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Team Results
Resort Team - Schuss Mountain
(32 competitors in team)
2017 - 18 Season
No results recorded.
2016 - 17 Season
Team Ranking = 87 out of 126 teams / Team Score = 2.897 / Total Team Points = 57.950
2015 - 16 Season
Team Ranking = 90 out of 127 teams / Team Score = 1.984 / Total Team Points = 39.690
2014 - 15 Season
Team Ranking = 76 out of 124 teams / Team Score = 5.878 / Total Team Points = 117.560
2013 - 14 Season
Team Ranking = 67 out of 129 teams / Team Score = 9.040 / Total Team Points = 135.600
2012 - 13 Season
Team Ranking = 93 out of 189 teams / Team Score = 5.397 / Total Team Points = 80.960
2011 - 12 Season
Team Ranking = 93 out of 205 teams / Team Score = 7.094 / Total Team Points = 106.410
2010 - 11 Season
Team Ranking = 87 out of 211 teams / Team Score = 8.417 / Total Team Points = 132.630
2009 - 10 Season
Team Ranking = 97 out of 149 teams / Team Score = 4.640 / Total Team Points = 69.600
2008 - 09 Season
Team Ranking = 97 out of 137 teams / Team Score = 4.535 / Total Team Points = 68.020

Currently Sorted by Team Points
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Registration #        Competitor days raced   Hometown/State    Team Points
AND4297  Randy Anderson   Bellaire, MI 
ASH87  Shawne R Ashton   New York, NY 
AVI19  Terry L Avink   Grand Rapids, MI 
BAK277  David A Baker   Traverse City, MI 
BIG268  Peter Bigford   Bellaire, MI 
BUS576  Julia V Busik   East Lansing, MI 
CLA43  Jan M Clark    
CLA27  Ricky Clark   Bellaire, MI 
DAN1074  Rod Danko   Lakeland, MI 
DAN1154  Ryan M Danko   Lakeland, MI 
HOL2261  Ben Holland   Okemos, MI 
HOL2371  Bryan Holland   Okemos, MI 
HOL2187  Joel Holland   Okemos, MI 
HOL2247  Tracey Holland   Okemos, MI 
KEE643  Grayson Keener   Lakeland, MI 
KEE642  Kristina Keener   Lakeland, MI 
KER3  Steven P Kershner   Bellaire, MI 
KLE1197  Josh H Klein   West Bloomfield, MI 
KOE418  Max Koenig   Mancelona, MI 
LAG16  Jim Lagerstrum    
MAT1250  Evan Matusz   Okemos, MI 
MAT1763  Steven Matusz   Okemos, MI 
MIL3585  Brad Miller   Traverse City, MI 
MIL5021  Bradferd Miller   Traverse City, MI 
MUR2327  Jacqueline Murphy   Rochester, MI 
MUR2489  Madison Murphy   Rochester, MI 
PRI37  Greg Priestap   Waterford, MI 
PRO506  Daneel Proshlyakov   East Lansing, MI 
PRO436  Denis A Proshlyakov   East Lansing, MI 
PRO390  Yegor Proshlyakov   East Lansing, MI 
SCH6200  Ben Schippers   Traverse City, MI 
VAN3868  Rick Van Tongeren   Bellaire, MI 

Teams are scored based on a team point average. Team members score points for their team based on the best handicap they earn during the season. Only the top point gainers from each team will be used to score points for their team (6 for Family/Friends Teams, 15 for Club Teams, 20 for Resort Teams). The number of team points earned by these top point gainers are added together and divided by the number of top point gainers (6, 15 or 20) to get the Team Score. In the event of a tie, the team with the most total team points earned during the season will win.

The NASTAR Handicap Chart shows the handicap needed in each age & gender category to earn a particular number of team points. Click here to view the NASTAR Handicap Chart. The number of team points indicated on the chart is a range. Since team points are interpolated, the exact number of team points you earn will be within this range. If you are one of the top point gainers for your team, the exact number of team points you score for your team is indicated on your Team Race Record.