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2019 Eastern Regionals Competitors
(as of Thursday, January 24, 2019)

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NameAge & Gender CategoryDisciplineState  Competing Resort
Hunter AlfanoMale 12-13Alpine SkierNY
Michael AlfanoMale 60-64Alpine SkierNY
Patrick BlottAlpine SkierNY
Robert BondMale 55-59Alpine SkierPA
Lance BravardMale 55-59Alpine SkierDC
Paul BriandMale 65-69Alpine SkierNH
Glenn BrooksMale 55-59Alpine SkierNJ
Linda BrooksFemale 55-59Alpine SkierNJ
Marti BruecknerFemale 55-59Alpine SkierCT
Barb BrumbaughPA
Tom CaseyMale 75-79Alpine SkierSC
Thomas ChalkerMale 55-59Alpine SkierCT
Sarah ChampagneFemale 8-9Alpine SkierVT
Brooke CombsFemale 10-11Alpine SkierCT
John CombsMale 40-44Alpine SkierCT
Jack ConnorsMale 65-69Alpine SkierMA
Rob DexterMale 65-69Alpine SkierCT
Pearson EckrichFemale 8-9Alpine SkierNY
George FeneisMale 75-79Alpine SkierNJ
Ed "Skiracerxray" FowlerMale 55-59Alpine SkierMD
William GreenMale 60-64Alpine SkierNY
Haley HickmanFemale 10-11Alpine SkierNY
Trent HickmanMale 45-49Alpine SkierNY
Jeff HochMale 50-54Alpine SkierPA
James HolleyMale 70-74Alpine SkierNY
Katherine HolleyFemale 70-74Alpine SkierNY
Christine JenneAlpine SkierNY
Oleksa KucherMale 8-9Alpine SkierNY
Olena KucherFemale 14-15Alpine SkierNY
Yuriy KucherMale 55-59Alpine SkierNY
Cal LarsonMale 10-11Alpine SkierMA
William lawsonMale 70-74Alpine SkierNY
Sarah LeachFemale 70-74Alpine SkierPA
Jerome LeisherMale 45-49Alpine SkierPA
Diane MazurekFemale 65-69Alpine SkierPA
Joe MazurekMale 65-69Alpine SkierPA
Mary McDonaldFemale 55-59Alpine SkierNY
Patrick MooreMale 70-74Alpine SkierVT
Brian OconnellMale 50-54Alpine SkierMD
Filip PollakMale 35-39Alpine SkierPA
Blake RileyMale 10-11Alpine SkierPA
Chase RileyMale 8-9Alpine SkierPA
Alan SchreitmuellerMale 60-64Alpine SkierMD
Bob TorosianMale 70-74Alpine SkierMA
Ryan WestraMale 16-17Alpine SkierNJ
Robert YandonMale 75-79Alpine SkierNY