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Cataloochee Ski Area

Feb 6th, 2019
Cloudy with Drizzle 58
Alley Cat Under Lights

Par Time

Results for Feb 6th, 2019 - HS WK5

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Henry AllisonHendersonville, NCMale 14-15Hendersonville High School Yellow26.4681.11 - 
Ruth BalsonHendersonville, NCFemale 16-17HVILLE HOMESCHOOL GIRLS Blue22.3637.60 Silver 
Finn BellSaluda, NCMale 14-15Polk County High School Blue26.7764.74 - 
Clay BensonHendersonville, NCMale 12-13HVILLE HOMESCHOOL BOYS Yellow24.8069.75 - 
Judith BensonHendersonville, NCFemale 14-15HVILLE HOMESCHOOL GIRLS Yellow21.0944.35 Silver 
Lottie BensonHendersonville, NCFemale 16-17HVILLE HOMESCHOOL GIRLS Yellow19.9336.41 Silver 
Minnie BensonHendersonville, NCFemale 18-20HVILLE HOMESCHOOL GIRLS Blue25.1654.83 Bronze 
Jake BernsteinMale 14-15Asheville School Blue23.2443.02 Bronze 
Sawyer BolickFAIRVIEW, NCMale 16-17Carolina Day School 2Blue30.1185.29 S* - 
Caleb BoothBlack Mountain, NCMale 14-15Asheville Christian Academy Blue23.4044.00 Bronze 
Nick BoothMale 16-17Carolina Day School Yellow21.1644.83 Bronze 
Christopher BrancheETOWAH, NCMale 16-17HVILLE HOMESCHOOL BOYSBlue21.0529.54 Silver 
Nathan BrantMale 14-15Asheville Christian Academy Blue34.14110.09 S* - 
Sawyer BreiterArden, NCMale 16-17Christ SchoolBlue21.2630.83 Silver 
Henry BrosharMale 14-15Carolina Day School 2Blue30.2386.03 S* - 
Ada BrownFemale 14-15Asheville School Yellow25.2772.96 - 
T BuckleyMale 16-17Asheville School Yellow32.11119.78 S* - 
Scott BurnsMale 16-17Asheville School YellowDSQ- S*  
Ethan CainFletcher, NCMale 16-17Trailblazers Homeschool Blue25.0554.15 - 
Sarah CainFletcher, NCFemale 12-13Trailblazers Homeschool 2Yellow28.4194.46 - 
Timothy CallahanAsheville, NCMale 16-17Trailblazers Homeschool Yellow25.2272.62 S* - 
Marshal CarterArden, NCMale 16-17Christ SchoolYellow23.1058.11 - 
Heath ChaseMale 18-20Asheville School Yellow24.7869.61 S* - 
Asa CobbFairview, NCMale 14-15Trailblazers Homeschool 2Blue26.4562.77 - 
Holden CobbFairview, NCMale 16-17Trailblazers Homeschool Blue24.0047.69 Bronze 
Joseph ColadonatoArden, NCMale 16-17Christ SchoolYellow25.0171.18 - 
Aidan ColeAsheville, NCMale 14-15Shred 30 HSBlue19.4319.57 Gold 
Trent CooperArden, NCMale 16-17Christ SchoolYellow21.5547.50 Bronze 
Ethan DaviesMarshall, NCMale 18-20Trailblazers Homeschool 2Yellow24.8670.16 - 
Taylor DelacFemale 16-17Asheville High SchoolYellow26.9284.26 - 
Thomas DossArden, NCMale 16-17Christ SchoolBlue24.1948.86 Bronze 
Lillian DowdAsheville, NCFemale 14-15Asheville High SchoolYellow25.0671.53 - 
Eli DowlerArden, NCMale 16-17Christ School 2Blue33.74107.63 S* - 
Liam EvansAsheville, NCMale 16-17Asheville High School 2Yellow28.0091.65 S* - 
Brooks FlemingHendersonville, NCMale 14-15HVILLE HOMESCHOOL BOYS Blue22.4538.15 Silver 
Alma FradinALexander, NCFemale 14-15Asheville High School YellowDSQ-  
Jackson GeddingsColumbus, NCMale 16-17Asheville Christian Academy Blue26.0760.43 S* Bronze 
Madison GeddingsColumbus, NCFemale 14-15Polk County High SchoolYellow22.5354.21 Bronze 
Jasper GeorgeAsheville, NCMale 14-15Asheville High SchoolYellow27.1785.97 S* - 
Van GodfreyMale 14-15Asheville High SchoolYellow21.8449.49 Bronze 
Abby GoforthASHEVILLE, NCFemale 12-13Trailblazers Homeschool 2Blue32.1197.60 - 
Caroline GoforthASHEVILLE, NCFemale 12-13Trailblazers Homeschool 2Blue34.35111.38 - 
Zeke GoldsteinAsheville, NCMale 18-20Asheville High SchoolYellow19.8936.14 Bronze 
Samuel GriffithsAiken, SCMale 16-17Asheville SchoolBlue20.3725.35 Silver 
Tana HarrisSaluda, NCFemale 16-17Polk County High School Blue23.8546.77 Bronze 
Matthew HendersonArden, NCMale 16-17Christ SchoolBlue25.3556.00 - 
Henry HitchcockAsheville, NCMale 16-17Asheville High SchoolYellow20.6841.55 Bronze 
Emma HolsteinAsheville, NCFemale 16-17Asheville School YellowDSQ-  
Vegard HoydalsvikMale 18-20Asheville School Yellow27.3086.86 S* - 
Jake HudsonCullowhee, NCMale 16-17Smoky Mountain High SchoolYellow28.9898.36 S* - 
Charlie HurtBlack Mountain, NCMale 14-15Asheville Christian Academy Yellow21.0343.94 Bronze 
Kaya JohnsonFairview, NCFemale 16-17Asheville High School 2Blue34.21110.52 S* - 
Kevin JonesMale 14-15Asheville School Blue23.2943.32 Bronze 
Tomson KaplanMale 16-17Asheville School Yellow29.84104.24 S* - 
Elliott KernsAsheville, NCFemale 16-17Trailblazers Homeschool Blue24.6751.82 Bronze 
Henry KettAsheville, NCMale 14-15Asheville High SchoolYellowDSQ-  
Tori KimAsheville, NCFemale 18-20Asheville School Yellow19.3432.38 Silver 
Greta KjellquistAsheville, NCFemale 14-15Asheville High SchoolYellow31.04112.46 - 
julian KotaraDes Plaines, ILMale 14-15Asheville School Blue22.2136.68 Silver 
Leif KrugerAsheville, NCMale 16-17Asheville High School 2Blue23.3843.88 Bronze 
Henry LeyMale 14-15Asheville School Blue24.2649.29 Bronze 
Alex LontzArden, NCMale 16-17Christ School 2Yellow29.25100.21 S* - 
Madison LowryFemale 14-15Asheville School Yellow29.22100.00 - 
Benjamin MacdonaldHendersonville, NCMale 8-9HVILLE HOMESCHOOL BOYS Blue25.8559.08 Silver 
Jacob MacdonaldMale 6-7HVILLE HOMESCHOOL BOYS Blue31.7295.20 Bronze 
Rachel MacdonaldHendersonville, NCFemale 16-17HVILLE HOMESCHOOL GIRLS Yellow17.7421.42 Gold 
Rebekah MacdonaldHendersonville, NCFemale 12-13HVILLE HOMESCHOOL GIRLS Blue23.5745.05 Silver 
Sarah MacdonaldHendersonville, NCFemale 14-15HVILLE HOMESCHOOL GIRLS Yellow20.6341.20 Silver 
Cabell MacMillanAsheville, NCFemale 14-15Asheville High SchoolBlue21.0529.54 Silver 
Tucker MarshallArden, NCMale 16-17Trailblazers Homeschool Yellow21.8249.35 Bronze 
Max MartinMale 16-17Asheville School Yellow31.20113.55 S* - 
Simon MartinMale 14-15Asheville School Blue22.7640.06 Silver 
Max MasielloArden, NCMale 16-17Christ School 2Blue35.53118.65 S* - 
Weston McGrathArden, NCMale 16-17Christ SchoolYellow22.3452.91 - 
Gray McLellanBlack Mtn., NCMale 16-17Trailblazers Homeschool Blue24.4650.52 S* Silver 
Willa McLellanBlack Mtn, NCFemale 14-15Trailblazers Homeschool 2 Blue29.9884.49 - 
Emerson MeadowsFairview, NCMale 16-17Shred 30 HSBlue22.2236.74 Bronze 
William MenkesAsheville, NCMale 16-17Carolina Day School Yellow19.5633.88 Silver 
Wike MilesMale 18-20Asheville School Yellow26.7983.37 S* - 
Quinn MitchellAsheville, NCMale 16-17Asheville Christian Academy Yellow21.5747.64 Bronze 
Alex MizeColumbus, NCMale 14-15Polk County High School Yellow29.59102.53 - 
Margaux MooneyAsheville, NCFemale 16-17Asheville High SchoolYellow19.1130.80 Silver 
Ava MooreAsheville, NCFemale 14-15Asheville High SchoolYellow25.2372.69 - 
Triston MowryArden, NCMale 14-15Christ School 2Yellow39.32169.13 S* - 
Elijah O'HaraAsheville, NCMale 14-15Asheville High School 2YellowDSQ-  
Kylie OlpArden, NCFemale 16-17Carolina Day School 2Yellow24.5568.04 - 
Carson OswaldAsheville, NCMale 16-17Carolina Day SchoolBlue19.0016.92 Gold 
Harrison OswaldAsheville, NCMale 16-17Carolina Day SchoolBlue19.1117.60 Gold 
Isabel RaustolAsheville, NCFemale 14-15Asheville High SchoolYellow29.75103.63 - 
Michael RogersMale 16-17Asheville School Blue21.4932.25 Silver 
Graham RyanAsheville, NCMale 16-17Carolina Day School 2Blue26.4162.52 S* Bronze 
Nico SantiagoAsheville, NCMale 14-15Asheville High School 2Yellow24.8470.02 - 
Katherine SelbyDillsboro, NCFemale 14-15Smoky Mountain High SchoolBlue29.0178.52 - 
Abigail SheppardFletcher, NCFemale 18-20Trailblazers Homeschool Blue23.5244.74 Bronze 
Connor SillsFairview, NCMale 14-15Asheville Christian AcademyBlue22.5838.95 Silver 
Jack SlatteryArden, NCMale 16-17Christ SchoolYellow20.5440.59 Bronze 
Grayson SmithWeaverville, NCMale 14-15Trailblazers Homeschool 2Blue26.0260.12 - 
Brooks SullivanAsheville, NCMale 16-17Carolina Day SchoolYellow18.4726.42 Silver 
Andrew TashieAsheville, NCMale 14-15Asheville School Blue22.6339.26 Silver 
Riley TickleSaluda, NCFemale 16-17Polk County High SchoolBlue1:04.58297.42 - 
Saxton TickleSaluda, NCMale 14-15Polk County High SchoolBlue26.0960.55 - 
James TinklerMale 16-17Polk County High School Yellow26.1779.12 S* - 
Dana TiptonHendersonville, NCFemale 14-15Carolina Day School 2Yellow24.5568.04 - 
Sydney WaldmanTryon, NCFemale 16-17Polk County High School Yellow23.5461.12 - 
Kendall WalkerSwannanoa, NCMale 16-17Trailblazers HomeschoolBlue20.4625.91 Silver 
John WehnerMale 16-17Christ School 2Blue28.5375.57 S* - 
Beau WillardAsheville, NCMale 14-15Asheville High SchoolYellow20.9843.60 Bronze 
Eden WilsonSylva, NCFemale 14-15Smoky Mountain High SchoolYellow24.6268.51 - 
Max YoungAsheville, NCMale 16-17Asheville High School 2Yellow25.1071.80 S* - 
Richard ZantzingerMale 16-17Christ School 2Yellow35.62143.81 S* - 
Kesin ZimmermanFairview, NCMale 16-17Shred 30 HSBlue19.5620.37 Silver 

S = Snowboard (-20)