.5469.64 - 
Scott OsbourneBedford, MAEnergy Controls Team 2Blue44.8637.02 Bronze 
     Yellow43.3533.59 Silver best
Eric OxmanTemple, NHThe Other OnesYellow34.024.84 Platinum best
      Blue34.585.62 Platinum 
Nicolas PaklerBedford, NHEnergy Controls Team 1Blue45.0437.57 Bronze 
     Yellow44.6337.53 Bronze best
Dustin ParkerHillsboro, NHMichie MisfitsYellow47.6746.90 Bronze best
Russell pelhamLitchfield, NHStranger Still VYellow44.1035.90 Silver best
      Blue46.4241.78 Bronze 
Jim PeltakMerrimack, NHDickens CiderYellow44.7237.81 Silver best
Matthew PetersonHenniker, NHStranger Still IVYellow42.4930.94 Silver best
      Blue44.7236.59 Bronze 
Charles PierceHenniker, NHPlaying HookieBlue1:13.66124.98 S* - best
      Yellow1:32.53185.15 S* - 
Chad PolandHenniker, NHMichie MisfitsYellow48.6850.02 - best
      Blue51.3856.93 - 
Jake PotterWeare, NHPlaying HookieYellow48.9150.72 - best
Justin PowersAmherst, NHGnar Gnar Death CookieYellow45.7641.02 Bronze best
      Blue48.9849.60 - 
Graham RockwellNewport, NHRugerBlue41.9728.19 Silver 
     Yellow41.3227.33 Silver best
Adam RoyBow, NHPlaying HookieBlue35.578.64 Platinum 
     Yellow34.977.77 Platinum best
Kevin SalemiGnar Gnar Death CookieBlue46.6242.39 Bronze best
      Yellow47.4146.10 Bronze 
Nathaniel ShawHenniker, NHPlaying HookieBlue44.5436.04 Bronze best
Christoper StockenHanover, NHGrassrootsYellow34.355.86 Platinum best
      Blue35.307.82 Platinum 
Nick StoisekGrassrootsBlue41.3026.15 Silver 
     Yellow40.1723.79 Silver best
Thomas SullivanNorth Sutton, NHRugerYellow50.4855.56 Bronze best
      Blue53.2362.58 - 
Mike TamposiHollis, NHJoey JammersBlue45.4338.76 Silver 
     Yellow44.3136.55 Silver best
Mike Tamposi Jr.Hollis, NHJoey JammersYellow53.8866.04 S* Bronze 
     Blue54.1165.27 S* Bronze best
Sam TardiffDunbarton, NHEnergy Controls Team 1Yellow36.5812.73 Gold 
     Blue36.9012.71 Gold best
Peter TawneyContoocook, NHOld School InvestmentsBlue41.1525.69 Silver best
      Yellow41.5728.10 Silver 
John ValovicNewbury, NHBlind AmbitionYellow38.1217.47 Gold best
      Blue40.0122.21 Gold 
Laurie WamserHowell-BungersYellow54.0766.63 Bronze best
      Blue55.4669.40 Bronze 
Mark WamserDunbarton, NHHowell-BungersYellow43.4133.78 Silver best
      Blue47.2944.44 Bronze 
Andy WaplesMilford, NHThe Other OnesYellow35.128.23 Platinum best
      Blue35.498.40 Platinum 
Sam WigginNew Boston, NHEnergy Controls Team 2Blue40.6524.16 Silver 
     Yellow40.1223.64 Silver best

S = Snowboard (-20)
F = Adaptive Alpine: Cognitive Disability (-35)
T = Telemark (-13)