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NASTAR Results & Rankings

Race Results
Beaver Creek Resort

Feb 27th, 2012
El Mercurio Ski 2012 Race
not provided

Par Time

Results for Feb 27th, 2012 - El Mercurio Ski 2012 Race

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Isabel AllendeFemale 50-54Green40.4866.17 Bronze 
Sebastian AllendeMale 21-29Green32.3932.96 Bronze 
Francisca AriztiaFemale 40-44Green38.2356.94 Bronze 
Ana Maria AzocarFemale 60-64Yellow56.09129.50 - 
Antonella BancalariFemale 35-39Green37.5354.06 Bronze 
Yasna BenjerotFemale 40-44Green35.0643.92 Silver 
Francisco BezanillaMale 55-59Green37.1352.42 Bronze 
Isabel BezanillaFemale 30-34Yellow34.0339.24 Silver 
Javiera BezanillaFemale 15-16Green35.2444.66 Bronze 
Josefina BezanillaFemale 17-20Yellow37.7254.34 Bronze 
Francisco Bezanilla-allendeMale 21-29Green31.5629.56 Silver 
Roberto BlumMale 55-59Green38.4557.84 Bronze 
Claudia BungerSantiagoFemale 21-29Green32.0931.73 Silver 
Paul BungerSantiagoMale 60-64Green30.9026.85 Gold 
Paula BungerSantiagoFemale 21-29Green32.6534.03 Silver 
Sandra BungerSantiagoFemale 21-29Green34.4741.50 Bronze 
Lucia CabreraFemale 60-64Green40.7967.45 Bronze 
Waldo ChrestnerMale 70-74Green46.8192.16 - 
Cristobal ComandariMale 30-34Green31.5229.39 Silver 
Christian DibanSantiagoMale 45-49Green31.9731.24 Silver 
Clemente DibanMale 13-14Yellow33.6537.68 Silver 
Tomas DibanMale 17-20Green30.3324.51 Silver 
Triago FerreivaMale 21-29Yellow29.9622.59 Silver 
Eduardo FiezigMale 60-64Green40.3065.44 - 
Diego FleischmannMale 30-34Green30.9827.18 Silver 
Moshe FriedMale 60-64Yellow40.3765.18 - 
Gabriel FuchsMale 15-16Green37.0552.09 - 
Jaime FuchsMale 50-54Yellow44.4381.79 - 
Joyce FuchsFemale 21-29Green42.0672.66 - 
Tomas FuchsMale 17-20Yellow40.4665.55 - 
Agustin GaribMale 11-12Green43.5378.69 - 
Benjamin GaribMale 15-16Yellow35.5645.50 Bronze 
German GaribMale 50-54Green35.9047.37 Bronze 
Raimundo GaribMale 17-20Green31.6730.01 S* Silver 
Maria Ignacia Garib AndrighettiFemale 21-29Green40.0064.20 - 
Leon GasmuriMale 7-8Yellow40.0663.91 Silver 
Fernan GazmuriMale 9-10Yellow33.9238.79 Gold 
Fernan GazmuriMale 40-44Green33.2836.62 Bronze 
Carolina Grez Female 35-39Yellow38.3857.04 Bronze 
Ana Maria HernandezFemale 30-34Green35.6346.26 Silver 
Andrea HernandezFemale 21-29Green41.3769.83 - 
Claudia HernandezFemale 17-20Green33.7338.46 Bronze 
Gonzalo HernandezMale 21-29Yellow31.8630.36 Silver 
Sergio HeviaMale 15-16Green30.0323.28 Silver 
Maria Ignacia Hevia ValdivisieoFemale 15-16Green32.7234.32 Silver 
Pedro Hevia ValdivisieoMale 11-12Green33.8739.04 Silver 
Raquel HofmannFemale 55-59Yellow41.4469.56 Bronze 
Sonia HofmannFemale 50-54Green42.8375.82 - 
Elizabeth KosterFemale 60-64Green39.6162.60 Silver 
Gerardo Jr. KosterMale 21-29Green31.1027.67 Silver 
Gerardo Koster GrobMale 55-59Yellow34.8242.47 Silver 
Udo KreshnerMale 40-44Green29.5721.39 Gold 
Macarena LetelierFemale 55-59Green41.3269.62 Bronze 
Sol LetelierFemale 55-59Green49.79104.39 - 
Antonia MatthaeiFemale 7-8Green37.4453.69 Gold 
Esperanza MatthaeiFemale 9-10Yellow33.9438.87 Gold 
Felipe MatthaeiMale 7-8Yellow38.8358.88 Silver 
Felipe MatthaeiMale 40-44Green32.7634.48 Silver 
Sofia MatthaeiFemale 7-8Green37.9055.58 Silver 
Andreas MeyohasMale 13-14Green39.8263.46 - 
Alejandro Meyohas BronfmanMale 30-34Green32.1131.81 Silver 
Jimena PerezFemale 55-59Yellow45.5886.50 - 
Marko RendicMale 60-64Yellow42.1372.38 - 
Miguel RogersMale 50-54Green35.2544.70 Bronze 
Federico Silberberg TusetMale 7-8Yellow41.3669.23 Bronze 
Alejandra SilvaFemale 30-34Green40.3865.76 - 
Gian SolaliMale 75-79Yellow42.3273.16 - 
Sandro SolariMale 80-84Green58.22139.00 - 
Carla TchiminoFemale 21-29Green36.5249.92 Bronze 
Jorge TchiminoMale 55-59Green34.7142.49 Silver 
Javier TusetSantiagoMale 21-29Green29.4120.73 Silver 
Maria Alejandra Tuset OrtizFemale 40-44Yellow38.1756.18 Bronze 
Maria Eugenia Tuset OrtizFemale 35-39Green35.7846.88 Silver 
Cecilia UrrutiaFemale 65-69Green49.20101.97 - 
Rafael VergaraMale 40-44Green30.1423.73 Silver 
Rafael YuhaniakMale 50-54Yellow39.0259.66 - 

S = Snowboarder (-10)