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Jan 6th, 2019
NASTAR Open 1-6-19
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PACRAT, Oregon

Par Time

Results for Jan 6th, 2019 - NASTAR Open 1-6-19

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Age & Gender
Dano AlexanderMale 50-54The White OutsNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue44.0824.59 Silver 
      Yellow43.6420.82 Gold 
     Yellow43.4120.18 Gold best
      Yellow43.7121.01 Gold 
Armond AndersonPortland, ORMale 70-74RattitudesNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue48.7637.82 Silver 
     Yellow49.1936.18 Silver best
      Blue49.5339.99 Silver 
      Yellow50.4039.53 Silver 
      Blue49.2739.26 Silver 
Violet AndersonLake Oswego, ORFemale 60-64Avalanche ExpressNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue43.8123.83 Platinum best
      Blue44.3325.30 Platinum 
      Yellow46.0927.60 Platinum 
      Blue45.9529.88 Platinum 
Christian BennettMale 21-29Ragnar`s Rangers TwoNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow41.2514.20 Gold 
      Blue40.7915.29 Gold 
      Yellow48.9835.60 Bronze 
     Blue40.1313.43 Gold best
Gunther BergnerThe Dalles, ORMale 60-64Mixed NutsNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue37.375.62 Platinum 
      Yellow38.446.42 Platinum 
      Blue37.766.73 Platinum 
     Yellow37.935.01 Platinum best
Aliza BigbeeMilwaukie, ORFemale 8-9Blue3:37.43514.56 - best
      Blue4:24.93648.81 - 
Kyle BigbeeMilwaukie, ORMale 40-44Avalanche ExpressNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlueDNF-  
      Blue49.1738.98 Bronze 
     Blue46.0830.24 Silver best
Brian BogatinBeaverton, ORMale 45-49Ruttin` RatsNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue40.3814.13 Gold 
     Yellow39.709.91 Platinum best
      Blue40.5614.64 Gold 
      Blue40.2313.71 Platinum 
      Yellow40.9213.29 Platinum 
      Yellow40.9313.32 Platinum 
Payton BogatinFemale 14-15Northwest Ski Club CounselBlue43.0221.59 Gold 
      Blue42.8020.97 Gold 
      Yellow43.4420.27 Gold 
     Yellow42.5917.91 Platinum best
      Blue42.4119.87 Gold 
      Blue42.0218.77 Gold 
      Blue41.7217.92 Platinum 
Addie ButlerFemale 16-17Yellow43.4320.24 Gold best
      Yellow43.5520.57 Gold 
      Blue43.5423.06 Gold 
      Yellow45.4725.89 Silver 
      Yellow44.8724.22 Silver 
      Yellow44.5323.28 Gold 
Travis ButlerPortland, ORMale 50-54Ragnar`s Rangers ThreeNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue43.3822.61 Gold 
      Yellow43.1619.49 Gold 
      Yellow45.3425.53 Silver 
      Yellow43.2019.60 Gold 
      Blue42.7720.89 Gold 
     Yellow43.1419.44 Gold best
Tim CaytonSilverton, ORMale 70-74Schnee RattenNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue44.7226.40 Gold 
     Yellow44.3622.81 Platinum best
      Blue45.7929.42 Gold 
      Blue44.6026.06 Gold 
Steve ClaussenMale 55-59Ragnar`s Rangers OneYellow45.9827.30 Silver 
      Blue45.1127.50 Silver 
     Blue44.2224.99 Gold best
Althea CollinsFemale 12-13Northwest Ski Club CounselYellow1:13.63103.85 - 
      Yellow1:05.5581.48 - 
      Yellow1:00.8468.44 Bronze 
      Yellow56.2355.68 Bronze 
      Yellow57.4359.00 Bronze 
     Yellow55.3653.27 Bronze best
Evan CollinsMale 1-5Northwest Ski Club CounselBlueDNF-  
      Yellow3:45.22523.53 - 
      Blue2:22.63303.17 - 
     Yellow1:50.66206.37 - best
Jane CollinsTakoma Park, MDFemale 75-79Northwest Ski Club CounselYellowDNF-  
     Blue1:16.18115.32 - best
      Yellow1:25.8137.54 - 
Scott CollinsTakoma Park, MDMale 40-44Northwest Ski Club CounselYellow41.3714.53 Gold 
     Yellow39.499.33 Platinum best
Vivian CollinsFemale 8-9Northwest Ski Club CounselYellow1:15.41108.78 - 
      Yellow1:04.8979.65 Bronze 
      Yellow1:00.7468.16 Silver 
      Yellow58.9063.07 Silver 
     Yellow58.1460.96 Silver best
Mark ConanLake Oswego, ORMale 55-59Ragnar`s Rangers OneNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow43.7921.23 Gold best
      Yellow44.8724.22 Gold 
Greg CoulterTroutdale, ORMale 50-54Vertigo MadnessNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue42.3219.62 Gold 
     Yellow42.6518.08 Gold best
      Blue42.9121.28 Gold 
Mark CrawfordMale 50-54NWXventureNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow52.0844.19 Bronze 
      Blue48.8137.96 Silver 
     Yellow48.4334.08 Silver best
      Blue48.8938.19 Bronze 
Michael DemshkiPortland, OregMale 60-64Ragnar`s Rangers ThreeNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow51.3842.25 Silver 
     Blue48.9238.27 Silver best
      Yellow50.6540.23 Silver 
      Blue50.1341.69 Silver 
      Yellow51.5242.64 Silver 
Peter DoddPortland, ORMale 50-54Ruttin` RatsNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellowDNF-  best
Ella DonahueFemale 12-13Northwest Ski Club CounselBlue1:03.4379.28 - 
     Blue59.0666.93 Bronze best
      Blue1:20.95128.83 - 
      Blue1:11.59102.35 - 
      Blue1:04.0380.98 - 
      Blue1:00.2570.29 Bronze 
Mia DonahueFemale 10-11Northwest Ski Club CounselBlue1:21.78131.15 - 
      Blue1:05.5985.42 - 
      Blue1:01.974.96 Bronze 
      Blue1:02.8877.73 Bronze 
     Blue1:00.6671.45 Bronze best
Dennis DriesOR, ORMale 45-49The Beer DennersNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow43.8721.46 Silver 
      Blue42.7720.89 Silver 
     Yellow41.6115.20 Gold best
      Blue44.1924.90 Silver 
Greg EstellVancouver, WAMale 55-59Ragnar`s Rangers TwoNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow49.6337.40 Silver 
     Blue46.8532.42 Silver best
      Blue49.6540.33 Silver 
Kristi FlemingPORTLAND, ORFemale 21-29Mixed NutsNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow1:06.3483.67 - 
     Blue1:00.3770.63 - best
Samy FoutsPortland, ORFemale 65-69Mixed NutsNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue54.2853.42 Silver best
      Yellow56.5056.42 Silver 
      Blue55.4856.81 Silver 
Robert GalassoMale 60-64Schnee RattenNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue40.9815.83 Platinum 
      Yellow41.3614.51 Platinum 
      Blue40.5814.70 Platinum 
     Yellow40.5912.38 Platinum best
      Yellow40.9713.43 Platinum 
      Blue41.5917.55 Platinum 
Farzin GhezelPortland, ORMale 65-69RattitudesNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow43.9421.65 Gold 
      Blue44.1724.84 Gold 
     Yellow43.3119.91 Platinum best
      Yellow44.6223.53 Gold 
Jeff GrieseMilwaukie, ORMale 55-59Ragnar`s Rangers ThreeNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow49.7437.71 Silver 
     Yellow49.0735.85 Silver best
      Blue49.4239.68 Silver 
      Blue49.0338.58 Silver 
      Blue49.8840.98 Silver 
      Yellow50.7440.48 Silver 
Jamie HarwoodLake OSwego, ORFemale 50-54The White OutsNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue54.5254.10 Silver 
      Yellow54.3250.39 Silver 
      Blue52.8449.35 Silver 
     Yellow53.6848.62 Silver best
Mark HaskinsVancouver, WAMale 55-59RattitudesNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow51.0041.20 Silver 
      Blue48.3136.55 Silver 
     Yellow47.3531.09 Silver best
      Blue47.9335.47 Silver 
      Yellow49.0735.85 Silver 
      Yellow48.6434.66 Silver 
Andrew HobartPortland, ORMale 35-39Mixed NutsNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow44.8124.06 Silver best
      Blue44.5725.98 Silver 
Chuck HowardMale 65-69Mt. HoodlumsNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow50.0038.43 Silver 
     Blue46.5931.68 Gold best
Damolly IzerFemale 14-15Northwest Ski Club CounselBlue44.1824.87 Gold 
      Blue44.4925.75 Gold 
      Yellow44.4523.06 Gold 
     Yellow43.9121.57 Gold best
Alice JackletPortland, ORFemale 75-79Racy BratsNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue50.2642.06 Platinum best
      Yellow53.0446.84 Gold 
      Blue52.3247.88 Gold 
      Yellow54.6351.25 Gold 
Ward JagelsLyle, WAMale 70-74Awesome tAlesNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow39.509.36 Platinum 
      Blue39.6211.98 Platinum 
     Yellow39.238.61 Platinum best
      Yellow39.8410.30 Platinum 
Neal JapportMale 50-54Ruttin` RatsNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue1:12.17103.99 - 
      Yellow1:06.9385.30 - 
     Blue1:03.6779.96 - best
      Yellow1:06.2383.39 - 
Christopher JonesPortland, ORMale 55-59Ragnar`s Rangers OneNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow51.0141.22 Silver 
      Blue50.6443.13 Bronze 
     Blue48.3636.69 Silver best
Chris KafkaLake Oswego, ORMale 50-54Northwest Ski Club CounselYellow39.088.19 Platinum 
     Yellow37.012.46 Platinum best
      Blue37.636.36 Platinum 
      Blue37.586.22 Platinum 
      Blue38.037.49 Platinum 
      Blue38.187.91 Platinum 
      Yellow39.198.50 Platinum 
      Blue38.759.53 Platinum 
Melinda KaiSandy, ORFemale 45-49Vertigo MadnessNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue47.6134.57 Gold best
      Yellow50.4239.59 Silver 
Debbie KitchinPortland, ORFemale 60-64Racy BratsNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow54.6951.41 Silver best
      Blue54.5954.30 Silver 
      Yellow56.0455.15 Silver 
      Blue55.7957.69 Silver 
Bob LawrenceTualatin, ORMale 60-64Ruttin` RatsNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow43.6920.96 Gold best
      Blue42.8821.20 Gold 
      Blue45.1627.64 Gold 
Mike LongSilverton, ORMale 55-59Ragnar`s Rangers TwoNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue47.9835.61 Silver 
      Yellow48.9735.58 Silver 
      Yellow46.1827.85 Silver 
     Yellow46.0727.55 Silver best
      Blue46.9432.67 Silver 
Sam LoosMale 21-29The Beer DennersNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue43.3122.41 Silver 
      Yellow44.1622.26 Silver 
      Blue42.2519.42 Silver 
     Yellow42.5617.83 Silver best
Ken LuckettMale 45-49NWXventureNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue47.5934.51 Silver best
      Blue47.7034.82 Silver 
      Yellow49.5437.15 Bronze 
      Yellow50.7840.59 Bronze 
Paul LyshaugPortland, ORMale 55-59Moose On The LooseNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue39.7112.24 Platinum 
     Yellow39.8810.41 Platinum best
      Blue39.6312.01 Platinum 
      Blue40.2313.71 Platinum 
      Blue40.7115.07 Platinum 
Dan MancusoGovernment Camp, ORMale 50-54NWXventureNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow48.2433.55 Silver best
      Blue47.3033.69 Silver 
      Yellow50.8140.67 Bronze 
David MaynardBoring, ORMale 21-29The Beer DennersNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow59.3264.23 S* - 
     Blue55.8157.74 S* Bronze best
      Yellow57.2158.39 S* Bronze 
      Blue1:01.1872.92 S* - 
Bob McCallSan Diego, CAMale 70-74Ragnar`s Rangers OneNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellowDNF-  best
Dave MillsVancouver, WAMale 65-69Moose On The LooseNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue48.9938.47 Silver 
      Yellow50.3039.26 Silver 
      Blue48.5837.31 Silver 
     Yellow48.3133.75 Silver best
Breanne MortonSandy, ORFemale 35-39The Beer DennersNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow40.2911.54 Platinum best
      Blue45.8929.71 Gold 
      Blue41.9418.54 Platinum 
Marina NimmoCorvallis, ORFemale 21-29Ragnar`s Rangers OneNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue43.6823.46 Silver 
      Blue43.4622.84 Silver 
      Blue44.7226.40 Silver 
      Yellow45.5726.16 Silver 
     Yellow44.1022.09 Silver best
John OreficeVancouver, WAMale 60-64Ruttin` RatsNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue49.2139.09 Silver best
Allan ParaskevaHillsboro, ORMale 55-59Awesome tAlesNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow51.8143.44 Bronze 
      Blue51.6045.85 Bronze 
     Yellow51.2041.75 Silver best
      Blue50.8643.75 Bronze 
Beth ParaskevaHillsboro, ORFemale 55-59RattitudesNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue49.3939.60 Gold 
      Yellow49.9238.21 Gold 
      Blue49.7040.47 Gold 
      Blue47.8335.19 Gold 
     Yellow48.7234.88 Gold best
Bruce ParshallPortland, ORMale 55-59Ruttin` RatsNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue41.7217.92 Gold 
     Yellow41.9216.06 Gold best
      Blue42.4419.95 Gold 
      Yellow42.0816.50 Gold 
Dale ParshallFairview, ORMale 55-59Schnee RattenNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue40.0713.26 Platinum 
     Blue39.8312.58 Platinum best
Jason PeckMale 40-44Schnee RattenNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow41.3114.37 Gold best
      Blue41.9018.43 Gold 
      Yellow42.8618.66 Gold 
      Blue41.0816.11 Gold 
Kaitlyn PeckFemale 10-11Northwest Ski Club CounselYellow58.6762.43 Silver best
      Yellow59.6165.03 Bronze 
Mike PeckMale 45-49Schnee RattenNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue38.669.27 Platinum 
     Blue38.097.66 Platinum best
      Blue39.5411.76 Platinum 
Steve PedersonMale 70-74RattitudesNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellowDSQ-  
     Yellow51.9743.88 Silver best
      Blue51.3245.05 Silver 
      Yellow55.0052.27 Bronze 
      Blue52.5948.64 Silver 
Barb PressentinPortland, ORFemale 50-54The White OutsNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow45.5025.97 Gold 
      Blue44.6026.06 Gold 
     Yellow45.0124.61 Platinum best
      Blue45.4928.58 Gold 
Izabel RaabFemale 16-17Northwest Ski Club CounselBlue47.7434.93 Silver 
      Blue46.9532.70 Silver 
      Blue45.7129.20 Silver 
     Blue45.3728.24 Silver best
      Blue46.4731.35 Silver 
Jonathan Rogers Male 45-49Ragnar`s Rangers TwoNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow44.7823.98 Silver best
      Yellow48.4934.25 Silver 
      Yellow48.9835.60 Bronze 
      Blue48.5737.28 Bronze 
Ryan RooperMale 65-69Ragnar`s Rangers OneNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow41.3614.51 Platinum best
      Blue40.7615.21 Platinum 
      Yellow41.5615.06 Platinum 
      Yellow43.6620.87 Gold 
Steve SarichPortland, ORMale 50-54Ragnar`s Rangers TwoNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow38.697.12 Platinum 
      Blue38.629.16 Platinum 
     Yellow37.754.51 Platinum best
      Blue38.468.71 Platinum 
Duane SmelserMale 65-69Northwest Ski Club CounselYellow39.338.89 Platinum best
      Yellow39.8110.22 Platinum 
      Blue40.3814.13 Platinum 
      Blue40.0013.06 Platinum 
      Yellow40.1511.16 Platinum 
Mark StanfordPortland, ORMale 55-59Avalanche ExpressNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue43.2722.30 Gold 
     Yellow42.0816.50 Gold best
      Blue42.1119.02 Gold 
Tod StathisLake Oswego, ORMale 55-59NWXventureNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow1:25.98138.04 - 
     Yellow1:13.59103.74 - best
      Yellow1:19.88121.15 - 
Paige StoyerFemale 45-49NWXventureNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue1:13.39107.43 S* - 
      Blue1:15.8114.25 S* - 
     Yellow1:12.81101.61 S* - best
      Blue1:13.78108.54 S* - 
Geddy TarbellMale 30-34Ragnar`s Rangers ThreeNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue41.6717.78 Silver 
      Yellow41.9716.20 Gold 
      Blue41.9318.51 Silver 
     Yellow41.2914.31 Gold best
      Blue41.0516.03 Gold 
      Blue42.2619.45 Silver 
Kieffer TarbellGresham, ORMale 50-54Ragnar`s Rangers ThreeNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow41.0313.59 Platinum 
      Blue40.7515.18 Gold 
      Yellow41.2114.09 Platinum 
      Blue40.2113.65 Platinum 
     Yellow40.0910.99 Platinum best
 Brad TollefsonDallas, ORMale 60-64Awesome tAlesNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue43.0621.71 Gold best
Dave TrulsenRhododendron, ORMale 65-69Mixed NutsNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue53.1150.11 Bronze 
     Yellow51.8443.52 Silver best
      Blue53.7551.92 Bronze 
Jill TrulsenWelches, ORFemale 65-69Mixed NutsNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow54.1950.03 Silver 
     Blue51.9946.95 Gold best
      Blue53.6451.61 Silver 
Kayla VandecoeveringPortland, ORFemale 16-17Northwest Ski Club CounselBlue44.9727.11 Silver 
      Yellow45.4725.89 Silver 
      Yellow44.7423.86 Gold 
     Blue43.6723.43 Gold best
      Yellow46.1627.80 Silver 
      Blue46.4131.18 Silver 
      Blue44.3525.35 Silver 
      Blue45.2427.87 Silver 
Sandra VolkPortland, ORFemale 60-64Avalanche ExpressNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue54.2553.34 Silver 
      Yellow55.4553.52 Silver 
      Blue53.5851.44 Silver 
      Yellow54.7051.44 Silver 
     Yellow54.0849.72 Silver best
Michael ZevelyMale 60-64NWXventureNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow51.2341.83 Silver 
      Blue50.6043.02 Silver 
     Blue48.9738.41 Silver best
      Blue49.6240.25 Silver 

S = Snowboard (-20)