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Wachusett Mountain

Jan 6th, 2019
Daily NASTAR and Dev Team
Cloudy and 30's

Par Time

Results for Jan 6th, 2019 - Daily NASTAR and Dev Team

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
 Amanda AmoryWorcester, MAFemale 55-59Blue36.9254.48 Silver 
Adam BedingfieldBoston, MAMale 10-11DEV TEAMBlue41.1672.22 Bronze 
Maya BedingfieldBoston, MAFemale 8-9DEV TEAMBlue45.1588.91 Bronze 
 Christopher BlakeLincoln, MAMale 55-59Blue26.5911.26 Platinum 
Clement BouaboulaBelmont, MAMale 12-13DEV TEAMBlue33.5040.17 Silver 
 Lance BravardWashington, DCMale 55-59Blue27.2914.18 Platinum 
Vivian BrevardWayland, MAFemale 10-11Blue1:01.29156.44 - 
Abby BryantMedway, MAFemale 16-17Blue30.8629.12 Silver 
Melinda BryantMedway, MAFemale 40-44Blue34.9046.03 Silver 
Julian CeikeTownsend, MAMale 70-74Blue34.2943.47 Silver 
Siming ChenNatick, MAFemale 10-11DEV TEAMBlue46.8796.11 - 
Madeline CohenFemale 10-11DEV TEAMBlue41.9875.65 Bronze 
Isabelle ColemanBerlin, MAFemale 10-11DEV TEAMBlue34.0842.59 Gold 
Kelly ConnorsLeominster, MAFemale 21-29Blue26.8112.18 Platinum 
Eleanor CraverLexington, MAFemale 12-13DEV TEAMBlue38.2760.13 Bronze 
John CrottyLeominster, MAMale 65-69Blue28.9621.17 Gold 
Annie CundariWestminster, MAFemale 50-54Blue39.7066.11 Bronze 
 Archibald DaffnerRumford, RIMale 12-13Blue35.5648.79 Silver 
Raymond DamienFitchburg, MAMale 40-44Blue27.5215.15 Gold 
Tony DeanCharlton, MAMale 35-39Blue29.1722.05 Silver 
Kai DeshimaSomerville, MAMale 10-11DEV TEAMBlue39.5465.44 Bronze 
Kaya DorogiFemale 16-17Blue26.8712.43 Platinum 
Erik DurantNew Bedford, MAMale 45-49Blue35.4648.37 Bronze 
Lillian EngelHolliston, MAFemale 12-13DEV TEAMBlue42.4277.49 - 
Janna FeinbergBelmont, MAFemale 8-9DEV TEAMBlue45.0588.49 Bronze 
Edward ForerWarwick, RIMale 35-39Blue35.1747.15 Bronze 
Kyle ForrestWestminster, MAMale 8-9DEV TEAMBlue41.3673.05 Bronze 
John GallyConcord, MAMale 10-11Blue38.9763.05 Bronze 
 Benoit GebbieNorwood, MAMale 10-11DEV TEAMBlue43.3781.46 - 
Katrina GigliaAshland, MAFemale 10-11Blue37.6757.62 Silver 
Thomas GrieserNewton, MAMale 10-11DEV TEAMBlue43.5382.13 - 
Cynthia GumbertWeston, MAFemale 45-49Blue33.6640.84 Silver 
Ella HatcherStow, MAFemale 14-15Blue32.0834.23 Silver 
Ella HerseyFitchburg, MAFemale 12-13Blue39.2964.39 Bronze 
Erika HicksFemale 12-13DEV TEAMBlue39.3064.44 Bronze 
Hannah HicksFemale 14-15DEV TEAMBlue37.8758.45 Bronze 
Julian HoltHarvard, MAMale 8-9Blue36.1651.30 Silver 
 Allison HopkinsWorcester, MAFemale 50-54Blue30.2826.69 Gold 
Alexander HossackSomerville, MAMale 12-13DEV TEAMBlue35.0546.65 Silver 
Don JonesAshland, MAMale 55-59Blue28.2017.99 Gold 
Barry JosephBolton, MAMale 55-59Blue29.6223.93 Gold 
Evalina KourisBoston, MAFemale 8-9DEV TEAMBlue1:04.22168.70 - 
Dave LieblichMale 60-64Blue27.3914.60 Platinum 
Nate LordNatick, MAMale 12-13Blue32.4235.65 Silver 
Tian MaShrewsbury, MAMale 8-9Blue38.1859.75 Silver 
Marko MarusicArlington, MAMale 8-9DEV TEAMBlue46.5194.60 - 
Petra MarusicArlington, MAFemale 6-7DEV TEAMBlue50.44111.05 Bronze 
 Patrick McKinneyNew Market, MDMale 50-54Blue30.2726.65 Silver 
Adele MeunierPrinceton, MAFemale 8-9DEV TEAMBlue41.0771.84 Silver 
Elsie MillerLittleton, MAFemale 8-9DEV TEAMBlue43.3281.26 Bronze 
Erik MillerLittleton, MAMale 10-11Blue32.6036.40 Gold 
Dariush MohsenzadehLexington, MAMale 8-9DEV TEAMBlue57.88142.18 - 
Omid MohsenzadehLexington, MA Male 10-11DEV TEAMBlue40.9671.38 Bronze 
Ada MonopoliHopkinton, MAFemale 10-11DEV TEAMBlue49.93108.91 - 
Amara MullerMaynard, MAFemale 8-9Blue43.3781.46 Bronze 
Geoffrey NippinsWeymouth, MAMale 6-7Blue38.8562.55 Silver 
Matthew NippinsWeymouth, MAMale 40-44Blue33.6340.71 Bronze 
Shelley ReidyWestminster, MAFemale 55-59Blue31.8433.22 Gold 
Kate RobinsonPrinceton, MAFemale 10-11Blue32.8237.32 Gold 
Alejandro Stefan Rojas-PrattMale 10-11DEV TEAMBlue39.8666.78 Bronze 
Joan RubinWellesley, MAFemale 50-54Blue32.0634.14 Gold 
Tj RubinWellesley, MAMale 16-17Blue25.647.28 Platinum 
Mary Samuel RodriguezFemale 8-9DEV TEAMBlue55.76133.31 - 
 Tai SayarathTempleton, MAMale 8-9Blue37.5957.28 Silver 
Rick ScarpignatoTownsend, MAMale 65-69Blue30.8329.00 Gold 
Tate SchoenauCambridge, MAMale 10-11DEV TEAMBlue38.6661.76 Bronze 
 Alan SchreitmuellerAnnapolis, MDMale 60-64Blue31.3431.13 Silver 
Brian ShekhelSwampscott, MAMale 10-11DEV TEAMBlue59.34148.28 - 
David SmithNorth Attleboro, MAMale 55-59Blue34.9246.11 Bronze 
Sam StanleyGrand Blanc, MIMale 21-29Blue34.0042.26 Bronze 
Zachery TannenbaumActon, MAMale 12-13DEV TEAMBlue36.4652.55 Bronze 
Alicia WeaverLeominster, MAFemale 50-54Blue32.5436.15 Gold 
Mark WeaverLeominster, MAMale 8-9Blue44.5586.40 - 
Nathan WhitneyPrinceton, MAMale 12-13Blue48.74103.93 - 
Brenna ZimmerHarvard, MAFemale 40-44Blue36.4152.34 Bronze 
 Sydney ZmetraDudley, MAFemale 10-11Blue33.5840.50 Gold