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Crystal Mountain Resort

Feb 10th, 2019
NASTAR Regional Championships-Family Race
not provided

Series: Midwest Regional-Family Team Race
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 3
Par Time

Results for Feb 10th, 2019 - NASTAR Regional Championships-Family Race

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Dana AllenTraverse City, MIFemale 55-59Althena The GreatBlue31.8331.31 Gold 
 Jack AntonishekLinden, MIMale 12-13Antonishek/FairbanksBlue27.2612.46 Platinum 
 Max antonishekLinden, MIMale 10-11Antonishek/FairbanksBlue29.0519.84 Platinum 
Robert AntonishekLinden, MIMale 40-44Antonishek/FairbanksBlue32.8335.44 S* Gold 
Mimi AppelMarcellus, NYMale 55-59Althena The GreatBlue34.9744.27 Bronze 
Abigail CheckleyMiddlebury, INFemale 14-15C To The 4thBlue26.559.53 Platinum 
Brian CheckleyMale 50-54C To The 4thYellow32.0033.17 Silver 
Gloria CheckleyMiddlebury, INFemale 10-11C To The 4thYellow29.2121.56 Platinum 
Natalie CheckleyMiddlebury, INFemale 12-13C To The 4thYellow27.2513.40 Platinum 
Ann EdwardsFenton, MIFemale 65-69Althena The GreatBlue36.8952.19 Silver 
Gary EdwardsFenton, MIMale 65-69Althena The GreatBlue30.0223.84 Gold 
 Andre FairbanksFenton, MIMale 45-49Antonishek/FairbanksBlue26.167.92 Platinum 
Averi FairbanksFenton, MIFemale 12-13Antonishek/FairbanksBlue29.1920.42 Platinum 
 Ryland FairbanksFenton, MIMale 14-15Antonishek/FairbanksYellow26.9212.03 Platinum 
Darren HartValparaiso, INMale 8-9Leavitt/HartYellow47.7598.71 - 
Kim HartValparaiso, INFemale 40-44Leavitt/HartBlue39.9264.69 Bronze 
Matt HartValparaiso, INMale 16-17Leavitt/HartBlue38.7759.94 - 
Barbra HoffmannSouth Lyon, MIFemale 45-49Hoffman FamilyBlue45.2786.76 - 
Don HoffmannSouth Lyon, MIMale 45-49Hoffman FamilyBlue34.3541.71 Bronze 
Helena HoffmannSouth Lyon, MIFemale 12-13Hoffman FamilyBlue30.7927.02 Gold 
Steven KermodeMaple City, MIMale 60-64Althena The GreatBlue27.5513.66 Platinum 
 Krissa KirbyBellaire, MIFemale 50-54Ski School DropoutsYellow32.7436.25 Gold 
 Calvin KolkWhite Lake, MIMale 1-5KolkpreparedYellow38.5160.26 Gold 
 Carol KolkWhite Lake, MIFemale 40-44KolkpreparedBlue40.3966.63 Bronze 
 Jason KolkWhite Lake, MIMale 35-39KolkpreparedBlue28.4917.53 Gold 
 Stella KolkWhite Lake, MIFemale 6-7KolkpreparedYellow37.8057.30 Gold 
Isabelle KoppFemale 1-5Incredible KoppsYellow52.01116.44 Silver 
Jennifer KoppToledo, OHFemale 40-44Incredible KoppsYellow41.8674.20 - 
Zander KoppGrosse Pointe, MIMale 6-7Incredible KoppsYellow39.3263.63 Silver 
Blake LancasterAnn Arbor, MIMale 40-44Team SchmaltzcasterBlue26.087.59 Platinum 
Blake Jr LancasterAnn Arbor, MIMale 8-9Team SchmaltzcasterBlue35.0044.39 Gold 
June LancasterAnn Arbor, MIFemale 6-7Team SchmaltzcasterBlue36.9052.23 Gold 
 William LeavittValparaiso, INMale 75-79Leavitt/HartBlue35.7547.48 Silver 
Jason LeffelBrighton, MIMale 45-49Leffel RecordbreakersYellow28.0116.56 Gold 
 Lauren LeffelBrighton, MIFemale 8-9Leffel RecordbreakersBlue30.8427.23 Platinum 
 Lia LeffelBrighton, MIFemale 10-11Leffel RecordbreakersYellow30.9828.92 Platinum 
Annie LovejoyWhite Lake, MIFemale 50-54XLR8 LovejoyYellow33.2038.16 Gold 
 Brian LovejoyWhite Lake, MIMale 55-59XLR8 LovejoyBlue26.619.78 Platinum 
Tyson LovejoyMale 14-15XLR8 LovejoyBlue27.8514.89 Platinum 
Chris MacInnesBeulah, MIFemale 70-74Althena The GreatYellow29.6823.51 Platinum 
 Allison MerrillGrand Blanc, MIFemale 12-13Merrill FamilyYellow28.0716.81 Platinum 
 Max MerrillGrand Blanc, MIMale 12-13Merrill FamilyYellow30.1425.43 Gold 
 Stacy MerrillGrand Blanc, MIMale 40-44Merrill FamilyYellow26.259.24 Platinum 
 Arthur PapineauBrunswick, OHMale 45-49PapineauBlue28.3416.91 Gold 
Jayden PapineauBrunswick, OHFemale 6-7PapineauBlue34.3541.71 Platinum 
 Lily PapineauBrunswick, OHFemale 10-11PapineauBlue28.0015.51 Platinum 
George PetritzBeulah, MIMale 70-74Althena The GreatYellow29.3021.93 Platinum 
 Karina RodriguezFemale 12-13Ski School DropoutsYellow37.7056.89 Bronze 
Jodi SchmaltzAnn Arbor, MIFemale 40-44Team SchmaltzcasterYellow31.8832.67 Gold 
Lloyd SchmaltzClarkston, MIMale 80-84Team SchmaltzcasterBlue42.2474.26 Bronze 
Eric ShinglesCanton, MIMale 45-49Shingle FamilyBlue31.3129.17 Silver 
Jacob shinglesCanton, MIMale 8-9Shingle FamilyBlue30.5225.91 Platinum 
Sophia ShinglesFemale 12-13Shingle FamilyBlue29.6122.15 Platinum 
Kayla SixTraverse City, MIFemale 21-29Althena The GreatBlue30.7927.02 Silver 
 Alex SteinhilberLiberty Township, OHMale 45-49AKC RacingYellow27.0312.48 Platinum 
Camden SteinhilberLiberty Township, OHMale 10-11AKC RacingYellow33.3638.83 Gold 
 Kiera SteinhilberFemale 12-13AKC RacingYellow29.6723.47 Platinum 
Christian StevensNew Hudson, MIMale 14-15Stevens FamilyYellow38.1258.64 S* Silver 
Christy StevensNew Hudson, MIFemale 45-49Stevens FamilyBlue39.9764.89 Bronze 
Luke StevensNew Hudson, MIMale 12-13Stevens FamilyBlue31.9331.72 Gold 
Matt StevensNew Hudson, MIMale 40-44Stevens FamilyBlue40.3566.46 - 
Benjamin WallMale 30-34Wall FamilyBlue27.7314.40 Gold 
Dakota WallKawkawlin, MIMale 16-17Wall FamilyBlue30.7226.73 Silver 
Kris WallMale 35-39Wall FamilyBlue29.0219.72 Silver 
 Josh WillsonBellaire, MIMale 45-49Ski School DropoutsBlue30.8527.27 Silver 
Michael ZajicekValparaiso, INMale 16-17Leavitt/HartBlue33.9740.14 Bronze 

S = Snowboard (-20)