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Sugar Mountain Resort

Feb 4th, 2019
SMARL Week 4
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Par Time

Results for Feb 4th, 2019 - SMARL Week 4

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Wesley AldridgeBanner Elk, NCMale 35-39Team SugarYellow33.4212.91 Gold 
 Steve AuffingerClemmons, NCMale 55-59BellasYellow36.3922.94 Gold 
Chris AustinMale 45-49The TavernYellow52.2876.62 S* - 
Patrick BagsbyMale 40-44Edge Of The WorldYellow46.0355.51 S* Bronze 
Elizabeth BeatleFemale 50-54Banner Elk CafeYellow34.6917.20 Platinum 
Claire BiaggiFemale 21-29App State Ski TeamYellow44.2749.56 Bronze 
Cindy BroussardFemale 50-54The LodgeYellow41.2339.29 Gold 
Les BroussardMale 50-54Banner Elk CafeYellow38.6630.61 Silver 
Carter BumgarmerMale 21-29Ski Country DYellow50.2869.86 S* - 
Austin BurrBanner Elk, NCMale 21-29Scooch LegsYellow38.9031.42 S* Gold 
Erica CanadaFemale 30-34Ski Country DYellow42.4343.34 Silver 
Kyle CarrollGermanton, NCMale 45-49The LodgeYellow38.5330.17 Silver 
Jp CogdillMale 40-44The TavernYellow52.5377.47 S* - 
Trey DawkinsMale 21-29Ski Country DYellow45.5453.85 S* Bronze 
Allen DawsonMale 45-49Team SoutheastYellow43.2846.22 S* Silver 
Abby EllerFemale 21-29Ski Country DYellow1:06.14123.45 S* - 
Adam EnglertBanner Elk, NCMale 40-44Edge Of The WorldYellow40.4436.62 S* Gold 
Alex EttingerMale 30-34Scooch LegsYellow42.9044.93 S* Silver 
Lawson FieldsLinville, NCMale 35-39Ski Country AYellow32.8911.11 Gold 
Ashley GalleherFemale 30-34Team SoutheastYellow47.4560.30 S* Silver 
Beth GoodeFemale 50-54The LodgeYellow39.3833.04 Gold 
Kristen GrayFemale 21-29Edge Of The WorldYellow47.8661.69 S* Bronze 
Tim GrinerCharlotte, NCMale 55-59Good Old BoysYellow46.5457.23 T* Bronze 
Caila HallFemale 21-29Ski Country AYellow33.7514.02 Platinum 
Willis HawkinsEasley, SCMale 21-29App State Ski TeamYellow35.4919.90 Silver 
Donnie HeffnerMale 55-59Team SoutheastYellow48.9765.44 S* Bronze 
Buster HendricksMatthews, NCMale 70-74BellasYellow43.1845.88 Silver 
Jessica HendricksBanner Elk, NCFemale 35-39BellasYellow40.8538.01 Silver 
Matt HerdklotzMale 45-49The TavernYellow46.0755.64 S* Bronze 
John HolderMale 60-64Scooch LegsYellow45.5753.95 S* Silver 
Dylan HowardRaleigh, NCMale 21-29App State Ski TeamYellow37.6727.26 Silver 
Andrew JochlBanner Elk, NCMale 35-39Team SugarYellow30.834.16 Platinum 
Gunther JochlBanner Elk, NCMale 65-69Team SugarYellow36.7524.16 Gold 
Kim JochlBanner Elk, NCFemale 45-49Team SugarYellow34.4216.28 Platinum 
Dave JohnsonBanner Elk, NCMale 40-44Ski Country AYellow32.8110.84 Platinum 
Jeff JohnsonHilliard, OHMale 50-54Edge Of The WorldYellow39.9735.03 S* Gold 
Daniel JonesBanner Elk, NCMale 21-29App State Ski TeamYellow33.4713.07 Gold 
Kris JonesMale 21-29Edge Of The WorldYellow46.1856.01 S* Bronze 
Garrett KnightMale 21-29Ski Country DYellow43.0045.27 - 
Van LeckaMale 60-64The LodgeYellow43.1645.81 Silver 
Chris LeonardBanner Elk, NCMale 30-34Ski Country AYellow33.0011.49 Gold 
Matt LeonardBanner Elk, NCMale 30-34Ski Country AYellow31.034.83 Platinum 
Andy McDanielMale 45-49Team SoutheastYellow41.7841.15 S* Silver 
Sean McKeeBanner Elk, NCMale 40-44Team SugarYellow33.4613.04 Gold 
Mike MilliganBanner, NCMale 50-54Banner Elk CafeYellow35.6620.47 Gold 
Keenan MurphyMale 21-29Edge Of The WorldYellow47.7861.42 S* Bronze 
Austin OliverNewton, NCMale 21-29Team SugarYellow31.105.07 Platinum 
Timothy OllisBanner Elk, NCMale 21-29Edge Of The WorldYellow41.6940.84 S* Silver 
Eve ParsonsFemale 50-54Team SoutheastYellow54.1682.97 S* Bronze 
Sean PepinMale 45-49The TavernYellow45.4253.45 S* Silver 
Martin PhilipsonMale 40-44Good Old BoysYellow40.9638.38 Bronze 
Ralph PolattieBradley, SCMale 65-69BellasYellow40.0935.44 Silver 
Rymm ReineckeFemale 45-49BellasYellow1:09.68135.41 S* - 
Mark RussMale 50-54Ski Country AYellow35.9821.55 Gold 
Erich SchmidingerBanner Elk, NCMale 40-44Team SugarYellow31.636.86 Platinum 
Ronald ScottApex, NCMale 70-74Good Old BoysYellow39.6633.99 Gold 
Daniel ShurkasMale 60-64Banner Elk CafeYellow36.7224.05 Gold 
Dana SimmonsMale 35-39BellasYellowDSQ- S*  
Carrie SmitheyFemale 30-34Ski Country DYellow39.1132.13 Silver 
Scott ThomasMale 45-49Team SoutheastYellow45.5253.78 S* Silver 
Adam ThompsomMale 35-39Scooch LegsYellow39.9635.00 S* Gold 
Michael TrewMale 55-59Good Old BoysYellow42.3543.07 T* Silver 
Matt WhimberlyMale 21-29Edge Of The WorldYellow44.8051.35 S* Bronze 
Erica WilliamsBoone, NCFemale 21-29Team SugarYellow41.1639.05 Silver 
 Trey WoodyCornelius, NCMale 21-29Ski Country AYellow30.693.68 Platinum 

S = Snowboard (-20)
T = Telemark (-13)