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Bear Valley Mountain

Mar 9th, 2019
Bear Valley NASTAR #6
partly cloudy to snowy / firm pack

Par Time

Results for Mar 9th, 2019 - Bear Valley NASTAR #6

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Annika AllenSan Francisco, CAFemale 8-9Yellow55.65150.00 - 
Jakob AllenSan Francisco, CAMale 12-13Yellow35.3858.94 Bronze 
Sammy ArmerdingDanville, CAMale 8-9Yellow33.4550.27 Gold 
Zachary ArmerdingPalo Alto, CAMale 12-13Yellow32.1344.34 Silver 
Max BalcoLivermore, CAMale 8-9Yellow30.3736.43 Gold 
Sebastian BarriosCastro Valley, CAMale 10-11Yellow36.9265.86 Bronze 
Cooper BasileSan Mateo, CAMale 6-7Yellow49.35121.70 - 
Evalyn BeaucheminHathaway Pines, CAFemale 8-9Yellow38.7373.99 Bronze 
Teddy BennigsonSan Carlos, CAMale 8-9Yellow41.0784.50 Bronze 
Arjun BhattullaSunnyvale, CAMale 6-7Yellow40.1280.23 Silver 
Suravi BhattullaSunnyvale, CAFemale 8-9Yellow37.7169.41 Silver 
Aiden BlazejSan Francisco, CAMale 6-7Yellow39.6077.90 Silver 
Lillian BrightonSan Carlos, CAFemale 8-9Yellow36.8365.45 Silver 
Brooke CarlisleSan Mateo, CAFemale 6-7Yellow56.46153.64 - 
John CarlisleSan Mateo, CAMale 50-54Yellow32.4745.87 Bronze 
David CunninghamMoraga, CAMale 55-59Yellow28.4727.90 Silver 
John DavisArnold, CAMale 40-44Yellow28.9029.83 Silver 
Jackson DeatschLafayette, CAMale 8-9Yellow39.3376.68 Bronze 
Margaret Eda TorresDanville, CAFemale 50-54Yellow46.87110.56 - 
Elise FowlerSanta Clara, CAFemale 10-11Yellow30.6337.60 Gold 
Luke FowlerSunnyvale, CAMale 6-7Yellow37.4368.15 Silver 
Peter FowlerSunnyvale, CAMale 8-9Yellow32.5146.05 Gold 
Isaac FrenchSan Carlos, CAMale 10-11Yellow40.3181.09 - 
Brendan FrySan Jose, CAMale 6-7Yellow31.5241.60 Platinum 
Isabella GluchowskiMountain View, CAFemale 10-11Yellow30.8538.59 Gold 
Olivia GluchowskiMountain View, CAFemale 6-7Yellow28.8529.60 Platinum 
Gillian GrayFemale 60-64Yellow36.6364.56 Bronze 
Noah GurushanthaiahOakland, CAMale 8-9Yellow44.3199.06 - 
 Addison GwinMurphys, CAFemale 10-11Yellow27.4623.36 Platinum 
Riley HillPalo Alto, CAFemale 10-11Yellow38.4272.60 Bronze 
Rocky HillSaratoga, CAMale 60-64Yellow27.1421.92 Gold 
Leah HomsyAlamo, CAFemale 8-9Yellow28.5528.26 Platinum 
Stuart HomsyAlamo, CAMale 55-59Yellow24.048.00 Platinum 
Grant JohnsonSan Francisco, CAMale 10-11Yellow31.7142.45 Silver 
Louisa KellySunnyvale, CAFemale 10-11Yellow43.7096.32 - 
Arianna KortumPiedmont, CAFemale 10-11Yellow47.28112.40 - 
Parker KrhounDanville, CAMale 8-9Yellow44.2798.88 - 
Daniel KurzCarmel Valley, CAMale 8-9Yellow41.9488.41 - 
Moby LaForgeMountain View, CAMale 8-9Yellow40.1580.37 Bronze 
Mario LichtsinnCupertino, CAMale 45-49Yellow38.4272.60 - 
Max LichtsinnCupertino, CAMale 6-7Yellow53.80141.69 - 
Karen LipeWoodland, CAFemale 60-64Yellow31.3440.79 Gold 
 Larry LipeSan Jose, CAMale 65-69Yellow26.1617.52 Platinum 
Amelia McIverPalo Alto, CAFemale 14-15Yellow45.56104.67 - 
Luca Mejia-YoungSan Carlos, CAMale 8-9Yellow31.3640.88 Gold 
Maia Mejia-YoungSan Carlos, CAFemale 10-11Yellow30.4036.57 Gold 
Valerie MooreRichmond, CAFemale 8-9Yellow39.2676.37 Bronze 
Benjamin MuellerLarkspur, CAMale 10-11Yellow30.3636.39 Gold 
Aidan MurphySunnyvale, CAMale 10-11Yellow31.1039.71 Gold 
Richard MurphySunnyvale, CAMale 50-54Yellow29.7033.42 Silver 
Seamus MurphySunnyvale, CAMale 8-9Yellow42.1589.35 - 
Tina MurphySunnyvale, CAFemale 45-49Yellow39.7378.48 - 
Akshay NaiduSan Ramon, CAMale 8-9Yellow33.6951.35 Silver 
 Rohan NaiduBear Valley, CAMale 8-9Yellow27.8825.25 Platinum 
Cody NotteRedwood City, CAMale 8-9Yellow31.6942.36 Gold 
Rory OvickSan Francisco, CAMale 10-11Yellow29.1731.04 Gold 
Noel PetersonMale 60-64Yellow38.2871.97 - 
Max PfenningerRedwood City, CAMale 8-9Yellow33.2749.46 Gold 
Luca PrestoBear Valley, CAMale 6-7Yellow40.3681.31 Silver 
Mike PrestoBear Valley, CAMale 40-44Yellow31.4041.06 Bronze 
Mark PyleCorte Madera, CAMale 45-49Yellow29.7433.60 Silver 
Riya PyleCorte Madera, CAFemale 8-9Yellow37.2867.48 Silver 
Justice RasmussenAngels Camp, CAMale 21-29Yellow22.943.05 Platinum 
Bradley RittenbergMenlo Park, CAMale 8-9Yellow47.60113.84 - 
Jonathan RothArnold, CAMale 35-39Yellow27.1221.83 Silver 
Logan RotheLivermore, CAMale 10-11Yellow32.5346.14 Silver 
Fiona RussellFoster City, CAFemale 8-9Yellow35.0757.55 Silver 
Jamie SandidgeMountain View, CAFemale 40-44Yellow34.9857.14 Bronze 
Andrew ShawkeySacramento, CAMale 50-54Yellow28.1326.37 Silver 
Emma ShawkeyAltaville, CAFemale 6-7Yellow35.2858.49 Gold 
Nikolai ShawkeyAltaville, CAMale 50-54Yellow24.449.79 Platinum 
Richard ShawkeyArnold, CAMale 80-84Yellow33.5250.58 Gold 
Alice SinclairBerkeley, CAFemale 10-11Yellow39.3476.73 Bronze 
Luca SteinerSan Carlos, CAMale 10-11Yellow39.6878.26 - 
Noah SteinerSan Carlos, CAMale 12-13Yellow37.3367.70 Bronze 
Emeline StrombergRedwood City, CAFemale 8-9Yellow50.43126.55 - 
Harry TorresDanville, CAMale 6-7Yellow38.1171.20 Silver 
Heidi TorresDanville, CAFemale 6-7Yellow34.7856.24 Gold 
Joseph TrapassoSan Jose, CAMale 30-34Yellow36.2162.67 - 
Raleigh TremayneEscalon, CAMale 12-13Yellow38.1871.52 - 
Amelia TylerModesto, CAFemale 12-13Yellow26.7520.17 Platinum 
Christopher TylerModesto, CAMale 45-49Yellow24.148.45 Platinum 
William TylerModesto, CAMale 8-9Yellow28.5828.39 Platinum 
Maddie UtterbackTwain Harte, CAFemale 12-13Yellow32.7347.04 Silver 
Henry WerdegarSan Francisco, CAMale 10-11Yellow35.1557.91 Silver 
Nova WestinPalo Alto, CAFemale 6-7Yellow34.5955.39 Gold 
Phoenix WestinPalo Alto, CAFemale 6-7Yellow39.3876.91 Silver 
Ayden WildenbergOakdale, CAMale 8-9Yellow29.2131.22 Platinum 
Leray WilliamsLos Altos, CAMale 6-7Yellow40.9984.14 Bronze 
Tehya WilliamsonSunnyvale, CAFemale 8-9Yellow38.7574.08 Bronze 
Randy WoottonOakland, CAMale 50-54Yellow32.4945.96 Bronze 
Isabelle YoungSan Carlos, CAFemale 40-44Yellow35.1357.82 Bronze 
Lindsay ZachystalEmerald Hills, CAFemale 45-49Yellow35.0857.59 Bronze 
Sophia ZadigPortola Valley, CAFemale 12-13Yellow33.2849.51 Silver