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NASTAR Results & Rankings

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Race Record
Mike Charron
New Boston, NH
HC(coat) : 11.90  HC(suit) : 12.03  HC(SL coat) : 27.25  
The Rockets (Family/Friends Team)
Bretton Woods (Resort Team)
NH Ski Club (Club Team)
2016 2015 2014 2013
2012 2011 2010 2009
2008 2007 2006 2005
2007 10th/18 Platinum, 2006 7th/18 Gold, 2005 3rd/13

that's just not right...

Rankings (2012 - 13 Season)
RankingsState/Resort/TeamAge & Gender
or Team
RankOut of
GS Platinum National Male 45-495.7825   233   
GS Platinum StateNew HampshireMale 45-495.783   27   
GS Platinum ResortPark City Mountain ResortMale 45-498.499   19   
GS Platinum ResortBretton WoodsMale 45-4910.474   7   
GS Platinum ResortCrotched MountainMale 45-499.833   12   
GS Platinum ResortOkemo MountainMale 45-497.192   16   
GS Platinum ResortPats PeakMale 45-496.953   10   
GS Platinum ResortShawnee PeakMale 45-499.752   2   
GS Platinum ResortWaterville ValleyMale 45-493.211   4   
GS Platinum ResortWachusett MountainMale 45-4910.8015   18   
GS Platinum ResortMount SunapeeMale 45-4911.945   11   
GS Overall National Male5.78254   10087   
GS Overall StateNew HampshireMale5.7835   889   
GS Overall ResortPark City Mountain ResortMale8.4991   2351   
GS Overall ResortCrotched MountainMale9.8335   194   
GS Overall ResortOkemo MountainMale7.1914   655   
GS Overall ResortPats PeakMale6.9529   499   
GS Overall ResortShawnee PeakMale9.7511   139   
GS Overall ResortWaterville ValleyMale3.212   482   
GS Overall ResortWachusett MountainMale10.80114   1079   
GS Overall ResortMount SunapeeMale11.9454   606   
GS Overall ResortBretton WoodsMale10.4722   517   
SL Platinum ResortCrotched MountainMale 45-4926.073   6   
SL Overall ResortCrotched MountainMale26.0722   49   
Rankings by Team Points10.001   49643   
Resort TeamBretton Woods 9.90111   189   
Club TeamNH Ski Club 4.914163   1737   
Days Raced (22)  156   54826   
Number of Results (76)  341   56486   

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Results (2012 - 13 Season) - 22 days raced / 76 results
ResortDateDescriptionTeamCourse Time Handicap  Medal  
Park City Mountain ResortMar. 29, 2013 Park City Town RaceGreen17.6715.49   Gold 
    Yellow16.498.49   Platinum 
Waterville ValleyMar. 17, 2013 Daily Nastar Green19.874.41   Platinum 
    Yellow19.904.57   Platinum 
    Green19.643.21   Platinum 
    Yellow20.387.09   Platinum 
    Yellow19.834.20   Platinum 
    Green20.115.68   Platinum 
Crotched MountainMar. 9, 2013 Daily NastarYellow16.429.83   Platinum 
    Yellow17.1814.92   Gold 
Pats PeakFeb. 28, 2013 Pats Peak Corporate Week 9Yellow39.2317.28   Gold 
Shawnee PeakFeb. 21, 2013 Family Fun DayGreen25.5616.50   Gold 
    Green24.9113.54   Platinum 
    Green24.4511.44   Platinum 
    Green24.089.75   Platinum 
Pats PeakFeb. 21, 2013 Pats Peak Corporate Thursday Week 8Green27.9311.68   Platinum 
    Yellow29.9319.24   Gold 
Bretton WoodsFeb. 18, 2013 Daily NastarYellow24.4014.55   Gold 
    Yellow24.1113.19   Platinum 
    Yellow24.0713.00   Platinum 
    Yellow23.9512.44   Platinum 
    Yellow24.0913.10   Platinum 
    Yellow24.4714.88   Gold 
    Yellow24.3114.13   Gold 
    Yellow24.6315.63   Gold 
    Yellow23.5310.47   Platinum 
    Yellow23.9912.63   Platinum 
Wachusett MountainFeb. 17, 2013 Daily NastarGreen27.5311.73   Platinum 
    Green27.3010.80   Platinum 
Pats PeakFeb. 14, 2013 Pats Peak Corporate Thursday Week 7Yellow29.809.84   Platinum 
    Green31.3816.48   Gold 
Pats PeakFeb. 7, 2013 Pats Peak Corporate Thursday Week 6Yellow28.3012.61   Platinum 
    Green29.2813.58   Platinum 
Okemo MountainFeb. 3, 2013 Eastern Championships-Team RaceGreen20.849.00   Platinum 
    Yellow21.408.35   Platinum 
Okemo MountainFeb. 3, 2013 Race of Champions-Male-Eastern ChampsGreen20.687.21   Platinum 
Okemo MountainFeb. 2, 2013 Eastern Championships-AdultsYellow21.178.68   Platinum 
    Yellow20.887.19   Platinum 
Pats PeakJan. 31, 2013 Pats Peak Corporate Thursday Week 5Yellow19.6415.33   Gold 
    Green19.6915.35   Gold 
Okemo MountainJan. 25, 2013 Daily NastarYellow21.6113.44   Platinum 
    Yellow21.3011.81   Platinum 
    Yellow20.949.92   Platinum 
    Yellow20.829.29   Platinum 
    Yellow20.708.66   Platinum 
    Yellow20.949.92   Platinum 
    Yellow20.829.29   Platinum 
    Yellow20.628.24   Platinum 
Bretton WoodsJan. 19, 2013 Daily Nastar/ afternoon raceYellow23.4912.61   Platinum 
    Yellow23.9414.77   Gold 
    Yellow23.7113.66   Platinum 
    Yellow23.7113.66   Platinum 
    Yellow24.2916.44   Gold 
Pats PeakJan. 17, 2013 Pats Peak Corporate Thursday Week 3Yellow29.438.12   Platinum 
    Green31.6816.21   Gold 
Crotched MountainJan. 11, 2013 Regional Pacesetting Trials-CoatsGreen25.1812.91   Platinum 
    Yellow26.0114.78   Gold 
Crotched MountainJan. 11, 2013 Regional Pacesetting Trials-SuitsGreen27.099.90   Platinum 
    Yellow26.9612.66   Platinum 
    Yellow26.8612.24   Platinum 
Crotched MountainJan. 11, 2013 Regional Pacesetting Trials-SlalomYellow *sl40.7626.07   Silver 
    Yellow *sl41.2827.68   Silver 
Pats PeakJan. 10, 2013 Corporate Thursday Week 2Green19.6312.82   Platinum 
    Yellow19.9013.13   Platinum 
Mount SunapeeJan. 6, 2013 Daily NastarYellow22.1013.86   Platinum 
    Green21.8411.94   Platinum 
Waterville ValleyJan. 4, 2013 Daily NastarYellow20.6214.56   Gold 
    Yellow19.709.44   Platinum 
Pats PeakJan. 3, 2013 Pats Peak Corporate Thursday Week 1Green18.626.95   Platinum 
    Yellow19.5610.38   Platinum 
Crotched MountainDec. 30, 2012 Daily NastarYellow25.9921.73   Silver 
    Yellow25.0217.19   Gold 
Bretton WoodsDec. 23, 2012 Daily NastarYellow21.2815.46   Gold 
    Yellow21.0414.16   Gold 
    Yellow21.2615.36   Gold 

*sl = Slalom Course