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Race Results
Mt. Brighton Ski Area

Mar 13th, 2019
Adult Race League - Week 6 Blue Course
not provided

Series: Adult Race League
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 5
Par Time

Bobby Eccles (suit)
Results for Mar 13th, 2019 - Adult Race League - Week 6 Blue Course

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
 Mark AndersonMale 45-49XLR8 CoachesBlue15.108.55 Platinum 
Brian BedfordWilliamston, MIMale 35-39Going Downhill FastBlue17.9028.68 Silver 
Steve BedfordWilliamston, MIMale 65-69Going Downhill FastBlue21.8156.79 S* Silver 
Michael BellAnn Arbor, MIMale 50-54Hardpack 11Blue15.058.20 Platinum 
 Steve BorosPlymouth, MIMale 55-59InertiaBlue15.017.91 Platinum 
Jeff BuckleyBrighton, MIMale 40-44BeerskiBlue14.333.02 Platinum 
Larry BurroughsHowell, MIMale 70-74Hardpack 11Blue15.8113.66 Platinum 
Nick CampbellMale 35-39InertiaBlue16.0015.03 Gold 
Sal CarusoSouth Lyon, MIMale 55-59Powder CartelBlue20.9250.40 Bronze 
Matt ChubaFarmington, MIMale 55-59Powder CartelBlue17.5726.31 Silver 
Richard Conforti, Jr.Okemos, MIMale 55-59Going Downhill FastBlue18.2631.27 Silver 
Eric CookBRIGHTON, MIMale 45-49Blazin BuffalosBlue14.554.60 Platinum 
Joaynna CookBrighton, MIFemale 18-20Puss N BootsBlue15.7913.52 Platinum 
Matt CunninghamAnn Arbor, MIMale 45-49InertiaBlue15.5711.93 Platinum 
Matthew DagostinoMale 21-29Darling/WilsonBlue16.3517.54 Silver 
Matt DahlineMale 45-49VorsichtBlue19.9843.64 Bronze 
 Douglas DarlingMaybee, MIMale 55-59Darling/WilsonBlue17.9328.90 Silver 
Marc DecubberDavisburg, MIMale 40-44XLR8 CoachesBlue14.544.53 Platinum 
Tom DekeyserMale 50-54Tipsy Two PlankersBlue15.3610.42 Platinum 
Brian ErskineWhitmore Lake, MIMale 45-49Tipsy Two PlankersBlue15.4310.93 Platinum 
Kayla FinchHowell, MIFemale 21-29Puss N BootsBlue16.4918.55 Gold 
Michael FinchHowell, MIMale 50-54Puss N BootsBlue15.4411.00 Platinum 
Martin FolkMale 50-54Dark HorseBlue16.9021.50 Gold 
Lester GarripeePinckney, MIMale 55-59InertiaBlue16.0715.53 Platinum 
 Dwight GentzYpsilanti, MIMale 65-69LiteSpeedBlue18.4732.78 Silver 
David GuckianWhite Lake, MIMale 55-59XLR8 CoachesBlue14.856.76 Platinum 
Tim HaggertySouth Lyon, MIMale 50-54Powder CartelBlue16.4418.19 Gold 
Joseph HamiltonMale 60-64Tracken Ze SkeeBlue18.4832.85 D* Platinum 
Paul HauswirthFenton, MIMale 60-64Tipsy Two PlankersBlue16.0715.53 Platinum 
Jeff HaydonPinckney, MIMale 50-54Tipsy Two PlankersBlue16.2716.97 Gold 
Matthew HaydonMale 35-39Tipsy Two PlankersBlue15.8413.87 Gold 
Matthew HickeyMale 35-39BeerskiBlue14.534.46 Platinum 
Don HoffmannSouth Lyon, MIMale 45-49Going Downhill FastBlue18.7434.72 Silver 
Deanne JonesFemale 45-49Powder CartelBlue18.6634.15 Gold 
Ken Jones Male 55-59Tracken Ze SkeeBlue17.4225.23 Silver 
Beth KarmeisoolFemale 45-49Darling/WilsonBlue19.7642.06 Silver 
 Jason KolkWhite Lake, MIMale 35-39InertiaBlue15.6612.58 Gold 
Jake LachowiczMale 21-29VorsichtBlue15.078.34 Platinum 
Jeff LachowiczMale 45-49VorsichtBlue16.6019.34 Gold 
Steve LaMarraBrighton, MIMale 45-49BeerskiBlue15.038.05 Platinum 
Kristine LindseyFemale 50-54KrankenwagonBlue19.3238.89 Gold 
Leigh LindseyBrighton, MIMale 45-49KrankenwagonBlue16.6519.70 Gold 
 Brian LovejoyWhite Lake, MIMale 55-59XLR8 CoachesBlue14.524.39 Platinum 
Ken LummMale 60-64Hardpack 11Blue15.4110.78 Platinum 
Brian MaisonvilleFarmington, MIMale 55-59LiteSpeedBlue18.0729.91 Silver 
Katie MooneyOkemos, MIFemale 50-54Going Downhill FastBlue23.0065.35 S* Silver 
Saqib NakadarBloomfield Hills, MIMale 40-44KrankenwagonBlue17.3324.59 Silver 
Jim NeedhamHowell, MIMale 40-44InertiaBlue14.927.26 Platinum 
James NoekerBrighton, MIMale 21-29Hardpack 11Blue15.9614.74 Gold 
Jim NoekerBrighton, MIMale 70-74Hardpack 11Blue16.8320.99 Platinum 
Terry O'learyPinckney, MIMale 50-54Tipsy Two PlankersBlue18.7634.87 Silver 
Art OstaszewskiJackson, MIMale 55-59Going Downhill FastBlue19.4639.90 Silver 
Brad OysterMale 55-59Powder CartelBlue20.8649.96 Bronze 
Adam PerkowskiMale 21-29Tipsy Two PlankersBlue18.3231.70 S* Gold 
Ashton PetersFemale 21-29Puss N BootsBlue15.068.27 Platinum 
Tom PhillipsMale 45-49KrankenwagonBlue17.9028.68 Silver 
Brian PolickHuntington Woods, MIMale 45-49Blazin BuffalosBlue14.574.74 Platinum 
Igor PopovMale 50-54KrankenwagonBlue18.3231.70 Silver 
Kari PopovFemale 50-54KrankenwagonBlue20.1044.50 Silver 
Dave ReinowskiDearborn Hts, MIMale 50-54LiteSpeedBlue17.6526.89 Silver 
Ken RobinsMale 45-49Powder CartelBlue17.5826.38 Silver 
Jeff RoelofsHowell, MIMale 50-54Darling/WilsonBlue17.6026.53 Silver 
Larry SchmidaBrighton, MIMale 70-74Hot WaxBlue15.9714.81 Platinum 
 Wayne SchreckAnn Arbor, MIMale 45-49Blazin BuffalosBlue14.484.10 Platinum 
Robert SemanskeClinton, MIMale 75-79InertiaBlue19.2738.53 Gold 
Janice SpodarekOkemos, MIFemale 65-69Hardpack 11Blue21.9657.87 Silver 
Scott StangeMale 60-64Going Downhill FastBlue16.8821.35 Gold 
Andy StoverRoyal Oak, MIMale 35-39BeerskiBlue14.917.19 Platinum 
Brad StoverGrosse Pointe Farms, MIMale 40-44BeerskiBlue14.423.67 Platinum 
Jeff StreetHowell, MIMale 50-54XLR8 CoachesBlue14.776.18 Platinum 
Kevin SuboskiMale 55-59VorsichtBlue17.7127.32 Silver 
 Matt TuckerBrighton, MIMale 45-49Blazin BuffalosBlue14.333.02 Platinum 
Matt TurnerAnn Arbor, MIMale 45-49Blazin BuffalosBlue14.776.18 Platinum 
Craig VangordonMale 45-49VorsichtBlue17.9028.68 Silver 
Mike WaningSt. Joseph, MIMale 55-59Blazin BuffalosBlue15.7413.16 Platinum 
Steve WilliamsMale 40-44BeerskiBlue15.4010.71 Platinum 
John Wilson IIHowell, MIMale 55-59Darling/WilsonBlue15.7012.87 Platinum 
George WoodsMale 30-34Hot WaxBlue21.1952.34 - 
Steve WyngardMale 55-59Powder CartelBlue17.6026.53 Silver 
Andrew ZabikWhitmore Lake, MIMale 50-54Hot WaxBlue17.2924.30 Silver 
Ryan ZabikWhitmore Lake, MIMale 21-29Hot WaxBlue16.1315.96 Gold 

S = Snowboard (-20)
D = Adaptive Alpine: Standing (-30)