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Windham Mountain

Mar 24th, 2018
Not a Cloud in the Sky and cold - 22 degrees

Par Time

Results for Mar 24th, 2018 - Daily NASTAR

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Chris AveryLarchmont, NYMale 45-49Windham MountainYellow31.8127.70 Silver 
Sofia BarghashWatchung, NJFemale 10-11Windham MountainYellow34.6639.14 Gold 
Eden BarlevNew York, NYFemale 6-7Yellow43.6375.15 Silver 
Hagai BarlevMale 45-49Windham MountainYellow35.8143.76 Bronze 
Laurie BarlevNew York, NYFemale 45-49Windham MountainYellow34.7039.30 Silver 
Liam BarlevNew York, NYMale 10-11Windham MountainYellow33.3934.04 Gold 
Maya BarlevNew York, NYFemale 10-11Windham MountainYellow34.1537.09 Gold 
Charles BodnarLong Valley, NJMale 6-7Yellow38.9256.24 Gold 
Sean BodnarLong Valley, NJMale 10-11Windham MountainYellow32.4130.11 Gold 
Tristan BoydLarchmont, NYMale 8-9Yellow40.7063.39 Silver 
Daniel BregmanNew York, NYMale 10-11Windham MountainYellow33.3834.00 Gold 
Had BrickToms River, NJMale 65-69Yellow42.2869.73 S* Bronze 
Richard BriocMale 50-54Windham MountainYellow38.0152.59 Bronze 
Sophia BriocFemale 8-9Yellow43.0572.82 Bronze 
Matt BruderleMale 40-44Yellow52.31110.00 S* - 
Sal CarmarkarMale 10-11Yellow43.6875.35 Bronze 
Martynaa CzarnickNew City, NYFemale 21-29Windham MountainYellow28.9916.38 Gold 
Veronica CzarnickFemale 21-29Windham MountainYellow29.8319.75 Gold 
Wojciech CzarnickMale 50-54Windham MountainYellow29.9320.15 Gold 
Angelina DallemuletFemale 12-13Windham MountainYellow35.9144.16 Silver 
Leandro DallemuletDarien, CTMale 40-44Yellow39.6459.13 - 
Michael DayyaNew Canaan, CTMale 18-20Windham MountainYellow33.4734.36 Bronze 
Eric EcksteinEast Setauket, NYMale 50-54Yellow40.0160.62 S* Bronze 
Tristan EcksteinEast Setauket, NYMale 16-17Yellow40.5362.71 S* Bronze 
Kristina FejaFemale 45-49Yellow48.0893.01 - 
Sami FeteihaSummit, NJMale 10-11Windham MountainYellow31.8127.70 Gold 
Gabriel FoxSuffern, NYMale 45-49Windham MountainYellow31.2225.33 Silver 
Micah FoxSuffern, NYMale 8-9Windham MountainYellow33.0032.48 Platinum 
Zeke FoxSuffern, NYMale 10-11Windham MountainYellow33.6535.09 Gold 
Claudine GartenbergFemale 40-44Windham MountainYellow37.7951.71 Bronze 
Ellie GartenbergFemale 6-7Windham MountainYellow30.6823.16 Platinum 
Itzhak GartenbergNew York, NYMale 35-39Windham MountainYellow34.6639.14 Bronze 
Yoni GartenbergMale 6-7Windham MountainYellow34.2337.41 Platinum 
Darren GerstenblattNew York, NYMale 40-44Yellow40.4562.38 - 
Julia GerstenblattFemale 8-9Yellow51.15105.34 - 
Harrison GredickIrvington, NYMale 8-9Yellow38.5654.80 Silver 
Max HarnoyNew York, NYMale 10-11Windham MountainYellow32.2729.55 Gold 
Rose HarnoyNew York, NYFemale 8-9Windham MountainYellow35.2241.39 Gold 
Ava HoriganFemale 12-13Yellow40.2161.42 Bronze 
Jim HoriganMale 50-54Windham MountainYellow32.0328.58 Silver 
Ryan HoriganMale 10-11Yellow44.5979.00 - 
Shane HoriganMale 10-11Yellow40.9864.51 Bronze 
Peter ItenInwood, NYMale 60-64Yellow39.4158.21 Bronze 
Braeden JackelowManhasset, NYMale 8-9Windham MountainYellow38.1553.15 Silver 
Ilan JacobsohnBrooklyn, NYMale 40-44Windham MountainYellow37.1949.30 - 
Maxwell JekielekScarsdale, NYMale 1-5Yellow49.2297.59 Silver 
Melanie JekielekScarsdale, NYFemale 40-44Yellow40.6763.27 Bronze 
Miles JekielekScarsdale, NYMale 1-5Yellow56.25125.81 Bronze 
Rob JekielekScarsdale, NYMale 35-39Windham MountainYellow28.5314.53 Gold 
Michael JinMale 40-44Windham MountainYellow37.7551.55 - 
Tony JinMale 8-9Yellow39.8860.10 Silver 
Andrew JohnsonMale 30-34Windham MountainYellow34.1837.21 Bronze 
Bjorn KahlLarchmont, NYMale 45-49Windham MountainYellow31.3825.97 Silver 
Finn KahlLarchmont, NYMale 10-11Windham MountainYellow37.7651.59 Silver 
Melanie KatzFemale 18-20Yellow39.9860.50 - 
Michael KingMale 10-11Yellow45.5882.98 - 
Thomas KingBrooklyn, NYMale 8-9Yellow45.1181.09 Bronze 
Jonah Peter KleinBrooklyn, NYMale 10-11Windham MountainYellow33.3733.96 Gold 
Matthew LamertonRidgewood, NJMale 8-9Yellow40.0360.70 Silver 
Walter LamertonRidgewood, NJMale 40-44Windham MountainYellow33.1533.08 Silver 
Daniel LeopoldMale 8-9Windham MountainYellow37.5950.90 Gold 
Lorant LeopoldMale 50-54Windham MountainYellow31.4826.37 Silver 
Victoria LeopoldFemale 12-13Yellow48.1393.22 - 
Amadeusz LipinskiMale 18-20Yellow45.8684.10 - 
Alice ManzoWestfield, NJFemale 10-11Windham MountainYellow36.5746.81 Silver 
Louis ManzoWestfield, NJMale 40-44Windham MountainYellow31.9428.22 Silver 
Mary ManzoWestfield, NJFemale 12-13Windham MountainYellow33.7435.45 Gold 
Natalie ManzoFemale 12-13Windham MountainYellow31.7627.50 Gold 
Patrick MayhewMale 21-29Windham MountainYellow36.7847.65 - 
Adam McGregorMale 30-34Windham MountainYellow34.7439.46 Bronze 
Andrew McGregorMale 30-34Windham MountainYellow34.1337.01 Bronze 
David McMahnMale 45-49Yellow38.5154.60 - 
Megan MirchandaniNew York, NYFemale 8-9Yellow40.6563.19 Silver 
Nicholas NorquistMale 12-13Windham MountainYellow32.0128.50 Gold 
George OgorodnikMale 18-20Yellow41.8067.80 - 
Nathan OkunTarrytown, NYMale 10-11Windham MountainYellow36.5546.73 Silver 
Jeevan PadiyarMale 35-39Yellow41.6667.24 - 
Leela PeronHoboken, NJFemale 8-9Yellow43.1873.34 Bronze 
Patrick PeronHoboken, NJMale 40-44Windham MountainYellow30.1921.20 Silver 
Anson PittsFairfield, CTMale 6-7Yellow48.7795.78 Bronze 
David PittsMale 40-44Windham MountainYellow38.2153.39 - 
Sam PoorMale 40-44Windham MountainYellow29.6218.91 Gold 
Alex PuspuricaMale 10-11Windham MountainYellow31.4426.21 Platinum 
Chester RothsteinRye, NYMale 50-54Windham MountainYellow30.4822.36 Gold 
Frances RothsteinRye, NYFemale 50-54Yellow38.8455.92 Silver 
Owen RothsteinRye, NYMale 8-9Windham MountainYellow38.1152.99 Silver 
Andre SalernoMale 30-34Windham MountainYellow32.3829.99 Silver 
Ella SiegelArmonk, NYFemale 8-9Windham MountainYellow36.7647.57 Gold 
Harry SiegelArmonk, NYMale 14-15Windham MountainYellow30.4622.28 Gold 
Jarett SiegelArmonk, NYMale 45-49Windham MountainYellow29.6318.95 Gold 
Sadie SiegelArmonk, NYFemale 6-7Yellow39.9760.46 Gold 
Elan SingerNew York, NYMale 45-49Windham MountainYellow30.5922.80 Silver 
Yonatan SingerMale 1-5Yellow39.5458.73 Gold 
Harry TroyMale 10-11Yellow41.3766.08 Bronze 
Axel VerkuijlPelham, NYMale 1-5Yellow52.01108.79 Silver 
Scott Vining Sr.Windham, NYMale 45-49Windham MountainYellow33.6335.01 Bronze 
Ben WalkerNew York, NYMale 10-11Windham MountainYellow34.3537.90 Gold 
Nate WalkerNew York, NYMale 14-15Windham MountainYellow30.9024.05 Gold 
Jonathan WalstonMale 45-49Windham MountainYellow36.8848.05 Bronze 
Adalay WebbFemale 1-5Yellow1:06.83168.29 Bronze 
Ewynl WebbMale 30-34Windham MountainYellow34.8339.82 Bronze 
Stephen WilleyLarchmont, NYMale 40-44Windham MountainYellow31.3725.93 Silver 
Charles WordhamLarchmont, NYMale 8-9Windham MountainYellow34.4338.22 Gold 
Jeff WordhamLarchmont, NYMale 45-49Windham MountainYellow30.4022.04 Silver 
Sawyer YounmtMale 6-7Yellow41.6867.32 Silver 

S = Snowboard (-20)