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Mt. Holly Ski Area

Mar 11th, 2019
Monday Night Adult League
not provided

Series: NBL Monday Night Mt Holly
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 3
Par Time

Results for Mar 11th, 2019 - Monday Night Adult League

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Keith CotalingMale 18-20FLINT TROPICS8Blue21.287.42 Platinum 
Bill AndersonMale 45-49OLD AND SLOW3Yellow34.2874.90 - 
Robert AnotnishekMale 40-44LATE TO THE GATE3Blue29.1347.05 S* Silver 
Jason ApplegateSwartz Creek, MIMale 35-39ELECTRIC MAYHEM4Blue24.3723.02 Silver 
Kerry ApplegateClio, MIFemale 35-39ELECTRIC MAYHEM4Yellow25.4629.90 Gold 
Steve BaileyMale 55-59OLD AND SLOW3Blue24.9726.05 Silver 
Tom BeneshMale 60-64McKAY`S HARDWARE 21Blue31.0256.59 Bronze 
James BishopMale 55-59SCHUSS II2Yellow29.8852.45 Bronze 
Jon BryanGrand Blanc, MIMale 35-39OFF ON THE COUCH8Yellow20.404.08 Platinum 
Alexander BurauMale 21-29THE SKI TEAM1Blue26.4733.62 Bronze 
Brad BurauGrand Blanc, MIMale 55-59THE SKI TEAM1Blue23.9020.65 Gold 
Dave CampbellMale 21-29BEER FORCE 11Yellow23.8821.84 Silver 
John CarpenterMale 50-54SHORT HANDERS1Blue26.9936.24 Silver 
Michael CarrMale 45-49McKAY`S HARDWARE 21Yellow33.7972.40 S* - 
 Jason ChioiniBloomfield Hills, MIMale 35-39FROST BREWED8Yellow20.514.64 Platinum 
Greg CisloMale 50-54SHORT HANDERS1Yellow24.7426.22 Silver 
Jamie CrawfordHartland, MIMale 40-44HALF FAST4Yellow22.3413.98 Gold 
Joe CrawfordMale 35-39FROST BREWED8Blue22.1811.96 Gold 
Steven DagenaisMale 50-54McKAY`S HARDWARE 21Yellow27.4139.85 Bronze 
Justin DavisFenton, MIMale 45-49BEER FORCE 11Yellow27.4339.95 Bronze 
Matt DavisMale 45-49SCHUSS II2Yellow28.8647.24 Bronze 
Mitch DecampBurton, MIMale 65-69OLD & WRECKLESS2Yellow25.6730.97 Gold 
Marc DecubberDavisburg, MIMale 40-44BAD IDEA STILL3Blue20.724.59 Platinum 
David DicksLinden, MIMale 45-49LATE TO THE GATE3Yellow24.7226.12 Silver 
Brooklyn DobisMale 35-39BAND OF MISFITS3Yellow35.0178.62 S* - 
Gavin DoughertyClio, MIMale 30-34OFF ON THE COUCH8Yellow21.6710.56 Gold 
Patti DutkoGrand Blanc, MIFemale 55-59NO NAME YET4Blue30.1051.94 Silver 
Vincent DutkoGrand Blanc, MIMale 55-59SCHUSS II2Yellow22.2913.72 Platinum 
Jim EvansMale 50-54THE SKI TEAM1Yellow24.1523.21 Silver 
 Andre FairbanksFenton, MIMale 45-49LATE TO THE GATE3Blue20.774.85 Platinum 
Steve FelixMale 35-39DON`T STOP SKILEAVIN2Yellow21.318.72 Platinum 
Steven FelixMale 50-54YARD SALE1Yellow22.3914.23 Platinum 
David FitalMale 50-54SLOPE SLUGS4Yellow22.3013.78 Platinum 
Brad FoglemanMale 50-54OLD & WRECKLESS2Blue30.7655.28 Bronze 
Jeff FraryHolly, MIMale 21-29BREWSKI`S8Blue21.8610.35 Gold 
Al GillespieMale 65-69SHUMAKERS8Yellow21.087.55 Platinum 
Albert GillespieFlint, MIMale 65-69SCHUSSMEISTERS8Blue21.418.08 Platinum 
Tom GoffOakland, MIMale 55-59YARD SALE1Blue26.5934.23 Silver 
Tom GoffMale 40-44DON`T STOP SKILEAVIN2Yellow25.6530.87 Silver 
 Rob GreeneClarkston, MIMale 40-44FROST BREWED8Yellow20.675.46 Platinum 
Adam HaffajeeMale 40-44HALF FAST4Yellow20.916.68 Platinum 
Gary HoganFlint, MIMale 40-44FROST BREWED8Yellow20.876.48 Platinum 
Sara HoganFlint, MIFemale 35-39HALF FAST4Yellow23.8021.43 Gold 
Jim HoppenrathMale 60-64SCHUSS 53Blue25.0526.45 Gold 
Alex HummelGrand Blanc, MIMale 30-34BAND OF MISFITS3Blue27.3337.96 Bronze 
Jeff IrvinHolly, MIMale 40-44BAD IDEA STILL3Blue23.9020.65 Silver 
Bobby JacobsHolly, MIMale 55-59SCHUSSMEISTERS8Yellow21.7611.02 Platinum 
Morgan JakewayMale 50-54THE SKI TEAM1Yellow22.8716.68 Gold 
Andy JohnstonMale 45-49BEER FORCE 11Yellow25.1628.37 Silver 
 Don JohnstonMale 60-64YARD SALE1Yellow23.3819.29 Gold 
 Jason KanakryWhite Lake, MIMale 35-39SHUMAKERS8Yellow19.961.84 Platinum 
 Teresa KingWaterford, MIFemale 40-44BAD IDEA STILL3Blue22.3412.77 Platinum 
Amy KlausLake Orion, MIFemale 50-54KLAPIS CLAN4Blue34.9176.22 - 
Justin KlausLake Orion, MIMale 21-29KLAPIS CLAN4Blue22.0011.06 Gold 
Mike KlausLake Orion, MIMale 55-59KLAPIS CLAN4Yellow25.9632.45 Silver 
Nick KlausLake Orion, MIMale 21-29KLAPIS CLAN4Yellow24.0022.45 Silver 
 Stephen KoinisGrand Blanc, MIMale 30-34SCHUSSMEISTERS8Blue20.553.74 Platinum 
Steve KoinisMale 30-34FROST BREWED8Blue20.684.39 Platinum 
Jodi KosikGoodrich, MIFemale 50-54NO NAME YET4Yellow25.0227.65 Gold 
Scott KurkOxford, MIMale 50-54DON`T STOP SKILEAVIN2Yellow22.0612.55 Platinum 
Abbey KwapisOxford, MIFemale 18-20KLAPIS CLAN4Yellow25.1628.37 Silver 
John LambertMale 50-54FLINT TROPICS8Blue21.006.01 Platinum 
Bruce LarsonMale 50-54OLD & WRECKLESS2Yellow23.8021.43 Gold 
Jim LombardiMale 50-54OFF ON THE COUCH8Yellow21.499.64 Platinum 
Tom MacKsoodMale 45-49SHORT HANDERS1Blue26.5433.97 Silver 
Michael MaresMale 30-34OFF ON THE COUCH8Blue22.0611.36 Gold 
Mike MaresMale 30-34LATE TO THE GATE3Yellow21.6810.61 S* Platinum 
Chris MartyDavison, MIMale 65-69OLD & WRECKLESS2Yellow24.8526.79 Gold 
Gordon McKayMale 55-59FKA McKAYS HARDWARE2Blue27.2337.46 Silver 
Ken McKayMale 60-64FKA McKAYS HARDWARE2Yellow23.6520.66 Gold 
Matt McKayHolly, MIMale 21-29FKA McKAYS HARDWARE2Blue26.3332.91 Bronze 
Pat McKayMale 30-34FKA McKAYS HARDWARE2Blue23.7019.64 Silver 
Scott McKayMale 60-64FKA McKAYS HARDWARE2Yellow27.6340.97 Silver 
 Stacy MerrillGrand Blanc, MIMale 40-44SCHUSSMEISTERS8Yellow20.916.68 Platinum 
Bob MoreyMale 65-69SCHUSS II2Yellow26.3734.54 Silver 
 Andrew MorganGrand Blanc, MIMale 21-29THE SKI TEAM1Yellow20.625.20 Platinum 
Jim MorganGrand Blanc, MIMale 50-54SHUMAKERS8Yellow20.353.83 Platinum 
Josh NelsonMale 30-34OFF ON THE COUCH8Yellow21.469.49 Platinum 
Phil NimmoMale 21-29SHUMAKERS8Blue20.262.27 Platinum 
Philip NimmoFenton, MIMale 21-29HOLLY WORLD CUP REBELS4Yellow20.454.34 Platinum 
Shae NimmoFenton, MIFemale 21-29FLINT TROPICS8Blue21.729.64 Platinum 
Christine O'connellCanton, MIFemale 50-54BAD IDEA STILL3Yellow22.8216.43 Platinum 
Jack OttoLake Orion, MIMale 21-29DON`T STOP SKILEAVIN2Blue22.8015.09 Gold 
Jackson OttoLake Orion, MIMale 21-29BEER FORCE 11Yellow22.5014.80 Gold 
David PierleMale 45-49OLD AND SLOW3Yellow25.5930.56 Silver 
Alex PiirikMale 21-29NO NAME YET4Yellow27.0738.11 Bronze 
Andrew RoeserFlint, MIMale 35-39ELECTRIC MAYHEM4Yellow23.9021.94 Silver 
Brian RoodMale 35-39SCHUSSMEISTERS8Blue20.895.45 Platinum 
Erik RoodMale 35-39SLOPE SLUGS4Blue21.629.14 Platinum 
Rob SannetteMale 45-49BAD IDEA STILL3Blue23.3918.07 Gold 
Brian SchrothFenton, MIMale 30-34BAND OF MISFITS3Blue20.885.40 Platinum 
Tony SchutzMIMale 45-49BEER FORCE 11Yellow28.7246.53 Bronze 
Dan SeigleHolly, MIMale 35-39BAND OF MISFITS3Blue21.518.58 Platinum 
Alex SelacekMale 30-34LATE TO THE GATE3Blue30.7155.02 S* Bronze 
Sara SerotaLakeville, MIFemale 21-29DON`T STOP SKILEAVIN2Blue24.0121.20 Gold 
Anthony ShumakerMale 45-49HOLLY WORLD CUP REBELS4Blue21.8010.05 Platinum 
Tony ShumakerGrand Blanc, MIMale 45-49SHUMAKERS8Blue21.518.58 Platinum 
Dalton SinkDavisburg, MIMale 21-29BREWSKI`S8Yellow21.6610.51 Gold 
Jeff StrausserMale 55-59YARD SALE1Yellow20.886.53 Platinum 
Scott TarklesonGrand Blanc, MIMale 60-64OLD AND SLOW3Yellow29.1248.57 Bronze 
David TaylorMale 45-49SHORT HANDERS1Yellow25.4029.59 Silver 
Seth ThompsonFenton, MIMale 21-29SHUMAKERS8Yellow20.343.78 Platinum 
Tim ToddGrand Blanc, MIMale 35-39LATE TO THE GATE3BlueDNF-  
 Sarah VoeffrayBirmingham, MIFemale 35-39SCHUSS 53Yellow23.5420.10 Gold 
Shaina WaltherFlushing, MIFemale 21-29BREWSKI`S8Blue22.3312.72 Platinum 
Dennis ZelenakMale 50-54McKAY`S HARDWARE 21Yellow24.9827.45 Silver 

S = Snowboard (-20)