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Race Results
Mar 25th, 2017
Nationals Family Team Race
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Results for Mar 25th, 2017 - Nationals Family Team Race

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Chris AbCentennial, COMale 14-15Clan DuerksenYellow21.5739.88 Silver 
Duane AbelMale 45-49Clan DuerksenYellow19.0023.22 Silver 
Jacob AbelMale 8-9Clan DuerksenBlue21.6237.97 Gold 
William AbelMale 10-11Clan DuerksenYellow20.0429.96 Gold 
Karl BasigkowLake Orion, MIMale 60-64Team BasigkowBlue18.2216.27 Platinum 
Stephen BasigkowLake Orion, MIMale 21-29Team BlatzBlue17.068.87 Platinum 
Tom BerkeleyClarkson Valley, MOMale 70-74Go MichiganYellow20.8935.47 Gold 
Cameron BlatzMale 6-7Team BlatzYellow18.9622.96 Platinum 
Casey BlatzMale 8-9Team BlatzYellow18.9122.63 Platinum 
Daryl BlatzFemale 50-54Team BreakstoneYellow19.7027.76 Gold 
John BlatzSnowmass Village, COMale 40-44Team BlatzYellow19.2224.64 Silver 
Cami BlountSudbury, MAFemale 8-9C2J2Blue22.3442.57 Gold 
Chloe BlountSudbury, MAFemale 6-7C2J2Blue22.2441.93 Platinum 
James BlountSudbury, MAMale 50-54C2J2Yellow18.1017.38 Gold 
Jennifer BlountSudbury, MAFemale 40-44Cainski SteamersYellow19.3525.49 Gold 
 Lachie BrownMt Buller, Australia, VictMale 10-11Brower PowerBlue18.8420.23 Platinum 
 Matt BrownMt Buller, AustraliaMale 55-59Brower PowerBlue20.0728.08 Silver 
Rebecca BrownAnn Arbor, MIFemale 45-49Go MichiganBlue21.4937.14 Gold 
Sarah BrownAnn Arbor, MIFemale 8-9Go MichiganBlue25.1860.69 Silver 
Brian CainChicago, ILMale 21-29Cascade FriendsBlue18.3517.10 Silver 
Joe CainBrookfield, WIMale 16-17Cainski SteamersYellow17.2912.13 Gold 
Mark CainBrookfield, WIMale 55-59Cainski SteamersYellow18.8322.11 Gold 
Archie CameronCalgary, ABMale 6-73 GenerationsBlue25.8564.96 Silver 
John CameronMale 45-493 GenerationsYellow16.879.40 Platinum 
Lauchie CameronCalgary, ABMale 1-53 GenerationsYellow26.6672.89 Gold 
 Ryan CameronMale 8-9Alpine JetsYellow21.5639.82 Gold 
Alvan CarrWaitsfield, VTMale 75-79SugarbushersYellow20.0530.03 Gold 
Cindy CarrWaitsfield, VTFemale 70-74Sundown KidsYellow22.2844.49 Gold 
Tom CaseyMount Pleasant, SCMale 70-74Team SuperBlue23.5350.16 Silver 
Theresa ClarkFemale 50-54Paws 4 SheltonYellow24.8561.15 Bronze 
Gary ClynckeYampa, COMale 45-49BOX KBlue19.4624.19 Silver 
 Sam ClynckeYampa, COMale 14-15BOX KBlue17.4411.30 Platinum 
Tess ClynckeYampa, COFemale 12-13BOX KBlue18.3216.91 Platinum 
Jenna CohnRichfield, WIFemale 12-13Cronin ClanBlue19.2222.65 Platinum 
Kayla CohnRichfield, WIFemale 10-11CohnYellow19.3725.62 Platinum 
Lisa CroninSouthborough, MAFemale 45-49Cronin clanBlue22.5844.10 Silver 
Luke CroninSouthborough, MAMale 10-11Cronin clanYellow19.0523.54 Platinum 
Scott CroninSouthborough, MAMale 8-9Cronin clanYellow23.3951.69 Silver 
Sean CroninSouthborough, MAMale 40-44Cronin clanYellow20.2531.32 Silver 
 Lilah DagenaisFenton, MIFemale 12-13RumpelstiltskinYellow17.7915.37 Platinum 
Steve DagenaisFenton, MIMale 50-54RumpelstiltskinYellow22.0042.67 Bronze 
Ella DoddsGalena, ILFemale 6-7DuckosBlue22.3242.44 Platinum 
Scott DoddsGalena, ILMale 12-13DuckosYellow17.0110.31 Platinum 
Jennifer DoleckiAspen, COFemale 40-44SmithBlue21.9039.76 Silver 
Johanna DoleckiOakland, NJFemale 70-74SmithYellow25.7767.12 Bronze 
Kenneth DoleckiOakland, NJMale 70-74SmithYellow21.3138.20 Silver 
Philip DommengeDenver, COMale 30-34Clan DuerksenYellow19.6627.50 Silver 
David DwyerFairfield, CTMale 45-49Fitlow RocksYellow19.9329.25 Silver 
Kyra DwyerFemale 45-49DwyersYellow23.4351.95 Silver 
Sloane DwyerFemale 8-9DwyersBlue21.5837.72 Platinum 
Jim FitlowPark City, UTMale 45-49Fitlow RocksBlue17.3710.85 Platinum 
Marlee FitlowPark City, UTFemale 10-11Flyin IlliniYellow22.8448.12 Silver 
Karl FritzHouston, TXMale 50-54TEAM SCHLOPYYellow15.350.01 Platinum 
Kelly GreeneColorado Springs, COFemale 45-49Team GrosserYellow27.8180.35 - 
 Olivia GreeneFemale 12-13Team GreeneYellow22.5546.24 Silver 
Donald GrosserApex, NCMale 45-49Team Kutztown PABlue18.0515.19 Gold 
Joshua GrosserApex, NCMale 12-13Team GrosserBlue17.8213.72 Platinum 
Sarah GrosserApex, NCFemale 10-11Team GrosserBlue19.1922.46 Platinum 
 Cary GumbertWeston, MAMale 45-49GumbieBlue16.827.34 Platinum 
Zack GumbertWeston, MAMale 10-11Hinchcliffe FamilyBlue20.3729.99 Gold 
Chris HinchcliffeVienna, VAMale 40-44Keepin` up the the JonesesYellow22.5546.24 Bronze 
 Emily HinchcliffeVienna, VAFemale 8-9Hinchcliffe FamilyBlue21.3336.12 Platinum 
 Katherine HinchcliffeVienna, VAFemale 12-13Hinchcliffe FamilyBlue22.2341.86 Silver 
Sarah HinchcliffeVienna, VAFemale 40-44Hinchcliffe FamilyYellow21.8241.50 Silver 
 Rodney KibbeyQueen Creek, AZMale 50-54Kibster`sYellow18.6621.01 Gold 
 Stephanie KibbeyQueen Creek, AZFemale 45-49KleinlehrerYellow19.0123.28 Gold 
 AJ KittMale 45-49Alpine JetsBlue15.730.38 Platinum 
Amy KittFemale 45-49Avalanche ExpressYellow20.0029.70 Gold 
 Ava KittFemale 10-11Alpine JetsBlue18.8120.04 Platinum 
 Ayden KittFemale 10-11Alpine JetsBlue19.9927.57 Platinum 
Kevin KrausgrillClayton, CAMale 70-74Brower PowerYellow21.3338.33 Silver 
AJ LembitzNiwot, COMale 6-7RACING PENGUINSBlue24.6257.12 Gold 
Alan LembitzMale 55-59Paws 4 SheltonBlue21.7138.54 T* Silver 
Pearce LembitzFemale 6-7Paws 4 SheltonBlue25.2661.20 Gold 
Joey MartellDenver, COMale 6-7SugarbushersBlue31.3299.87 Bronze 
Maya MartellDenver, COFemale 8-9SugarbushersYellow24.1756.74 Silver 
Megan MartellDenver, COFemale 35-39SugarbushersBlue20.7032.10 Silver 
Cecilia MassauaVillanova, PAFemale 12-13Made for Speed MassauasYellow22.5846.43 Silver 
Joseph MassauaVillanova, PAMale 14-15Made for Speed MassauasBlue19.5324.63 Gold 
Matthew MassauaMale 45-49Made for Speed MassauasBlue22.1441.29 Bronze 
Peter MassauaVillanona, PAMale 6-7Osborne`sBlue37.70140.59 - 
Tommy MassauaMale 8-9Made for Speed MassauasBlue20.5030.82 Platinum 
Mackenzie MeirowitzPark City, UTFemale 8-9Mac-n-PatYellow18.8622.31 Platinum 
Patrick MeirowitzPark City, UTMale 1-5Made for Speed MassauasYellow22.6446.82 Platinum 
Alan MooreMale 55-59Team SAMBlue21.2535.61 Silver 
Shiloh MooreFemale 18-20TEAM SCHLOPYYellow19.5426.72 Silver 
Laura MorrisOgden, UTFemale 40-44Flyin IlliniYellow24.0555.97 Bronze 
Megan MorrisOgden, UTFemale 12-13Flyin IlliniBlue18.1816.02 Platinum 
Michael Morris IIIOgden, UTMale 14-15Flyin IlliniYellow18.1517.70 Gold 
Michael Morris JrOgden, UTMale 45-49Go MichiganYellow20.0229.83 Silver 
Jenna MuchowGalena, ILFemale 16-17DuckosYellow16.919.66 Platinum 
Abbie MutoKutztown, PAFemale 45-49Team Kutztown PAYellow22.7047.21 Silver 
Josslin MutoKutztown, PAFemale 12-13Team Kutztown PAYellow19.3725.62 Gold 
Rudy MutoKutztown, PAMale 45-49Team Philly Ski-SteaksBlue18.9020.61 Silver 
Will NackGalena, ILMale 12-13DwyersYellow17.6714.59 Platinum 
 Enya NeaguBarrington, ILFemale 6-7SugarbushersYellow25.2763.88 Gold 
Ramona NeaguFox River Grove, ILFemale 30-34Steaua Ski TeamYellow22.3244.75 Silver 
 Sebastian NeaguFox River Grove, ILMale 45-49Steaua Ski TeamBlue18.5018.06 Gold 
Lauren ParedesStowe, VTFemale 10-11Sundown KidsYellow19.5126.52 Platinum 
Penny PengFemale 40-44Clan DuerksenBlue23.3549.01 Silver 
Brittany ProbertPark City, UTFemale 30-34Team RinikerYellow21.7841.25 Silver 
 Chris ProbertPark City, UTMale 40-44Team ProbertBlue15.911.53 Platinum 
 Russ ProbertHeber City, UTMale 65-69Team ProbertBlue17.8213.72 Platinum 
 WYNTER PROBERTPark City, UT, UTFemale 10-11Team ProbertBlue17.9414.49 Platinum 
Blake RileyArdmore, PAMale 8-9Team Philly Ski-SteaksBlue25.2861.33 Silver 
Brendon rileyArdmore, PAMale 40-44Team Philly Ski-SteaksBlue21.0134.08 Bronze 
Chase RileyArdmore, PAMale 6-7Team ProbertYellow28.2683.27 Bronze 
Dylan RinikerAfton, MNMale 8-9Team RinikerYellow18.6621.01 Platinum 
Lauren RinikerAfton, MNFemale 12-13Team SAMYellow17.9716.54 Platinum 
Tom RinikerAfton, MNMale 50-54Team RinikerYellow16.879.40 Platinum 
Wyatt RINIKERAfton, MNMale 10-11Team RinikerYellow17.3712.65 Platinum 
Casey RoeAnn Arbor, MIFemale 8-9RumpelstiltskinYellow24.6159.60 Silver 
Norman Roe JrAnn Arbor, MIMale 50-54Roe Hong Kong TigersBlue24.8158.33 - 
Michael RoseEast Hampton, CTMale 50-54Sundown KidsYellow20.1830.87 Silver 
 Morgan RoseEast Hampton, CTFemale 10-11Sundown KidsYellow19.0923.80 Platinum 
Dillon SchlopyHouston, TXMale 10-11Team SuperYellow18.0517.06 Platinum 
Eric SchlopyPark City, UTMale 40-44TEAM SCHLOPYYellow14.830.01 Platinum 
Marny SchlopyPark City, UTFemale 70-74TEAM SCHLOPYYellow20.7434.50 Platinum 
Mason SchlopyHouston, TXMale 12-13TEAM SCHLOPYYellow17.6214.27 Platinum 
Skye SchlopyPark City, UTFemale 10-11TEAM SCHLOPYYellow20.8435.15 Gold 
Spider SchlopyPark City, UTMale 8-9TEAM SCHLOPYBlue19.0421.51 Platinum 
Summer SchlopyPark City, UTFemale 40-44TEAM SCHLOPYYellow23.5552.72 Bronze 
Henley SchulzMoreland Hills, OHFemale 16-17LaurelHawk ExpressYellow18.0517.06 Gold 
Martin SchulzMoreland Hills, OHMale 50-54Mac-n-PatYellow17.7314.98 Platinum 
Sean SebalDoylestown, PAMale 10-11SelzmanYellow21.7140.79 Gold 
Vincent SebalDoylestown, PAMale 50-54SebalYellow26.1269.39 - 
Craig SelzmanSalt Lake City, UTMale 50-54SelzmanYellow18.2918.61 T* Platinum 
Kim SelzmanSalt Lake City, UTFemale 45-49SelzmanYellow23.8754.80 Bronze 
Sofia SelzmanSalt Lake City, UTFemale 10-11SelzmanBlue20.2829.42 Platinum 
Zach SelzmanSalt Lake City, UTMale 12-13ShouldiceYellow21.0036.19 Silver 
 Kyra Shouldice Female 10-11ShouldiceYellow20.9435.80 Gold 
 Tara ShouldiceFemale 8-9ShouldiceBlue23.1047.42 Gold 
Bradley SmithAspen, COMale 45-49SmithYellow18.6921.21 Silver 
Grady SmithAspen, COMale 6-7SmithYellow23.3251.23 Gold 
Naya SmithAspen, COFemale 8-9SmithYellow26.4871.73 Silver 
 Brielle SuperczynskiSykesville, MDFemale 1-5Team SuperBlue26.7470.64 Gold 
Claire SuperczynskiSykesville, MDFemale 8-9Team SuperBlue22.2642.05 Gold 
Jaime SuperczynskiSykesville, MDFemale 40-44The Chaser RacersBlue25.2461.07 Bronze 
Matthew SuperczynskiSykesville, MDMale 40-44Team SuperYellow17.4513.16 Gold 
Tyler SuperczynskiSykesville, MDMale 10-11Team SuperYellow17.9216.21 Platinum 
Joshua SutterRedlands, CAMale 12-13CohnYellow21.6540.40 Silver 
Chase WalkerVictor, NYMale 8-9The Chaser RacersBlue19.7225.85 Platinum 
Johnny WalkerVictor, NYMale 45-49WolfPakBlue18.9520.93 Silver 
Hayden WolfMale 8-9WolfPakBlue32.65108.36 - 
Justin WolfMale 6-7Zippy Zehner`sBlue24.9959.48 Gold 
Noelle wolfSinking Spring, PAFemale 40-44WolfPakBlue34.39119.46 - 
Rob WolfReading, PAMale 40-44WolfPakYellow18.0116.80 Gold 
 Patti ZehnerSteamboat Springs, COFemale 70-74Zippy Zehner`sBlue22.0440.65 Platinum 
 Tom ZehnerSteamboat Springs, MIMale 70-74Zippy Zehner`sBlue18.7519.66 Platinum 

T = Telemark (-13)