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Labrador Mountain

Feb 5th, 2019
Tuesday Night Race 4
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Par Time

Matt Machovec (Suit)
Results for Feb 5th, 2019 - Tuesday Night Race 4

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Eric AimesMale 50-54Ice Cold CarversYellow38.1330.67 Silver 
Ed BaylyKirkville, NYMale 50-54Crouse Hinds MisfitsYellow45.0354.32 Bronze 
Zack Bellin Male 21-29Ice Cold CarversYellow35.9423.17 Silver 
Sean BrunnerVestal, NYMale 30-34Where`s the BarYellow36.6125.46 Silver 
Bobby BryantBaldwinsville, NYMale 50-54Ice Cold CarversYellow33.8716.07 Gold 
Taylor BucciMarcellus, NYMale 50-54Thing OneYellow36.8526.29 Silver 
Drew ButlerBaldwinsville, NYMale 30-34Crouse Hinds MisfitsYellow52.9481.43 S* - 
Kevin CampbellEndicott, NYMale 21-29Where`s the Bar 3Yellow33.9216.24 Silver 
Norman CheneyOwego, NYMale 60-64Ski MeistersYellow43.0447.50 Bronze 
Eric ChidesterBinghamton, NYMale 35-39Where`s the Bar 2Yellow38.4331.70 Silver 
Susan ColemanLiverpool, NYFemale 50-54Thing TwoYellow1:17.06164.08 - 
Bonnie CristBaldwinsville, NYFemale 60-64The Holy WaxersYellow40.6339.24 Gold 
Rick DayWhitney Point, NYMale 60-64Ski MeistersYellow35.1620.49 Gold 
Steve DolanLiverpool, NYMale 45-49Ice Cold CarversYellow34.1617.07 Gold 
Kyle DollardBinghamton, NYMale 30-34Where`s the Bar 2Yellow47.3162.13 - 
Denny EbertBinghamton, NYMale 75-79Ski MeistersYellow42.2444.76 Silver 
Paula EngleJamesville, NYFemale 55-59The Holy WaxersYellow48.1865.11 Bronze 
Rich EngleJamesville, NYMale 50-54The Holy WaxersYellow41.4442.02 Bronze 
Jennifer GravilondoCazenovia, NYFemale 50-54Thing OneYellow36.4524.91 Platinum 
Meredith GreenLiverpool, NYFemale 30-34The Holy WaxersYellow34.6318.68 Gold 
Mike GridleyLiverpool, NYMale 50-54Thing TwoYellow1:08.61135.13 - 
Gerard GriffenMale 50-54Where`s the BarYellow43.3148.42 Bronze 
Kristen GriffenFemale 50-54Where`s the BarYellow45.6256.34 Bronze 
Stephanie GronchickBaldwinsville, NYFemale 35-39Crouse Hinds MisfitsYellow46.4659.22 Bronze 
Tom HahnLiverpool, NYMale 55-59Boozed and BatteredYellow37.9430.02 Silver 
Connor HaldaneHomer, NYMale 21-29Ice Cold CarversYellowDNF-  
Allie HaltofFemale 21-29Where`s the Bar 3Yellow37.5828.79 Silver 
Nils HammerichManlius, NYMale 50-54Ice Cold CarversYellow35.6522.17 Gold 
 Tim HannaSmithville Flats, NYMale 55-59Ski MeistersYellow38.8032.97 Silver 
Jim HizaLa Fayette, NYMale 65-69Boozed and BatteredYellow43.9450.58 Bronze 
Nathan HollidayMale 30-34BC SlidersYellow49.9471.14 S* - 
Gary KahnManlius, NYMale 45-49Thing OneYellow38.8933.28 Silver 
Ryan KarrSyracuse, NYMale 21-29Crouse Hinds MisfitsYellow56.8694.86 - 
Saurabh KhetanMale 35-39Crouse Hinds MisfitsYellow46.4359.12 - 
Marie KiernanEndicott, NYFemale 50-54Where`s the BarYellow48.1364.94 Bronze 
Russell KincaidWest Monroe, NYMale 55-59Thing OneYellow33.1713.67 Platinum 
Ken KnappSyracuse, NYMale 55-59Ski MeistersYellow37.5928.82 Silver 
Kristen KosakNewark Valley, NYFemale 21-29Where`s the BarYellow53.8384.48 S* - 
Chris LaubischMale 21-29Where`s the BarYellow40.2838.04 Bronze 
Liz LaubischFemale 21-29Where`s the BarYellow1:09.91139.58 - 
Canaan LeonardLiverpool, NYMale 40-44The Holy WaxersYellow34.3017.55 Gold 
Matthew MachovecFayetteville, NYMale 40-44The Holy WaxersYellow31.989.60 Platinum 
Stefano MaestriBinghamton, NYMale 35-39Where`s the Bar 2Yellow38.7032.63 Bronze 
Gordon MasonBaldwinsville, NYMale 21-29Thing OneYellow30.946.03 Platinum 
Bill McCloeEndicott, NYMale 50-54Where`s the Bar 3Yellow38.3731.49 Silver 
Wendy MoltionLa Fayette, NYMale 50-54Boozed and BatteredYellow47.2962.06 - 
Nina NeskyNew Milford, PAFemale 55-59Ski MeistersYellow39.9336.84 Gold 
Marc OdinManlius, NYMale 55-59Thing OneYellow38.2731.15 Silver 
Mark PerkovichMale 55-59Thing TwoYellow42.1044.28 Bronze 
Tomasz PietruszkaEndicott, NYMale 21-29Where`s the Bar 3Yellow40.0437.22 Bronze 
Marcus PittsMale 45-49Thing OneYellow34.9419.74 Gold 
Charles ReaganEndicott, NYMale 21-29Where`s the Bar 3Yellow52.8080.95 S* - 
Ben SalibraFayetteville, NYMale 21-29Ice Cold CarversYellow32.6111.75 Gold 
Nate SchmalingEndicott, NYMale 21-29Where`s the Bar 3Yellow49.1268.33 S* - 
Leland SheldonMale 21-29BC SlidersYellow44.8953.84 S* Bronze 
Rebecca SpencerOssipee, NHFemale 30-34The Holy WaxersYellow51.0875.05 - 
Mark SteigerwaldFayetteville, NYMale 60-64The Holy WaxersYellow40.7539.65 Silver 
Tim SullivanSouth Charleston, OHMale 50-54Boozed and BatteredYellow1:09.2137.15 S* - 
Troy ToffoloManlius, NYMale 55-59The Holy WaxersYellow35.4521.49 Gold 
Brandon WagnerMale 21-29Where`s the Bar 2Yellow55.6690.75 S* - 
Dave WildrickMale 50-54BC SlidersYellow40.6939.44 Bronze 
Lisa WildrickMale 50-54BC SlidersYellow45.9657.51 - 
Kevin WilliamsCampbell, CAMale 50-54BC SlidersYellow56.0892.19 - 
Leeann WrightJamesville, NYFemale 50-54Thing OneYellow45.9157.33 Bronze 
Yong ZhangSyracuse, NYMale 55-59Thing TwoYellow1:22.01181.05 S* - 

S = Snowboard (-20)