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Caberfae Peaks Resorts

Mar 3rd, 2019
Huckle Memorial
mostly cloudy
The Blue course Par Time has been recalculated because racers earned negative handicaps

Par Time

Results for Mar 3rd, 2019 - Huckle Memorial

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Jane AllisonFemale 55-59Yellow22.9510.82 Platinum 
Ben AndersonMale 10-11Yellow31.8153.60 Silver 
Christopher AndersonMale 14-15Yellow23.4613.28 Platinum 
Connor AndersonMale 14-15Yellow24.2317.00 Gold 
Kevin AndersonCadillac, MIMale 45-49Yellow23.0911.49 Platinum 
Alivia BaxterGrand Ledge, MIFemale 6-7Blue28.5871.55 Silver 
Chad BlackTraverse City, MIMale 45-49Yellow22.307.68 Platinum 
Charlie BlackTraverse City, MIMale 14-15Yellow22.589.03 Platinum 
Sally BlackTraverse City, MIFemale 45-49Yellow28.6338.24 Silver 
Sarah BlackFemale 8-9Yellow28.7438.77 Platinum 
Griffin BoolmanCadillac, MIMale 12-13Yellow25.0020.71 Platinum 
Julie ChesneyCadillac, MIFemale 60-64Yellow25.5623.42 Platinum 
Bob ColeCadillac, MIMale 60-64Yellow23.0411.25 Platinum 
Kinsey ColeFemale 21-29Yellow22.287.58 Platinum 
Lesa ColeCadillac, MIFemale 45-49Yellow23.5013.47 Platinum 
Tessa ColeFemale 30-34Yellow23.2512.26 Platinum 
Jeff ConradsonCadillac, MIMale 45-49Yellow23.2612.31 Platinum 
Kyle ConradsonCadillac, MIMale 14-15Yellow22.9310.72 Platinum 
 Brian CooperCadillac, MIMale 55-59Yellow24.3817.72 Gold 
Keenan CooperCadillac, MIMale 21-29Yellow21.523.91 Platinum 
Stacey CooperFemale 55-59Yellow26.0125.59 Platinum 
Lilly CoyneFemale 12-13Blue25.1050.66 Silver 
Jen CrockettFemale 40-44Yellow21.463.62 Platinum 
Jack DeakNorthville, MIMale 16-17Yellow22.106.71 Platinum 
Taylor DeanMale 55-59Yellow26.0625.83 Silver 
Patti DutkoFemale 55-59Yellow32.2455.67 Silver 
Vince DutkoMale 55-59Yellow24.0616.18 Gold 
Andrew ElmoreCadillac, MIMale 12-13Yellow26.0525.78 Gold 
Adam FriedleinJackson, MIMale 16-17Blue17.565.40 Platinum 
 Brooks FunkeFenton, MIMale 12-13Yellow22.327.77 Platinum 
Sake GeorgetteFemale 12-13Yellow23.0811.44 Platinum 
Allie GottschallFemale 12-13Yellow30.0044.86 Silver 
Megan GottschallFemale 12-13Yellow27.4632.59 Gold 
Hans HansonMale 1-5Blue47.98188.00 - 
Lars HansonMale 10-11Blue24.6147.72 Silver 
Leo HansonMale 8-9Yellow43.20108.59 - 
Ruth HansonFemale 8-9Yellow33.7562.96 Silver 
Brecken HarcourtMale 8-9Blue26.1456.90 Silver 
Wyn HarcourtFemale 6-7Yellow39.6791.55 Bronze 
Christopher HermannPetoskey, MIMale 45-49Yellow21.282.75 Platinum 
Sam HoggHarrietta, MIMale 35-39Yellow22.026.33 Platinum 
Joe HostMale 55-59Yellow23.2512.26 Platinum 
Emilee HoukCscFemale 16-17Yellow22.699.56 Platinum 
Nathan HoukMale 21-29Yellow21.343.04 Platinum 
Rich HoukCadillac, MIMale 50-54Blue19.4516.75 Gold 
Seth HoukCadillac, MIMale 21-29Yellow21.865.55 Platinum 
Donn HubbellCadillac, MIMale 65-69Yellow25.0220.81 Gold 
Mike IngmireDelaware, OHMale 60-64Yellow26.4627.76 Gold 
Amanda JanesColumbus, OHFemale 16-17Blue18.4410.68 Platinum 
Amber JaworskiFemale 35-39Yellow39.3389.91 - 
Mairyn KinnieCadillac, MIFemale 12-13Yellow24.9120.28 Platinum 
Brady KoenigMale 12-13Yellow23.1211.64 Platinum 
Elise KoenigCadillac, MIFemale 10-11Yellow28.3736.99 Gold 
Christophe LavigneMale 45-49Yellow26.2626.80 Silver 
Elliot LavigneCadillac, MIMale 14-15Yellow23.5113.52 Platinum 
Perry LavigneCadillac, MIMale 6-7Yellow31.8953.98 Gold 
Sandra LavigneFemale 45-49Yellow40.7596.76 - 
Riehl LilyFemale 14-15Yellow23.6514.20 Platinum 
Ed LinquistMale 65-69Yellow24.1816.76 Platinum 
Emma LloydCadillac, MIFemale 18-20Yellow22.267.48 Platinum 
Libbey LloydFemale 16-17Yellow22.8010.09 Platinum 
Alex MacIoszekMale 14-15Yellow24.2417.04 Gold 
Cathy MaherWalled Lake, MIFemale 60-64Yellow31.3351.28 Silver 
Avery MeyerCadillac, MIFemale 12-13Yellow23.7714.78 Platinum 
Brody MeyerCadillac, MIMale 10-11Yellow25.0320.86 Platinum 
Erin MeyerCadillac, MIFemale 10-11Blue22.4034.45 Gold 
Peg MinsterFemale 60-64Yellow29.2841.38 Gold 
Jake MitchellMale 21-29Yellow21.061.69 Platinum 
Jennifer MitchellCadillac, MIFemale 50-54Yellow26.6928.87 Gold 
Mark MitchellCadillac, MIMale 55-59Yellow31.7953.50 Bronze 
Meg MoganHarrietta, MIFemale 30-34Yellow22.367.97 Platinum 
Bobby MuganMale 45-49Yellow21.875.60 Platinum 
Alex NetzleyCadillac, MIMale 16-17Yellow20.850.68 Platinum 
James NetzleyCadillac, MIMale 50-54Yellow21.433.48 Platinum 
Hayden PayneFemale 6-7Blue35.16111.04 Bronze 
Robin PotthoffAnn Arbor, MIFemale 70-74Yellow28.7438.77 Platinum 
Waddy PotthoffMale 70-74Blue20.0020.05 Platinum 
Elle RuddellFemale 10-11Blue25.0250.18 Silver 
Nora RuddellEast Lansing, MIFemale 8-9Blue30.6283.79 Bronze 
Lauren RuleBloomfield Hills, MIFemale 30-34Yellow23.1911.97 Platinum 
Andrea SakeCadillac, MIFemale 50-54Yellow24.6118.83 Platinum 
Anthony SakeMale 18-20Yellow22.016.28 Platinum 
Nicholas SakeMale 18-20Blue17.826.96 Platinum 
Robert SakeCadillac, MIMale 50-54Yellow22.227.29 Platinum 
 Wayne SchreckAnn Arbor, MIMale 45-49Yellow21.915.79 Platinum 
Andrew ShanklandCadillac, MIMale 35-39Yellow23.1611.83 Gold 
Ben ShanklandMale 1-5Blue49.17195.14 - 
Lilly ShanklandFemale 10-11Yellow27.7533.99 Gold 
Noah ShanklandMale 8-9Blue24.5847.54 Gold 
Ethan SharpMale 14-15Yellow22.739.75 Platinum 
Paige SharpCadillac, MIFemale 18-20Yellow24.9920.67 Gold 
Andy TaylorMale 21-29Yellow22.357.92 Platinum 
Jordan TaylorMale 21-29Yellow23.0411.25 Gold 
Matt Van AlstMale 45-49Yellow23.3912.94 Platinum 
Evelyn Van HarenAda, MIFemale 1-5Blue46.11176.77 Bronze 
Ryan Van HarenAda, MIMale 40-44Yellow23.0511.30 Platinum 
Sophia Van HarenAda, MIFemale 8-9Yellow39.9692.95 Bronze 
Dan WallisCadillac, MIMale 50-54Blue19.1114.71 Platinum 
Kimmer WallisFemale 50-54Yellow27.0230.47 Gold 
Onalee WallisCadillac, MIFemale 12-13Yellow23.4012.99 Platinum 
Zane WallisCadillac, MIMale 8-9Yellow25.5323.27 Platinum 
Larry WaltersCadilllac, MIMale 75-79Yellow25.8324.72 Platinum 
Junko WeinsteinFemale 55-59Yellow25.8124.63 Platinum 
Sho WeinsteinMale 18-20Yellow21.885.65 Platinum 
Joslyn WickerCadillac, MIFemale 10-11Yellow26.4627.76 Platinum 
Cheri WickhamCadillac, MIFemale 50-54Blue25.3452.10 Silver 
Jeremy WilliamsCadillac, MIMale 35-39Yellow21.835.41 Platinum 
Marty WilliamsCadillac, MIMale 30-34Yellow20.720.05 Platinum 
Jenna WoodworthFemale 12-13Yellow25.4122.69 Platinum 
Grant ZondervanMale 50-54Yellow29.8243.99 Bronze 
Lili ZondervanByron Center, MIFemale 10-11Yellow29.8544.13 Gold 
Grace ZubackFemale 10-11Yellow30.6247.85 Silver