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Bittersweet Ski Area

Jan 15th, 2019
Bell"s Adult Race League Race 1
not provided

Series: Bells Adult Race League
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 4
Par Time

Results for Jan 15th, 2019 - Bell"s Adult Race League Race 1

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Lilly AdeHopkins, MIFemale 21-29Red Light Green LightYellow31.3876.39 S* Bronze 
Joe AllenKalamazoo, MIMale 35-39HopslalomYellow20.2013.55 Gold 
Chuck BellKalamazoo, MIMale 40-44Shaken Not StirredYellow20.0812.87 Platinum 
Mike BenderAllegan, MIMale 75-79Patrol DawgsYellow25.0340.70 Silver 
Jeff BrownKalamazoo, MIMale 55-59HopslalomYellow23.0029.29 Silver 
Rick BrownHastings, MIMale 50-54BC Fat RatsYellow21.5321.02 Gold 
Rick BullerDelton, MIMale 50-54Rick`s SnowballsYellow24.3736.99 Silver 
Wales ChristianKalamazoo, MIMale 30-34Bell`s 2Yellow27.3553.74 - 
Brendan CollinsKalamazoo, MIMale 35-39PowderkegsYellow26.9751.60 - 
Cliff FloydWayland, MIMale 60-64BC Fat RatsYellow21.6221.53 Gold 
Jeff FloydHudsonville, MIMale 30-34BC Fat RatsYellow22.5026.48 Silver 
Mark FortierKalamazoo, MIMale 50-54PowderkegsYellow22.3525.63 Silver 
Courtney GarthSpring Lake, MIFemale 45-49BC Fat RatsYellow24.6338.45 Silver 
Christopher GielinckiWayland, MIMale 40-44Shaken Not StirredYellow19.398.99 Platinum 
Jeff GregoryPlainwell, MIMale 50-54FireballYellow19.147.59 Platinum 
Jake GrevenstukOtsego, MIMale 35-39Bell`s 1Yellow22.4426.14 Silver 
Mark GroendalGrandville, MIMale 55-59PolargeistYellow20.5315.40 Platinum 
Mark GroinpullGrandville, MIMale 55-59BC Fat RatsYellow20.9117.54 Gold 
Rick HarmsWayland, MIMale 45-49Patrol DawgsYellow21.4820.74 Silver 
Ryan HarrellHudsonville, MIMale 40-44Team XYellow22.6927.54 Silver 
Russ HeathKalamazoo, MIMale 45-49FireballYellow20.1012.98 Platinum 
Dave HoogerheideKalamazoo, MIMale 45-49FireballYellow19.9111.92 Platinum 
Joel HuizingaAlto, MIMale 40-44Team XYellow20.5315.40 Gold 
Chad JansheskiKalamazoo, MIMale 45-49BC Fat RatsYellow21.5321.02 Silver 
Mary Beth KaiserKalamazoo, MIFemale 55-59FireballYellow22.8728.56 Gold 
Carolyn KreigerFemale 50-54PowderkegsYellow31.4376.67 - 
Gregg LanternierHickory Corners, MIMale 55-59PowderkegsYellow22.4726.31 Silver 
Jim LewellinKalamazoo, MIMale 35-39DomisnowBlue49.54108.06 - 
John MallettKalamazoo, MIMale 50-54Bell`s 1Yellow26.5249.07 T* Silver 
Sarah ManskiScotts, MIFemale 21-29DomisnowYellow30.8673.47 - 
Valerie MarshFemale 50-54HopslalomYellow22.2725.18 Gold 
Garth MasonKalamazoo, MIMale 45-49Bell`s 1Yellow31.1174.87 - 
Jon McCraryKalamazoo, MIMale 55-59PolargeistYellow19.8211.41 Platinum 
Derek McElvainKalamazoo, MIMale 35-39DomisnowBlue29.2722.93 Silver 
Jeff McKennaPortage, MIMale 55-59HopslalomYellow21.6921.92 Gold 
Ryan McMullinRichland, MIMale 21-29HopslalomYellow19.6310.34 Gold 
Stephen McNeillKalamazoo, MIMale 40-44PowderkegsYellow25.3342.38 Bronze 
 Bill MilesJackson, MIMale 55-59Patrol DawgsYellow22.0624.00 Gold 
Brian MoellerFremont, INMale 40-44Red Light Green LightYellow22.6627.37 Silver 
Doug NagelMiddleville, MIMale 45-49Shaken Not StirredYellow23.7033.22 Silver 
Chris NewmanVicksburg, MIMale 45-49Bell`s 1Yellow22.1124.28 Silver 
Jeff OsbornMale 45-49Patrol DawgsYellow23.2730.80 Silver 
Brent OvermireWayland, MIMale 45-49Team XYellow21.1118.66 Gold 
Corey ParlinSchoolcraft, MIMale 40-44Rick`s SnowballsYellow24.4337.32 Bronze 
Joshua PerkinsVail, COMale 40-44Little Lebowski Urban AchieversYellow24.4837.61 T* Silver 
Ben PotgeterAlto, MIMale 40-44Team XYellow21.2519.45 Silver 
Peter PrysonScotts, MIMale 40-44Little Lebowski Urban AchieversYellow24.2736.42 Bronze 
York RentonALLEGAN, MIMale 50-54Rick`s SnowballsYellow26.7350.25 Bronze 
Bryan RewaFennville, MIMale 45-49Shaken Not StirredYellow20.0512.70 Platinum 
Jennifer RewaFennville, MIFemale 40-44Shaken Not StirredYellow22.2725.18 Gold 
Ken RoundGrand Rapids, MIMale 70-74Red Light Green LightYellow24.6238.39 Silver 
Lars RuserHickory Corners, MIMale 30-34Patrol DawgsYellow20.7816.81 Gold 
Greg SackettKalamazoo, MIMale 60-64FireballYellow20.0412.65 Platinum 
Erik SebastianKalamazoo, MIMale 30-34Red Light Green LightYellow20.8016.92 Gold 
Rob ShawKalamazoo, MIMale 35-39DomisnowYellow24.9140.02 Bronze 
Bud SnyderKalamazoo, MIMale 55-59HopslalomYellow21.0318.21 Gold 
Todd StumpZeeland, MIMale 55-59Patrol DawgsYellow20.2814.00 Platinum 
Tj ThompsonCaledonia, MIMale 45-49Team XYellow22.2324.96 Silver 
Lauren TorresKalamazoo, MIFemale 30-34Bell`s 2Yellow41.81135.02 - 
Ben TrolardAllegan, MIMale 40-44Rick`s SnowballsYellow28.5760.60 - 
Jon TromotolaMale 35-39Red Light Green LightYellow23.4631.87 Silver 
Greg TuffelmireAllegan, MIMale 40-44Rick`s SnowballsYellow20.0012.42 Platinum 
Rhys VanDemarkMiddleville, MIMale 50-54Shaken Not StirredYellow20.1713.38 Platinum 
John ZuiderveenGrand Rapids, MIMale 21-29Bell`s 1Yellow28.9862.90 S* Bronze 

S = Snowboard (-20)
T = Telemark (-13)