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Team Results
Resort Team - Granite Peak Ski Team
(98 competitors in team)
2014 - 15 Season
Team Ranking = 50 out of 124 teams / Team Score = 9.360 / Total Team Points = 424.910
2013 - 14 Season
Team Ranking = 53 out of 129 teams / Team Score = 9.577 / Total Team Points = 375.470
2012 - 13 Season
Team Ranking = 34 out of 189 teams / Team Score = 9.661 / Total Team Points = 469.390
2011 - 12 Season
Team Ranking = 85 out of 205 teams / Team Score = 8.183 / Total Team Points = 264.290

Currently Sorted by Team Points
[Sort by Name]
Registration #        Competitor days raced   Hometown/State    Team Points
WES1179  Landon Westphal  1 Wausau, WI9.73 
CLA2072  WILLIAM CLANCY  5 Wausau, WI9.66 
SAN2053  Sally A Sann  17 Wausau, WI9.62 
SWA164  Paul Swanson  5 Oshkosh, WI9.59 
PAG231  Chad Page  9 Wausau, WI9.51 
BUR3993  Ryan J Burger  11 Wausau, WI9.50 
SCH2595  Tim Schneider  18 Wausau, WI9.46 
BUR3987  Jack Burger  11 Wausau, WI9.45 
JOH1614  Barry Johnson  8 Oshkosh, WI9.39 
SPE1106  Max Speichinger  9 Wausau, WI9.38 
PAG227  Kyle Page  6 Wausau, WI9.29 
GLE410  Jeff Gleason  18 Wausau, WI9.28 
TUR20  Scott Turner  2 Green Bay, WI9.26 
PET209  Ed F Peters  17 Rhinelander, WI9.23 
BLA2074  AJ Blankenship  3 Wausau, WI9.16 
NEL1506  Luke Nelson  5 Antigo, WI9.16 
SPE1105  Amelia Speichinger  9 Wausau, WI9.16 
TRE638  Todd J Treu  18 Wausau, WI9.16 
STE5819  Scott Steinmetz  7 Oshkosh, WI9.14 
BEC1144  Bill Becker  11 Schofield, WI9.06 
BUR3840  David Burk  16 MosInee, WI9.05 
WEL1449  Grace Welhouse  4 Appleton, WI9.03 
TOB104  Jeff Tobin  1 Schofield, WI8.82 
OWE337  Jed Owen  10 Appleton, WI8.79 
HEF214  Casey Hefner  10 Antigo, WI8.72 
MAD824  Rod Madeson  11 Antigo, WI8.67 
STE3056  CHRIS STEIN  3 Wausau, WI8.65 
LAN1136  Zachary P Lange  1 Wausau, WI8.56 
HUR245  James A Hurtis  8 Wausau, WI8.49 
RIS13  Kevin E Rist  10 Wyomissing, PA8.47 
TOB247  Jeff T Tobin  5 Schofield, WI8.33 
UNG86  Nick Unger  13 Wausau, WI8.26 
ABE229  Mark S Abendroth  3 Wausau, WI8.23 
SWE751  Tracy Swedlund  21 Medford, WI7.70 
GAJ12  Ryan Gajewski  1 Wausau, WI7.62 
HEF223  Corbett T Hefner  5 Antigo, WI7.58 
HAG720  Marissa Hagen  11 Wausau, WI7.55 
MIE281  Kyle Miesfelot  1 7.51 
SOD11  Niki Soderberg  17 Rochester, MN6.84 
ZIM572  Brenda Zimmerman-thorpe  8 6.61 
BUR4133  Charles S Burger  9 Wausau, WI6.56 
PAL1367  Patrick Palecek  4 Wausau, WI6.41 
RAN927  Kim Rantanen  11 6.39 
NEL1444  Kyle Nelson  8 Wausau, WI6.35 
BUC1072  Jason Buchholz  5 Wausau, WI6.01 
BER1163  Jeremy R Bernard  7 South Elgin, IL5.55 
KEL2598  Pat J Kelley  1 Tomahawk, WI5.52 
BIR468  Nathan Birchler  5 Wausau, WI5.42 
HES529  Calvin Hesse  7 Wausau, WI5.26 
TAY1093  Geoffrey Taylor  2 Sturgeon Bay, WI4.46 
MAA128  Henry Maahs  2 WAUSAU, WI4.34 
MCC5182  Linda McCraw  5 Schofield, WI4.30 
KNI543  Bill Knighton  8 3.91 
BAN875  Jim Banko  3 Naperville, IL3.76 
BAN891  James A Banko   Naperville, IL 
BOY829  Eric Boyer-Cole   Wausau, WI 
BRE2248  Ed Brennan   Wausau, WI 
FIS1534  Robert Fischer   Wausau, WI 
GHI35  Brian Ghidorzi   Wausau, WI 
GHI47  Brian Ghidorzi   Wausau, WI 
HAG721  Jim Hagedorn   Shawano, WI 
HAG625  Ron Hagedorn   Wausau, WI 
HAL739  Bill Haling   Wausau, WI 
HOL13  Nick Holzem   Schofield, WI 
HUR492  Elise Hurtis   Wausau, WI 
JOH2727  Matt Johnson   West Bend, WI 
HAR6347  Emily Kalis   Wausau, WI 
KLO166  Dawnelle Klos   Mosinee, WI 
KLO26  Tim Klos   Mosinee, WI 
KLO316  Tyler Klos   Mosinee, WI 
LEA821  Duff Leaver    
LEW522  Steve Lewis   Ringle, WI 
LOP346  Lisa Lopez   Wausau, WI 
MAR3192  Lori Markee   Mosinee, WI 
MAR7582  Lori Markee   Mosinee 
MAR7581  Mark Markee   Mosinee 
MAR3191  Mark Markee   Mosinee, WI 
MAT2438  Johnson Matt    
NIE737  Bo Nienow    
NIE736  Joe Nienow    
NIE688  Joe Nienow   Wausau, WI 
PAG89  Kyle Page   Wausau, WI 
PAG435  Kyle Page    
RAS398  Laura Rasmussen   Schofield, WI 
REE114  Lisa Reed   Groton, CT 
SAL1273  Brad Sall   Neenah, WI 
SCH12810  Nick Schiltz   Wausau 
SCH1466  Tanya Schwartz   Wausau, WI 
SHA2779  Brian Sharon  7 Antigo, WI 
TOB221  Jeff T Tobin   Schofield, WI 
TUR1239  Jonathan Turner   Wausau, WI 
TUR1258  Jonathan Turner   Wausau, WI 
VIR122  Larry Virgilio   Deer Park, IL 
WAG733  John Wagman   Wausau, WI 
WES1256  Sheridan Westphall   Wausau, WI 
YOU1076  Matt Young   Wausau, WI 
ZEH62  Matt Zehner   Neenah, WI 

Teams are scored based on a team point average. Team members score points for their team based on the best handicap they earn during the season. Only the top point gainers from each team will be used to score points for their team (6 for Family/Friends Teams, 15 for Club Teams, 20 for Resort Teams). The number of team points earned by these top point gainers are added together and divided by the number of top point gainers (6, 15 or 20) to get the Team Score. In the event of a tie, the team with the most total team points earned during the season will win.

The NASTAR Handicap Chart shows the handicap needed in each age & gender category to earn a particular number of team points. Click here to view the NASTAR Handicap Chart. The number of team points indicated on the chart is a range. Since team points are interpolated, the exact number of team points you earn will be within this range. If you are one of the top point gainers for your team, the exact number of team points you score for your team is indicated on your Team Race Record.