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NASTAR Results & Rankings

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Team Results
Resort Team - Squaw Valley
(582 competitors in team)
2016 - 17 Season
Team Ranking = 13 out of 23 teams / Team Score = 0.924 / Total Team Points = 18.480
2015 - 16 Season
Team Ranking = 75 out of 127 teams / Team Score = 3.612 / Total Team Points = 72.250
2014 - 15 Season
Team Ranking = 29 out of 124 teams / Team Score = 9.688 / Total Team Points = 2375.030
2013 - 14 Season
Team Ranking = 9 out of 129 teams / Team Score = 9.976 / Total Team Points = 2749.590
2012 - 13 Season
Team Ranking = 85 out of 189 teams / Team Score = 7.672 / Total Team Points = 117.080
2011 - 12 Season
Team Ranking = 87 out of 205 teams / Team Score = 7.937 / Total Team Points = 119.060
2010 - 11 Season
Team Ranking = 146 out of 211 teams / Team Score = 2.381 / Total Team Points = 35.720

Currently Sorted by Team Points
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Registration #        Competitor days raced   Hometown/State    Team Points
SOL906  Jake H Solomons  1 Palo Alto, CA9.30 
SOL880  Sienna Solomons  1 Palo Alto, CA9.18 
AGH12  Alexander Aghili    
AGH11  Marcus Aghili    
ALD325  Eliza Aldrich    
ALD326  Norah Aldrich    
ALD313  Rosie S Aldridge   Piedmont, CA 
ALF178  Isabel Alfano    
ALL1842  Claire Allaye-Chan   Sacramento, CA 
ALL1843  Sophie Allaye-Chan   Sacramento, CA 
ALL1974  Justin Alley    
ALS102  Turner Alston    
AME190  Lillian N Ames   Reno, NV 
AND4322  Ella Andrzejek    
ARI169  Carolina Arizini    
ARI152  Isabella M Arizini   Menlo Park, CA 
ARM654  Oskar Armour    
ARN687  Ava Arnold    
ART250  Kaden D Arthur   Mill Valley, CA 
BAB382  Drew M Babel   San Francisco, CA 
BAB397  Drew Babel    
BAB380  Ethan F Babel   San Francisco, CA 
BAB381  Noah K Babel   San Francisco, CA 
BAK1248  Annie Baker    
BAK1309  August Baker    
BAK1249  August (gus) Baker   San Francisco, CA 
BAK1179  Riley C Baker   Lafayette, CA 
BAK1182  Willa E Baker   San Francisco, CA 
BAL1869  Max H Balazs   San Francisco, CA 
BAL1870  Zak C Balazs   San Francisco, CA 
BAL1963  Sage Balducci    
BAR5689  Sawyer J Barta   Corte Madera, CA 
BAR5686  Andrew R Barth   Incline Village, NV 
BEA1639  Jada Beard    
BEA1640  Tessa Beard    
BEC1337  Paisley Beck    
BEC1338  Walker Beck    
BEL1568  Kurt B Belden   Truckee, CA 
BEL1767  Luke J Bell   San Francisco, CA 
BEL1858  Henri Bellevin     
BEL1761  Tristan X Bellevin   San Francisco, CA 
BEN2985  Anna Benham    
BEN2986  Ian Benham    
BER4570  Alexandra Bergholt    
BER4572  Ava Bergstrand-toole    
BER4571  Ginger Bernstein    
BER4590  Holly Bernstein    
BER4689  Bridger Berry    
BER4573  Callen Berwick    
BLI251  Sophie Blix    
BLU518  Jaden Bluestein    
BOR1242  Avian R Borden   Truckee, CA 
BOR1241  Stephen P Borden   Truckee, CA 
BOR1331  Aaron Borgani    
BOS506  Larry M Bosche   Berkeley, CA 
BOW1258  Sabry Bowden    
BOW1213  Ben Bower    
BOW1247  Ben Bower    
BOW1248  Ian Bower    
BOW1214  Ian Bower    
BOW1218  Ainslie Bowers    
BOW1243  Nate Bowers    
BOW1212  Pepper Bowes    
BRA4090  Cruz A Bradley   Tahoe City, CA 
BRA4150  Bree Brandreth   San Francisco, CA 
BRE2413  Kaitlin Brennan    
BRE2414  Julia Bressie    
BRE2415  Pierce Bressie    
BRO5770  Maddison A Brossart   Folsom, CA 
BRO6251  Ella Brown    
BRU1548  Aimee E Bruce   Tiburon, CA 
BRU1547  Kaitlyn T Bruce   Tiburon, CA 
BUC1135  McKenna C Buckley   Incline Village, NV 
BUC1134  Alicia L Buckmaster   Truckee, CA 
BUC1231  Kyler Buckton    
BUC1230  Rory Buckton    
BUE299  Fynn Buesnel    
BUE291  Fynn Buesnell    
BUR4195  Anne Burg    
BUR4196  Caitlin Burg    
BUR4198  Miles Burks    
BUR4409  Anna Burns    
BUR4197  Anna Mae Burns    
BUX52  Tyler Buxton    
CAL1676  Lily Caldwell    
CAN983  Carson M Cann   Mill Valley, CA 
CAN985  Colin D Cann   Mill Valley, CA 
CAR6369  Finley Carroll    
CAV410  Sean Cavalieri    
CHA3921  Sean Chamberlin    
CHA3834  Anushka Chandran    
CHA3922  Quinton Chang    
CHE1350  Raina S Cheng   San Mateo, CA 
CHE1447  Raina Cheng    
CHI1129  Cici Chin    
CHI1130  Teddy Chin    
CHO608  Andrew Chong    
CHO607  Nicole Chong    
CHR1590  Brian H Christensen   Portola Valley, CA 
CHR1580  Hannah J Christensen   Mill Valley, CA 
CHR1581  Rachael Christensen   Reno, NV 
CLA2891  Finn Clancy    
CLE798  Caroline H Clendenin   San Francisco, CA 
COB270  Alister N Cobb   Grenbrae, CA 
COB271  Beckett H Cobb   Greenbrae, CA 
COC408  Rafael Cochrane    
COC407  Stela Cochrane    
COH1110  Bodie S Cohen   Reno, NV 
COH1111  Reilly W Cohen   Reno, NV 
COH1109  Zachary A Cohen   Oakland, CA 
COL3543  Caroline Colasanto    
COL3542  William Colasanto    
COL3555  Seamus Colborn    
COL3371  Jack Collet   Ross, CA 
COL3372  Whitney G Collet   Ross, CA 
COL3541  Phoebe Collins    
COL3373  Cameron N Colpitts   San Francisco, CA 
COL3374  Sterling J Colpitts   San Francisco, CA 
COL3375  Tatum M Colpitts   San Francisco, CA 
COO2190  Maxwell Cooper    
COO2191  Myles Cooper    
COR2049  Joseph M Cordano   Sacramento, CA 
COR2042  Emme Corpus   San Carlos, CA 
COR2041  John August Corpus   San Carlos, CA 
COR2040  Ewan S Cortes   Los Gatos, CA 
COR2146  Kyle Cortes    
COX533  Caroline Cox    
COX550  Caroline Cox    
COX532  Kevin Cox    
CRE616  Griffin Creeze    
CRE617  Ryder Creeze    
CRE571  Griffin Crezee   Truckee, CA 
CRI528  Dakota Cristo    
CRI529  Hunter Cristo    
CRO1945  Kole L Cronin   Reno, NV 
CRO1952  Calder J Crossen   Truckee, CA 
CRO2053  Paige Crowther    
CRO2052  Samantha Crowther    
CRU277  Chaise A Crus   Tahoe City, CA 
CUD62  Lynell T Cuddy    
CUN582  Carl Cunningham   Sunnyvale, CA 
CUR1105  Aylin S Curtis   Mill Valley, CA 
CUR1177  Devin Curtis    
CUS266  Seth Cusano    
DAV3757  Alex Davies    
DAV3656  Ainsley Davis    
DAY323  Steve Day   Olympic Valley, CA 
DEP335  Irene De Pedro    
DED98  Saylor Dedeo    
DED99  Spencer Dedeo    
DEF298  Alex Defoor   San Francisco, CA 
DEH172  Pourya Dehnadi   Incline Village, NV 
DEH174  Soren A Dehnadi   Incline Village, NV 
DEL1972  Elliot Deleger    
DES966  Simone Desens    
DEU159  Tami N Deuber   Oakland, CA 
DEU158  Yuri Deuber   Oakland, CA 
DIA422  Griffin Diamond    
DIE672  William D Dierkes   San Francisco, CA 
DIE707  Lucca Dietrich    
DIL687  Nicholas J DiLullo   San Francisco, CA 
DIL720  Nico Dilullo    
DIL719  Theo Dilullo    
DIL733  Theodore Dilullo    
DOL528  Jack M Dolan   Truckee, CA 
DRA517  Arthur J Draeger   Galt, CA 
DUC250  Scarlett M Duclos   Olympic Valley, CA 
DUN1545  Jack Duncan    
DUP256  Willamina Dupont   Mill Valley, CA 
DUR678  Maris Durant-Bender   Truckee, CA 
DUR680  Aidan C Durn   Monte Sereno, CA 
EDM184  Lila Edmondson    
EDM178  Curtis Edmunds    
EL-8  Alexandra C El-Sherif   San Ramon, CA 
EL-9  Andrew S El-Sherif   San Ramon, CA 
ELL1624  Evyn Ellis    
ELL1625  Trevor Ellis   Truckee, CA 
ELL1682  Trevor Ellis    
ENG967  Aidan England    
ENG889  Aiden A England   Truckee, CA 
ENG943  Terry England    
ENG962  Atticus English    
ERI798  Isak Eriksson    
EVA1011  Abigail S Evans   Orinda, CA 
EVA1047  Jalen Evans    
FEL890  Hale Feldman    
FIE527  Jacob A Fields   Homewood, CA 
FIE555  Kaleb Fields    
FLA775  Elise Flagg   Lafayette, CA 
FLA845  Cameron Flahive   Sausalito, CA 
FLO720  Myca Florio    
FON309  Mckenna Fong    
FOR2034  Ambrose Foreman    
FOR2035  Cormac Foreman    
FOR2033  Wyatt Fortner    
FRI1717  Jacob D Friedman   Kentfield, CA 
FUL717  Isabel Fuller    
FUR385  Alexander Furber   Oakland, CA 
GAC47  Evan Gackstetter    
GAC48  Miles Gackstetter    
GAF110  Dane Gaffney    
GAF109  Sage Gaffney    
GAJ23  Stella M Gajar   Olympic Valley, CA 
GAR2993  Elio L Gargani   Oakland, CA 
GEA122  Anabel Geary    
GEL394  Henry Gellerman    
GER1300  Georgia K Gersh   Palo Alto, CA 
GET205  Mia Getz   San Francisco, CA 
GOL1966  Athena K Goldstein   Tiburon, CA 
GOL1965  Jack K Goldstein   Tiburon, CA 
GOR1534  Jack Gordon    
GOT420  Leo Gottesman    
GOT419  Sydney Gottesman   Homewood, CA 
GUM119  Kyle Gump    
GUS382  Griffin Gustafson   Mill Valley, CA 
GUS412  Melia Gustavson   Meadow Vista, CA 
GUY164  Andersen (andy) Guy    
GUY125  Andie Guy   El Portal, CA 
HAA369  Kody Haan   Corte Madera, CA 
HAA381  Samantha Haan   Corte Madera, CA 
HAD368  Tyler Haddad    
HAG760  Gus Hageman   Oakland, CA 
HAI130  John Haines   Quakertown, PA 
HAL2700  Shannon Halberstadt   San Francisco, CA 
HAL2841  Aspen Hall    
HAL2613  Sophia Hallstein   Los Gatos, CA 
HAM1857  Chloe Hamilton    
HAN3092  Benjamin Hancock    
HAN3095  Brynn Hanley   Truckee, CA 
HAN3091  Jaden Hanley    
HAN2928  Rowan J Hanley   Menlo Park, CA 
HAN3094  Rowan Hanley    
HAN3093  Jack Hanna    
HAN3096  Reed Hanna    
HAN3188  Kennedy Hansen    
HAN2927  Keene D Hansford   Truckee, CA 
HAR6645  Nadia Harper-herbold    
HAR6357  Kirsi E Harris   Mill Valley, CA 
HAR6646  Lyla Harris    
HAR6796  Zachary Harris    
HAR6334  Annika E Hart   Mill Valley, CA 
HAR6333  Madelyn C Hart   Los Gatos, CA 
HAR6644  Olivia Hart    
HAS690  Nolan J Hastings   Oakland, CA 
HAU734  Curtis (cujo) Haupert    
HAY1391  Tristan Hayes   Los Gatos, CA 
HAY1422  Gabrielle Hays    
HEK14  Christian Hekemian    
HEK15  Jake Hekemian    
HER2574  Jack Herrick    
HEV26  Mattis Hevin    
HIC622  Jacqueline Hickingbotham    
HIN779  Will Hinman    
HOB260  Alexa Hobson    
HOB261  Nicholas Hobson    
HOE397  Gabriella Hoeberichts    
HOE398  Schuyler Hoeberichts    
HOG468  Epona Hogan    
HOL3240  Elise Holzemer   Orinda, CA 
HON352  Lydia Honerkamp    
HON353  Teddy Honerkamp    
HOO683  Courtney Hooker    
HOY184  Ella L Hoyer   Truckee, CA 
HUD412  Riley H Huddleston   Woodside, CA 
HUD413  Sage E Huddleston   Woodside, CA 
HUE212  Hans N Huetter   Oakland, CA 
HUE226  Hans Huetter    
HUG893  Isabella Hughes     
HUG808  Sophia S Hughes   Mill Valley, CA 
HUK18  Henry T Hukari   Truckee, CA 
HUK19  Henry Hukari    
HUN1011  Amanda K Hunt   San Rafael, CA 
HUT711  Thomas W Hutson-Wiley   Mill Valley, CA 
IMW4  Elise Imwalle    
IMW2  Max Imwalle    
IMW6  Max Imwalle    
IMW3  Reid Imwalle    
ING469  Dan Ingalls    
ING508  Parker Ingalls    
JAC2526  Roman R Jackson   Berkeley, CA 
JAC2462  Roman Jackson   Berkeley, CA 
JAC2258  Sammy B Jacob   Piedmont, CA 
JAC2257  Toby Jacob   Piedmont, CA 
JAC2376  Anna Jacobs    
JAC2377  Cameron Jacobs    
JAC2250  Cate A Jacobs   Belvedere, CA 
JAC2273  Gabriella R Jacobs   Mill Valley, CA 
JAC2249  Jack P Jacobs   Belvedere, CA 
JAC2253  Storm D Jacobs   Truckee, CA 
JAI20  Sonia Jain    
JOH5324  Tucker Johannsson    
JOH5323  Waylon Johansen   Tahoe City, CA 
JOH5319  Britta Johnson    
JOH5320  Niki Johnson    
JOH5321  Annika Johnston    
JOH5325  Ian Johnston    
JOH5322  Matias Johnston   Los Gatos, CA 
JON2419  Cass Jones    
JOR641  Travis Jorgensen    
JOS421  Chase D Joslin   Carnelian Bay, CA 
JOW23  Alice Jowers    
JOY423  Ethan Joy    
KAB58  Taylor Kabat    
KAH333  Harrison Kahn    
KAP641  Hattie Kaplan    
KAR1351  Tiger Karson    
KAS683  Alban Kasriel    
KAS682  Quentin Kasriel    
KAS646  Timothe B Kasriel   Los Altos, CA 
KAU597  Eve Kaufman    
KEI459  Jacob P Keil   Incline Village, NV 
KEI460  Noah P Keil   Incline Village, NV 
KEL2862  Keegan Kelly    
KEL2861  Kennedy Kelly    
KER975  Mark Kerber   Reno, NV 
KIE456  Teak M Kiesel   Kentfield, CA 
KIN2203  Allison King     
KIN2180  Julian King    
KLE1174  Katherine Klein    
KNO708  Ben Knorr    
KOC535  Carson Koch    
KOC493  Daisy Koch   Portola Valley, CA 
KOC492  Reese Koch   Portola Valley, CA 
KOG73  Zachary Kogan   Salem, MA 
KUS222  Tor Kushner    
KUS223  Logan Kuster    
KWA79  Colby Kwait    
KWA80  Conrad Kwait    
LAD213  Mitchell Ladd    
LAL201  Neven Lalic    
LAL200  Anthony Laliotis    
LAN2992  Nate Landis    
LAN2991  Nina Lane    
LAN2698  John Lange   Olympic Valley, CA 
LAR1702  Fiona M Larsen   El Granada, CA 
LAR1701  Skye A Larsen   El Granada, CA 
LAU964  Julia Laury    
LAU947  Luke Lauter    
LAU923  Luke T Lauter   TRUCKEE, CA 
LEA915  Adeline Leary    
LEA916  Jack Leary    
LEI883  Henry Leins    
LEO675  Cole H Leon   Petaluma, CA 
LEO676  Paige R Leon   Petaluma, CA 
LEO720  Aya Sofya Leopold   Oakland, CA 
LEU117  Nadia E Leunig   Berkeley, CA 
LEU116  Niko P Leunig   Berkeley, CA 
LEV1598  Bede Levin    
LEV1599  Bronte Levin    
LEV1600  Oli Levin    
LEV1570  Joshua Levitan    
LIL306  Mia Lillebo    
LIN2304  Christopher Lin    
LIN2250  Christpher Lin    
LIS357  Emma Listgarten    
LON1067  Ava Long   San Francisco, CA 
LON1068  Jacob Long   San Francisco, CA 
LOR664  Russell Lorang   Colfax, CA 
LOR678  Sienna Loredo    
LOV557  Max Loveless    
LOV590  Max Loveless    
LOW787  Owen M Lowery   Mill Valley, CA 
LOW830  Stella Lowery    
LUC664  Devin Lucas   Sunnyvale, CA 
LUC720  Elena C Lucas   Los Altos, CA 
LUK288  Andreas M Lukan   Berkekey, CA 
LUS269  Hannah Luster    
MAG996  Mica Maggs    
MAH691  Lila E Mahan   Truckee, CA 
MAL1996  Lily Mallinckrodt    
MAO9  Christopher Mao    
MAO10  William Mao    
MAR7920  Evie Maravilla    
MAR8342  Evie Maravilla    
MAR7525  Arden T Margulis   Olympic Valley, CA 
MAS1546  Elie Mascott    
MAS1492  Elie Mascott    
MAS1494  Parker Mascott    
MAS1493  Meredith Mason   San Francisco, CA 
MAT2310  Isabel A Matteo   San Francisco, CA 
MAU471  Annelise Mauro    
MAU472  Eric Zachery Maurus    
MAU446  Jordan T Maurus   Ross, CA 
MCA744  Davin M McAndrews   San Francisco, CA 
MCA793  Mitchell McAndrews    
MCA794  Porter McAndrews    
MCC4870  Ayla McConkey   Olympic Valley, CA 
MCC5085  Ethan McCormick    
MCG2515  Dylan McGrath    
MCI543  Quinn McInerney    
MCJ24  Reece W McJunkin   Menlo Park, CA 
MCM965  Emily J McMillan    
MCM966  Grace C McMillan    
MEL1198  Ava Melen    
MER1456  Mckinley O Mercer   Olympic Valley, CA 
MEU81  Oliver D Meuse   Ross, CA 
MIL5122  Samantha Milne    
MIR223  Mark D Mirviss   Olympic Valley, CA 
MIS378  Alexis Missoffe   Palo Alto, CA 
MIS377  Emilien Missoffe    
MIT1166  Alex Mitchell    
MON1850  Abby L Montaquila   Lafayette, CA 
MON1935  Abigail Montaquila    
MOO2054  Mallory Moore    
MOR4924  Aiden Morgan    
MOR5060  Alastair Morris    
MOR5061  Ava Morris    
MOR4923  Dakota Morrison    
MOR5062  Will Morse    
MOS929  Jack W Moseley   Tiburon, CA 
MOU329  Arman A Moussavi   Oakland, CA 
MUI104  Ava Muir-vickery    
MUL1440  Amaya Mulligan    
MUL1377  Kai W Mulligan    
MUR2689  Kaili Murphy    
MUR2751  Clara Murray     
NEA325  Hunter N Neave   Truckee, CA 
NEI396  Maxwell C Neilson   REDWOOD CITY, CA 
NGU53  Jackson Nguyen   Tahoe City, CA 
NIC1349  Elizabeth A Nicholas   Mill Valley, CA 
NIC1441  Matthew Nickerson    
NIK122  Sean Nikolaev    
NUG52  Frank Nugent   Sacramento, CA 
O'2697  Alexandra O'brien    
O'2541  Chloe O'shea    
O'2542  Lily O'shea    
OLI592  Lauren Olitsky    
OLR3  Tanner Olrich    
OLR4  Zach Olrich    
OLS1266  Nate Olsan    
OLS1267  Hunter Olson    
OLS1306  Linnea Olson   San Francisco, CA 
PAL1361  Charlotte R Palmer   Palo Alto, CA 
PAL1362  Clifford W Palmer   Palo Alto, CA 
PAN601  Neela Pancha    
PAN602  Hunter Panelli    
PAN619  Cash Panico    
PAN621  Payton Panico    
PAT1549  Madeleine D Patrick   Incline Village, NV 
PAT1642  Madeline Patrick    
PAW155  Alexander Pawlo    
PAW156  Christopher Pawlo    
PER2181  Pete J Perata   Tahoe City, CA 
PER2449  Hanna Percy    
PER2450  Ben Perkins    
PER2451  Will Perkins    
PER2506  Zander Perlroth    
PHA116  Emme Pham-ringholz    
PHA102  Roan Pham-ringholz    
PHA110  Roan Pham-Ringholz   Mill Valley, CA 
PHE142  Debi Phelps   Truckee, CA 
PHI1180  Breck S Philip   Rancho Murieta, CA 
PLU236  Maren E Plumb   Tahoe City, CA 
POP497  Varun Popli    
PYF1  Max Pyfer    
QUI1236  Caroline Quirk   Belvedere Tiburon, CA 
QUI1191  Hudson Quirk    
RAG210  Brett Ragan    
RAN856  Jackson R Rantz   Tahoma, CA 
REC244  Lindsay C Recker   Piedmont, CA 
REE1298  Laila Reed    
REE1297  Penelope Reed    
REI2351  Sawyer Q Reicher   Lafayette, CA 
RIC2544  Grant D Richards   Belvedere, CA 
RIC2643  Kasey Rickenbach   Olympic Valley, CA 
RIP166  Max H Ripple   Ross, CA 
ROB3293  Nicholas P Robb   Berkeley, CA 
ROB3534  Angela Robbins    
ROB3285  Esme P Roberts   Chico, CA 
ROC693  Lucia Rocchio    
ROC694  Macallan Rocco    
ROE454  Liam Roedling    
RON310  Chloe Ronning    
ROW685  Eva Rowbury    
RUS1347  Adelaide Rusek    
RUS1348  Peter Rusek    
RUS1276  Jonah C Russell   Grass Valley, CA 
RUS1277  Kaya G Russell   Grass Valley, CA 
RYD99  Jake M Ryder   Granite Bay, CA 
SAK215  Skyler Sakrison    
SAL1356  Connor M Salita   Mill Valley, CA 
SAM825  Grace Samra    
SAM824  Lily Samra    
SAN2302  Mark Sanders   Tahoe City, CA 
SAN2165  Mark Sanders   Tahoe City, CA 
SAN2321  Cole R Sanford   Alpine Meadows, CA 
SAN2320  Jackson T Sanford   Alpine Meadows 
SAU565  Sam Saunders    
SCH12640  Christopher J Schneider   Tiburon, CA 
SCH13197  Maddie Schneider    
SCH13196  Brooke Schuman    
SCH13545  Pierce Schuman    
SCH13199  Pierce Schuman    
SCH12693  Cameron A Schwing   San Francisco, CA 
SCO1073  Brian Scoville   Tahoe City, CA 
SEE368  Soren Seeliger    
SEG328  Alexi T Sege   Menlo Park, CA 
SEL771  Hannah Selander    
SEL714  Logan S Selander   Tahoe Vista, CA 
SEL772  Taylor Seline    
SHA3365  Teo Shamah    
SHA3328  Teodor E Shamah   Kentfield, CA 
SHA3301  Natalie Shannon    
SHE3419  Porter Shelby    
SHE3272  Oliver M Sherwood   Orinda, CA 
SHK13  Jacob Shklovski    
SHR201  Eloise G Shrewsberry   Piedmont, CA 
SHR202  Nano W Shrewsberry   Piedmont, CA 
SIL1009  Finley M Silverman   Tahoe City, CA 
SIL1051  Emma Silvern    
SIM1954  Justin Sim    
SIM2078  Will Simonds    
SMI5761  Hannah E Smith   Tahoe City, CA 
SMI5750  Nolan G Smith   Tahoe City, CA 
SNO333  Samson Snow    
SOB234  Skye Sobel    
SOM318  Alex Sommer    
SPA583  Richard Spaete   Redwood City, CA 
SPE1289  William Speiser    
STE6137  Coco S Stein   Novato, CA 
STE6136  Harry W Stein   Novato, CA 
STU1223  Sierra Sturm    
SWI553  Brooks Swindle    
SWI552  Chloe Swindle    
SWI524  Blake A Switlick   Loomis, CA 
SWI518  Kai D Switlick   Loomis, CA 
SZC69  Natalia N Szczerba   Palo Alto, CA 
TED110  Nichole Tedsen    
TEN286  Cooper C Tenney   Tiburon, CA 
THI507  Hugo Thinard Mclane    
THO4197  Pierce Thompson    
THO4196  Reid Thompson    
TIP57  Alex P Tippett   Berkeley, CA 
TOM755  Renee K Tom   San Francisco, CA 
TRA581  Josh Transue   Hunter, NY 
TRI601  Luke Tribolet    
TRU382  Samantha Trudeau   Edwards, CO 
TUR1310  Rory S Turk   Tahoe City, CA 
VAL960  Jack Valentine    
VAN3938  Sam Van Alst    
VAN4053  Samuel Van Alst    
VAN4041  Celia Van De Wyer    
VEA29  Noah A Veare   Fair Oaks, CA 
VIE183  Aiden W Vieara McCarthy   Palo Alto, CA 
VIL330  Christo Viloria    
VIO71  West Violich-mecklenburg    
WAK137  Azalea Wakelee    
WAK136  Zora Wakelee    
WAK126  Zora Wakelee   Palo Alto, CA 
WAL4754  Zander Wallpe    
WAL4439  Mikayla B Walsh   Olympic Valley, CA 
WAR2215  Charlie Ward   Orinda, CA 
WAR2214  Joe David Ward   Orinda, CA 
WAR2212  Libby Ward   Orinda, CA 
WAR2109  Alexa A Warrin   Belvedere, CA 
WAR2213  Katie Warrin    
WAR2216  Michael Warshower    
WAT1385  Baran Watson    
WEN598  Ethan Wenner    
WER545  Fletcher Werner   San Francisco, CA 
WES1316  Alexander G Wescott   San Francisco, CA 
WES1412  Cyrus Wescott    
WES1411  Blaze West    
WES1410  Cruz West    
WHE636  Oscar J Whelan   Tahoe CIty, CA 
WHI3176  Callie Whiting    
WHI3177  Henry Whitney    
WIL7795  Alagna Willard    
WIL7797  Rio Willard    
WIL7985  Colby Williams    
WIL7794  Mckenna Williams    
WIL7796  Jack Wilson    
WIL7831  Olive Wilson    
WOL1515  Samuel J Wolfenden   Tahoe City, CA 
WON189  Ryan C Wong   Hillsborough, CA 
WOO2262  Ava M Woodard   Reno, NV 
WYN149  Parker P Wynne   Walnut Creek, CA 
ZAC221  Jackson Zachary   Carnelian Bay, CA 
ZAM123  Dominik Zampa    
ZAM124  Zachary M Zampa    
ZIN166  Caroline Zintak   Telluride, CO 

Teams are scored based on a team point average. Team members score points for their team based on the best handicap they earn during the season. Only the top point gainers from each team will be used to score points for their team (6 for Family/Friends Teams, 15 for Club Teams, 20 for Resort Teams). The number of team points earned by these top point gainers are added together and divided by the number of top point gainers (6, 15 or 20) to get the Team Score. In the event of a tie, the team with the most total team points earned during the season will win.

The NASTAR Handicap Chart shows the handicap needed in each age & gender category to earn a particular number of team points. Click here to view the NASTAR Handicap Chart. The number of team points indicated on the chart is a range. Since team points are interpolated, the exact number of team points you earn will be within this range. If you are one of the top point gainers for your team, the exact number of team points you score for your team is indicated on your Team Race Record.