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Team Results
Resort Team - Mad River Mountain
(375 competitors in team)
2014 - 15 Season
Team Ranking = 32 out of 123 teams / Team Score = 9.281 / Total Team Points = 479.540
2013 - 14 Season
Team Ranking = 40 out of 129 teams / Team Score = 9.721 / Total Team Points = 834.500
2012 - 13 Season
Team Ranking = 37 out of 189 teams / Team Score = 9.623 / Total Team Points = 688.230
2011 - 12 Season
Team Ranking = 102 out of 205 teams / Team Score = 5.198 / Total Team Points = 78.970
2010 - 11 Season
Team Ranking = 148 out of 211 teams / Team Score = 2.185 / Total Team Points = 32.780

Currently Sorted by Team Points
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Registration #        Competitor days raced   Hometown/State    Team Points
WEI1868  Sho Weinstein  2 Dublin, OH9.90 
WEI1869  Aina Weinstein  3 Dublin, OH9.80 
MUG19  Bobby Mugan  3 Dublin, OH9.79 
GIB255  Forrest Gibson  1 Columbus, OH9.64 
BRE532  James Brenneman  4 Columbus, OH9.63 
LAC507  Andrew Lacksonen  5 Dublin, OH9.51 
LIN1738  Nicholas Linville  1 Columbus, OH9.49 
HAI43  Steve D Haip  2 Lexington, OH9.48 
HOW442  Dale Howard  2 Marion, OH9.34 
FOE1  Carol A Foerst  3 Gahanna, OH9.33 
CAL432  Greg Calhoun  5 Galena, OH9.32 
SCH1271  Brian D Schickel  4 West Bloomfield, MI9.29 
GOR1491  William H Gorman  1 Columbus, OH9.26 
JON552  James A Jones  4 Galloway, OH9.17 
KAT537  Junko Kato-Weinstein  5 Dublin, OH9.03 
LOV134  David Loveless  1 Delaware, OH8.99 
ROS1139  Steve J Ross  2 Columbus, OH8.84 
JOH5473  Cole Johnson  1 8.63 
DEG364  Nicholas DeGroote  3 Lewis Center, OH8.62 
MUL1372  Eamon D Mulvihill  1 Hudson, OH8.57 
WHI184  Fred L Whitican  2 Xenia, OH8.56 
SCH1139  Dean J Schaeffer  1 8.35 
WAL3890  Michael D Waller  2 Troy, OH8.28 
TUR136  Bob C Turner  3 Columbus, OH8.26 
MCC184  Dave H Mccain  3 Hilliard, OH8.18 
REI326  Gary D Reiner  3 Worthington, OH8.16 
DEG132  Steve DeGroote  4 Lewis Center, OH8.11 
FOR1160  Beth A Forbes  3 Allentown, PA8.00 
REI2346  Ron Reith  3 Westerville, OH8.00 
HEN373  Terry W Henderson  2 Westerville, OH7.99 
KAR335  Andy Karolin  2 New Albany, OH7.95 
WAT139  Mike Watson  4 Dublin, OH7.92 
BRE1918  Shelee Brenneman  3 Hilliard, OH7.88 
SCH2939  Dean Schaefer  2 Urbana, OH7.86 
DEG380  Jennay Degroote  2 Lewis Center, OH7.63 
FUH81  Todd Fuhrman  2 Columbus, OH7.57 
GAV190  Tatiana Gavalcinova  1 Dayton, OH7.12 
CAY56  Amy Caywood  1 New Albany, OH7.11 
HEN1278  Zoe Henderson  1 Westerville, OH7.00 
KAM136  Margot Kaminski  2 Vail, CO6.96 
BRO5026  Craig Brooks  2 Powell, OH6.76 
HAR233  Joe Harp  2 Columbus, OH6.72 
KLE1003  Felix Klebe  1 Columbus, OH6.72 
HOL2788  Matthew Holden  1 Marysville, OH6.68 
RIC2657  Randa Richards  1 Dayton, OH6.65 
ING425  Mike L Ingmire  5 Delaware, OH6.44 
WEN588  Rebecca Wentworth  1 Cincinnati, OH6.38 
WAR1883  Max Ward  2 Urbana, OH6.35 
MIL2210  Sarah Milby  1 Newark, OH6.19 
MCN1033  Scott McNett  4 Spencerville, OH5.11 
MIL3739  Erin Miller  1 Gahanna, OH5.01 
FAL310  Carl Faller  3 Columbus, OH4.90 
POK44  Rebecca Pokorski  3 Milford Center, OH4.87 
CAM1206  Scott Campbell  2 Columbus, OH4.75 
WAL1676  Alan G Walker  2 Kalamazoo, MI4.39 
MIL1142  Doug Miller  1 Gahanna, OH4.30 
TIM369  Jonathan R Timmons  1 Powell, OH4.21 
MIL3738  Kimberly Miller  1 Gahanna, OH3.91 
GIL2500  Kikuko Gill  3 Dublin, OH3.36 
DAM455  Adam Damico  2 Sidney, OH2.29 
NEL1578  James Nelson  3 Dublin, OH2.09 
ELL1645  Micheal Elliott  5 Bellefontaine, OH1.93 
WAL4524  Matthew Waller  1 Troy, OH1.55 
DIE529  John Diehl  2 Columbus, OH1.46 
VOL311  Jay Volkert  1 Marysville, OH1.33 
GUS398  Ken Guse  2 Pickerington, OH1.26 
BER1046  Talivaldis V Berzins  1 Dublin, OH1.23 
HOL2911  Nathan L Holden  2 Marysville, OH1.18 
BER4206  Marija L Berzins  1 Dublin, OH1.00 
CON2594  Kristin Conners  2 Columbus, OH1.00 
COR2122  Gwendolyn Corbett  1 Columbus, OH1.00 
ELL1678  Shellie Elliott  2 Bellefontaine, OH1.00 
ELL1600  Thomas Elliott  2 Bellefontaine, OH1.00 
FIS1469  Alexa Fischer  1 Columbus, OH1.00 
FIS1630  Christian Fisher  1 Columbus, OH1.00 
FIS1639  Ian Fisher  1 Columbus, OH1.00 
GUS405  Samuel Guse  1 Pickerington, OH1.00 
HAL2756  Kristen Hall  2 Zanesfield, OH1.00 
HAR3494  Patty Harmon  2 Powell, OH1.00 
KIM756  Tomas Kimly  1 Powell, OH1.00 
LUC771  Kaitlyn Lucore  1 Lewis Center, OH1.00 
MUR2666  Thomas Murtaugh  2 Cincinnati, OH1.00 
ONO8  Brian M Onofrio  2 LAKEVIEW, OH1.00 
SHE3515  Douglas Shepelak  1 Westerville, OH1.00 
SMI6169  Brad Smith  1 Westerville, OH1.00 
VAN4035  Drew Vanrunnkle  1 1.00 
WID176  Brooke Widmer  1 Marysville, OH1.00 
ALB515  Tyler Albaugh   Columbus, OH 
AMI12  Ricky Aminaka   Columbus, OH 
ARC242  Kylie Archer    
BAR5989  Evan Barnes   Lewis Center, OH 
BAU465  Raymond Bauman   Thornville, OH 
BED268  Sam Bednarski   Columbus, OH 
BED266  David Bedonarski    
BEE336  Ryan J Beery   Columbus, OH 
BIR451  Tony Birri   Westerville, OH 
BLA2396  Cliff Blacke   Piqua, OH 
BOE381  Drew Boettcher    
BOE402  Drew P Boettcher   Dayton, OH 
BON276  Mary C Bonham-richards   West Chester, OH 
BOR1020  Gale A Bordner   Carroll, OH 
BOY1092  Joshua Boyd   New Albany, OH 
BRA2403  Joe Brademeyer   Whitmore Lake, MI 
BRE2020  Jacob C Bresnahan   Marysville, OH 
BRO4817  Derek Broering   New Weston, OH 
BRO5121  Craig Brook    
BUC248  John L Buchenroth   Columbus, OH 
BUD169  Joe Budde   Dublin, OH 
TIT119  Tammy Budde   Dublin, OH 
BUL367  Matt Bult   Cincinnati, OH 
BUR3592  Cameron Burrell    
BYR432  Maxwell Byrne    
CAI227  Kevin Cain   New Castle, IN 
CAR5038  Bob Cardillo    
CAR5812  Brian P Carr   Centerville, OH 
CHO480  Charles Choi    
QUI926  Jennifer L Clarkson   Westfield, IN 
CLA2323  Steven Clauett   Lima, OH 
COL3066  Peyton Colwell   Powell, OH 
COO322  Jason Cooper   Marysville, OH 
COP458  Jason Copper   Marysville, OH 
COR2077  Gwen Corbett    
COR1886  Gwendolyn Corbett   Columbus, OH 
COR2050  Danette Cornelius   Bellefontaine, OH 
CRA1216  Ann Crafton   Columbus, OH 
CRO1641  Hanse Cromer   Urbana, OH 
CUB36  Cassidy Cubra   Pickerington, OH 
CUR979  Vicki Curren    
D'242  Adam D'amico   Sidney, OH 
DAH405  Erica Dahlby   Mansfield, OH 
DAY354  Austin Day   Hilliard, OH 
DAY365  Mike Day   Pickerington, OH 
DEJ100  Jake Dejarnette   Marysville, OH 
DEV862  Drew Devier    
DEW399  Tom Dew   Delaware, OH 
DRA250  Jared P Drake   Columbus, OH 
DRO264  Raena Drotleff   Dublin, OH 
DRO222  Sam Drotleff    
DRO197  Mark Drotloff    
DYE152  Josh Dyer   Ostrander, OH 
EAS326  John Eastman   Centerville, OH 
ECH65  Rjkuto Echigoya   Dublin, OH 
ELL1389  Ryan Elliott    
ELL1631  Micheal Elliottt    
FAB47  Josh Faber   Zanesfield, OH 
FID46  Mike L Fidler   Columbus, OH 
FIN713  Lisa Fine   Delaware, OH 
FIS1620  Alexa J Fischer   Columbus, OH 
FIS1619  Christian E Fischer   Columbus, OH 
FIS1631  Alexa Fisher   Columbus, OH 
FLS4  Alexa J Flscher   Columbus, OH 
FON232  Nick Fontanini   Dublin, OH 
FOR2017  Beth Forbes   Delaware, OH 
FOW249  Joe Fowler    
FRA2603  Adam J Frantz   South Charleston, OH 
FUL691  Ben Fulton   Dublin, OH 
FUR312  Joshua Furci   Grove City, OH 
GAN533  Macayla Gantz    
GEL392  Paul Gelvezon    
GIL2034  Annalee Gilbert   Powell, OH 
GIL2418  Kiko Gill   Dublin, OH 
GOG65  Dave Goggin   Columbus, OH 
GOR1196  Rebecca Gorman   Toledo, OH 
GRA3642  Stephanie Graber    
GRE3551  Ken Green   Dayton, OH 
GRI1641  Sean Grim   Columbus, OH 
GRI1972  Rose Grimes    
GRO1679  Cheryl L Groehl   Marysville, OH 
GRO1348  Troy D Groehl   Marysville, OH 
HAC162  Aj Hackett   New Albany, OH 
HAC241  John Hackett   New Albany, OH 
HAN704  Matt W Hanbaum   Lewis Center, OH 
HAN2580  Tim Hancock    
HAR6706  Andrew Harasburda    
HAR5582  Kenny Harr   West Liberty, OH 
HAR5581  Patrick M Harr   West Liberty, OH 
HAR5705  John Harris    
HAW501  Howard Hawks    
HAY1386  Hanna Hayden   Columbus, OH 
HAY1382  Meghan T Hayden   Bexley, OH 
HAY1383  Peter R Hayden   Bexley, OH 
HEA340  Rex E Heath   Bellefontaine, OH 
HEL776  Ben Helder   Dayton, OH 
HEN2027  Troy Henricksen    
HER2035  Alan Hernandez   OH 
HIL1834  Bud Hill    
HIX40  Frank D Hixenbaugh   Warsaw, OH 
HIX39  Nick Hixenbaugh   Warsaw, OH 
HOB257  Bill Hoban   Findlay, OH 
HOD389  Tom Hodgson   Dublin, OH 
HOL2789  David Holden   Marysville, OH 
HOL2821  Nathan Holden   Marysville, OH 
HOO281  Charlotte Hoops   Russells Point, OH 
HOR136  Frank D Horn   DeKalb, IL 
HUB214  Brenna J Huber   Columbus, OH 
HUB74  Debbie Huber   Columbus, OH 
IIA1  Ayla Iiaska   Columbus, OH 
IIS2  Shin Iisaka   Columbus, OH 
ING384  Frank A Ingwersen   Columbus, OH 
ISO20  Teba Isolde    
JEN1030  Tom Jenkins   Worthington, OH 
JEN1010  Bill W Jennings   New Carlisle, OH 
JO7  Kellie Jo   Zanesfield, OH 
JON1568  Jim Jones   Galloway, OH 
KAN722  Ariana Kanchuger   Upper Arlington, OH 
KAN773  Eva Kanchuger   Upper Arlington, OH 
KAN784  Lucia Kanchuger   Upper Arlington, OH 
KAN850  Stuart Kanchuger   Columbus, OH 
KAS562  Marty Kasa    
KEL2502  Evan Kelley   Marysville, OH 
KEL2469  Evan Kelly    
KES286  Nick Kestler   Powell, OH 
KIE407  Thomas Kiefer    
KIN2105  Joe Kinchen   New Albany, OH 
KIN722  Dale King   London, OH 
KIN1638  Dale (sky) R King   London, OH 
KLI564  Andrew Klinksick   Columbus, OH 
KLI563  Jim Klinksick   Columbus, OH 
KLO300  Kim Klosterman    
KNO575  Jim Knochel    
KON362  Tamie Kondoff   Powell, OH 
KRE721  Rick R Kreidler   Columbus, OH 
KRU614  Spencer Kruse-melfi   Granville, OH 
KUE164  Aiden Kuelling   Fort Wayne, IN 
KUE166  Lars Kuelling   Fort Wayne, IN 
KUE167  Tate Kuelling   Fort Wayne, IN 
LAN2995  James Lange   Lewistown, OH 
LAT488  Ryan C Latham   Snowmass Village, CO 
LEA853  Chad Leabeau   Sunbury, OH 
LEA644  June Leader   Delaware, OH 
LEB408  Audrey Lebeau   Sunbury, OH 
LEI840  Scott Leithauser   Westerville, OH 
LEO191  ROBERT K Leonard   Lima, OH 
LEW1070  Kevin Lewis    
LIB210  Ed Liberati    
LLO154  Eric Lloyd   Westerville, OH 
LOC502  Scott Locker    
LON898  Matt Longhouse   Lewis Center, OH 
LOO202  Jason Looper   Raymond, OH 
LOV216  David M Loveless   Delaware, OH 
LOW692  Tom Lowry    
MAC2889  Oliva MacE    
MAG158  Bob J Maguire   Dublin, OH 
MAH638  Zach Mahon   Westerville, OH 
MAR7296  Bill Marks   Dayton, OH 
MAT1928  Sebastian Matt   New Albany, OH 
MAT1927  Sophie Matt   New Albany, OH 
MAT1929  Sophie Matt   New Albany, OH 
MAT1402  Will Matt   Fort Smith, AR 
MCN1030  Scott Mc Nett   Spencerville, OH 
MCC4171  Bev McCain   Hilliard, OH 
MCC4605  Eric J McCain    
MCI537  Acadia McIntyre    
MEI8  Erik J Meister   Columbia Station, OH 
MET483  Christorher Metzler    
MEY1195  Jeffery Meyer   Willoughby, OH 
MIH96  Michael Mihnovets   Zanesfield, OH 
MIL3959  Cory J Miller   Brunswick, OH 
MIL4221  Jared Miller    
MIL3530  Mary Miller   West Milton, OH 
MIL3531  Rusty Miller   West Milton, OH 
MIL3960  Taylor M Miller   Brunswick, OH 
MIN727  Nathan Minns   Dublin, OH 
MON1859  Dave Monos   Westerville, OH 
MOO799  Drew Moore   Powell, OH 
MOS272  Chuck Mosier   Hilliard, OH 
MOT279  Nicholas Motz    
MUL1289  Danny Mullins    
NIC1418  John Nicol   Marysville, OH 
NIE815  Chri Niederwiesen   Columbus, OH 
NOC62  Ron Nocand    
NOR1297  Adam J Norris   Columbus, OH 
OBE218  Josh Obermiller   Lewis Center, OH 
OBE219  Kelly Obermiller   Lewis Center, OH 
OWN9  Sam Owne    
PAL1143  Eddie Palines   Dublin, OH 
PAL1145  Eddie Pallines   Dublin, OH 
PAL1423  Aj Palmer   Dayton, OH 
PAL1424  Renee Palmer   Dayton, OH 
PAP389  Brian Papworth   Zanesfield, OH 
PER1892  Nate C Perry   Marysville, OH 
PET3316  William Petty    
PHE213  Abbey Phelps    
PHE197  Abby Phelps   New Albany, OH 
PLU173  Andrejs Plume   Delaware, OH 
PRA438  Erik Pranckh    
PRA499  Ferndinand Pranckh    
PRA439  Max Pranckh    
RAB213  Robert Rabb   Columbus, OH 
RAM628  Vincent Ramonde   Powell, OH 
RAP8  Lyn L Rapp   Reynoldsburg, OH 
RAT335  David Rathje   Delaware, OH 
REB38  Butch Reber   Columbus, OH 
RED447  Martin W Reddick   Lewis Center, OH 
REI2363  Ron Reith   Westerville, OH 
RIC2656  Abel Richards   Dayton, OH 
RIC2698  Blake Richards   Dayton, OH 
RIC153  Emily Richards   Colebrook, NH 
RIC2607  Steve J Richards   Westerville, OH 
RIC1771  Brac B Richardson   West Chester, OH 
RIZ180  Gerogio Rizzoni    
RIZ181  Mike Rizzoni    
ROB1239  Colin Robinson   Marysville, OH 
ROB3492  Colin Robirson   Marysville, OH 
ROE348  Jeffrey O Roettger   Lewis Center, OH 
ROW536  Jeff A Rowan   New Albany, OH 
RUS969  Katie Russell   Westerville, OH 
RUS1253  Mimi Russell   Westerville, OH 
SAI169  Taro Saito   Dublin, OH 
SAR572  Eva Sarver    
SCH12606  Maureen Schickel   Upper Arlington, OH 
SCH13097  Brayden C Schlenker   Wapakoneta, OH 
SEK21  Bunzo Seki   Dublin, OH 
SEL560  Elinor Selinder   Westerville, OH 
SEL559  Emelie Selinder   Westerville, OH 
SEL558  Torbjorn Selinder   Westerville, OH 
SEV228  Veysel Sever   Columbus, OH 
SHA2840  Anna Shapiro    
SHE2799  Andy Shepard    
SHE2800  Matthew Shepard    
SHE2798  Sara Shepard    
SHE301  Scott Shepard   Dublin, OH 
SHI997  Owen Shirk   Lima, OH 
SID34  Jim A Sides   Columbus, OH 
SMI5890  Whitney Smith    
SOU80  Jon A Southworth   Zanesfield, OH 
SPU82  Hoey Spurgeon    
SPU96  Curreen Spurlin   Commerce Township, MI 
STA2689  Claudette Stanions   Marysville, OH 
STA2505  Haley Staudmyer   Pickerington, OH 
STE5081  Alex Stelter   Miamisburg, OH 
STE4319  Eric Stelter   Miamisburg, OH 
STI1041  Carol Stillman   Powell, OH 
SUR216  Taylor Surface   Columbus, OH 
TAB167  Zachery G Taber   Lewis Center, OH 
TAY1420  Lorre Taylor    
TEE100  James Tee   Columbus, OH 
TER576  Justen Terman   Dublin, OH 
THI461  Dominic Thiel   New Albany, OH 
THO4055  Townsend Thompson   Columbus, OH 
THO4161  Townson Thompson   Columbus, OH 
TIM14  Jeffrey C Timmons   Powell, OH 
VAL928  Kate Valartis   Powell, OH 
VAL66  George J Valco   Hilliard, OH 
VAN3214  Rick P Van Deusen   Columbus, OH 
VON400  Drew Van Runkle   NEWARK, OH 
VEI91  Daniel Veith   Columbus, OH 
VIA82  Jesse Via    
VOG10  Marty G Vogel   Dayton, OH 
WAL4398  Matthew D Waller   OH 
WAR2014  Parker Ward   Sagamore Hills, OH 
WAR2015  Shaine Ward   Sagamore Hills, OH 
WAT1152  Harold Watters    
WEB1270  Carrie Weber   Commerce Township, MI 
WEI1845  William Weiler   Fredericktown, OH 
WEL1215  Timothy Wells   Bellbrook, OH 
WEL1310  Steve Welsheimer   Columbus, OH 
WIB33  Brooke Wibmer    
WID151  Neil Widerschein   Dublin, OH 
WID137  Abby Widman   New Albany, OH 
WID143  Douglas W Widman   New Albany, OH 
WID175  Jack Widmer   Marysville, OH 
WID186  Jason Widmer    
WID183  Jack Widner    
WIG209  Mike Wigglesworth   New Albany, OH 
WIL4204  James Williams   Columbus, OH 
WIL6347  Jim Williams    
WRI932  Aaron Wright   Ostrander, OH 
YAN226  Garrett Yant   Powell, OH 
ZAB21  Shane V Zaborszki   Marysville, OH 
ZER96  Nick Zerbi   Dublin, OH 
ZOL10  Bob J Zolman   Miamisburg, OH 
ZUR61  Evan Zurhorst   Upper Arlington, OH 
ZUR60  Ken Zurhorst   Upper Arlington, OH 

Teams are scored based on a team point average. Team members score points for their team based on the best handicap they earn during the season. Only the top point gainers from each team will be used to score points for their team (6 for Family/Friends Teams, 15 for Club Teams, 20 for Resort Teams). The number of team points earned by these top point gainers are added together and divided by the number of top point gainers (6, 15 or 20) to get the Team Score. In the event of a tie, the team with the most total team points earned during the season will win.

The NASTAR Handicap Chart shows the handicap needed in each age & gender category to earn a particular number of team points. Click here to view the NASTAR Handicap Chart. The number of team points indicated on the chart is a range. Since team points are interpolated, the exact number of team points you earn will be within this range. If you are one of the top point gainers for your team, the exact number of team points you score for your team is indicated on your Team Race Record.