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Mount Sunapee

Mar 11th, 2018
Little overcast, but the snow is EPIC!!!
Today's race in honor of Lynn Miller and her epic crash

Par Time

Results for Mar 11th, 2018 - Daily NASTAR

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Mason AframeHingham, MAMale 6-7Yellow31.1658.58 Gold 
Bruce AndrusNorwich, VTMale 55-59Yellow23.4819.49 Gold 
Aiden AyersNew London, NHMale 8-9Blue31.8670.19 Bronze 
Abigail BakerBrookline, MAFemale 8-9Yellow28.0942.95 Gold 
Charlotte BakerBrookline, MAFemale 6-7Yellow29.7051.15 Gold 
Chase BeckmanMarblehead, MAMale 6-7Yellow30.5055.22 Gold 
Elizabeth BeckmanFemale 8-9Yellow26.4734.71 Platinum 
Sebastien BellWinchester, MAMale 8-9Blue27.8248.61 Gold 
Stewart BickEtna, NHMale 1-5Yellow30.6956.18 Gold 
Raegyn BothersClaremont, NHFemale 6-7Blue33.5679.27 Silver 
Howard BrickLexington, MAMale 55-59Yellow29.0247.68 Bronze 
Sean BrodiganBRAINTREE, MAMale 8-9Yellow29.2949.06 Gold 
Augie BurnsBoston, MAMale 1-5Blue54.77192.57 - 
Michael BurnsBoston, MAMale 8-9Blue33.3678.21 Bronze 
Alex CarlstromNewbury, MAMale 10-11Yellow26.2433.54 Gold 
David CarlstromNewbury, NHMale 45-49Yellow26.3534.10 Silver 
Nolan CarlstromMale 10-11Yellow26.9637.20 Gold 
Lulu CARNEYNorth Sutton, NHFemale 8-9Yellow29.3449.31 Gold 
Jenn CharronGoffstown, NHFemale 45-49Yellow28.5945.50 Silver 
Mike CharronNew Boston, NHMale 50-54Yellow21.519.47 Platinum 
Dan ColemanGroveland, MAMale 55-59Yellow27.0337.56 Silver 
Carla CottaNewton, MAFemale 8-9Yellow29.7351.30 Gold 
Alice CreanBrookline, MAFemale 8-9Blue27.0744.60 Gold 
Kristen CrowellEast Providence, RIFemale 40-44Yellow31.8061.83 S* Silver 
William DrummondSouth Sutton, NHMale 6-7Yellow32.4064.89 Silver 
Emma DuBaereBradford, NHFemale 8-9Yellow29.2448.80 Gold 
Brittan DuboseHingham, MAFemale 40-44Blue27.0944.71 Silver 
Henry DuboseHingham, MAMale 12-13Blue25.0033.55 Gold 
Isabel DuBoseHingham, MAFemale 8-9Yellow26.5535.11 Platinum 
Mark duBoseHingham, MAMale 50-54Yellow28.4844.94 Bronze 
Axel EricsonGrantham, NHMale 8-9Yellow37.2189.36 - 
Grace EvansIpswich, MAFemale 18-20Blue24.0528.47 Silver 
Owen FinnBoston, MAMale 6-7Blue28.9454.59 Gold 
Rian FinnBoston, MAMale 12-13Yellow23.5820.00 Platinum 
Jake GallowaySunapee, NHMale 14-15Yellow26.2033.33 Silver 
Grace GillMarblehead, MAFemale 8-9Yellow29.6450.84 Gold 
Maddy GillFemale 10-11Blue24.0628.53 Platinum 
Joe GlynnWalpole, MAMale 14-15Yellow22.4214.10 Platinum 
Emily GreenhowBelmont, MAFemale 12-13Yellow24.1723.00 Platinum 
Abigail HamelNewton, MAFemale 10-11Yellow27.3939.39 Gold 
Jacoby HarrisNewburyport, MAMale 6-7Yellow32.5065.39 Silver 
Zachary HarrisNewburyport, MAMale 6-7Blue37.77101.76 Bronze 
Michael HaywardSunapee, NHMale 6-7Yellow37.9793.23 Bronze 
Sarah HeffnerConcord, NHFemale 55-59Yellow26.8036.39 Gold 
Timothy HeffnerConcord, NHMale 50-54Yellow23.2518.32 Gold 
Buster HellerWellesley Hills, MAMale 6-7Yellow37.1589.06 Bronze 
Cameron HipwoodWeston, MAMale 6-7Yellow32.5165.45 Silver 
Zoey HipwoodWeston, MAFemale 8-9Yellow28.9247.18 Gold 
Mike HoarEnfield, NHMale 65-69Yellow25.2728.60 Gold 
Andrew HortonNeedham, MAMale 14-15Blue24.8232.59 Silver 
Connor HubbardBoxford, MAMale 14-15Yellow23.3718.93 Gold 
Magnum HudkinsNew London, NHMale 8-9Yellow27.3439.13 Gold 
Giacomo IAPICCAReading, MAMale 12-13Yellow25.5630.08 Gold 
Elias JacobsenJamestown, RIMale 8-9Blue30.2361.49 Silver 
Isabella JacobsenJamestown, RIFemale 6-7Yellow37.8592.62 Bronze 
Landon JonesNew London, NHMale 6-7Yellow31.8562.09 Silver 
Rhys JonesNew London, NHMale 8-9Blue26.7042.63 Gold 
Colin KayMedfield, MAMale 12-13Blue26.9944.18 Silver 
Aidan KilloryBoston, MAMale 6-7Blue38.11103.58 Bronze 
Andrea KilloryCambridge, MAFemale 45-49Yellow30.0652.98 Silver 
Caroline KilloryBoston, MAFemale 8-9Blue29.5457.80 Silver 
Gabrielle LarkinMaynard, MAFemale 6-7Blue37.52100.43 Bronze 
Beckett LeeWinchester, MAMale 8-9Blue59.86219.76 - 
Seve LeeWinchester, MAMale 18-20Yellow28.2743.87 Bronze 
Amelial LefebvreWarner, NHFemale 10-11Yellow26.7436.08 Gold 
Max LefebvreWarner, NHMale 6-7Blue31.8269.98 Silver 
Maisy LipscombWellesley, MAFemale 6-7Yellow36.4585.50 Silver 
Pete LipscombWellesley, MAMale 8-9Blue27.9649.36 Gold 
Troy MadiganWarner, NHMale 12-13Yellow23.4819.49 Platinum 
Leo MannNew London, NHMale 6-7Yellow27.5940.41 Platinum 
Samuel MannNew London, NHMale 10-11Yellow27.1338.07 Gold 
Leo MarinoHolliston, MAMale 6-7Blue31.3767.57 Silver 
David MarsdenChichester, NHMale 40-44Yellow21.8511.20 Platinum 
Tyler MarsdenChichester, NHMale 10-11Yellow25.8531.55 Gold 
Derek MarshallReading, MAMale 12-13Yellow23.9121.68 Gold 
Padraig McCaffertyNeedham, MAFemale 6-7Yellow33.9672.82 Silver 
Anna McGurkMedfield, MAFemale 8-9Yellow29.6250.74 Gold 
MIKEY MCGURKMEDFIELD, MAMale 6-7Blue32.2372.17 Silver 
Brendan MeadMedfield, MAMale 12-13Yellow26.4634.66 Gold 
Lucas MinogueFairfield, CTMale 8-9Yellow33.0668.24 Bronze 
Gustave MontanaMadison, CTMale 14-15Yellow26.9237.00 Silver 
Nicholas MontanaMadison, CTMale 12-13Yellow30.2053.69 Bronze 
Deklan MorinFranklin, MAMale 6-7Yellow33.1168.50 Silver 
Hailey MorinFranklin, MAFemale 10-11Blue30.3762.23 Silver 
Andrew MullinWaltham, MAMale 40-44Yellow25.7731.15 Silver 
Brady MullinWaltham, MAMale 14-15Yellow26.6835.78 Silver 
Ryan MullinWaltham, MAMale 10-11Yellow25.5229.87 Gold 
Bode MuranoNew London, NHMale 10-11Blue24.2529.54 Gold 
Christian NealAndover, MAMale 10-11Yellow31.1358.42 Bronze 
Joseph NealAndover, MAMale 10-11Yellow30.2053.69 Silver 
Keith NealAndover, MAMale 45-49Blue42.62127.67 - 
Eloise PatrickGreenland, NHFemale 6-7Blue34.7385.52 Silver 
Russell PatrickGreenland, NHMale 1-5Blue36.1192.90 Silver 
Lily-Rose PEPINBOSTON, MAFemale 8-9Yellow26.6835.78 Platinum 
Braden PopperMale 10-11Blue24.1028.74 Gold 
Stephen PopperMale 45-49Blue23.9127.72 Silver 
Kaylie PorterEast Providence, RIFemale 12-13Yellow25.6030.28 Gold 
Ryan PorterEast Providence, RIMale 35-39Yellow29.6350.79 - 
Colin PremoClaremont, NHMale 40-44Yellow23.8521.37 Silver 
Connor PremoClaremont, NHMale 10-11Yellow24.8626.51 Platinum 
Kyle PremoClaremont, NHMale 8-9Blue25.7037.29 Gold 
Michelle PremoClaremont, NHFemale 30-34Yellow23.7320.76 Gold 
Jane PrichardWellesley, MAFemale 1-5Blue34.5484.51 Gold 
Margaret PrichardFemale 8-9Yellow28.6345.70 Gold 
Oliver PrichardWellesley, MAMale 6-7Yellow29.2048.60 Platinum 
Grant PullenByfield, MAMale 1-5Blue37.99102.94 Silver 
Olivia PullenByfield, MAFemale 6-7Yellow36.9888.19 Bronze 
Boden QuackenbosSunapee, NHFemale 8-9Blue26.3740.87 Gold 
Layk QuackenbosSunapee, NHMale 10-11Yellow25.1027.74 Gold 
Elisabeth ReynoldsFemale 50-54Blue27.2345.46 Silver 
Noah RubenbergNew London, NHMale 10-11Blue24.2329.43 Gold 
Meredeth RyanFemale 12-13Yellow27.8541.73 Silver 
Anna SchneiderNeedham, MAFemale 8-9Yellow29.4850.03 Gold 
Max SegalWellesley, MAMale 6-7Yellow30.3554.45 Gold 
Willy SegalWellesl, MAMale 6-7Blue28.0049.57 Gold 
Mathilde SenterFemale 8-9Blue31.7769.71 Silver 
Max SenterWellesley, MAMale 55-59Yellow28.4044.53 Bronze 
Maryn ShermanNewbury, NHFemale 6-7Blue27.9649.36 Platinum 
Natalie ShermanNewbury, NHFemale 8-9Yellow30.1153.23 Gold 
Jake SmallConcord, MAMale 6-7Blue28.8854.27 Gold 
Tyler SmallConcord, MAMale 1-5Blue32.3272.65 Gold 
Chelsea SnowNorth Sutton, NHFemale 8-9Yellow28.1243.10 Gold 
Emily SnyderBrookline, MAFemale 10-11Blue27.0744.60 Gold 
Ayden SoderblomMale 10-11Yellow25.1828.14 Gold 
Daphne SoderblomFemale 6-7Blue54.67192.04 - 
Alex SpinneyNewbury, NHMale 10-11Yellow25.1127.79 Gold 
Jack St. MaryMedfield, MAMale 12-13Blue31.1666.45 Bronze 
Alexa TemmeBoston, MAFemale 6-7Yellow36.4685.55 Silver 
Conor TemmeBoston, MAMale 8-9Yellow28.0242.60 Gold 
Marijke TerhorstNewton, MAFemale 10-11Yellow29.1648.40 Silver 
Casey TerrySunapee, NHMale 6-7Yellow30.7356.39 Gold 
Ryan TerrySunapee, NHMale 8-9Yellow25.5029.77 Platinum 
Dylan TierneyWellesley Hills, MAMale 40-44Yellow38.2294.50 - 
Zola TierneyWellesley, MAFemale 6-7Yellow30.7756.59 Gold 
Hazel UmscheidWINCHESTER, MAFemale 10-11Yellow26.2533.59 Gold 
Colby VailWinchester, MAMale 6-7Yellow40.20104.58 Bronze 
Griffin VailWinchester, MAMale 8-9Yellow25.1427.94 Platinum 
Nadia VieiraChestnut Hill, MAFemale 6-7Blue28.9054.38 Gold 
David VogelLexington, MAMale 55-59Yellow26.5735.22 Silver 
Sam WhippleNew London, NHMale 6-7Yellow28.0842.90 Platinum 
Andrew WigranWellesley, MAMale 40-44Yellow27.4239.54 Bronze 
Ella WigranFemale 8-9Yellow35.3679.95 Bronze 
Kelly WigranWellesley, MAFemale 40-44Yellow32.9767.79 Bronze 
Owen WigrenWellesey, MAMale 10-11Blue36.0992.79 - 
Oliver WobbeGeorge’s Mills, NHMale 6-7Yellow35.7081.68 Silver 
Grayson WymanPortsmouth, NHMale 8-9Yellow28.6045.55 Gold 
Tobin WymanPortsmouth, NHMale 10-11Yellow26.6435.57 Gold 
Lilah ZarwanNewton, MAFemale 8-9Blue30.3562.13 Silver 
Max ZeltsarBoxford, MAMale 14-15Blue23.4325.16 Gold 

S = Snowboard (-20)