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Afton Alps

Jan 6th, 2019
MRL Sunday Week 1
MRL Sunday
not provided
Afton Alps, Minnesota

Series: MRL Sunday
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 10
Par Time

Radke Blake (Coat)
Radke Blake (Coat)
Results for Jan 6th, 2019 - MRL Sunday Week 1

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Walter AngererMaple Grove, MNMale 50-54New GuysBlue27.4619.13 Gold 
Lori BelzStillwater, MNFemale 55-59DNRBlue29.7328.98 Gold 
Andy BertMale 40-44Los BanditosYellow24.0011.01 Platinum 
Rowen Bert Male 10-11Los BanditosBlue32.5441.17 Gold 
Wyatt BertMale 6-7Los BanditosBlue34.9051.41 Gold 
Ingrid BlairMNFemale 50-54Femme FatalesBlue29.5128.03 Gold 
 Heidi ButlerExcelsior, MNFemale 45-49Zicke ZackeBlue25.149.07 Platinum 
CHARLIE CHAPMANPHOENIX, AZMale 55-59Zicke ZackeYellow24.4713.18 Platinum 
Michael ChapmanMale 50-54Zicke ZackeYellow25.8119.38 Gold 
A.J. ColianniMinneapolis, MNMale 40-44Colianni Snow DogsBlue24.516.33 Platinum 
Elena ColianniMinneapolis, MNFemale 6-7Colianni Snow DogsBlue41.1678.57 Silver 
Emilia ColianniMinneapolis, MNFemale 10-11Colianni Snow DogsBlue34.1348.07 Silver 
Sonja ColianniFemale 40-44Colianni Snow DogsBlue26.0212.89 Platinum 
Connor DahlquistCottage Grove, MNMale 10-11Colianni Snow DogsBlue35.8155.36 Silver 
Kelly DahlquistCottage Grove, MNMale 40-44Colianni Snow DogsBlue31.6637.35 Bronze 
Tanner DahlquistMale 6-7Colianni Snow DogsBlue45.0795.53 Bronze 
Taylor DahlquistCottage Grove, MNFemale 14-15Colianni Snow DogsBlue28.0621.74 Gold 
Gene DuenowElko, MNMale 70-74Zicke ZackeBlue36.9760.39 Bronze 
Doug FosterLake Elmo, MNMale 50-54Zicke ZackeYellow28.0829.88 Silver 
Carrie FreitagFemale 40-44The Fast that Drink FuriousBlue26.0112.84 Platinum 
Alex GardnerMale 14-15The NeighborsYellow27.7828.49 Silver 
Mark GardnerDenmark Twsp, MNMale 40-44The NeighborsBlue24.355.64 Platinum 
Tracy GardnerEagan, MNFemale 45-49The NeighborsYellow29.8738.16 Silver 
Sandy GroeStillwater, MNFemale 55-59Zicke ZackeYellow29.6337.05 Gold 
Luke HaksethMale 6-7Team SchussYellow32.8151.76 Gold 
Nathan HaksethSt. Paul, MNMale 35-39Team SchussBlue26.1213.32 Gold 
Noah HaksethMale 12-13Team SchussBlue31.6437.27 Silver 
Peggy HaksethSt Paul, MNFemale 60-64Team SchussBlue32.4340.69 Gold 
Wally HaksethMale 60-64Team SchussBlue31.3135.84 Silver 
Kristin HinesFemale 45-49Ketch-Up HinesYellow37.4873.36 - 
Leighton HinesMale 8-9Ketch-Up HinesBlue35.8855.66 Silver 
Olivia HinesFemale 6-7Ketch-Up HinesYellow51.58138.58 - 
Scottie HinesMale 50-54Ketch-Up HinesYellow32.9152.22 Bronze 
Samantha KlepperichFemale 16-17Ketch-Up HinesBlue35.1052.28 Bronze 
Corey KnightonMale 45-49The NeighborsBlue29.0025.81 Silver 
Isabelle KnightonFemale 12-13The NeighborsBlue32.6241.52 Silver 
Hanna LucasFemale 21-29Femme FatalesBlue37.9264.51 - 
JOHN MACKIMMMinneapolis, MNMale 55-59DNRBlue25.6211.15 Platinum 
John MayekLake Elmo, MNMale 50-54DNRBlue25.339.89 Platinum 
Brittany McCartyFemale 21-29Yellow30.1739.55 Silver 
Mike McCartyWoodbury, MNMale 55-59DNRBlue29.9529.93 Silver 
Kristen McPhersonFemale 55-59Zicke ZackeBlue29.9529.93 Gold 
Taylor MillikanFemale 21-29The Fast that Drink FuriousBlue31.8538.18 Silver 
Katie NadeauFemale 50-54Femme FatalesBlue27.2318.13 Platinum 
Brookelyn NovakFemale 8-9New GuysBlue39.8973.06 Bronze 
Kristopher NovakHudson, WIMale 40-44New GuysBlue25.9412.54 Platinum 
Tyler NovakMale 10-11New GuysYellow32.6951.20 Silver 
Jack Thomas OpgrandeMale 10-11Los BanditosBlue34.4049.24 Silver 
John OpgrandeWoodbury, MNMale 40-44Los BanditosBlue27.5119.35 Silver 
Lily OpgrandeFemale 12-13Los BanditasBlue29.2326.81 Gold 
Erick OswaldMale 55-59Zicke ZackeBlue23.481.87 Platinum 
Anne PerkinsLakeland, MNFemale 50-54DNRBlue27.2118.05 Platinum 
Lizzy PeroutkFemale 12-13Los BanditasBlue29.8729.59 Gold 
Mark PeroutkMale 40-44Los BanditasBlue28.4423.38 Silver 
Christina PriemuellerFemale 16-17New GuysBlue28.4923.60 Gold 
Erik RasmussenWoodbury, MNMale 40-44Los BanditosBlue25.249.50 Platinum 
Graham RasmussenMale 10-11Los BanditosBlue34.6250.20 Silver 
Haakon RasmussenMale 10-11Los BanditosYellow39.0280.48 S* Bronze 
Patrick RedingMale 50-54DNRYellow25.7319.01 Gold 
Ella RileyFemale 12-13New GuysBlue30.1430.76 Gold 
Paige SahrFemale 12-13Los BanditasBlue29.1926.64 Gold 
Emerson Scott IVGrant, MNMale 30-34New GuysBlue26.4114.58 Gold 
Mike SederstromHoulton, WIMale 40-44New GuysBlue26.2613.93 Gold 
Petra SederstromFemale 8-9New GuysBlue33.4044.90 Gold 
Tom SzczepanskiStillwater, MNMale 55-59Team SchussBlue28.1922.30 Gold 
Susan TierneyFemale 55-59Femme FatalesBlue35.3753.45 Silver 
 David WanWhite Bear Lake, MNMale 35-39The Fast that Drink FuriousBlue25.088.81 Platinum 
Douglas WangenMale 60-64DNRBlue27.6019.74 Gold 
Emily YueFemale 21-29The Fast that Drink FuriousYellow27.1725.67 Silver 
Maggie ZeidelFemale 21-29DNRBlue25.5710.93 Platinum 

S = Snowboard (-20)